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Important Crossing the Threshold: The 4D/5D Transition Corridor - Sept 18th to Nov 18th

In the boundless expanse of the Zero Point (tachyon field) time-space continuum plus my own self-work, where past, present and future merge into a harmonious whole, I found myself immersed in the ethereal embrace of an evolutionary roller coaster. I've been quiet due to the intensity of the transition period, which has brought a substantial amount of information that I needed to process.

This divine essence has become the catalyst for the expansion of my soul's consciousness, opening doorways to a realm of infinite knowledge and boundless love. In the ever-expanding realm of esoteric exploration and touching on my multidimensionality, one concept stands out as a beacon of infinite potential. It's as if the volume of our soul's awareness is cranked up to the maximum, opening the floodgates to a torrent of information. At times, it can feel overwhelming, like trying to sip from a firehose of information.

In the 4th dimension continuum, reality appears as a vast tapestry of a thousand possible timelines. Each decision, each choice, branches out into a unique thread of existence, and I stand at the crossroads of countless destinies. Also, my soul's gift allows me to witness this very phenomenon when I engage in shared thoughts with others.

However, as I ascend to higher dimensions, the landscape undergoes a transformation. It evolves into a realm of massive Pure Potentiality, where every thought, feeling, action and idea, is a wellspring of creative energy and instantaneous manifestation. Here, the task of extracting coherent information that aligns with the limits of our human comprehension becomes a formidable challenge.

Our thoughts and emotions wield immense power, not only influencing our present actions but also moulding the contours of our future and the path of our destiny. We bear the profound responsibility for the quality of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. The Universe operates in such a way that it doesn't permit the influx of negativity. Each of us possesses free will and the freedom to choose. Every positive thought, whether consciously or unconsciously cast into the cosmic expanse, acts as a blessing. It materializes as a vibration, incredibly subtle, yet resonating with true cosmic potency.

Truly Cosmic Power

These days, a significant battle is unfolding on both the physical and subtle planes. This new era heralds a shift in consciousness, and it's essential that we embrace it. Every event in our lives has a purpose and meaning, and it's our responsibility to understand the significance of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. By doing so, we can rectify any karmic consequences and move forward in our spiritual journey.

First, allow me to share with you the latest news, which is of great importance and should be understood with the wisdom that comes from within.

News by Oct 22, 2023

The recent operations by the Co-Creators have accelerated Earthlings' entry into the 4D and 5D realms. Several esotericists have identified significant trends in our transformation that are expected to intensify in the coming weeks and months. Since the end of August, many of us have been experiencing a recurrence of events, situations, and encounters with people from our past. These repetitions serve as a reevaluation of our reactions, decisions, and the experiences we gained during our profound inner work and transformation.

This moment serves as a litmus test, a reflection of our inner growth and transformation. It's an opportunity to gauge how we respond to challenges, whether we default to old patterns or act from a new place, guided by our evolving "I Am" and self-awareness. For many of us, the path hasn't been easy. We've invested tremendous effort into releasing the past, healing deep traumas, stepping out of victimhood, and resolving karmic debts, all in the pursuit of aligning with our true selves, self-love, self-respect, and self-worth.

When we find ourselves reacting as we did in the past during this pivotal test, it's a signal to pause and reflect:

  • What have we truly learned during this transformative journey?

  • What wisdom have we extracted from our experiences?

  • How will we respond and act from a place of wholeness and health?

  • Why do we still default to old behaviours after all the inner work we've done?

  • Did we allow ourselves to be treated as something less than our True selves?

This test is a global trend, and it will repeat itself many times. If we have genuinely changed, we won't find ourselves in the same situations or stepping into the same old traps.

Another significant event is the merging of the three main timelines created by humanity's collective consciousness. These timelines represent:

  • the paths of order and ascension in our current bodies

  • the pursuit of conformity and the search for easy solutions

  • the timeline of chaos

Those who have lived and embodied these different streams, each with its own vibrations and stories, now find themselves in a shared space where frequencies are rapidly rising. Since the beginning of September 2023, the fusion of these timelines has accelerated, compelling us to integrate our often conflicting selves into a new, unified version in order to thrive in this high-frequency environment.

