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We are multidimensional - we are Light Spots and nano-copies of the Greater Cosmos

It's a Time!!! It's a time to listen to the call of our Souls.

Our Souls are calling to reveal and enhance our many hidden abilities, talents, and cosmic gifts by awakening to a broader sense of Truth within ourselves. The multidimensional secrets of the Universe have been kept from us for centuries, carefully hidden through programming our minds with false manmade stories, inverted realities, quarter truths, and blatant lies. The keys to the living biophysical and macrocosmic Universe are the living “Light Radiance of Life” existing within every structure within every field of Creation. Our multidimensional expression of Body/ Mind/ Spirit complex is our living “Light Radiance of Life”. We are the Light Spots and nano-copies of the Greater Cosmos.

Perhaps, my personal story will offer insights into what you might be going through. Afterward, we can delve deeper into what's happening on our planet in general.

In recent years, I've undergone a profound change in how I "see", and reflect on the world. As I journeyed through the multidimensional tapestry of existence, I've felt like I exist in an always "Now" moment where every thought, feeling, and choice leads to different paths in life. It's as if I stand at a crossroads with many possible destinies in front of me. I've realized that even small changes in my thoughts or mood can create new opportunities.

At times, I've felt a deep connection to many possible paths that could unfold based on our feelings and what we focus on in our inner or outer communications. It seemed like my thoughts and emotions quickly turned into intentions and could open doors to many different outcomes almost instantly. I’ve come to understand that everything is possible without limits, and there’s no inherent right or wrong, but there is "It Is". This is a realm of boundless Pure Potentiality and with access to it, every thought, feeling, action, and idea becomes a source of creative energy and instant manifestation. Whether for my benefit or as a challenge, everything materializes with a maximum delay of just a few seconds, prompting me to review recent moments and make corrections by infusing high-vibrational energies into each situation.

I've become a Creator of my own reality. I’ve also previously received a lot of assistance from higher-dimensional teams who performed many adjustments and enhancements as per my request and a strong desire to exist within a pure, loving, creative field. These energetic adjustments plus my own work have indeed helped me reach the state of Pure Potentiality I find myself in today, granting me access to this profound expanded consciousness.... and believe me, when I first experienced it, the access to Pure Potentiality felt like being in a vast open ocean of possibilities. The abundance there is truly beyond our human comprehension, even overwhelming.

I've come to a complete realization that my awareness, born as a cosmic being, has been nurtured by the loving guidance of cosmic brothers and sisters all the time. They watch over my journey, offering Love and Light from the unceasing Source that illuminates our Earth. Alongside this, I've received the protective embrace of my soul's family in other dimensions, guiding me along the path of Awakening and my Multidimensionality. Day by day, moment by moment, I feel like a Bubble of Light, drifting through a realm of Love and Unity.

The Tachyon field present in my home has deeply penetrated within me, unveiling my inner Omnipotence as a powerful creator. As I transformed into a Tachyon field itself, my guests who visit the Tachyon chamber might not immediately realize that all our shared conversations before entering the chamber are already within a Tachyon field. It's as if the field itself communicates with them, guiding and assisting them before they embark on their own journey laying in the Tachyon Chamber to shape their reality. The Tachyon field amplifies their loving intentions and the power of their awareness, contributing to the cosmic evolution in which we are all participating.

Luminous baby

Today, I've had a profound realization that this radiant sphere of Light represents only the beginning of my return to my True Self. It's as if this luminous bubble was just a temporary creation, designed for me and many others to understand the path of this journey and what lies ahead.

Just as when we are born, our mothers care for us while we eat, sleep, and smile, cocooned in loving protection from the world around us. As a baby in the crib, there were moments when we felt alone, not entirely understanding what we truly wanted or needed. This left us in a state of isolation until we began seeking answers within our dreams and... until the time arrived for us to walk. Initially, we're given a walker to guide our first steps, helping us understand how to move forward. It's a journey where we learn why we were born and what our purpose truly is.

