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Cobra's Interviews



Lynn: I have a few questions on Tachyon Cobra. In the Tachyon, this is what this person is reporting: In the tachyon chamber I got an inspiration to go and spill the tachyon water in different rivers in central Europe, going to different seas and thus within two years of the water cycle, according to meteorologists, have tachyon rain in our fields and gardens. Which I did. Do the tachyons multiply themselves in the water or do they attract other tachyons from space or do they influence the other molecules of water while they interact with them?

Cobra: They connect with other tachyons beyond the veil thus they strengthen the tachyon network on the surface of the planet. (thank you)

Aaron: What is the major benefit of tachyon chambers for personal healing?

Cobra: The major benefit is it actually those tachyon chambers harmonize all levels of a human being, physical body, higher energy bodies and this technology is actually the one that can quite effectively connect us with the Source. (ok)

Lynn:  Are tachyon chambers able to accelerate the process of planetary liberation?

Cobra:Yes, they can.

Aaron: Are certain locations on Earth’s grids more powerful than others for healing Gaia?

Cobra: Yes.

Lynn: Cobra, what is the difference between the tachyon chambers that you have and the tachyon chambers that other people are advertising? Do they do the same thing?

Cobra: I cannot confirm that there are any other people who really have tachyon chambers on the surface of the planet.

Lynn: I understand there are others, so you’re just not aware of them?

Cobra: They are claiming, but I cannot support those claims. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: The last question in this area is: How exactly does tachyonization process affect Cintamani stones?

Cobra: Tachyons strengthen the connection of any object with the Source and with Cintamani stones this process is even more effective because Tachyons interacting with Cintamani stones make them more powerful because Cintamani stones are one of the purest forms of matter available right now on the surface of the planet. (OK, thank you)

Iruka: In Japan, attacks to Light Workers have been substantially reduced since the beginning of 2017. What can be the causes for this?
Cobra: Cobra: Advanced light technologies (Tachyon chambers, Mandala laser systems…)

Iruka: While taking a Tachyon healing chamber, may we connect with Pleiadians,Siriuns and angels?
Cobra: Yes.
Iruka: Such connection may continue even after chamber session?
Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Can you please raise effects and merits of Tachyon chambers that are not widely been known?
Cobra: Tachyon chamber connect you with your I AM presence.
Iruka: I heard that Tachyonized Farden Quartz and Aquamarine has an effect to connect with a mother ship of the Galactic Confederation. Are there any other minerals that have a similar effect?
Cobra: Aquamarine is the best stone to connect with the mother ships.

Iruka: Are there any minerals that enable us to connect with Ascended masters?
Cobra: Goshenite.

Iruka: How Aquamarine , Morganite and Goshenite as you recommended are great? What sort of secrete is hidden in beryl minerals?
Cobra: Beryl minerals have hexagonal crystal structures which is the most powerful sacred geometry form to connect with the light.

May 12, 2016

Lynn – What is the purpose of the Cintamani at the time of the Event?
COBRA – Cintamani, each cintimani stone will serve as a lens, as a focal lens for the energies of the compression breakthrough. So when the energy pulse hits the planet that energy will be need to be conducted through a certain conductor or should I say energy super conductor.  Cintamani stones will be energy super conductors at the time of the event.  As this energy network is being quite complete to a certain degree, those energies will be able to flow through the planetary surface quite harmoniously.
Lynn – What is the purpose of the tachyon chambers at the time of the Event?
COBRA – The Tachyon chambers have many purposes.  One of the purposes is to heal human energy system which include physical bodies and higher energy bodies.  And at the time of the event, those tachyon chambers will transmit certain energies that I’m not yet to speak about.  But this will be the energy support for the compression breakthrough.
Lynn – Is there a difference between the crystal light chambers and the tachyon chambers.
COBRA – How would you define crystal light chambers.
Lynn – I’m referring to what Sheldon Nidle talks about.  The Crystal light chambers are where we are transformed into 5D beings and rejuvenated physically.
COBRA – This is a so called ascension technology which advanced cosmic civilizations have.  That technology has not yet been introduced on the surface of the planet and will only be introduced at a certain point after The Event. (OK)





P : If the Veil keeps tachyon particles away from the Earth, how can we establish a tachyon grid of Light on Earth ?

C : With a network of Tachyon chambers. And with a network also of each tachyonized product which act as nodes in the tachyon energy grid on the surface of the planet.

