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Updated on 22 February, 2021

On February 22, came the details of another Light Forces ground team operation related to the pyramids.

Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee have decided to evacuate all reptiloids from Earth and terminate their presence in all respects in Earth affairs. Their time is over.

They have accomplished their dual mission here, played their script, gained their experience, and created a destructive atmosphere on the planet. A new time and new rules of the game are coming. Reptiloids have nothing more to do here. We don’t need them, and they don’t need us.

A place has been prepared for them in the Local Universe, where they can continue their transition to the constructive vector of evolution after lustration and sanitation. They will be gathered there from wherever they are present now -all reptiloid civilizations and their Intelligence forms.

Updated on 19 February, 2021

In February, the separation of the etheric mental fields in a partially updated 3D Matrix and a new temporal 4D Matrix as transit in 5D continued in the Earth’s vibrational space.

Following this division, further events are formed for each 3D and 4D person within the planet’s Great Quantum Transition into 5D.

Many of us are aware of and feel the new vibrational currents, trying to capture and interact with them. But the specifics of the awakening in 3D and the vibes asset of our Subtle Bodies, as well as the level of consciousness and the spiritual experience allow us only to lift our heads above the observed picture of the world.

Divine energy flow occurs near any person who is in intense in his invocations or meditation during the day and evening hours.

The main difficulty is how active our chakra system is. With regular prayer, meditation, and developing spiritual activities, Heavenly energy flow enters the seventh chakra, the vertex, and penetrates through the spherical bio-field, filling it with 4D and higher vibrations. This is how we are helped to withstand the Great Quantum Transition energies, which will only increase.

The sound and energy waves of the matter quantum basis are changed. Our plasma receives new knowledge from the information field of the planet and changes our DNA.

The program of transition from 3D to 4D and 5D has already been completed on the planet’s Subtle Planes and is now moving to the denser physical planes. And every day the changes will be more and more visible and large-scaled.

Updated on 12 February, 2021

As of February 11, 2021, the Hierarchy of the Absolute, the four Local Universe Co-Creators, the Galactic Committee, and the Council of Civilizations have decided to accelerate the transformation of 3D Earth.

The planet and humanity continue to be pumped with new quantum energies through the infrastructure on the Subtle Plane around the Earth:

GRASIMO – restores the soil.

GLEMAR – creates new structures and cleanses information flows at the same time. Neutrino clots take away old knowledge.

BLISCORI – forms new mental abilities of a person and contains the entire spectrum of new energies.

SPHALIS – changes the thought process.

PHEARO – elevates thought processes to higher levels.

FEARIS – forms intelligent layers on the Subtle Plane.

SLEMO – integrates the entire spectrum of energies and corrects the work of the overall system.

EFGOFAR – creates temporary programs and cycles of Matrix changes.

SFAS – helps to adapt to the space of new wave impulses.

(to learn more about above click HERE)

Galactic Committee decided to disable all satellites that pose a danger to the planet and humanity.

Instructions for the elimination of hazardous industries polluting the Earth have been developed. Schemes of incoming information through satellite impact channels will be changed.

Psychotronic weapons of influence on the masses of people are disabled.

The entire bureaucratic superstructure is under the aimed energy impact and begins to burst at the seams. Targeted high vibration radiations of the HERIOZ Galaxy create unbearable conditions for parasites to live, blocking their brains and the effectiveness of their decisions.

The cleansing of the planet is gaining momentum. Everyone in power is faced with a final choice. Negotiations are underway with everyone in high places. In a short time, the window of opportunity for them will finally slam shut.

Updated on 9 February, 2021

Galactic Committee (Galacom) Earth Operations in January and February 2021.

The main events now continue in near-Earth space. Divided into several groups, space fleets of Pleiadians, Arcturians, Siriusians, and other friendly cosmic races retransmit and redistribute on and around the surface of our planet powerful quantum’s radiations from the Source. They come through the center of the Milky Way.

Galacom has built a huge infrastructure of platforms, Portals, stations, routers to control quantum flows on the Subtle Plane and near-Earth space. Spaceships also participate in it.

Each quantum wave in this stream carries a specific program, differing from others by light frequencies and code names.

(more information HERE)

Updated on 5 February, 2021

The Arcturian space fleet is using electro-magnetic radiation to reconstruct humanity’s collective consciousness field.

On the Subtle Plane, the transmission and formation of new matter of the people’s collective consciousness increases. The new consciousness actively saturates the power structure of the planet and matter with high frequencies.

A new energy and information environment is being prepared for activation. To expand the knowledge of the Universe, new radiation is transmitted to the upper layers of the atmosphere. Processing of communication channels removes old and obsolete perceptions.

The consequences of the planet’s Causal core systemic failure are being eliminated. On January 7, the Matrix of the Earth’s future ideal state was introduced into it. It would be a single program for the transformation of the planet and humanity. The failure and rollback occurred on 20 January evening due to the difference in the energies and programs of the old and new Matrices, the calculated and actual parameters.

Work continues on the creation of new Light Cities. The largest of them has received and anchored the Universal-Galactic Ray through a 3-4-5D field.

The awakening of collective consciousness is going on. The frequencies of the Schumann Resonance is increasing, despite all the Archons and the Black Hierarchy’s measures. Transition can’t be stopped, the humanity’s consciousness increases, and, therefore, change of civilization system is inevitable.