Today, I’m “on the ground with my boots on”, staying vigilant and aware of every thought, feeling word, or action passing through my field. I comprehend that the Bubble of Light was merely a transient state, a manifestation offered by my cosmic family during my initial inner journey. Today, the symbolic "walker" has been removed, and what lies ahead is the necessity to engage in the sometimes exhausting work of sustaining constant awareness and purification. It's about purifying my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and actively engaging in transforming both my own and others' energies into higher vibrations. This task is both a privilege and a profound responsibility.

Being able to swiftly recognize and respond to any slight deviations from the path of Light I've chosen is a necessary skill. Almost instantly, my body reacts with unusual signals such as aches, sneezes, or coughing, or I receive external feedback, often akin to a metaphorical "slap." These challenges present invaluable opportunities to learn to navigate in the real world, outside the protective confines of the Bubble of Light.

The way this process actually works is that I must not merely push this energy away from me; I need to transform it. As a result, everything returns to a balanced state. In the past, I could create thoughts to "cut-cut," effectively removing unwanted thoughts from my field. However, I've come to realize, that I'm not under baby state protection forever and that it's not sufficient to maintain a pure bubble around myself. Instead, I must transmute my thoughts and feelings into a higher vibration, ensuring they no longer contaminate the collective consciousness. "Cut-cut" only pushes unwanted frequencies away from me, but they persist in the collective consciousness. What I mean by this is that even seemingly innocent thoughts, such as while brushing my teeth or driving, may carry a hint of judgment, for instance.

I’d like to share examples of how we can transform our perceptions and vibrations through heart choices. Believe me, in a single day, we have countless opportunities to do so.

Last week, while on the Skytrain, public transportation, I encountered a homeless person occupying a double seat. The initial impression was rather unpleasant. He emanated a strong and uncomfortable odour, and his appearance was unkempt. The people around, myself included, seemed to be distancing themselves, attempting to ignore his presence amidst the crowded space. This was the reality I was observing, a fact.

My first reaction was a feeling of disgust. Almost immediately, I recognized this judgment and the low vibrational emotions that accompanied it by feeling my hands instantly becoming cold as ice. I decided to take a second look, aiming to find something about this person that I could appreciate. Among his belongings, I noticed a book. This sparked a sense of respect for his potential intelligence and compassion for the unfortunate situation he found himself in. He was wearing shorts on those cold days in Vancouver. Compassion started to well up within me. I made a decision that simply feeling compassion wasn’t enough; I needed to take action. I have a personal policy of not giving money to individuals in such situations, but I believe in offering assistance where it’s needed. In this case, I wanted to suggest buying him a pair of warm pants. However, he exited the train one stop before mine, and I didn’t get a chance to communicate my offer. I thought, “Next time.”

The Universe, however, had different plans. I had already opened the portal to purify my feelings and thoughts, but I hadn’t yet solidified my intention to act. As I walked on the street, I encountered another homeless person who was loudly expressing his frustrations, though the turmoil seemed to be not alone within his own mind. People were instinctively avoiding him, trying to distance themselves. My initial thought was, “I can’t get involved in this energy,” but then I realized I could connect with his Higher Self, if there was one present. I initiated my intention to reach out to his Higher Self and opened my heart, radiating love and appreciation. My feelings signalled that I had captured his attention. I mentally conveyed from my heart: “I offer you my love and appreciation. I ask for expedited resolution of any karmic situations affecting this pure being swiftly and definitely will aid in the purification of our current reality here on Earth and a more positive continuum for everyone” I continued to send love and respect, and suddenly, I felt a sense of relief and gratitude, as if his Higher Self had acknowledged my offering with a silent “thank you.” Such a relief. I swiftly welcomed into my heart an awareness of a radiant, beautiful loving white light. I invited Mother Earth to participate with me. We expanded it enough to envelop all the areas where this man was walking. Almost instantly, he grew calm, and a gentle calmness settled over the surroundings.