New Single Version

In the midst of the chaotic external and internal states that many of Earth's 8 billion inhabitants experience, there are moments of enlightenment. During these episodes, people begin to behave in ways that are entirely different from their previous patterns. They find themselves, to varying degrees, immersed in a new singular continuum, an integrated world with a global script. The choice of whether to embrace this new reality or to remain outside of it depends on their internal state.

Simultaneously, a transition corridor to 4D/5D has opened. This corridor was unlocked on September 18, when the Moon entered Scorpio, and it will remain accessible until November 18, when the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. During this period, we are tested on how we face challenges, assess our endurance, our capacity to overcome unforeseen difficulties, and our ability to free ourselves from karma. Emotional resilience becomes pivotal in resolving even the most intricate issues and situations.

It's important to note that this corridor isn't a gateway to new dimensions but rather a period of intense transformation for our Physical bodies and Subtle Bodies. This transformation is highly individual and is only possible for those who are prepared. To traverse this corridor successfully, we must release everything from our past and present lives, all that we knew and know, along with our experiences and memories. For many, this presents a significant challenge and also an opportunity, as it allows for only a one-time journey. This is a unidirectional movement, with no possibility of returning. Those who are unable to pass through will find themselves stuck in a loop. For most, this loop may involve repeating experiences and lessons until they can successfully navigate this passage. It's not a form of punishment but rather an opportunity to continue learning, heal past wounds, and let go of the baggage of the past until they are ready to progress through the corridor.

Through The Passage
What Awaits Us After Exiting the Corridor?

We’ll help build a new world, which everyone will enter.

All our bio-fields will be reset, erasing previous information, including cellular memory, attachments, habits, and worldviews. For those impatiently calling for the Event to happen immediately, it's important to understand that even at the cellular and molecular level, previous data and memories must be cleared. This process is extensive and often filled with suffering and pain.

The new groups of humans entering through the corridor will accelerate significant changes on Earth due to the synergistic effect of their involvement. Before entering the corridor, we are programmed and influenced by lower vibrations, keeping us within the 3D field of the collective unconscious. However, upon exiting the corridor, we find ourselves in a high-frequency space where we can only absorb and emit these elevated frequencies, making it challenging to resonate with lower vibrations.

Furthermore, the collective consciousness was previously shaped by the ongoing choices of each individual regarding their thoughts, emotions, and actions. Those who remained in a state of apathy or inner chaos contributed to the negativity and toxicity in the Subtle Plane, affecting all of humanity. However, the situation has undergone a significant shift. Those who have successfully passed through the corridor are no longer affected by these negative emanations, and they now play a crucial role in forming a new, high-frequency field for Earth.

Only High Frequencies Emitting
Stay connected with your Higher Self and listen to all his whispers

In contemporary times, we have gained a deeper understanding of our connection with our bodies, especially during significant energy days such as Equinoxes, Solstices, Harvest Moons, New Moons, Eclipses, and other cosmic events. We have learned how the silver thread linking us to the Higher Self operates and how our luminosity is influenced by it.

For countless millennia, we were artificially separated from our multidimensional bodies, which existed on the Subtle Plane. When we accumulated excessive karma or no longer gathered new experiences for our Soul's growth, our Higher Self would detach us, much like detaching a spent rocket stage. This process would assist our Soul in incarnating into a new body, era, location, or even on another planet.

However, the current landscape is vastly different. With the influx of quantum flows, more Light is gracing the Earth, enabling us to expand our spiritual potential. Through continuous and intensive self-work, our silver thread transforms into a potent stream of Light that permeates our entire being. This stream allows the Higher Self to descend further and further, eventually merging with our physical body. In essence, our journey is no longer an ascent to reach our multidimensional bodies by activating the upper chakras. Instead, these multidimensional aspects descend into us, creating a profound connection.

Our Light

Light isn't merely a substance; it serves as an indicator of the quality and quantity of our expanded consciousness and our ability to receive and retain greater luminosity. While the specific level may vary among individuals, a typical benchmark is around 60-70%. As we elevate this percentage, we experience inner exhilaration and a profound sense of empowerment, a feeling that we can conquer anything. Our spiritual potential becomes boundless.