Regular work was carried out to clean up low-vibrational entities, as well as to clear the territories over large clusters of quantum particles of Evil – chyrons.

Mass evacuations of Black entities continue to gain momentum. The entire near-Earth space is being cleared of negative energy.

Updated on 5 February, 2021

The Pleiadean Fleet successfully suppressed three of the seven protection energy rings that the Archons had built around Earth, anchoring them to the 3D Matrix.

Now the Pleiadians have begun to neutralize the fourth ring, cleanse the near-Earth space from the negative emanations of humanity caused by COVID-19 and stabilize the planet’s energy field. The overcoming of the protecting membrane between the fourth and third rings is scheduled for mid-February. After the 4th ring, the Pleiadeans will saturate the freed space with new energies.

In the first three days of February, 81 large and small earthquakes occurred in the world. Some of them are caused by operations of Light Forces against underground bases of reptilians, dracos and Archons, as well as places of goo accumulation.

The Earth Crystal has been rebooted to receive new Galactic energies.

The processes on the planet are moving into a phase of increased control by the Co-Creators, the Higher Light Hierarchs and Galactioms.

On the Subtle Plane, large-scale work is being carried out to remove low-frequency plasma, which distorts the perception of reality. This procedure is repeated after each large Gaia’s energy purification op.

The Galacom decided to speed up the evacuation of low-frequency Dark entities from the planet. To date, this work has already been completed by 45 percent.

Updated on 4 February, 2021

The destruction of the 3D Matrix continues at an increasing pace. Beginning January 6-7, 2021, the Co-Creators are unleashing continuous crushing blasts of energy on it from M87 and M97 (see comments in From 3D To 4D And 5D, The New Galactic Year, Disclosure News, January 25, 2021).

These currents alter our DNA and the Earth’s energy field. Before 2000, with the help of the 3D Matrix, the Archons kept the Schumann frequency, which it is measured at, in the range of 8 to 10 Hertz. In human vibration, this corresponds to Fear and Pain. After 2012, especially in recent weeks, as a result of the destruction of the Matrix, the frequency rose to 18 to 20 Hertz, i.e. to the vibes of Joy and Love.

After Light Forces’ ground team successfully terminated the Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation (Disclosure News, January 20 and 23, 2021), the Galactic Committee accepted Earth as a candidate for Associate Member of the Council of Logos and Humanity in a similar status for the Council of Civilizations.

Two human beings, a man and a woman, have been approved as associate members of Galacom without the right to vote (with the right to an ad hoc advisory vote in certain cases). Both are natives of the planet, have been incarnated on it many times, and know our home Earth very well.

Although humanity does not yet qualify for membership in Galacom by any criteria, it has made more than just a declarative decision. It guarantees us membership in the Council of Galactic Civilizations in the future when many conditions are met and we put ourselves and our planet in order.

Updated on 23 January, 2021

Since the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the liquidation of the parasitic heritage on Earth has accelerated. The Thin-Material energy has completely stopped coming in for Archons and their bred elite.

Coarse and dense energy for them is still generated only on Earth, but the valves are closing for it as well. At the expense of humanity, they can’t live long. Planetary nucleus transmutation is underway. Parasites are beset from all sides.

The Earth endures the enormous pressure of changing planetary phases. And people bear hard these epochs change.

Many problems have opened up like an abscess on the body. The immune system is taking the fight. And it is given reinforcements from everywhere.

The Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs do not intend to lose humanity, its experience, skills, and resilience that they have gone through. They are helping to streamline the energies of turbulence.

The former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who has returned to the Higher Light Hierarchy, actively helps earthlings. On Subtle Plane he pulls Dark and Gray parasitic energies onto himself and annihilates with his fire.

He feels responsible for his past deeds, so he works to the limit. Recently, he was again on the verge of disintegration, sacrificing his Pleromic Body, but the Light Forces ground crews supported and rescued him with their Radiant Bodies.

The new Curators of Earth, the Galactioms (dipoles created by the Logos of the Milky Way) send additional streams of Galactic Light to the planet to unravel and streamline the chaos. They are tasked with collecting and transferring to other planets what did not fit the Earth.

There are technologically advanced planets and races in the Galaxy that are evolving along their evolutionary path. They are not familiar with decadence, rivalry, and war. They have expressed a desire to remove the program technical files and some of Earth’s rulers – “for re-education”. They are confident that they can rewrite their programs to solve problems positively.

For these races, it is an experiment. They want to make sure that their technical civilization is sound. They will take from Earth the Dark curators and programmers. The latter have already consented because they feel they cannot survive on Earth when Source’s energies are coming.

They will take with them technical documentation and files, without which it will be impossible to live in human bodies on new planets. The hosts will not take anyone in physical bodies, only the Matrices, to breed the same clones on their planets and stuff them with positive programs.

The host races are confident that they would hit it off. They have already had such experience and good results in their systems. That’s why the Galactic Committee permitted this operation.

By doing so, its participants will gain constants that are important to them. And help the Earth get rid of the technical programs that have begun to take over humanity.

For biorobots and clones, there are two options left: to disappear altogether on Earth or to continue developing at the other end of the Galaxy under the guidance of advanced civilizations.

Black Archons’ technical programs will be extracted from the humans’ DNA.

All high military technology will and is being removed from the planet. It will prevent destructive wars and plans to unleash them.

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