I have much more to share from my life, and I'll continue in my next post. It will delve into techniques and visualizations addressing how we can transmute our physical body, potentially bypassing the aging process. How each of our health conditions and its improvement affect the whole cosmic reality. You may want to provide me with examples of physical challenges that I can address by writing in the comments at the end of this post.

Let's transition into a more philosophical exploration and delve deeper:

In 3D, everything is conditioned and built on opposition, fight, competition and suppression. In the 5D, only Love and unity reign. 4D is a transit space between them. One of the parameters that are already activated at the boundary between the third and fourth density is the speed of Time and manifestation. The higher our vibrations are, the faster Time flows and the materialization of our thoughts and feelings, especially negative and toxic, which knock us down and throw us back much quicker than in 3D.

Earth’s Transforming

Do you genuinely comprehend your own creative power and the immense responsibility it carries as you attract, retain, and manifest realities with every thought and feeling in each passing moment? Are you aware that certain thoughts or conclusions might be drawn from the collective consciousness without your conscious invitation? Are you vigilant enough to notice them and prepared to take the step to transform them if they don’t align with your own resonance? Are you willing to awaken your gift and mission, viewing experiences in specific relationships, situations or events as an honour and responsibility to manifest your wisdom and role as an evolving being?

These are extremely timely and important questions. Part of the answers we give ourselves by our inner work, from which emerges help to others. To other part respond Co-Creators, Galacom and countless ground teams, who conduct a huge amount of Earthy or cosmic operations for transforming our reality on the physical and Subtle Plane. These ops are dealing the finishing blows to old infrastructure on Earth, in near-terrestrial space, the Solar System, the Galaxy and throughout the Local Universe.

And our inner work continues .... This odyssey is an everlasting cycle, a perpetual evolution that transcends lifetimes. It's a continuous refining of the self, a never-ending quest for deeper understanding and higher consciousness. As we navigate this path, we not only illuminate our own being but contribute to the illumination of the collective consciousness, for the light within each individual shines as a beacon in the tapestry of the whole Universe.

Our light spots

It's incredibly challenging for us to consistently remember that WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL beings. We are tiny replicas of the vast Cosmos, fragments of its intricate fractals, immeasurable in scale. In our bodies, there exist numerous light spots enabling ceaseless connections with identical points across the boundless expanse of the Universe. Our transient physical 3D form represents merely one expression of its consciousness within the Universe.

Certain light points act as crystalline repositories of experience, where the gathered lessons from our current and past incarnations are stored. Some correspond to the chakras, while others serve as vessels for the consciousness of physical cells and organs. The fourth and numerous others carry out functions that are presently inexplicable and incomprehensible to our perception and mind. Collectively, they form the scaffolding of our individual energy system. Similar systems of power exist within other forms of intelligence, encompassing Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe.

Light Spots of Universe

On the Subtle Plane, light points within our bodies form connections, weaving into a single holographic network that links all our organs. Similarly, stars in the universe connect and support the greater cosmic network, in which we actively participate, for we are created in its image and likeness. The consciousness of the Universe is fractal, with Source's Sparks shining on countless levels, radiating light beams that give birth to new gleaming points across dimensions, spaces, and bodies, including our three-dimensional ones.

How do these light points function?

Unfortunately, their radiance is often dimmed by our low-frequency thoughts and emotions. It's only in rare moments of joy, happiness, and love that we inadvertently saturate our surroundings with their high-frequency radiation, helping to kindle new points of light, both within ourselves and in the space around us. This ongoing process mirrors the ceaseless neurogenesis within the Greater Cosmos. These same light points facilitate connections between people and the planet, the planet and the stars, stars and galaxies, and so on. Through them, we manifest ourselves in other worlds, establish connections with their inhabitants, and traverse other dimensions, transcending the barriers of time and space. However, if we become too firmly anchored in the confines of 3D with our thoughts, emotions, and perspectives, a constriction occurs in the flow that suppresses these light points, preventing the formation of new ones, and causing their radiance to fade. Consequently, the channels of communication are shut down and sealed off.