P : Is it beneficial to carry tachyonized crystals or bury them into energy points and cites ?

C : Basically tachyon crystals, most of them are meant for personal use, but there are some specific crystals that are actually designed to be put in certain positions and this is already happening.

U : When an object goes beyond the veil is it automatically tachyonized ?

C : It is not automatically tachyonized if this period is not long enough, but it does receive a certain amount of tachyons.

U : And if the period is long enough, then it’s permanently tachyonized ?

C : Yes if the period is long enough then it’s permanently tachyonized, but the concentration of tachyons is not very high, because I would say the ambient concentration of tachyons, in the low Earth orbit for example, is not very high.

U : Ok. So for example the Cintamani that you send beyond the veil, would they have more tachyons or less tachyons than what you tachyonized on the ground ?

C : They would have less, but different kind of tachyons, so combination of tachyonization on the ground and sending the stones beyond the veil is an excellent combination which gives them more effectivity in dissolving the anomaly here on the surface.

U : Ah they are also tachyonized on the ground

C : Yes of course, all my Cintamani's are tachyonized on the ground (ga0617)

U : Ok. Are there technologies on the man made satellites and international space station to block the tachyons because they’re above the veil ?

C : Basically there is this veil technology, HAARP ionosphere technology that also are designed to minimize the tachyon impact to the surface.

U : So, for the people for example who are on ISS, do they get more energy than on the ground ?

C : Yes of course

U : Are there some technologies located on the ISS to minimize this ?

C : The cabal behind nasa is mind-programming the astronauts to minimize the positive effects of time beyond the veil. (ga0617)



Rob: Okay. Can you tell me in regards to the tachyons – these energy particles that are being re-infused through your technology, and supposedly there are others that are doing this – can you tell me how this enhances the crystals or the items that are infused and how people can use them?

Cobra: Actually, tachyons are particles that are the, I would say, the first matter that was created in this universe, and, therefore, are a direct connection with the source, and it is the highest possible vibrational frequency that can be coupled with matter.

And matter infused with tachyons is having the highest possible vibrational frequency, and as such, it can help us in many ways to . . . I would put it this way, decrease the entropy of the physical and the non-physical to bring more light in the fastest and more efficient way possible right now on the surface of the planet.

Rob: Okay. Is this like if I’m doing my meditation and I’m visualizing a light from the Central Sun and to the center of the Earth and fusing my body by intense invocation of spirit, does that also bring in tachyons to a certain extent?

Cobra: Not really because there is a membrane on a certain altitude above the surface of the planet which actually absorbs the vast majority of tachyons. So a simple meditation will bring a very, very little amount of tachyons to that membrane, except if you are an ascended master, of course, and then, of course, you don’t need any technology. But before that, there is a need for technological support in this dimension.

Rob: Okay. I was thinking like, let’s say we have some very advanced yogis in India. Are they able to achieve some of this? Is this so light invoked that has something different than tachyons?

Cobra: They’re able to invoke a certain amount of tachyons, but, again, only ascended masters have full capacity of piercing through the Veil.

Rob: Okay. For the average person, do we take these tachyonized items and hold them on our person like cintamani? Is that a good idea?

Cobra: Yes, of course.



Rob – OK, according to Dr. Salla’s secret space program book, an insider said that tachyon can be used in space travel. I’m going to add a little comment here, people don’t like it. Dr. Bell’s contact, the Pleiadian I met once named James, his ship was run on a tachyon drive. So Cobra the question is: “Would you know how it would be done at a high level to use tachyons in space travel?”

COBRA – Tachyons are very interesting particles because they have a very strong connection with the Source and they do not interact with most matter directly. They interact only with strong nuclear force and because of certain physical characteristics of tachyons, they are very good in combating entropy. And they are widely used with various advanced civilizations as propulsion systems for their space craft, and tachyons have also the ability to merge subliminal travel with super luminal travel. It means seamless transition through a Stargate. So if a spaceship is using this propulsion to travel through ordinary space-time continuum, and then enter through a Stargate, you will not experience anything. It will be a smooth peaceful travel, for example, from here to the Sirius star system that will only take a few moments.

Rob – OK. Thank you. In the Pleiadian ships, Dr. Bell was always talking that they’re powered by sound and you mentioned that the tachyons actually couldn’t really be detected so much on the physical plane. Does this have to do with the kind of the eternal nature of the living sound current in the universe as they call it, the word of creation that they’re tuning into? Is a tachyon associated…

COBRA – No, no no. Tachyons cannot be detected because I would say science on this planet at this stage can only detect anything with a few basic interactions – interactions with electromagnetic force. You see most detectors are using protons. They are using electricity and magnetism, and tachyons do not interact with those forces, so you cannot see them. They do not produce electricity, and they do not interact with a magnetic field. It’s not easy to detect them. They can be detected by their influence on subatomic particles. If scientists would know where to look, they could detect them easily even now.



Rob – OK. Thank you. Is there any way we can see tachyon particles with our eyes?

COBRA – Some very gifted, spiritually gifted individuals can see them with their inner eye. To see them physically, it’s almost impossible.

Rob – Is there any particular way we can feel it?

COBRA – Of course, those that are sensitive can feel them. Many people can experience their very strong healing effects.---ref (rp0415)



Cobra: A few more things regarding tachyon energy….This will help trigger The Event and help us align with the universe.  We have to go back to the moment of creation, the Big Bang.  It was a small bubble that exploded.  It began to cool down and drop.  The first wave form that was created was the tachyons.  This is why it is our first connection to Source.  Tachyons have very interesting characteristics.  Wherever they are they create harmony.  Because of that, they have a direct connection with Source and are the highest healing vibration.

Most of you have heard about the veil.  Part of the veil is in the ionosphere.  Because tachyons travel in waves of energy, the Galactic Central Sun is the source of tachyons and The Light for the galaxy.  At this point, tachyons travel from the Galactic Central Sun to the Earth because there are not enough tachyons able to enter our realm.  This is why there is not enough harmony on the planet.  This is why I had to build a tachyon chamber.  This allows us to get tachyon energy onto the Earth.  Part of the Genesis 2 is connected to the surface of the planet.  This is part of the process.  The Pleiadians instructed me to build this chamber so we can start harmonizing human beings, harmonizing emotions, and human’s mind.  Tachyons can do all of that, bringing us closer to the source of life.



Cobra: There is a tachyon membrane that maintains the illusion.  When you look at the sky you see it as it was millions of years ago.  You will be able to look at the universe and you will be pleasantly surprised.  Scientists have been killed for knowing this info.



U : Ok. Will tachyons start flooding the planet immediately after the event?

C : Yes.

U : Will it be progressively filtered so that the detox is not too intense for humanity?

C : Yes it will be regulated by the beings of light, so that it will not be harmful, it will actually be very beneficial.---ref ut0115

Lynn – My question for Cobra is about general health and fitness tips he might have for the surface population. Other than the common knowledge of “eat well and get regular exercise”.   Does Cobra know of any specific or special health regimens, supplements, herbs, foods, diets, fluids, fitness regimes, air purification, and other technologies that would create optimum physical and mental health in the average surface human, even in the current culture and environment?

COBRA – OK.  The key here is balance.  It’s very simple.  Balance between various elements you have just stated can create harmony for the surface population.  And one more thing is drink a lot of pure water, as pure as you can find.  (thank you)---ref pc0416

Alexandra: Which leads me to the healing modalities that are existent on the planet right now.  Do you see the majority of them being completely outdated?  I am not talking about within the western medical scheme of things.  I am talking about the actual energetic healings.  Do you see these totally outdated once the galactic forces land?  And if so would we need to all go into these so-called healing chambers?

 C: Oh yeah, because the Galactic Beings of Light have much more advanced technology and much more advanced healing techniques.  So I would say this will be greatly expanded.  And I would say no one needs to be afraid of the healing chambers or ascension chambers.  This technology is organic and positive.  It just helps us to reach deeper into our own inner self, which can heal anything.   It just strengthens our connection with our own inner self and our own higher inner self makes the healing possible.





Cary: So you have at your website some advanced healing systems that include Tachyon, Pleiadian Technologies and Mandala Sphere Laser Systems. Can you tell us a little bit about those, and if someone wanted to seek out using those what they would encounter?

COBRA : Yes, we are developing under the guidance of the Pleiadians and under the guidance of various Light Force groups. We’re developing advanced technologies which can assist as much as possible in the healing process for humanity until the time of The Event.

One of those technologies is Tachyon technology. We are bringing Tachyon healing chambers and there is a formula for healing and wellness that can improve the vibrational frequency of human beings with tachyons.

And there are also advanced laser systems which have been developed by certain Dragon Groups. They are very advanced systems that can bring the healing process to a higher level.

If you would like to know more you can go to the website and you will see everything there.

CARY: Does a person have to be in the presence of these technologies, or can they be used from a distance?

COBRA: Some of those technologies work from a distance, but some of them are actually, people need to be present there.

CARY: It seems like there are some very interesting things there for those who are interested in healing.

COBRA: Yes. Exactly.





Richard – Cobra, how does plasma based medicine work?

COBRA – Plasma based medicine works on the principles of harmonizing the plasma flow.  We have our plasma bodies which are not exactly the same of our etheric bodies.  The plasma body is actually  a changed electromagnetic potential body which works on difference between various electro-magnetic potential space and if you harmonize that you can increase human health dramatically.  Basically, what the dark forces have done, they have created scalar technology which distorts the plasma matrix of the plasma body and creates illness.  Plasma medicine actually references those negative effects those harmful effects of the scalar technology and creates a health matrix in the plasma body which as a consequence balances the electro flow inside of the physical cell membrane.  And of course this restores the physical health.---ref pc0416

Richard – Is this technology available on earth right now?

COBRA – It is in a state of development.  Dragon forces, positive dragon forces are developing this but there is much resistance and there is much. . .   It’s not that easy.  It’s in a state of development right now. Some of those devices are already available and some of them are in state of being introduced.  (thank you very much)---ref pc0416

Lynn – Cobra, do you see these technologies being utilized on earth post Event, and if so like how long if they’re still in development?

COBRA – One of the major problems is money because people don’t have money and would like to have those devices. Those devices they need to be built and developed inside of the current system.  When we have the financial re-set it will be very easy to massively produce and spread them around the planet.  (I understand, thank you)



Rob – I was kind of curious on a personal level.  At the time of the Event when the final scalar fields are brought down, and, of course, the benevolent spiritual space family is very close to the earth with their healing rays and energies, will there be some spontaneous healings at the time of the Event – some tremendous relief of pressure and some things of this nature?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Even before the Event there will be spontaneous healing and dramatic relief of pressure, which will start even before the Event.  People will begin to feel that as we get closer and closer to that exact moment, more and more and more.



Rob – people have mentioned that at the time of the event, the star seeds in particular will receive healing and it will heal them physically in some way. Can you clarify if this is true for everyone or for star seeds? How will this help the star seeds?

COBRA – The healing process will begin at the event and will continue for quite some time. First thing will be a lot of healing because the control of the cabal will be gone. It will release much pressure from human beings and certain emotions will come out and be healed. Second healing of the mind because there will be a lot of Intel available, which is not available now, and people will have a much clearer picture what is going on. 3rd – there will be healing of the body with new wonderful medicine technologies being released. It’s a process and it cannot happen overnight. For the average human being can take months or even years. There will be constant improvement. Not the situation like now: when we have almost no improvement and just constant control.



Rob – OK. At the time of the event will certain diseases. . . . will people be healed immediately? For instance: A question someone is asking is if we wear glasses or contact lenses, would this be healed immediately or will we just have technology that individually people will have to buy to return to natural eye site.

COBRA – It will be a process. It will take some time. First the most critical cases with terminal illnesses will be taken care of, and then gradually everything will be transformed. All illnesses will be healed and that will of course involve individual participation of every individual. Their own inner transformation and also the assistance of technologies will be disseminated throughout the planet-



Cary: So you have at your website some advanced healing systems that include Tachyon, Pleiadian Technologies and Mandala Sphere Laser Systems. Can you tell us a little bit about those, and if someone wanted to seek out using those what they would encounter?
COBRA : Yes, we are developing under the guidance of the Pleiadians and under the guidance of various Light Force groups. We’re developing advanced technologies which can assist as much as possible in the healing process for humanity until the time of The Event.
One of those technologies is Tachyon technology. We are bringing Tachyon healing chambers and there is a formula for healing and wellness that can improve the vibrational frequency of human beings with tachyons.
And there are also advanced laser systems which have been developed by certain Dragon Groups. They are very advanced systems that can bring the healing process to a higher level.
If you would like to know more you can go to the website and you will see everything there.
CARY: Does a person have to be in the presence of these technologies, or can they be used from a distance?
COBRA: Some of those technologies work from a distance, but some of them are actually, people need to be present there.
CARY: It seems like there are some very interesting things there for those who are interested in healing.
COBRA: Yes. Exactly.--ref ce031





Louisa: And, what about these chromophores implants on her torso? Is this spell work of some kind?

Cobra: It is actually a very advanced technology which interacts with the environment. It’s not artificial intelligence as people know it. It’s like a living glass organism which interacts with the environment and translates signals to the being which wears this and assists in working in that environment because for beings of that nature, planetary surface is a hostile environment and those beings needs to be careful how they move around here.

Louisa: Ok, would you say that this helps them maintain their higher dimensional frequencies, would you say?

Cobra: Yes.

Louisa: OK, And does this serve as some kind of bio-protection?

Cobra: Yes, also.

Louisa: From pathogens and things of that nature of this surface?

Cobra: Yes, also.




Richard – The next section is about New Technologies. So Cobra, the next section is on NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Cobra, are you familiar with Dr. Grgorij Grabovoi, the Russian scientist who can heal people from disease and manifest things.

COBRA – Yes, I’m aware of that person.

Richard – Can you tell us how he does this, and if it’s real and whatever you know about him?

COBRA – Actually what he’s doing he’s teaching one aspect of manifestation process. By utilizing manifestation process in his interaction with people he can get results.

Richard – Is he working on the positive side or is he not?

COBRA – Yes, he’s working on the positive side. (great, thank you)

Link to his website here:



Rob – OK. After the event, how soon will we have healing technologies. Will there be a positive star dust technology that will be available for humanity to heal in a general way, unbeknownst or will this all be kind of open and transparent to everyone and go through the series of releases of the patents and stuff that have been suppressed.

COBRA – Yes, positive star dust technology will be released to humanity very shortly after the event. The only determining factor is how fast can humanity integrate those changes. I would expect the first few months after the event there will be a drastic release of those technologies and a lot of healing will take place as a result.

---ref rp1114


Rob - Many people have asked a question about when the advanced healing technology. We’ve had a lot of these questions this month. They’ve asked about these healing devices – these advanced technologies. Were these going to be probably given to us or are we going to have to learn how to make these on our own, which may make some of these technologies come later.

COBRA – Both. It will be a learning process. Some of them will be human made and some of them will come as assistance from other races when the time is right. So it is a combination of learning process and also a combination of receiving technologies and healing.

Rob – And will these technologies be given freely, obviously, yes?

COBRA – Yes, you will not need to pay for them.

---ref rp0215


Rob – Okay.  We have a lot of healing technology questions this month.  Someone says,   ‘When will the advanced technologies be available to everyone free?’  If after the Event, how soon after the Event?

COBRA – Yes, they will be available after the Event.  It is just a matter of logistics and the ability of people to receive those technologies – how soon after the Event any particular person will have access to those technologies.

Rob – Will everyone be able to gain access to this technology?  Will there be waiting lists?  Are there any specific plans on how this stuff is to be released?

COBRA – Yes. As I’ve said before, there are logistic limitations.  After the Event, there will be priorities.  Of course, the first one is food, clothes and shelter for those who don’t have it.  And then people with chronic pain and then the list goes on and on and on.  Everybody will be contacted according to their position on that list – how urgent and how sincere their need is.  But this will be distributed massively as soon as humanity is ready to receive those new technologies.

Rob – Someone asks if you could describe in detail how these advanced technologies work?

COBRA – There are many different advanced healing technologies and they work on the principle of harmonizing all the physical and non-physical bodies, because the vast majority of physical illnesses are actually a physical manifestation of an energetic blockage on a certain level and if those blockages are balanced, then the physical body can be healed easily.  There are also advanced medical technologies that are based on manifestation protocols from the etheric plane – so-called manifestation chambers or replicators.  If it is possible to replicate food, it is also possible to replicate human organs and actually redesign them in a way that is healthy.

Rob – Oh, that is very interesting.  We will actually be able to replace it.  It seems that there will be some protocols for medicinal herbs or things of this nature in combination with energetic technologies, correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course

---ref 05/15


Rob – Someone mentioned that you had said here, and I don’t remember where it is, there is some undiscovered healing medical resources on the planet.  Do you know where they’ll be discovered?  Are these like in the Egyptian chambers and some of the ancient chambers that will be released in the near future?

COBRA – Not only there, but there are many places and many different ancient healing techniques – use of herbs, use of sounds, use of meditation – various forms of healing that will be combined with the most advanced technologies.

Rob  Okay.  Well, current advanced healing technologies are being suppressed from those without money.  Why does one have to pay into the system that is being liberated in order to be healed when healing would speed up the liberation process?

COBRA – It is simply because people who are constructing those technologies need to pay for the parts and they need to eat somewhere and they need to have a roof over their heads.

---ref rp0515?


Vegetable And Fruit Extracts


Rob – Okay, Luiz said that when he went to the – he called it the Temple of Purity – that he would place his hand in a device that would read his body’s nutritional needs and he said that they primarily were living on vegetable and fruit extracts. Is that going to be possible shortly after the event that we’ll have devices that would read what we would need and be able to create the food very quickly?

COBRA  –  Yes, it will be possible for those who will be contacted by the Resistance Movement. This will actually increase gradually as more people are contacted.

---ref rp0815




Angel Eyes – Can you talk a little about the crystal light chambers.

COBRA – OK. Basically, there are chambers which are actually light chambers.  I would not call them crystal light chambers but there are certain technologies which have been developed by various E.T races and Ascended masters to raise our physical frequency and also they can heal any disease and they can harmonize all of our bodies.  That technology will be available to humanity after the event at a certain point.

---ref pc0215


Rob - Sheldon Nidle talks about light chambers and he says we will be healed during 3 days after the event. I’m not sure if he meant in light chambers or in just the coming down of the scalar technology will create a great healing. Will there be light chambers and advanced healing technologies made available that soon after the event, within 3 days.

C - (No, no no)

---ref rp1014x




Brief history and overview of Plasma by Cobra

Billions of years ago the Galactic Central race expanded throughout our galaxy creating “light towns” in the form of pulsars….. positioned in Fibonacci sequences and golden ratios that oriented each one back to the Galactic Central Sun. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across. (it takes light that long to travel across) Our solar system is positioned along a “galactic highway” or plasma filament via Sirius, which acts as a portal directly to our sun, which is also a portal, so it does not take any “time” to travel that far. The Galactic Central race is now overseeing the liberation of our solar system and planet. A great plasma cloud surrounds our solar system and the Chimera group are using this to hide their plasma anomaly (darkness) inside of it.(this is dissolving or is dissolved now as previously mentioned) When the many angels and galactic beings traveled through to our solar system they got trapped inside this anomaly. This is exactly how and the reason why, many of us being here today! (exclamation mine)

The three forms of matter are solid, liquid and gas. When a particular gas is heated to an extreme, it becomes an ionic gas, holding immense amounts of energy – which is plasma. The incredible abundance of cosmic plasma filaments throughout our galaxy holds the keys to free energy. Plasma is made visible in our world in the form of lightning and the aurora borealis. Etheric plasma also holds a tremendous amount of information. Reactions and emotions increase in plasma in our pineal and pituitary chakras and are transmitted to the physical plane and become “our” reality. (i think this is why feelings and emotions play a major role in the manifestation process and how we create our reality) The cabal has placed a scalar plasma network in the brain (similar to computer software programs?) to block our access to higher consciousness. 95% of all illnesses are created as a result of this negative plasma network. Antigravity plasma propulsion can make a bridge or portal between the physical and non physical, and thus there is no “speed, gravity, or actual mass” involved. The same “meta- physics” are utilized in the plasma standing wave that transmits electrons across space, which is what Tesla discovered…. and he created devices that could transmit electrons (electricity) without the use of wire. He and his inventions were hijacked by the cabal.



U : Can plasma matter be found in nature or is it just a membrane of anomaly ?

C : It can be found in nature, but when there is too much stress on the plasma, it mutates and this is exactly what happens on this planet and around this planet.

U : Ok. Can you give an example of where you can find plasma matter in nature ?

C : Actually every star is a ball of plasma. You have plasma discharges in every thunderstorm. You have plasma discharge around every comet. It's quite a natural phenomenon in the Universe.

---ref ut1114


Rob - . we had some major solar storms and activities.  Some people were indicating . . . I got a couple of these that they were feeling unrest.  I don’t know if this affects the plasma scalar field or people’s etheric bodies and their reaction.  Can you talk a little about solar storms and how that effects implants or people or does that have any effect on people’s consciousness in negative way or destructive way?

COBRA – Actually, this is a two-sided coin again.  The solar storms . . . part of this is just a discharge of very clear plasma that purifies the plasma anomaly and on the other side there is a purification of a negative plasma around the sun.  So those solar storms are actually being triggered by the increased galactic central sun activity because everything needs to be purified.  You can view them as part of the global and cosmic purification process.

---ref rp0615

If you are willing to read more full Cobra's interviews , here are few websites:

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