Conversely, during periods of deep apathy, depression, or aggression, our potential drops to near-zero levels as our emotions and thoughts become negatively charged. The Light within our cells diminishes, and we fall further into despondency.

The more Light we contain, the more dynamic energy circulates within our chakras and cells. This facilitates the maintenance of a heightened state of consciousness and spirituality, while simultaneously intensifying the body's transformation. This transformation manifests in various ways on the physical plane.

  • Weight Changes: As the body adjusts to new energies, it may either lose or temporarily gain weight. Weight gain is often a grounding mechanism in familiar reality.

  • Altered Nutrition: Changes in taste preferences and appetite can occur, including cravings for specific foods. The body may resist heavy foods because Light energy is quite subtle.

  • Increased Hydration: The need for water rises as energy flows more intensely within. Increased water intake assists the body in managing the heightened load and expelling toxins more efficiently.

  • Skin Sensitivity: The skin becomes more sensitive and starts rejuvenating along with internal organs. Cells undergo a self-upgrade process.

All these changes contribute to the body returning to its natural state, allowing it to serve as a powerful vessel that accommodates our spirit and full multidimensionality. These are just a few of the outcomes resulting from accelerated transformation.

Seeing The Challenges

The 3D Matrix restricts the Soul from fully expressing itself, depriving us of love and the freedom to be creative. Each day of our earthly existence, we must endure life within a confined and uncomfortable biological vessel that is alien to our natural Light or plasma body. Nevertheless, many of us, courageous and strong in spirit, willingly embark on this journey.

Our cosmic lineage, in the form of holographic plasma chromosomes, is encoded within our terrestrial DNA, giving rise to unique sensations, abilities, and thought patterns. Since early childhood, we've often felt like outsiders. Embracing our true selves within 3D parameters and comprehending the idiosyncrasies of the local world and its human relationships prove challenging. The human mind, infiltrated by the 3D Matrix with its constraints and filters, appears overly controlled, and ineffective to us. It's difficult to acquire new knowledge or rely on it for genuine understanding.

For thousands of years, the strong blockade of our Star memory dulled our perception of the anomalies of 3D Earth. Today, potent quantum waves and continuous solar storms are tearing down the 3D Veil, fully revealing all the disguises, lies, horror, and suffering. It impacts us so profoundly that we yearn to escape this unending and unbearable ordeal immediately.

We begin to implore the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy for urgent help or even evacuation. Yet, we often forget that it is not the Co-Creators or the Higher Light Hierarchy but our own Monads, exercising free will and choice, who manifested us and our Higher Selves here as a continuation of their multidimensional being. This mirrors our existence in other cosmic homes in various worlds and dimensions, from which we were sent to 3D Earth with a specific mission. Until we fulfill that mission, no evacuation will take place.

Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Every Star Soul, whether they're a Starseed, Lightwarrior, Lightworker, Indigo, Crystalline, or Radiant Kid, numbering in the hundreds of millions, is entrusted with a unique task. Together, these tasks span a wide range of goals, from providing their Monad (Higher Self) with a novel experience in the most challenging conditions to collectively assisting the entire planet in transitioning to the 5D dimension and the next, the 4th Local Universe, and reuniting as one cosmic Light family.

One of the main challenges is finding the inner motivation to break free from the artificial and numbing comfort zone in order to fulfill the mission we came here for. The 3D Matrix relentlessly obstructs our every move in countless ways, with our consciousness resisting change and keeping us mired in familiar inertia. We often experience an overwhelming sense of laziness, fatigue, irritation, and a desire to distract ourselves from deep thought. Our ego, which is conditioned by the system, consistently finds reasons to prevent our Soul and Spirit from awakening.

Overcoming these challenges requires diligent inner work, a constant struggle against our weaknesses and vices, and a commitment to self-awareness and self-improvement. If we attempt to avoid this inner growth, life may present us with illness or other significant challenges to serve as a catalyst for change, breaking free from apathy and low-frequency inertia and propelling us into high-frequency actions.

Many of us remain unaware of our immense potential to transform the world. This power lies dormant within us, but it is now time to rouse it from slumber. We must resist being immobilized by the promises and expectations of others, by feelings of despair, or by the weight of regret. Instead, we should summon our inner strength and release all that burdens our Soul and dampens our spirits. The past, filled with its mistakes and trials, is a profound learning experience unique to Earth. We should express gratitude to this 3D world for the challenges it presents, complete our assigned mission, and continue our journey from one planet to another, from one Galaxy to the next, and from one dimension to another by activating our Stellar Body.

The awakening of the Stellar Body occurs spontaneously and abruptly. This awakening is often triggered by life-altering events that thrust us into an altered state of consciousness, facilitating a full recollection of our true nature. It can also be initiated through dedicated practices and self-awareness, which mark the initial signs of Stellar Body activation.

Today, we find ourselves in a profoundly significant time/space corridor, and we should embrace it as an honourable opportunity.

Spontaneous Exit

Here are a few tips to become more efficient in these current events:

  1. Set the Mood: Find a comfortable and quiet space for your practice. Create a serene atmosphere that helps you relax and focus. This can be done by using meditative music, the soft sound of a bell, or embracing profound silence.

  2. Sincere Intention: Your intention is essential. Approach this practice with a genuine and heartfelt commitment. Your intention should come from the depths of your heart, not as a mere duty.

  3. Consistency: Regular practice is key to increasing efficiency. Set aside dedicated time for this work, whether it's daily, weekly, or at another frequency that suits you.

  4. Mindful Presence: Stay present in the moment. Clear your mind of distractions and preoccupations. This is a time for deep introspection and connection with your inner self.

  5. Self-Reflection: Use this time to reflect on your experiences, emotions, and thoughts. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you and help you gain insights.

  6. Release Expectations: Let go of any expectations or outcomes. This practice is about the process, not the results. Trust that it will unfold as it should.

  7. Gratitude: Express gratitude for this opportunity to grow and transform. Acknowledge your progress and honour the effort you put into this work.

Remember that personal growth and spiritual development are unique journeys for each individual. Find the approach that resonates most with you and aligns with your inner truth.

It is advisable to perform this procedure either before going to bed or in the morning after waking up. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Enter a Meditative State: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax. Get into a meditative state by calming your mind and body.

  2. Reflect on the Day: Recall the main events and moments of your day. Analyze whether any of these events could have led to the formation of lowering your vibrations in your thoughts, feelings or actions. Keep in mind that your actions, both conscious and unconscious, towards other people, events, as well as negative thoughts and emotions, can contribute to this. For example, think about situations involving reckless drivers who violate road rules and how you reacted or responded internally. Low vibrations can manifest and persist in the form of distortions in the local reality segment when such actions occur.

  3. Imagine a Different Outcome: For any event or situation where you believe low vibrations may have been created, imagine a different and more positive course of development. Visualize it in a way that avoids negative actions, low vibrational thoughts, feelings or emotions.

  4. Send Light and Love: From the depth of your heart, send light and love to yourself, others or the event. This act of sending love and light can help transmute the negative energy associated with it.

  5. Forgiveness: If you believe that someone has committed a negative-forming action against you, genuinely and from the bottom of your heart, forgive them. Let go of any resentment or negative emotions.

  6. Ask for Forgiveness: If you believe that you have committed a low vibrational-forming action against another person or group, sincerely and from the depths of your heart, ask for their forgiveness.

  7. Healing Space: Understand that low vibrations can be imprinted not only on individuals but also on the space where the event occurred. Direct the love and light from your heart to that area, whether it's a room, a house, or any other location. Imagine flooding it with love and light, returning it to an ideal and harmonious state.

This practice helps you transmute negative energies and promote harmony within yourself and the environment. It's a powerful tool for healing and promoting a successful transition to the 4D-5D realm.

In conclusion, it's essential to recognize the power of our thoughts and emotions. They not only influence our actions but also shape the course of future events and our destiny. We bear personal responsibility for the way we think, feel, and act, and the Universe will not allow negativity to permeate it.


If you require guidance in connecting, clarifying, and expanding your Multidimensionality, I'm here to assist you.

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