To Other Worlds

Yet, we are well aware of another state. For instance, in a concert setting, when a group of people collectively experiences similar sensations, their individual emotional fields merge. As a singular energy entity, this collective emotion spreads throughout the space, expanding, condensing, and igniting new light points in others. This continuous symphony resonates with all living beings in our planetary space.

These are not merely emotions; they are the building blocks of our reality. The more of these emotional pixels that exist, the more actively they transform into events, imbued with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and aspirations. In turn, they solidify into timelines, along which we journey through this and other lives in precise alignment with our vibrations.

However, why would the One, who radiates Its Light and Consciousness across the entire Greater Cosmos, allow us to exist in perpetual hatred and fear, life after life, instead of Joy and Love? What is the overarching purpose and lesson in this?

The answer lies in our individual choices, of each of us. Energy is inherently neutral and flows along the points of connection, the lines of events we select by our own invitation. The real question is who guides us. By our own free will and the freedom to choose, we knowingly or unknowingly consent to the System's manipulations. We place trust in its news agenda, which entraps us through every television, social network, and technological device. The System interprets our full acceptance and non-resistance as active consent. It subsequently makes all future decisions based on this knowledge, fully aware of our future reactions. For example, in the case of staged and prolonged violent local conflicts, they serve the same purpose as mass sacrifices in the past—an endless banquet for predators.

Yes, we live in a collective reality. And it turns out that on the one hand, Co-Creators want our upgrading, and evolution in Joy and Love, but on the other hand, they allow us to remain in a state of fear, mistruth and wickedness.

Does this mean that we are ALL ALREADY distributed across different timelines?

No, back in December 2012, the Absolute and Co-Creators abandoned the so-called Flash (or The Event) in order to completely cleanse the planet of our presence, and then, sow it with a new civilization. For more than ten years, they have been working with the greatest courage and patience with each of us, do not let even the last Light spot go out, support our inner work in the hope that we, as an interface, will connect to the Light.

For those, who consciously or unconsciously align with Darks and Grays, by law are protected only in their space, Co-Creators give the opportunity to decide their own fate and make the final choice where and when to continue living in a three-dimensionality, so comfortable for them. Yes, but this is no longer possible here, on Earth. Earth has already entered the fourth and fifth dimensions in the still unified 3D/4D/5D eon.

On a provisional basis, the third density is preserved as an accelerator and catalyst for our awakening. As a temporary diversion channel, so that the super concentrate of all toxic negativity does not destroy the entire planet with even greater intensity of passion and hatred. To give us the opportunity to decide on the final choice again and again, and adapt at a snail’s pace to the new high-frequency reality.

In the Universe, the speed of human development and our choices are respected. We still are not ready even for collective positive events. Accordingly, the situation is intermediate, preserved as an incubator where our Souls undergo the necessary experience. Therefore, for some time we will live events according to the same scenario until we start to learn lessons and do the right thing automatically, and not on the basis of previous lives’ total recall. Also, until we realize how deeply the System has rooted into us, and cynically runs us. Until we understand the principles of building a common field of our collective consciousness, and choose the right option. That is why Co-Creators do not collapse this 3D timeline, and by all means purify it from oversaturation with our scare and aggression to prevent a global cataclysm, as happened in the Third Atlantis. Together with their ground team, they calmly and in a targeted manner dismantle the ENTIRE Darks and Grays legacy on the Subtle Plane and throughout the Local Universe.

Why did we choose to incarnate in a timeline where a global cataclysm could happen?

The answer is simple – COGNITION and CREATE of the NEW. Our Soul chose this time and place to get another valuable experience that it could not get anywhere else. This is how the entire Universe studies itself, and any manifestation forms a base of experience and knowledge for new fractals’ development coils.


Throughout Earth's history, this pattern has repeated itself across the four previous Races, and it's happening once again in the present.


To amass a critical mass that enables the transition to 4D and 5D, despite the overall state of humanity. The number of people who think, feel, and act positively is on the rise today. Their light points create a new vector of events and project them into space, gradually materializing as a new reality that supplants and diminishes the old one.

Within our bodies, there exists a mechanism called "imago." It generates mental images that form a field of unconscious content. This field supports cells that are inactive, immobile, and undeveloped, sick. In a living organism, they have two ways: either go back a step to improve their quality, or their course of life accelerates, they quickly lose energy and die, and new, more adapted ones appear in their place…

We are exactly the same cells (fractals) – of Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe, and in order not to become cancerous, we MUST hear the Light points’ hints inside us, what and how to do next. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

One crucial aspect I’m focusing on, together with other soul sisters and brothers, is aligning the physical body with the speed and volume of other subtle levels. Achieving this requires tuning to our Multidimensionality and involves loving visualizations and expressing gratitude and love towards every part of our physical being. This practice can enhance our body’s abilities, slowing the aging process, aligning them with the increased volume of information and facilitating adaptation to structural and molecular changes.

I’ve already observed that our “health” is within our control, and remarkable assistance from “other realms” is available when we earnestly request it.

Intense Inner Work

The main hinder that prevents our transition from 3D to 4D and 5D is the lack of Love, and a closed heart. Not the heart chakra, but our general vibrational state. No mindset will help us to feel an incredible and causeless Love for everyone and everything. Tuning to a certain frequency cannot be relayed or magnetized. We can only feel it by generating it in ourselves. When we have the experience of this sense, then, we can start from it. But first, we have to ignite a source of new vibes inside us.

Unity is when we feel from within not only the relationship of all with all, but also OUR relationship with everything and everything. We need to understand that the world around us is a mirror. When something triggers us, it’s only a reflection of our true self. If we take it, then, we begin to understand ourselves, Nature, the world, the Universe, and the Source. From this moment on, we know who we are, and what is our next step. Our programs, attitudes, thoughts and emotions are cleaned by our inner awareness. Focusing on what we feel in our hearts, we begin to create consciously. If you are the one, the Creator does not need instructions. The time is coming for experiments, research and total recall of why we incarnated on 3D Earth rather than elsewhere.

It is predestined, and its manifestation accelerates when we experience an overwhelming desire and a strong need to do something. It's not just a fleeting impulse but a persistent driving force, a steadfast belief that this is unequivocally meant for us. Throughout our lives, we engage in various pursuits—what we enjoy, what brings in income, status, contentment, joy, and a sense of self-sufficiency. However, typically, the goals and objectives for which we incarnate into this 3D world are entirely distinct.

What is a transition?

It’s not a transfer to another bus or subway line. By passing from the physical 3D corpus to the 4D energy form, and then, into the Light body of the 5th dimension, we enter a new reality, a system of laws, constants, software and codes. Regardless of the consciousness level, each of us needs to adapt to these dimensions, re-think and re-adjust all spheres of our life, and determine with what we resonate today.

Simple signs make it easy to check how far we advanced, first, into the 4th density. We begin to be aware that we are the creators of our reality. We consciously and purposefully generate events and situations in our lives. We know that we have free will and learn to use it. We understand what karma is, how it works, and how to process it. We recall much faster the goals and objectives of our embodiment on 3D Earth. We continue to purify and harmonize our lower six bodies, learn to heal past lives and timelines, take in highly vibrational energy and anchor more Light in selves.

Gradually moving from the 4th density to the 5th, we become psychologically invisible to those who live in the low vibrations of 3D. For example, when a person emits high frequencies, tuned harmoniously, and passes through a crowd of fighting people, they don’t notice and flow around him, allowing him to leave this place unharmed. We begin to see an aura above trees, around branches and leaves, material objects in the form of pixels, a hologram and 3D matrix, golden sparks and threads in 5D space. We can observe and interact with Souls that are two dimensions higher and two below us (plants and animals).

When we start 5D vibrating, we physically are unseeable in third density. This is not a sudden disappearance, like a melting wisp of smoke, but a state when we become more and more transparent, filled with Light, until eventually our body dissolves in it. From time to time we can re-appear in 3D as a figure radiating glow, like in Renaissance paintings, with a halo around the head…

Body Dissolves In Light

What are the first symptoms of transition?

The dream changes: we sleep intermittently, and wake up in the middle of the night full of energy. Feel strange disorders, chronic fatigue, or vice versa, hot flashes. Appears clairvoyance, new Spiritual and extrasensory sensations. Electricity runs through the body. Sudden mood swings: one day we are very high, another day we are calm and unperturbed, and the third day we are in the deepest depression.

These are the symptoms of our transformation:

Initially, the process is quite sluggish, gradually gaining momentum over time. Our voluntary or involuntary resistance to this process only results in a general feeling of discomfort. What we resist persists and continues to affect us. Life often presents us with situations we've encountered before. Therefore, it's crucial to accept ourselves in any emotional state and live through those emotions with gratitude toward our physical body. This helps us in the reconstruction phase for the 5th density, where we become imbued with an ethereal crystalline substance based on a new siliceous foundation.

12 Spirals DNA

Our DNA contains 12 strands on the Subtle Plane and the same number on the physical. Today, scientists know only about two out of 24. The rest are dormant and activated as our consciousness develops. Different parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies.

As a rule, our Soul develops quickly, but the emotional or mental body lags behind. It happens that some parts of the body (organs, systems) are ahead of others in upgrading. In our cells and DNA, a program, a set of codes and keys are loaded that are automatically triggered at a certain moment of the Soul evolving. Only we, by our free will and choice freedom, determine how long it will take to activate the entire batch and apps.

What is necessary for the transition?

Primarily, it's essential to comprehend that it's an ongoing journey rather than a specific outcome. There's no requirement to attend courses or study anything special. Factors influencing the growth of our consciousness include the absence of negativity, the challenging phase of transmuting judgment and condemnation, shifting from logical thinking to heart-centered thinking and compassion, and living with feelings while thinking without the dictates of the ego.

As we progress to this stage, the higher frequency energies actively assist in periodically cleansing the negative states that emerge within us, requiring less additional effort on our part. What isn't cleansed will naturally surface from time to time and be removed. It's a natural process—bringing darkness to light. Being prepared for this is essential.

An important factor in this journey is the ability to find Joy in nature, animals, and the beauty of simple things. For instance, consider a shy, fragile, and diminutive girl performing "Defying Gravity" with such soulful expression during a talent contest. Her rendition evokes deep feelings before our incarnation or return to our cosmic home. It resonates so powerfully that a massive audience of 4,000 is stunned and erupts in delight, prompting the jury to automatically press the golden buzzer. Instances like these serve as profound reminders among many others.

Over time, our inner state becomes more significant than any external circumstances. Maintaining inner balance takes precedence, even when there's a strong desire to accelerate progress, overcome ego resistance, and break free from old patterns and habits. The timeline for our transition is initially determined by our Soul long before we incarnate on 3D Earth. Attempting to speed up this process can lead to resistance from slower, more inert aspects of ourselves, which may result in physical or psychological ailments. Often, the impetus for transition arises from individuals with deep-seated fears of inadequacy or a sense that something is fundamentally wrong with them.

"Abnormality" serves as an essential indicator of normality. The transition process is most effectively activated when we wholly accept ourselves. If our motivation solely lies in wanting to escape from what we perceive as a challenging or negative planet, we may encounter even greater difficulties. It's crucial to discern between ego-driven desires and the appropriateness of specific expectations or actions. If we don't witness results, receive answers, understand, or can't distinguish meaningful signals from background noise, it implies that we still need to develop this virtue.

Trusting the path doesn't mean being in a passive state of merely observing life. It requires us to actively address challenges and overcome obstacles, all while responding with a calm demeanour. It's the certainty that everything will ultimately resolve in the best possible way for us. Currently, this pace is the most optimal—this is the essence of trust. It involves trusting oneself, one's life, and the chosen path, defying the force of gravity.


(locally, in Great Vancouver, Canada)

November 14th at 7pm Breathwork in New Westminster, BC, Canada

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