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News 2021

Updated on Sept 25, 2021

On September 25th, 2021, at 9:31 AM CET, the 25D Argorian squadron conveyed the following message:

“We have entered a space saturated by increased Magnetar’s radiation.

Keep an eye on your well-being. Blood pressure fluctuations, immune system, and thyroid reactions are possible.

The stresses are increasing, although measures have been taken to reduce the tension in Earth’s atmosphere. Gamma rays are strong.


Energy deflectors of the Argorians’ flagship trauelevetator are entering the opening state above the planetary complex. Measures to reduce adverse impacts are taken.

A powerful burst of Class A photon radiation has passed over the planet. The electromagnetic field is strained and needs balancing.

Argorians and Mahatmas of Shambhala tame down the excessively amplified quantum flow. This is one of the squadron’s works.

The Greater Cosmos is a living organism. New Stars are born and die in it, releasing vast stores of energy.

Everything lives and breathes in the body of the Creator. Therefore, we constantly have to monitor the state of energies in Magnetar.

The closer a squadron with a planetary complex comes to the 5D vibes orbit in Gerios Galaxy, the more powerful is the environmental impact.

For earthlings, these are the new energies of the third (closest to the Central Sun) sphere of the Greater Cosmos. Human bodies only half changed their properties. Everything is in constant adaptation to the conditions of the new 4D/5D space.

Increased exposure to cosmic radiation negatively affects all living things. DNA and RNA mutation failures occur, and the result may not be as quick as planned.

Impact On DNA And RNA

Argorians are constantly monitoring the processes taking place. Curators of quantum transition actively work. It is important for us to save a life and to elevate it step by step on a new level of vibrations.

Earth has long been ready for it, but humanity, as you see, in mass, does not perceive the new energies. There is a conflict of consciousness of the planet and civilization.

It directly affects the planet. Low vibrational psychic energy intensifies cataclysms, and all living things suffer.

If all people were conscious, there would be no such problems. Everything would go naturally and harmoniously. Too much hate and evil are generated, causing immense pain to Earth.

A great cleansing is coming. Many people are no longer physically can carry this burden.

All our warnings and exhortations are perceived badly. It is unpleasant to observe that even people who believe that they carry the Light do the opposite by their actions.

They violate all the laws of the Subtle Plane, not understanding the structure of Earth. They take upon themselves the role of servants of the Light Hierarchy, stirring up negative energy with their deeds.

Get busy with your Earthly duties. It is on your shoulders to take care of the physical world. Clean up the garbage. Shut down nature-killing industries.

Destroy the weapons, the chemicals, the poisons. There are so many of them already accumulated that if it were not for the intervention of the Supreme Intelligence, you would have long ago ceased to exist! That’s why the changes are so slow.

Everything will be according to the Creator’s Plan. It has separated the grains from the chaff, and the latter is leaving the planet.

Life goes on. A new world on Earth is being built. The fractal of the fifth dimension increasingly unfolds in the space of the planet.

The winds of change will sweep away all that must go away once and for all. The Divine forces of the Greater Cosmos are with you. With you is the Creator, Its energies in the Earth’s field.

These energies broadcast new thoughts. All who are ready to perceive them are a new generation of people, with a different way of thinking where the purity of thoughts and conscience come first. They are a pioneers.

Observers! You are our beacons on Earth. Be aware of all that is happening. Remember, little streams make great rivers.”


Updated on Aug 23, 2021

Galacom Update 22 August 2021:

This is a new planetary operation with the coordination of the State of Emergency on the Earth.

Under Emergency State, it is only part of the External Management’s efforts to accelerate earthlings’ adaptation to the changes taking place.

To support the ground teams of Galacom, more and more representatives of space races from different parts of the Local Universe incarnate on Earth through various Portals of Light.

Many have come in their bodies but human form. It’s all just a non-committal costume. A suit, means the 3D human body for a stay in a 3D environment for fulfilling their mission. That is made by embodiment.... be continued

Argorians Update 22 August 2021:

On August 21st, 2022 at 2:34 AM CET, the following message was sent from the 25D Argorians’ Space Squadron Command assessing the current situation on Earth:

“Installed on the Subtle Plane in near-Earth space, platforms that receive incoming and outgoing quantum fluxes continue to generate new conditions for Earth.

Climate and landscape changes are entering the stage of active manifestation, according to the Creator’s Plan.

The planet has sufficiently accumulated and assimilated the Galactic Energy of the Oryx Star, in the space of which the Earth is transferred to a new 5D vibrational orbit, and is ready for a qualitative matter transforming.

There was a quantum leap in Gaia’s consciousness. It is caused by the transition of quantity into quality, which is a change in the vibration level of matter..... to be continued..."

More details about both new intel:


Updated on Aug 16, 2021

Early Screening - part of the Quantum Leap

On the night of August 12-13, 2021, there was an event that many, first, took for Quantum Leap, but as it turned out, it was only its Early Screening.

Much is not yet ready for the next powerful breakthrough. Quantum Transition itself will continue as a process.

The first wave of global events was awaited in September. The second, larger wave – on December 21, 2021. Nothing foretold otherwise.

And so at exactly 00:00 all the Lightwarriors and Starseeds were urgently mobilized and put to work!

What happened? What did it look like on the Subtle Plane?

Light Beings Poured Down

First, Co-Creators opened space Portals. From there a huge number of Light Beings poured down to Earth’s upper dimensions.

Their warmth washed over every earthling, participating in the action. The spirits lifted when help came.

Then everyone began to perform his or her task. Some were conducting the Light. Others gave their Fire.

The earthlings were filled with this Light and Fire. Everyone was so hot physically that bodies and the heart chakra were melting. The vibrations jumped.

Flying to Absolute

Then cosmic Light Beings got into the net. Lightwarriors and Starseeds also joined in. One teamed up, and the other followed them.

Holding hands all integrated as a single whole and generated a powerful Light beam upwards.

And the miracle began. Everyone saw the Absolute.

Everyone was carried upward and connected to It.

Many felt as if all the memory of worlds and Souls was flying to Absolute, and Absolute was absorbing it in like a vacuum cleaner.

More details are posted:


Updated on Aug 11, 2021

New message from Argorians’ space squadron command, taken on August 11, 2021, at 10:35 AM CET:

In the Membrane Filter

“We entered a dense stream of supersonic particles in the membrane filter structure between dimensions.

Watch how you feel. Blood pressure and energy fluctuations will increase.

Volcanic eruptions are at their limit, tectonics is intensifying.

Unfolding parallel worlds work to give away plasma.

Souls are leaving the planet to materialize new species in their place. The planet renews its gene pool.

Wildfires, floods reshape the landscape of the planet, clearing low-frequency accumulations.

Nature gives up the plasma and gets a new one, energetically adapted for Earth life in a new vibrational orbit near the star Oryx.

The world is changing, renewing all life on the planet, according to the energy parameters of the New World.

It means that there will be new species of animals and plants, a new civilization, and the dawn of Mother Earth.”


Updated on Aug 4 2021

State of Emergency on Earth

On August 04, 2021, at 01.43 am CET, a sensational scoop was announced that previously came through the Unified Hierarchical Channel.

On behalf of the Councils of the Galaxy and the Local Universe, as well as the Supreme Planetary Council, Galacom declared a State of Emergency on Earth.

Until its representatives arrived on Earth, Galactic Committee could not imagine the true state of affairs. Now Galacom sees that it has already become catastrophic. All life-support systems have been metastasized.

According to the Laws of the Universe, it was impossible to block them completely, based on everyone’s free will and choice freedom.

However, given the critical situation on the planet, the Higher Councils which oversee the development of the Earth, the Solar System, and the Galaxy, passed the By-Law of the Emergency State.

It will work only temporarily in this part of the Local Universe.

To accelerate the evolutionary development of all problem-plagued communities, planets, systems, their free will and choice freedom are suspended.

Full details are posted:


Updated on Jul 27 2021

Argorians Update 27 July 2021 At 9:55 am CET

Argorians’ space squadron continues to relocate Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit through the filters of the quantum membrane that separates the dimensions in the Greater Cosmos.

High-frequency currents entering the planet are intensified. Under their impact, the rays transport system (supersonic highways) operates in a strained mode.

Resistance to incoming quantum waves in the Earth’s crust grows.

The splitting into atoms of escaping 3D matter increases the load, pressure, and temperature of interplanetary plasma flows.

In the receptors, located in the Earth’s interior, the plasma is clearing from the 3D substance, and through the central channel of the planet is exiting to the surface.

These are the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, and the Mediterranean, together forming a single energy complex – the quasitron (or gravitatron). The purified plasma is used to form the 5D and is partially redirected to other planets.

Anomalous Zone

Argorians work with all the anomalous zones and Portals, Through them, space modules remove plasma from Earth.

In the opposite direction, via the ray system, Galactic energy is intensively pumped into Earth space. Its flows are constantly growing and accelerating. It is how the Argorians renew the entire quantum structure of the planet.

Incoming currents load the High Intelligence software into the Earth’s power fields.

Those of us who can perceive these programs and the thoughts and ideas they contain to create a new society are under Argorians and the Galactic Committee’s care.

But everything has its time. There are more and more human beacons, and the Higher Light Hierarchy is especially protective of them.

Today on Earth there are already more than a billion incarnated Souls with a high level of consciousness from all corners of the Greater Cosmos. Each is fulfilling its program, implementing the Co-Creators’ plan.

These Souls are under the special supervision of the Argorians and Galacom. It is a great honor for every such Soul to fulfill the Absolute’s agenda.

Difficult times are coming, and our conscious perception of the situation and inner calm will help everyone.

All of this work is part of a gigantic, fundamental transformation that the entire Local Universe is undergoing at present. From 3D eons to the Absolutes’ worlds.


Updated on Jul 20 2021

As of July 20th, 2021, at 9:07 AM CET Lunar base’s minute, the Earth Crystal’s Vibrations have ripped and uplifted the planet’s core power shield to a new level. It amplified the exit of finished plasma vital 5D energy to the cortical layer.

Located on the Moon at 23D, Siriusian’s base, tasked the near-Earth and ground space monitoring, keeps strict watch Earth’s transition to 5D.

Four-dimensional space is actively flowing into 6D, where a new 5D Matrix and its rays system are finishing to built.

The old Time is winding down and speeding up. Round the clock now is of twenty hours. It is these four hours that are missing for many of us.

Earth’s core’s more intense working mode accelerates the energy accumulation in all of the planet’s force fields.

It, in turn, actively transforms the nucleic sequences. These high-molecular organic compounds are present in the cells of all living organisms and perform the most important functions for storing and transmitting genetic information.

The energy fields are combined. It allows receiving and accumulating more concentrated Source radiation coming to the planet.

Crop Circle Of Plasma Exit

On Earth, a friendly plasmoid civilization helps Galactic Committee. In magnetic and energy space, it expands the rays transport system, increasing quantum flows.

Plasmoids also actively remove spent and degraded astral Intelligence from the inner layers of the Earth’s crust using the enhanced energy flux.

The astral layer is programmed to accumulate energy in the force fields. They cyclically split the spent plasma, separate the viable parts, and transfer them to another sphere. There it congregates and then translates into other dimensions to form worlds.

Simultaneously with the output of the 5D plasma, its channels – the rays system – are transformed, enhancing energy flux.

Accumulated subcortical 5D energy plasma actively saturates our environment.

At the points of concentration, it thickens.

The translation of the synthesized energy is constantly increasing.

Quantum waves continue to exit through the Northern Pole.

The 5D energy coming from the Hologram is actively materializing on Earth, transforming the entire mineral, plant, and biological realm for the fifth dimension.

At present, the Hologram is sending programs that force us to choose: either follow the path of spiritual development or continue our former life.

Many of us choose the latter. The swamp of established life and old habits is sucking them in deeper and deeper. It’s hard to make a decision and stay morally afloat in these times of dramatic changes.

It is an open and rigid selection process. If we compromise ourselves, we lie to ourselves. And this is not the whole story.

Compromise changes the energy fields of the cells, lowering our vibrations. They don’t fit into the rising vibes of the planet. Unable to cope with them, our bodies begin to get sick. It is one of the causes of the current pandemic.

Crop Circle Of Energy Ejects – Poland

Interplanetary energy ejects are changing the physics of Earth, all thermal and meteorological processes.

Everything points to that by the numerous earthquakes, temperature surges, wildfires, tornadoes, unprecedented rains, and floods.

During heavy rains in Belgium, Austria, and Germany, up to 100 liters per square meter fell.

Even carefully projected reservoirs and dams couldn’t withstand such volume. They were designed and built according to old standards. The infrastructure can’t cope with new physics.

Technicians had to discharge overestimated amounts of water in order not to destroy dams and levees.

It causes floods along the rivers. People don’t even have time to evacuate themselves, not to mention the most dangerous things – warehouses, chemicals, fuel, and reactors, dealing a blow to ecology and industry.

Similar rain super fronts will recur, moving from West to East, skirting the Earth, and bringing typhoons and flooding everywhere.

The physics of lightning has changed. The thunderstorm fronts have become longer.

The pressure differentials are gigantic. It causes super winds. The infrastructure is unprepared for that.

The new era requires new solutions and, most importantly, a NEW approach to safety.


Updated on Jul 16 2021

On July 16, 2021, at 10:52 AM CET, the squadron sent the following report:

“We continue to course through the dissecting filter. Everything goes according to the Co-Creators’ plan, hewing closely to their guidelines.

Dissecting Filter

We are monitoring all parameters of quantum transition. The change of reality continues along with the Time flows.

Be attentive to the events taking place. There may be inconsistencies in interactions. We will control them to prevent accidents in dangerous industries and technology-related regions.

The show is in full swing. We urge you to react calmly to all the craziness in the world.

Each observer is assigned an object on the Space-Time continuum. It won’t be easy as the changes are prolonging chronologically. It is a feature of each dimension where Time exists.

Watch your health. There may be a change in awareness of reality. The human brain is actively transforming now.

The world will seem as real as you believe it to be. Be aware, and follow the feelings of your Soul. Mentorship of the angelic structure would be for everyone who participates in development according to the Co-Creators’ plan.

The situation will be further clarified and corrected. We are with you.”

Here is additional information as a comment on the space squadron’s minute.

The five-dimensional fractal created on the Subtle Plane intensely saturates the Earth with 5D energies. Electromagnetic waves are changing according to the set parameters.

It will have a strong effect on the magnetic resonance base of the planet. Its frequency is steadily rising, increasing the impact on the entire magnetosphere. The preparation for the Earth’s axis shift begins.

Atmospheric phenomena and planetary tectonics actively eject streams of waste matter and energy. They are replacing with new ones coming from the star Oryx. Into its space, Argorians are now moving the Earth in a new vibrational orbit.

Complex intra-planetary processes continue. They accelerate changes in the surrounding space.

The mass and energy of the planet are increasing. Only those that resonate with its new frequencies could survive.

Earth is transforming, blooming in the new emanations of the Source.

These radiations affect the Sun that acts as a Portal and transmitter of their streams to Earth.

Giant Explosion On Sun

On July 13, 2021, a powerful quantum wave caused a giant explosion on the far side of the Sun, hitting the Earth with high-energy particles.

When space weather forecasters saw this explosion, they were worried.

A flare of that magnitude could have been a catastrophe for us.

It seemed that the quantum tsunami was about to hit the Earth. However, it did not.

The friendly cosmic races deflected the blow in the opposite direction from the planet.

NASA’s STEREO-A data confirmed it.

In the end, the tsunami lowered to a magnetic storm that continued on July 16, 2021.


Updated on Jul 15 2021

As of July 15th, 2021 at 9:45 AM CET, Argorians’ crafts continue to relocate Earth to a new 5D vibration orbit.

Spaceships successfully pass the dissecting filter space. The movement on the course is normal.

The separation and sorting out of Time-Space’s spent elements by vector guides, that create the necessary vibrations and wave changes, continues.

On Earth, the rotating magnetic fields of the 4th dimension remove unnecessary energy. The interaction of the force fields strengthens the outer protective shell made of red energy ERMA. This sphere is necessary for the safe relocation of the planet.

Tracking stations on the Moon and its neutrino double provide cosmic energy inputs to match the six-dimensional field quantum structure.

Erma Energy Of 6D Fractal

A new ERMA energy field starts to condense with the initial formation of the 6D fractal in which the further the planet’s transportation will take place. Change of vibrations and wave structures is controlled by the Moon’s repeater.

All distortions in the Time flows are quickly corrected. Argorians again warn of drastic changes in our consciousness. Cleanup will accelerate. Squadron ships continue to take on board human Souls.

The cutoff filter works smoothly, and steadily. A great deal of help is provided by Co-Creators who control the Milky Way’s core.

Argorians’ ships are preparing to enter the next cascade stage after leaving the dissipation filter. Resistance energies will increase that will affect the Earth situation. The news will follow.


Updated on Jul 14 2021

As of July 14th, 2021 at 10: 27 AM CET, Argorians’ traueleventator continues to move the Earth through a tunnel-like filter to a new 5D vibration orbit.

The movement goes very smoothly and strictly in the center, without touching the rotating walls which separate the human consciousness and 3D Matrix into the 16 different frequencies bands.

From the ship, it is visible how this meat grinder grinds the energy-informational matrices of the Archons into pieces. Space-Time distortions are corrected. The news will follow.


Updated on Jul 5, 2021

Upon the information received on July 5th, 2021 at 00:19 p. m.CET, the Argorians’ squadron is already entering the zone where the Time-Space cleavage begins.

Between Two Spheres

Space through which the Argorians’ fleet is now transporting Earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D is between the two inner spheres of our Galaxy – the middle (2nd) and the nearer to the center (3rd). The first sphere forms the outer contour of the Milky Way, and Earth left it eons ago.

Moving to a new vibrational orbit is a serious moment of transformation and change. It’s a moment of selection of Intelligence plasma for further evolution.

At the same time, unripe Intelligence plasma is collected for redistribution to other Universes and planets where it is needed.

So that matter does not perish, but rearranged according to the new Time programs, according to the state of consciousness and Intelligence.

The multidimensional Subtle Plane in which our planet is moving is energetically a very complex area. There are great risks of unexpected and powerful quantum energy eruptions that can affect the speed of movement.

A fork of 16 vibrating fields is just detected right on course. Argorians forecast that it could take one to two weeks Earth time to pass through this section.

On Earth, we see the impact of this process as an increasing stratification of society into temporal streams.

Families, social, political, and religious denominations are being fragmented. It will be even more dramatic in the future.

Those of us who are aware of the meaning and causes of events will be calm. Others may become depressed from lack of understanding, lost in general orientation.

Mental disorders, exacerbation of external and internal aggression, up to suicide, and attempts on citizens are possible.

Although it is planned to pass this section relatively quickly, the consequences will manifest themselves in our 4-dimensional space for a long time.

The planet has already formed 5D plasma, designed to form the fractal of the five-dimensional world, its initial resonant basis.

The planet unfolds the hologram structure of 5D space to create a new matter fractal. The work of Earth’s Crystal at the quantum level is also changing.

Pyramids are switched to active emitting mode. The spent 3D plasma is squeezed to near-Earth space by controlled energy flows. There it is formed into plasmoids and collected by modules of Argorians’ transport ships.

A fork of 16 vibrating fields is just detected right on course. Argorians forecast that it could take one to two weeks Earth time to pass through this section.

The fork with the division of Time-Space plasma into 16 vibes bands will impact the human Souls.

They will be distributed according to the level of consciousness – who lives in which one, stays there.

Earth and Gore Configurations

Argorians correct the vibes stratification process. At the same time, they are preparing for the selection of Earthlings who have reached the 5D level.

In their physical bodies, they will by beams be transported to squadron ships, where they will be placed in anabiosis for further relocation to the planet Gore (Antichthon). People may disappear instantly from view and that will be done only by their Free will. (more information about that will come later)

One of the leaders of the Earth’s Lightwarriors was shown such a ship.

Bright, clean corridors run in a circle.

The anabiosis cabins are two-person.

Light fills the entire interior space. No illuminators. The lighting is soft and the temperature is very comfortable…

On July 4th, 2021, at 8:38 a. m. CET, another summary of current work on Earth has been received from 25D Argorians.

Finished plasma is formed from the outgoing wave planetary energy of Nature’s worlds.

Cyclically exiting plasma is protected from the incoming directional impact of three-dimensional energies, which recoil into the Moon’s magnetic field.

Sanitation of the planet’s entire space by fiery energy will continue.

It would be accompanied by abrupt weather and climatic anomalies – heat waves, heavy rains, hurricanes, landslides, and earthquakes.

Ultrasound pulses transform the resonant basis of the two-dimensional world of Nature. The restructuring of the Earth’s surface and the transformation of plant plasma are aimed at expanding the subconsciousness of people.

All earthlings are connected to the unified planetary system by numerous energy channels which unite into a single whole through the human assemblage point. Through these channels, the informational energy and the energy of the 5D temporary programs continue to actively pump into the human body.

A highly vibrational etheric flux is pouring into the Earth with strong pressure. On June 25, 2021, it reached 37% of the 4D field’s stabilization. It means that more than a quarter of the formed 4D is already read from the Earth’s information energy field by sensitive observers.

From May 19, 2021, to June 25, 2021, the etheric flow began to accelerate and evenly saturate 3D space, forcing 4D not just to stabilize but to condense to the desired quality.

Previously, changes were slow and the stability of the 4Ds was weak. Now that is behind us. The transition to 5D is speeding up.


Updated on Jun 28, 2021

The Latest Update Of Argorians Spaceship Commander

28 June 2021 at 09:11 am CET

“In the course of Earth relocation into a 5D vibrational orbit, we entered the new hard radiation of the third filter in the space of these cells.

We monitor the amplification of all filter parameters, tracking the frequency parameters laid down in the cell’s program.

Magnetic components of energy-sound pulses create whirls in space that affects the state of near-Earth fields.

Atmospheric pressure in areas of plasma outflow from the Earth will increase. Channels are actively working to remove excess energy.

These days of transition to new sound codes require adaptation. Your bodies are not changing as quickly as you would like, so you are protected from unnecessary stresses. Water will help cleanse and relieve tension, and it’s best to limit your exposure to the sun.

The near-pole disks start in energy-dump mode, the inclusion of Stella receivers is limited.

The planet is getting rid of accumulated plasma and old information.

It continues according to Earth energy renewal, its adaptation to the force fields of the Oryx Star.

At this point, 70% of humanity’s parameters already been updated. The decoding of elements that do not reference is continuing.

Changing programs to a new basic societal setting is beginning to produce results. You can observe it as a worsening of global chaos. It is just one sign of the changes’ acceleration.

The program implementers of social transformation ordered to swing into action.

It cannot be changed or controlled by outside influences. Everything is under our protection and control by the Higher Co-Creators in fulfilling their mission.

Dismantling of a sick society previews the complete cleanup of negative entities in all planet bodies.

Listen to your heart, observe the space and your life, and learn to filter all incoming information.

You have the knowledge that we give you and the understanding of Quantum Transition processes that take place. It helps you to assess all aspects of the construction of the New World consciously.

We wish you to be aware of everything, not to lose control of yourself, and to remain calm. It is the basis for the earliest possible transformation of your reality.

On our level, we see and track all the processes, and the results are already there. “


Updated on Jun 25, 2021

Here is the synopsis of the 25D Argorians spaceship commander’s last debriefing on 25 July 2021 at 00.15 pm CET:

"We are aware of the questions earthlings have all the time. They want to know the intended process, the Plan of the Co-Creators’ Project.

In The Cockpit...

We understand them. But it is not provided because it is a process, and knowing or assuming the process in the course of it harms its implementation.

It is acceptable only to the highest leaders in conjunction with the Co-Creators. They guide these processes in the intended direction and monitor the manifestation of new variants.

If the performers know the course and the desired results, they will begin to adjust, and it will affect the outcome and the overall intent.

Everything that happens is reporting to you. To precipitate the matters is not possible. That’s the thing. Everything has to mature, take place, and manifest.

.... and Manifest

Everything possible is speeding up for ease and viability.


It is the ability to wait, to be patient, to analyze, and timely report your states in the process that is very important to correct and take the necessary action to conclude.

But that doesn’t mean we need voice messages. Everything is instantly read mentally. So, help ourselves correctly and consciously.

You and all selected by Co-Creators for this process must not forget that this is your main task now.

Other performers do the rest. It’s their job, and it’s all in good hands.

Control yourself, your attitude, your well-being, your awareness of what’s going on. Be in the process all the time. It’s a difficult task for you!

There is no need to react to any of the details of the cleansing of the planet. Everything happens as it always does in such a case, and there are the tasked to perform it. AND YOU ARE IN ANOTHER REALITY.

You are already under a lot of stress. You should rest more and drink a lot of water because it conducts energy well through the cells and tissues.

Everything is going according to the Plan at this time. BE RESPONSIBLE and vigilant, though we can see how tired you are. The squadron sends our best regards to you!”


Updated on Jun 23, 2021

The following is a summary of the operation as of June 23rd, 2021, at 08:13 AM CET:

“We have passed another supersonic barrier. Watch how you feel because exposure to ultrasound significantly affects all energy processes in near-Earth space.

Illumination Of Earth By The Sun At The Equinox

On the days of the solar equinox (peak on June 21), ultraviolet radiation will intensify.

During such periods, the planet adjusts to the new cosmic cycles of the Moon and the Sun.

Two stations on the Moon at 23D are carefully monitoring Earth’s transportation.

For its duration, the planet is kept in a field that temporarily disconnects Gaia from the surrounding space, putting it in artificial life support mode.

New Galactic energy is coming to the planet in a continuous flow.

It affects the climate and launches 5D programs in the Earth’s Hologram.

It is desirable to unload yourself from unnecessary work these days.

Work is being done to synchronize the fluxes coming into near-Earth space. Gamma rays of the pulsar hit the Magnetar at the Center of the Galaxy and put distortions in the energy fields.

Even though the squadrons monitor the impact of incoming quantum currents and regulate them as much as possible, the radiation affects the bodies and well-being of earthlings.

Immunity and hormonal system disorders are possible, especially of the thyroid and pituitary glands.

By now, sufficient experience has been accumulated to study the effects of various energies. For example, how silvery-gray energies have a magnetic effect on biological organisms.

Earth Magnetic Fields

The Earth’s magnetic field protects all life on the planet. In anticipation of the change of the magnetic poles, preparations will continue in all areas of their influence.

The study of this question by human civilization is in progress. So far Earth’s scientists do not take into account many energy processes on the planet and its Subtle-Energetic structure. They lack cosmic knowledge, but all in their own good time.

The change in human consciousness, according to our analytical data, is extremely heterogeneous, as everyone is included in the new reality in different ways. The intensity of the third-dimensional programs is strictly individual.

Some have already moved forward and are ready to see the world in a new way. Some are still going through a stage of purification and emptiness.

Don’t worry – it’s a temporary process. You are being watched and helped. The changes in the world around you and in human consciousness must happen in sync, so as not to exacerbate psychological problems.

Each Soul has its unique worldview. Bodies don’t always have time to readjust. There are failures in reading spatial characteristics and adjusting to a given reality.

We have told you more than once that you are divided into vibrational Time streams. That’s why when you live in the same conditions, you experience and react to events in different ways.

Reading and watching the news of the world, you do not experience such horrors around you and on yourself, but on the contrary, everything can be quiet and smooth.

The reason is that the programs of your reality carry very different vibrations, and the series of events is built according to your frequency characteristics.

Truly an amazing time you are living in. By keeping your inner frequency and calm, the unique scenario of your life will also take shape around you.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your vibrations high at all times.”


Updated on Jun 14, 2021

After the Armageddon of April 21, 2021, the Galactic Committee accelerated its program to transform the Earth.


While Operation Stellar Network is weighty, it served as an important distraction that helped divert Dark Forces’ attention away from Galacom’s main activities last weeks.

One of them is the removal of the secret government of the Archons from Earth.

The other is building a new timeline, a complete purification of the current Time Programs. All distortions introduced by the Archons were folded and removed from them. Then the new soft was loaded and unfolded.

By order of Galacom, the Time Keepers are rebuilding and aligning it, tuning constructively, removing the dark legacy of parasitic forces.

The work is carried out in all eras, splicing the Spaces-Times on an entirely new basis.

Now, with the help of quantum impulses all negativity accumulated in earthlings during all incarnations in the past, including the way of life, starting from the first embodiment on the Earth, is purged. Therefore, inconsistencies of Time may appear in this life.

Work is being done with humanity on a systemic level from Pleroma to 3D Earth. All descendants of the 14D body, consciousness, Intelligence are reorganized so that they, cleansed of harmful and destructive impurities, have free access to all channels of movement in Time and Space.

The collective Logos, created by the Light Forces’ ground team and supported by the Pleroma Highest Hierarchy, has become a powerful conduit and operational channel. Representatives of the Galactic Committee are actively using it to assist Earth.

Galacom continues to work actively in other important areas.

The full information is HERE


Updated on Jun 10, 2021

On 6th June 2021, at 8.00 pm CET, an emergency occurred during the transportation of Earth on a new 5D vibrational orbit.

Having overcome another internal barrier in this space (there are eight of them in total), the Siriusians’ ships fell into a funnel of super-powerful quantum flows.

Through energy tug in the form of a string bag, by which the Siriusians move the Earth into a new orbit, these powerful waves hit our planet.

Entering the energy channels of the Earth’s pyramids, these streams spread over the surface in shock waves and moved towards the Earth’s Crystal. The ripples radiating from the blows also grazed the Sun’s core.

A general alert was issued on the ships. After a brainstorming session with Galacom, the Siriusians took action.

Using a timeless channel, Higher Light Being that had recently re-activated the pyramids of Giza has urgently returned to Earth to coordinate the actions of the others.

On-site analysis showed that the entire planetary pyramid complex, through which the operation of the Earth’s core is controlled, is functioning normally, although with a large overload.

Meanwhile, the quantum tsunami, breaking through a wide corridor in space, got up. Attempts from Giza to divert the flows failed. But it became possible to energetically slow down the speed of the waves.

Some of the rescuers operating from Shambhala took advantage of this opportunity. They were backed up by the Siriusians’ base on the Moon, as well as their ships inside and outside the Solar System.

When everything was ready, the rescuers cut off the channels of all the pyramids from receiving quantum streams. They began to crumble in the form of energy splashes, not reaching the surface.

One of the surviving streams hit the area between Iran and Southeast Asia. With the help of the Lunar base, it was diverted to the side, avoiding destruction.

At the same time, the Siriusians carefully monitored the work of the Earth’s Crystal and the Sun’s core. To reduce the load on them, all the Portals of the planet were switched to energy output.

The interplanetary equipment for Earth’s Crystal running was put into emergency mode.

In Emergency Mode

All Siriusians’ squadron modules that were in low-Earth orbit also turned on their power systems at full power to weaken the quantum tsunami.

The energy shake-up affected the ship’s crews. Some of the teams were temporarily placed in special protective capsules.

Those who remained on combat duty replaced each other at short intervals, often rested, and drank a lot of clean water to maintain metabolic balance and remove the products of adaptation from the body.

Network Of Generators

The situation on Earth was monitored online using a dense network of generators installed on the surface to influence and control the quantum energies coming from Space.

On 9th June 2021, at 07.00 am CET, the combined efforts of the Galactic Committee, the Siriusians, Shambhala, and the Light Forces eliminated the emergency.

Siriusians’ fleet continues to transport Earth to the new 5D vibrational orbit.


Updated on May 30, 2021

Galactic Committee message dated May 30, 2021, 06.13 AM CET

Galacom continues to systematically and purposefully fulfill all planned programs for the transformation of the Earth, and its transfer into the fifth dimension.

Warped timelines are straightened. Diverged and broken lines are connected. Active cleaning of Annals of Time from accumulated negativity of the past is carried out.

The Higher Selves of more and more people are joining in this work.

This allows them to examine their former creations from a completely different perspective.

So, together and with the help of the Time Keepers, they remove the outdated and alien information from the Akashic Records, and the new information is ready to be anchored in their lives.

The memory of hard epochs and years will be erased even from their creators themselves and, of course, from other beings so that they will not return to them again. Such co-creation helps to choose the best option for quantum transition.

You see your world falling apart. All the old attitudes of social interaction are no longer working.

Karmic boomerangs fly but they do find their creators and weaken the opposition of some countries.

They resist, trying to re-establish their rule over mankind and the Earth by force. But it is already past that stage, there is no going back to it.

The Time Keepers crush to ashes their dreams which they still cherish in their old way of thinking. We see where their actions have led them.

They are setting the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Young Europeans on fire. But we’ve already put up a roadblock with altered Space-Time.

There will be no more prerequisites for wars. On Earth, they will cease. The belligerent backbone that formed the basis and essence of the Dark Forces’ resistance will crumble.

All layers of Space-Time are purged from parasitic and destructive programs of their creators who no longer exist.

Many of them have gone to the Light Side and now are helping to clear their Augean stables. In the sweat of their faces, they ensure the sustainability of the Earth and the Local Universe.

This is truly titanic, energy-intensive work. They often have to recover on their own. That’s why transformation comes in waves. But the peak is over. A lot of former Dark Beings are joining constructive actions.

After all, it’s not just on Earth but the entire Local Universe is replacing the programs by which they will continue to evolve.

Co-Creators and Programmers look at different options to choose the best ones. They are seeking methods and ways to implement them. The work is boiling in the Universe, not stopping for a moment.

The points of active resistance are in plain sight. They are surrounded by powerful energy spheres, so they don’t spread out.

Within these spheres, the external control of the Light Forces, together with the Karma Lords and the Executors, is established so that cause-and-effect relationships are strictly enforced in Space and in Time.

There is a mass lustration of all Dark Forces so that they will transform or perish, fulfilling the New Local Universe’s Law.

The full UPDATE is HERE


Important Updated on May, 2021

Operation Third Membrane

On May 10, 202 the traueleventator of 25D Siriusians, a spacecraft capable of moving planets and Galaxies, placed Earth on a 5D vibrational orbit in six-dimensional space.

To enter it, our planet was successfully led through the third Membrane, consisting of black RIR energy in the form of a sphere that separates the fifth and sixth dimensions, where a new Earth Hologram and 5D Matrix are now being formed.

Passage through the second Membrane between 5D and 4D occurred in March 2021. The first Membrane between 4D and the unified 3D, 2D and1D Earth was passed in December 2019.

The most challenging episode was on May 6, 2021, when the assisting squadron of 22D Arcturians helped to guide Earth through the Galactic rings, part of the structure of the Milky Way’s Central Sun.

Beams emanating from it created a zone of high tension within a 45-degree radius south of the Central Sun Portal. 25D Siriusians’ ship controlled the strength of these beams, by leading the whole operation.

Over the entire surface of the Earth, Siriusians turned on a protective field which allowed a relatively painless crossing of the Membrane.

On the technical side, it took quite a long time for the energy from the emitters to reach the Earth’s planetary core.

When an additional number of operators were connected, the field became stable.

Gaia successfully moved to a new 5D vibrational orbit. For many earthlings, it proved more difficult.

To attenuate the sudden change in the vibrations of space, Pleiadians have set up additional energy defenses over certain problematic areas of the planet. The goal is to prevent simmering social, political, and racial conflicts from escalating into a hot war.

One of these territories is Israel.

On May 8, 2021, at 20:00 local time, Pleiadians switched on a time and information channel transducer beam over this territory. Their three emitters which are installed above the Middle East changed the inclination of their axis and focused at a point below the ionosphere.

From this point, the beam traveled farther and went through the Temple Mount into Jerusalem’s underground space. A sphere of plasma opened over the city.

With this dome of Light, the Galactic Committee has taken the overall situation in the region under control, withdrawing and annihilating the energies of aggression and destructive thought-forms. By the same Light, space is saturated with the energy of peace, tolerance, and cooperation.

To adapt earthlings to the new 5D vibrations, Galacom on May 11, 2021, ignited a fairly strong magnetic storm for five days which can reach 6-7 of the power scale. For this, on May 7 a series of flares was initiated on the Sun.

Thus we have come to new events based on new energies.

The planet has gained the ability, being in six-dimensional space, to receive intensely quantum flows of the 5th dimension.

With the Earth’s transfer to the 5D vibrational orbit, the Galactic Committee synchronized all processes of deep planetary transformation on the Subtle and physical planes.

This applies to the Hologram, Matrix, Portals and Spin of Time; the energy spheres and fields within them; matter; the core (Crystal) of the planet; plasma; climate; the air, water, and earthy environment; flora and fauna; the body, mind, and consciousness of people.

All safety measures have been taken. Deviations from the targeted norms are excluded.


Updated on 26 May, 2021

On May 26, 2021, this information was supplemented by Siriusians Fleet’s Command with the following one.

Active processes continue in the Earth’s core. Radical transformations on the planet’s surface begin. A tipping point is approaching, the final one in the series of works with Gaia’s Crystal. That is why such abrupt processes in the Nature world, change all parameters.

To 5D Vibrational Orbit

The transition to the new 5D vibrational orbit is going well. Everything is under control of the Galacom’s space fleets.

Earthlings need not worry. We will pass on time, as scheduled. It is a purely technical operation for us and the Arcturian squadron, nothing more. Cross-checking is underway.

The evacuation from Earth of the irreconcilable Dark Forces, the rulers of the countries, and all down the chain from them is accelerated. In all directions but not to the Light.

That’s all for now.


Updated on 24 May, 2021

On May 24, 2021, one of the Higher Light Being on the assignment of the Galactic Committee began to work in the super temporal Portal of Giza Pyramids.

In two days he managed to reverse the process of transformation in 5D of all processes in all spheres to a favorable outcome in a short time.

This became possible by the fact that in the Giza pyramids complex, he unblocked an additional entry of the Source’s energies to Earth which had been sealed by the Archons for millennia.

For two days now, these powerful currents have poured into all the pyramids on the planet and through them into the entire planet.

Now the processes of cleansing the Earth and evacuating people who are not ready for the transition according to their level of consciousness will be accelerated.

Here is a basic excerpt from his report to Galactic Committee.

The order to remain at the site of the operation as long as necessary is obeyed.

Since May 22, I observe how the flow of dense quantum energies and saturated plasma with discharges in the annihilation points increases to the Earth. Something immediately annihilates at the points of contact. Something breaks off and changes.

Now I understand how difficult it is for those who could not and cannot ascend to a new level of consciousness. Here on Earth, I can feel for myself how the slightest departure from the high vibration corridor completely incapacitates. Immediately there is a desire to leave this planet and those who pull out of the state of I AM.

I confirm that as a system, the pyramids of Giza do not need management. Stable info flows and traffic of Souls are preserved here. But there is a possibility of opening or rewire additional flows, redirecting energy and information.

Giza Pyramids complex and others so far work well as entry and exit points. But I saw that they are not suited for more mass exits and arrivals of Souls. They are ideal remote terminals for operators.

Being here, I recalled that in my first incarnation on Earth in the time of the First Mayans, I worked as such an operator.

It’s hard for me to separate the currents coming into the Earth. I see one big wave of energy that powerfully pulses with life. It feels like a mother’s hand or a father’s embrace. Or kiss of a loved one. Or like water in a child’s baptismal font. It overflows with freedom of movement.

I see that it is very hard for people; something burns and someone burns. But there was a time to become a Real Man.

Streams of Intelligence plasma flowing into the planet are constantly changing intensity and color. Primary purification or annihilation occurs in these streams.

I see how the relationships between people and systems burn out. This is how the high level of incoming energy works.

In the earth analogy, it’s like in electrical engineering – a thin conductor burns out at high currents. At the points of overcurrent and voltage, energy does not flow and encounters resistance. That’s where it fire fangs…


Updated on 23 May, 2021

Siriusians Fleet’s Latest Update

In the new 5D vibrational orbit, our ships took the Earth through some of the time-lines that deflect the supernovae of the Galaxy’s Central Sun.

Passing through this area will be accompanied by the momentary emission of gamma rays on the Earth’s surface. The bursts of high-frequency vibrations can affect terrestrial technology.

We are on the lookout and control the flow of incoming radiation and block its negative effects on the super-powered energy discs in the North Pole area.

The Polar disks’ work is stable. We amplify the rheostat voltage of the interplanetary Crystal.

The division into Time streams is intensifying. The changes taking place in human civilization are approaching a climax.

Be attentive to the events taking place. Attempts to influence the situation go against the Co-Creators’ Plan and will inevitably aggravate all internal contradictions.

Don’t believe the lies that are pouring out of the TV screens. The seedlings of a new reality are beginning to emerge. Anything unsustainable will be removed from your world.

Understand, all who help the Source see a very different picture of the Universe and planet Earth. It is very different from the scenario of a world that is passing away in which actors play their final roles, vanishing without a trace.


Updated on 25 April, 2021

Immediately after Armageddon, on April 23, 2021, Galactic Committee with 25D Siriusians and their space fleet in Earth orbit began Operation Compression.

Using energy reflectors on spacecraft, they compress the Earth’s magnetic field to accelerate the merging of 3D, 4D, and 5D into a single space (eon).

Earth Magnetic Field

The magnetic tension was artificially maintained at a high level during the whole current month. The first wave was on 2, 3, and 4 April, the second – on 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 April, the third began on the 21st and reached the storm level on 25 April 2021.

To transform the Earth’s quantum field into a single 3D/4D/5D eon using magnetic fields, Siriusians engaged a large spectrum of energies.

Every energy stream is loaded by a specific program. They solve several tasks at once – separately, in combinations, and as a whole. The Operation Compression impact’s scheme and its description are given HERE.

We should well understand that the success of Operation Compression and other Galacom’s ops, like the victory of the Light Forces at Armageddon, are not mean the liberators in the streets, not the winners’ flags on the balconies, not the bouquets, kisses, and hugs.

For now, it’s ONLY dismantling 3D debris, and terrain clearing for building a new planet.

The most important construction site is our Souls, thoughts, emotions, and actions. On it, the main victories for many are yet ahead.

What awaits us in 4D? Read Here


Updated on 22 April, 2021

Victory! Good News!!!

By the morning of April 22, 2021, Cosmic Armageddon had ended with the crushing defeat of the Archons and Dark Forces in their attempt to seize Pleroma, and with it to restore the lost positions in the Local Universe and on Earth.

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and the LFs’ ground teams thwarted these attempts with a complete victory.

The details of how things went down can now be disclosed.



Updated on 21 April, 2021

As of April 21, 2021, the Black Archons continue their massive attacks on the Pleroma to capture it and transform it into their Dark stronghold.

The main striking force is the former Hierarchs and inhabitants of the Black eons that ceased to exist after their transition under the run of Melchizedek.

Approximately three-quarters of their inhabitants were given shelter in the 12 Gray eons. About 25% settled on the astral and etheric planes of the Earth which also still belongs to this cosmic enclave.

Their situation has become much more complicated after their former creator and ruler Yaltabaoth defected to the Light Side and now takes his place in its Hierarchy under a new name – Yaltabael.

Having lost their master, the Gray eons found themselves face to face with the Pleroma’s Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, Karma Lords who began to actively purge these eons from Dark Forces.

They were given a choice: either they go to the Light Side, or they are annihilated.

For those now execute the assault on Pleroma, both alternatives are absolutely unacceptable. That is why their attacks are so fierce.

Space Armageddon

According to the Archons’ plan, initially, the offensive was also planned in the second direction.

This is our planet Earth.

Black Archons, Dracos, part of the Reptilians, and other negative space races who settled here in the distant past and present time, are now trapped.

Galactic Committee which heads a coalition of over 1,000 races of Light, has locked up all Dark Forces on Earth and in the Solar System. They were given the same ultimatum as their races in the Gray eons.

The goal of the attack from outer space on Earth is to create a corridor through which the Black Archons and their pack could leave our planet from their bases underground, on the surface, etheric and astral planes.

It was supposed to counter the space blockade from below, provoking a global war from the territory of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Ukraine, Chad, the Central African Republic, Mali, Ethiopia, Libya, Burma, and other countries.

At first, Dark Forces were on a roll. The Pleroma’s Hierarchy knew about their plans and did not prevent the Black Archons deployment.

The plan was to lure them into a trap and give them the last choice: either complete transformation or complete annihilation.

There was a miscalculation in the assessment of the enemy’s forces. They were, unfortunately, such that created chaos in the Local Universe which put it on the verge of destruction.

After withstanding the initial fierce and massive onslaught of the Black Archons, the Galactic Committee began to launch powerful counter-attacks on them with millions of their spaceships.

Earth's Diamond Crown

On the Subtle Plane, Pleroma is reliably covered by several quantum shields. The same shield – the Diamond Crown of the Source Substance – is activated around the Earth in addition to the other protective spheres.

Attempts to break through them from the surface and space completely failed. As well as plans for new hot world war on the planet.

The Earth’s part of Dark Forces was panicking now, not knowing what to do next, or going deeper into the shadows in the hope to sit tight and wait it out.

This is the main background of many current news streams now.

Let's our focus be set to look at the positive side of the situations that are developing in our Earthy reality for the Good of All. Let's stay calm and hold the peace in our hearts. This is our humble contribution to the final clearing of the remaining darkness from the legacy of the previous vanishing reality. We are moving and evolving... and that can't be stopped!!!

We are not alone! Our Universe has full support of the Multi-universal Multidimensional Society and .... the Source itself!


Updated on 20 April, 2021

Many cosmic brothers and sisters are around in this very special moment.

The battle for our Consciousness and Souls escalated last two days and the Source responded by beaming us with super strong high energies.

Check the Schuman resonance below:


Updated on 18 April, 2021

Breaking News

On April 18, 2021 at 4:50 pm CET the Light Forces Ground Team issued the following statement:

Friends and like-minded fellows,

As of late and right now the last Armageddon is taking place in the local universe. The dark forces are battling the light forces. They have succeeded in re-emerging the antipleroma, this powerful demonic hotbed of resistance to the Light.

Due to this, the cumulative entropy exceeds the critical level of self-liquidation of the Local Universe.

Therefore, all higher mind-forms of the light forces, the constructive vector of the universe, have now risen to its protection.

On our steam, we all together, as a unit, contain the critical growth of entropy by ourselves, our monads, subtle and physical bodies.

The collective logos of our group is on the front lines. So everyone, especially those working with monadic cores, is holding on. For now, we just have to hold out.

Now is the moment of truth for all of us, our individual, personal, and most important battle.“

Let's beam out Love to Gaia and humanity and hold steady in the Light.... The transforming universe in which we live asks us to remain United and to Cooperate in this last test before the final acceptance into the family of Light.

Let's open the heart portal together with our thymus gland / Higher Heart, turning it into a Blue Aqua Crystal Lotus Heart and connecting in complete immersion in unconditional Love with our Oversoul / Monad.

Let's Accept this test as opportunity to manifest our divine purpose and destiny through the alignment, embodiment and united with our Monad.

Let's hold harmony and awareness as we live our Truth when we are embodied in our Monadic spirit intelligence.

Let's be Peace... and Peace shell be...

Check out my latest post to find out how to be helpful during this extremely serious battle for our souls:


Updated on 15 April, 2021

On April 15, 2021, the 25D Siriusian space fleet in near-Earth space completed the next phase of Operation Moulinet. They are conducting it in conjunction with the Galactic Committee and other friendly races.

Operation Moulinet is aimed at clearing the Earth’s four-dimensional field of energy dirt. It is brought into this transit space from the 3D Matrix that Galacom is currently dismantling, despite all Archons’ attacks.

By combining the impulses of two kind of energies, Siriusians raise the evolution of animal and plant life to a higher level, as well as controlling magnetic waves and the climate.

All magnetic fields of the planet are periodically switched off and on with new properties.

Operation Moulinet includes another important job. In the course of it, Siriusians collect, purify, program, and direct the flows of different plasma that the Earth emits.


Updated on 11 April, 2021

Siriusians replaced elements of the Earth’s rheostat unit with high-energy crystals which have a higher vibration range. It increased the frequency of incoming pulses, incremented the conductivity of the plasma and energy of the planetary core.

Additionally, Galacom installed superconducting platforms for the exiting interplanetary energies.

Standing Schumann waves are transformed into more intense pulses circulating through a system of underground glass-lined tunnels.

The energy release zones have been put under Artificial Intelligence control and computer processing at the Siriusians’ Lunar tracking station.

The energy stress in the cortical layer of the planet is reduced by pulses sent from Galacom’s spacecraft.

Control of the planetary core is strengthened by the Galacom group in Shambhala. Thirty-five crystals are used for this purpose. Their number can be increased depending on the Earth’s energy complex power rise.

Very soon, existing power units throughout the planet will be replaced; energy highways will be rebuilt taking into account the Earth’s landscape; inoperative pyramids will be activated; new complexes and planet control panels will be built and old ones dismantled.

Galacom is planning grandiose general planetary works on Earth. Our planet requires constant improvement of control equipment due to the growth of energy and plasma flows.

An important role in the transformation of the Earth is the synchronization of its energy with the star Oryx in the five-dimensional space of the Gerios Galaxy, controlled by one of the friendly civilizations.

The quantum energy from this Galaxy carries new codes for the 6-dimensional space on Earth in which the construction of the 5D Matrix is being carried out. The steles-receptors installed in different parts of the planet are already receiving the incoming waves.


Updated on 8 April, 2021

Siriusians are accumulating processed plant and human plasma as radiation in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

The potential of the human plasma is upgrading, and its Galacom’s control through the Hologram is corrected.

The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea are working at their limits and in different modes, releasing new energy, with new rhythms and new sonic vibrations.

Over Mediterranean

The chyrons (Evil particles) emitted in Quasitron and the Mediterranean Sea are blocked by the force fields of Siriusians’ ships and removed from the planet to avoid penetration into biological bodies.

Using the Intelligence l-gamma particles, Galacom forms new matter on Earth. Its molecular structure is morphed to receive and accumulate new energies which change the properties of elements and cells.

Every cell in our body carries a huge amount of information. Each l-gamma particle of Intelligence can hold an infinite amount of data.

This info in a free state is inert. But by receiving certain, step-by-step programs for the development of matter, it can produce millions of millions of species of matter possessing Intelligence.

The high-frequency vibration energy is channeled into the 4D/5D life support system being formed. Siriusians continue to intensely purify the entire Earth’s space by PURZH purple energy.

With the help of this energy, they change Earth’s field structures, concentrate plasma formations, increase the human perception of new info, and rearrange the entire nucleic chains. It stimulates rapid growth and eases the transition to the 5D and new Time programs.

By managing energy fields from the communication centers in the Galaxy and on the Moon, the Galactic Committee alters the Hologram’s radiations. By them, Galacom blocks and removes Archons’ programs from the Matrix.

Using the condensed plasma in the information field, Higher Light Hierarchs load new programs and knowledge into the subconsciousness and consciousness of earthlings.

The energy envelope of the planet is transformed. Plasma thickens in open Portals, accelerating the Earth’s transition from 3D to 4D/5D.

Many of us have begun to notice that our bodies are already able to pass through larger amounts of energy and are acquiring higher frequency qualities than before. Our consciousness is being cleared of old and blocking 3D programs.

Old habits are forgotten. New reactions appear following the state of our souls. More and more often we remember and think about the Divine nature of man for whom the highest values are the main in life.

We are now standing on the threshold of a New World. For many, these are difficult times. The world is changing dramatically. The old foundations of the System are crumbling.

Everything we need to know we now get directly, past the Archons. Our awareness increases, and so does our responsibility.

Only such people can build the New World with a pure mind and heart, living according to the Source, looking at the world with a wide view, with an open consciousness.

Earth Energy Envelope

The Higher Light Hierarchs give us knowledge and understanding of what is happening to the planet and us. From those who can accept and understand them, Galacom now needs help in communicating information about the building of the New World.

While its foundations are being laid, our main task is to keep our inner peace and conduct the energies to change civilization through us while the planet is undergoing a general cleansing and transformation.


Updated on 3 April, 2021

Through the directed Portal, the Galactic Committee ships doubled the flows of converted Matrix plasma to Earth.

At the point of concentration of these energy waves in near-Earth space, the Portal to the evolving plasma Intelligence opens.

Hologram continues to erase old knowledge with the help of magnetic fields by the thoughts work.

Siriusians’ cosmic fleet is increasing force fields to expand the flow of new information coming to Earth.

Siriusians Cosmic Fleet

Galacom activates the 5D Hologram. It doubles the transmission of purifying PURZH purple energy through special channels of communication, processed by a sound transducer.

The spent intelligence and negative thought-forms are synthesized and removed from Matrix.

By changing field structures, Galacom broadcasts energy for positive thought-forms.

A tremendous flow of information enters the earthlings through contact with Higher Planes. This info is perceived as a feeling of happiness, Light, warmth, nobility, and generosity.

As much as a person tries not to behave villainously, not to insult or humiliate other people, not to suppress the sense of beauty in his Soul, so much does his contact with the Higher Planes grow.

Only a person with a lot of love in his Soul can make multilayered, large-scale -contact. If there is not enough love, this contact will simply kill him, i.e. love for the Source gives birth to love for this world and people. Love generates Spirituality.

Spirituality, in its turn, upgrades abilities and intellect, i.e. sooner or later contact with the Higher Plans brings very great opportunities and increases the scale of a person’s personality.

But no matter how high the level of contact and the level of Spirituality, it is all human, which means that addiction can grow, aggression can increase, and love in the Soul can diminish.

Therefore, periodically there is a purging, i.e. interruption of the contact with the Higher Plans. And if our behavior is determined by their strategy, then suddenly a person appears in our life, whose behavior is determined by earthly and petty plans. He is ready to betray and deny all that is sacred for the sake of money. For him what he can touch and hold in his hands is thousand times more important than any abstract talk.

And if we do not despise or condemn such a person, if we do not inwardly deny our love for him, then the treatment goes well and we can keep contact with the Higher Plans further. It’s how we are tested today by Co-Creators through Hologram and Matrix.

On April 2, 2021, the Siriusian ships entered the EXPAZ – energy system “turnstile” which changes the 4D space and dissects it into certain vectors of the LOBDARI field. These infrasound fields transform the surrounding space and operate on yellow and white energies.

Earth’s 4D is now divided into four parts of different colors of energy – dark green, light green, lilac, and brown. In this space, Galacom begins a big purge from negativity.

Through it, the Galactic Committee is now saturating us with Source energy and new knowledge about Earth’s past, the Archons and their manipulations, the world around us, and ourselves.

This is completely new information. To fully comprehend it, we have to go through another cosmic consciousness training course.

The quantum state of the planet is already being rebuilt in 5D, rising to a high spiritual level.

Gaia’s transformation is accelerating. It happens regardless of our desire as human beings and whether we want this correction or not. Whether we are aware of it or not, it will happen.


Updated on 25 March, 2021

By decision of the Galactic Committee, