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What our guests are sharing about their experiences:

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Had an awesome session with Aurora today and in the Tachyon Chamber.

Aurora enjoyed the telling of my experience when Ken walked out the door the first time, and I dissolved into the floor
only to rise again like a Phoenix. 

I went in the Chamber with the intentions,










Then things just came to me in there.







Then I went through each chakra with intention to clear, open and activate each. I could feel physical movement in each! Sometimes I had to go back coz I could still feel block. My solar plexus chakra would churn and clench my stomach would rise, then after I said intention to clear it again my stomach would sink deep in as far as it could.


When doing my throat chakra, my head kept moving backwards so my neck and throat were stretched out more exposed to healing


I then cut attachments to any stories in my life, eg my dad molesting me, my relationship stories with Ken anything else that molded me and held me back because of negative things I experienced throughout my life.


The intentions just kept coming and coming! 


Aurora asked if I felt any different this week.  I said a very strong calmness/peace Everything is as it should be, in spite of world conditions and what’s going on


It’s the  earth that is evolving, We are part of a movie.

Even Shakespeare said: “The world is a stage and we are it’s actors!"


There has to be chaos before order; the chaos is part of our evolution.  If we believe that COVID or shedding can affect us... we have given our consent to their manipulation and are susceptible to it. If we believe it’s not going to affect us, if we are calm and know it won’t., it won’t.


We know everything is a movie... the script was already written and we’re watching it, playing a part in it.

Is it true or is it not!

Or we just hearing a story?

Who is telling us the story?

When we watch the movies we don’t believe they are true. We can separate “reality” from the movie. But what if our “reality” is just a movie? And we get to re-write the story?

When Aurora was seeing me out the door, she said “look over there, there you go” - and there was a van with the word “Angel” on it! 

She said “you are an angel” 🥰😇


Lovely lovely experience.

~Pam from Vancouver, BC, Canada 

The Chamber is an amazing experience for me. I have welcomed the experience for a full year now. 
I have experienced tingling sensations thorough out my body; I feel warmth around me; feel an aura of light and mystical sense. I’ve felt directed pain, according to what my body needed at that time. 
I allow myself to receive the healing energy; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Personally I have experienced a presence in the Chamber, along with many different energy fields. At times the healing powers are so strong, they have yielded headaches. 
Later in the day, after the Chamber experience my body is energized, but at the same time, I feel truly exhausted. Every time I enter the Chamber, I receive different experiences, it is absolutely amazing!!!! 
At times, I just lay there, and the healing energy does it all! I would highly recommend the Chamber, to anyone who desires, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. 


~Mother of Dragons, from Vancouver, BC, Canada (frequent guest since Dec 2018)

Feb 20, 2020

For those who are on a conscious spiritual path, a Tachyon chamber can be a very uplifting and cleansing experience. It can assist and accelerate the process of healing and transformation, open our heart and inspire us by purifying our connection with the Universal consciousness. Highly recommended!

~Zoran, from Vancouver, BC, Canada (7 sessions in a period of 1 year)

Feb 16, 2020

I have been a fairly regular user of the tachyon chamber for about 8 months. In my experience the chamber is effective in improving physical health conditions, although its greatest effect is on general well-being and putting me in a state where I allow guidance and synchronicities to happen far more readily. For example, the first time I used the chamber to address a flare-up of a recurring sinus infection that made one side of my face swell. During the treatment the swelling began to subside and by the end of the day it was barely noticeable. Importantly, this first time my intent was to bring down the swelling. At a later visit my intention was to work on all lingering, mild health issues. At this time my infection flared up, but I was also provided with synchronicities following my chamber session that led me to healing this infection. Therefore, the intention for a session is critical. A very effective use of the chamber is to intend to work on what would be the most beneficial at that time, without deciding what that it, and just let the chamber do its work. Following such sessions I feel a general calmness, contentment, and optimism. I am more intuitively guided and life flows with greater ease.

~Melinda from Vancouver, BC, Canada (has frequent access to the chamber)

Feb 12, 2020

My experience in the Tachyon chamber was surreal, revelatory and healing. Going to the chamber without any expectations when I had migraine for a week and back pain. Before the session I allowed the tachyon energy to focus on my most important points. During my first session, I experienced energy flowing through my fingers, tingling sensation in and out. The second session I had a psychedelic trip, a colorful lenticular lenses spinning when my eyes were closed opened a different dimension. Revealed a ghost city with shadows, dark energy poured out of my ear. My back pain and migraine were gone. I was a casual visitor and didn't believe easily in spiritual but the Tachyon enhanced my DMT, I guess, and allowed the healing of my body.

~P. from Mission, BC, Canada (2 sessions)

Feb 8, 2020

I have, during the past several months, had the great privilege and pleasure of experiencing the energy of The Tachyon Chamber.  I am extremely grateful to Manuela for her kindness and guidance in providing the opportunity for its optimal use.    For my purpose, it is a direct tool to facilitate spiritual transformation.  Since 1981, I have been active in daily transcendental meditation.  Music, ie. as a classical pianist, composer and teacher, has been my life's vocation.

Because of the period of long and consistent preparation, first in becoming an 'instrument' for the heartfelt expression of music, and second, the many years of consistent meditation, and in turn the cleansing of the windows of the soul, the dropping away of 'flotsam and jetsam,' and the resulting mental hygiene, has given me a greater feeling of Love, Peace, Kindness and confidence in spiritual evolution


The Tachyon Chamber is a wonderful way to further the scope and extent of transformational spiritual experiences.  It serves to amplify one's intent and feeling.  It provides extremely beneficial results and many lovely experiences and most importantly, a greater amplification of the feeling of Love.  I am extremely grateful to all who created this inanimate but animate 'mechanism.'  The very idea of its Silence in Peace is profound.  The idea of Potentiality or Zero Point energy being the first inspiration towards Tachyon Energy or manifestation, and the resulting feeling of Spiritual Love is truly great.  The Tachyon Energy responds so individually, I believe, to so many unique individuals, with so many different prayers and requests.  The Tachyon/Love energy in quality and range, in my opinion is very similar to being within the emanation of a great spiritual Saint/Goddess.


My way of respect towards the Tachyon Chamber is through feelings of reverence, gratefulness, acceptance, and through prayerful requests for greater Love in my heart and in the hearts of all sentient beings.  May all mankind and all creatures embrace the Light of Love on this, our beautiful Gaia.


With Love

 ~Leslie Janos from Langley, BC, Canada (frequent guest since Aug 2019)

Feb 7, 2020

As a long time practitioner of both Qigong and Reiki, I notice that the Tachyon Chamber envelops and infuses my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with supercharged Chi or Prana. By simply relaxing and opening to the flow of Tachyon energy, I feel the subtle healing powers almost immediately.

It's like every atom in my body is being "lit up" and energized in the chamber. A very subtle, and yet powerful, vibration began from the most fundamental level up to and including the physical. Imagine every subatomic particle in your body shimmering in a kind of symbiotic dance with the Tachyon energy.

In my experience, it seems as though the Tachyon energy is a bridge to the cosmic, eternal vibration of spirit known as Spanda in Kashmir Shaivism. Tachyons are the primordial form of matter. Spanda is the primordial vibration of Spirit (pre-matter). The Tachyon Chamber activates the bridging between the two. This was my direct experience in each of the three sessions.... a little deeper each time.

The healing is dynamic and can be felt throughout all the "bodies".  The  living presence that is the essence of our Being is awakened in the chamber.

And a big thank you to Aurora (Manuela) for being such a kind, warm, and accommodating facilitator. She is a welcoming, caring and loving host, who also gives you space to go deeply into the experience.

I highly recommend the Tachyon Chamber to anyone for healing at any level. 

~ Brian from White Rock, BC, Canada (has 5 session in a period of few months)

Nov 27, 2019

Jonah from Burnaby, BC, Canada, is sharing his experience after 3 months weekly sessions (frequent guest since Jan 2019)

Apr 3, 2019

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Villy from Vancouver, BC, Canada, is sharing her experience after 15 sessions (frequent guest since Oct 2018)

Feb 12, 2019

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Christine from Vancouver, BC, Canada, is sharing her experience after 5 sessions (has more than 20 sessions)

Jan 8, 2019. 

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I met Manuela upon booking five treatments in her Tachyon Chamber. I found her to be a kind and compassionate healer dedicated to service to others.

The Tachyon Chamber provides fundamental, focused, and supportive energy for balance and subsequent transformation and healing. What  I experienced was a subtle change in perception and more clarity after five sessions in two and a half days. This improvement has given me a path to follow on my healing journey.

I will be visiting Manuela and the Tachyon Chamber again.

~ Grieg from Aldergrove, BC, Canada (has 5 sessions)

Dec 29, 2018

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