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Advanced programs for the planet and humanity in 2024

Blessed, Joyful New Year, my soul sisters and brothers!!!

Wishing you a spiritually uplifting New Year, filled with abundant blessings, inner peace, and profound connections. May the journey ahead be guided by the light of wisdom and love, leading you to deeper self-awareness and harmonious alignment with the universe. May this year bring enlightenment, serenity, and meaningful relationships, as you navigate the path of your soul's evolution. Embrace the transformative energy of the coming year, allowing it to elevate your spirit and manifest positive vibrations in every aspect of your life.

The year 2023 has ushered in significant changes, becoming a real hot spot. At times, it felt like a whirlwind of events and emotions could simply sweep us off our feet. Many karmic relationships came to an abrupt end, and well-established plans underwent considerable alterations or were entirely cancelled. It took weeks and months for us to comprehend the magnitude of these changes. In this manner, Absolutes and Co-Creators prepared us for a new version of ourselves, assisting in removing everything that impedes our transition to 4D and 5D.

Having navigated through this stage and shed the old baggage, it's time to gather our strength and hit the reset button for our entire inner system. It's time to regain spiritual support, find balance, and establish qualitatively new connections with the world. Our goal is to manifest our desires and intentions, allowing us to live in a renewed state over the next 12 months and in the new space. This entails embracing new ideas, energies, and companions that align with the desires and plans of our soul and higher self.

In 2024, advanced programs for the planet and humanity will be implemented, along with new laws, regulations, energy fields, and relationships. This transformation will be observable at the level of physics, with matter no longer perceived in the traditional 3D form but as multidimensional, ethereal, and liquid crystal. The journey towards this turning point has been underway for the past twelve years.

During 2024, the acceleration of Earth, its nature, and its inhabitants into the fifth density will occur. This was originally planned by Absolutes and Co-Creators in 2012. While a rapid transition could have been possible then, the low vibrations of the majority of people prevented them from passing through the Portal 12: to the fourth and fifth dimensions during the anticipated high-frequency shift.

About two months before the scheduled date, the Pleroma recognized this challenge. Co-Creators, after carefully scanning humanity once again, sadly acknowledged that the majority were still in deep spiritual hibernation and physically unprepared for the quantum leap. Consequently, the original plan for a mass transition was cancelled and replaced with an individual, gradual, and smoother process.

In the past twelve years, more than two billion people, individually and in groups, have transitioned to 4D and 5D through continuous and intensive inner work. Millions of others are in the process of preparing for their own transitions, and Co-Creators are actively supporting this endeavour. Almost every week, and at times daily, we experience various phases of very high-frequency Schumann Resonance and powerful solar flares. Geomagnetic storms consistently reach the G5-G6 level and can peak at the G8-G9 level. This is not an anomaly, similar to the thousands of earthquakes, but rather an active process of replacing three-dimensional reality with the transitional 4D and the ongoing presence of 5D.

Co-Creators pursue the sole purpose of accelerating the awakening and inner transformation of as many people as possible. The impact of high-frequency quantum fluxes and solar plasma induces changes in the chemical composition of blood and cellular structures within our bodies. Light nuclei (centrosomes) and hot spots, chromosome sections where new molecular-genetic and cytogenetic processes occur more actively, emerge. Previously suppressed and locked, our Soul and Spirit are now liberated, bringing out their best.

Over the past twelve years, we existed in a mixed reality where individuals with frequencies of 3D, 4D, and those loaded with 5D programs and codes coexisted. Presently, on the physical and Subtle Plane, we are divided into three distinct groups:

  1. People of the old 3D philosophy, dependent on everything, shifting responsibility to others, and possessing a childlike collective consciousness with traits of capriciousness, infantilism, selfishness, arrogance, and egotism.

  2. People of the new 5D era, self-sufficient, mature, spiritually strong and courageous, free, balanced, and responsible. They have forged their individuality and continue relentless self-improvement.

  3. People of 4D, awakened and searching, not fully realizing what is true and false, good and evil and how these two forces interexchange They are connected with the 5D field yet deeply integrated into 3D, struggling to break free from ties, illusions, and pain.

Any Higher Force transmitted through quantum flows or solar plasma enters us, enabling us to become this Higher Force, its Consciousness, and feel its energy. However, according to the law of like attracts like, we must nurture this Force within ourselves through inner work, patience, courage, creativity, and ingenuity. After the initial contact, we must simulate, generate, and regain lost sensations, double, multiply, and make them a permanent part of our lives.

Currently, one of the primary strategies of the Co-Creators is to demonstrate what it means to be in a new dimension and then provide everyone the opportunity to make their own choices and increase their own luminosity. This approach avoids imposing energies and knowledge artificially or acting as a moral gimp stick. The process involves individuals independently establishing a connection with their Higher Aspects, shaping a new self, and unlocking a personal Light Portal.

Access to multidimensionality is open to everyone, but not everyone perceives the Subtle Plane. Only those who have been actively engaged in the process and are energetically and consciously prepared can truly experience multidimensionality. In 2024, the journey involves accumulating experience in being in several realities simultaneously, switching frequencies, making choices, experimenting, and testing. It's akin to viewing stereo pictures, where a slight adjustment reveals different images.

Engaging with multiple dimensions is facilitated by downloaded codes and software, individually activated during Solar flares and geomagnetic storms. These programs activate selectively to ensure they do not harm individuals or others. This applies to inherent superpowers like clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, and the ability to exit the physical body to explore other dimensions. For millions of people, these experiences have become an everyday reality, comparable to regular updates in a smartphone.

Our cosmic memory reveals the planets and galaxies we originate from. Individual time flows are accelerating, and everything unfolds at a much faster pace. Karma, too, gains momentum: the frequency at which we resonate determines our destiny. This is how we transition into a new existence, and Co-Creators won't compel anyone into it. Each person decides, through their free will and choice, whether to embrace multidimensionality, remain on the old timeline, or transition to a new one.

In regions where the vibrational frequencies have attained the required level and decoupling from the 3D environment has occurred, a new 5D reality is already emerging. These are the areas destined to become the future Light Cities, where Darks and Greys can no longer siphon off life energy.

On 29 December 2023 at 06:30 UT, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators disclosed:

Despite the negative forces' attempts to plunge Earth into deep chaos in order to halt its transformation and continue ruling earthlings as slaves, the Higher Light Hierarchs have already partially taken control of the planet's course. Currently, their focus is on identifying all hidden challenges that may hinder Earth's integration into the general evolutionary spiral of the Local Universe. They meticulously scan all the fields of time, energies, and spaces across twelve dimensions to understand what can be expected in the near and distant future.

Similar work is taking place on Earth, where the three space-time continuums of the past, present, and future tightly intertwine with millions of events, karmic destinies of countries, nations, civilizations, and ordinary people. Each case must be individually addressed to determine the vibrancy, boundaries, or fading of life within it. The scanning encompasses all connections and predestinations from the initial origin to the present day.

The overall picture is becoming increasingly clear, with only a few details left to be fully investigated. Ignoring these details could potentially harm the higher planes, the inhabitants of the Galaxy, the Solar System, and Earth. All destinies within and outside different timelines are unravelling and being examined on both collective and individual levels. Every life is carefully reviewed, and each person's capabilities are being weighed.

The Pleroma's Programmers and Architects continually adjust the goals and objectives of multiple energies, forms, and beings. This is necessary for the creation of a new Local Universe based on the constructive interaction of all its components. The chaos on Earth has repercussions across many worlds on the outskirts and in the middle part of the Universe, hindering Co-Creators from uploading new evolutionary programs. Consequently, they vehemently counteract any attempts to derail the ongoing process.

Confirmation of the Co-Creators' information came through dramatic events in near-terrestrial space in December 2023. An enormous armada of NAA spacecraft arrived in the Solar System via interdimensional wormholes from the worlds at the bottom of the Local Universe's torus.

They intended to invade Earth through a network of key Portals in Mesopotamia to support the waning power of the Darks on our planet. Working ahead of the curve, Co-Creators and their ground team thwarted NAA plans to land in this region.

The intruders then initiated Plan B. At their direction, the conflict in the Gaza Strip transformed into a massive sacrifice of civilians, marked by both scale and cruelty. The gavvah, representing the energy of agony, suffering, and death, flowed into the parasitic worlds through NAA spaceships, fueling the remnants of infernal races and their Portals.

Immediate intervention came from the Co-Creators. The Light Forces' fleets, patrolling the Solar System and near-Earth space, generated a potent energy pulse directed at the NAA's armada. This pulse caused it to disintegrate instantly, vanishing into the vortex of the Galactic core.

Individual consequences await those who aided the invaders and served their elite on Earth. They are entangled with gavvah, generating it in numerous hotspots worldwide. The Gaza massacre serves additional purposes for them: making third countries bear the financial burden of the war, obtaining new territory free from disloyal populations, and establishing a shipping channel (an alternative to the Suez Canal) from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Leviathan gas fields in the Mediterranean. However, the belief that they will escape accountability is no longer valid.

In 2024, big changes are waiting for us, which will require courage and determination to get rid of everything old and outdated. 2024 is a unique opportunity to critically evaluate selves and ask important questions: how do we see ourselves and the world around us? What do we see in it? What do we receive and give to others? Honest answers will disclose what our lives will be like in the next twelve months. The karmic year is the perfect time to overcome fears, realize weaknesses and strengths, find harmony within ourselves and fully unlock our potential.

In 2024, cosmic energies facilitate opportunities for spiritual growth and harmonious self-realization, enabling the release of the burdens of the past and the embrace of elevated vibrations in the 5th dimension. No year is inherently gray and dreary; instead, each year instills in us a yearning for freedom, wisdom, and faith in a brighter future. The Universe consistently lends support to those who pursue loftier goals without succumbing to fear of obstacles.

Much Love and huge Gratitude to everyone who dares to dream about the wonderful world we will create in 2024:

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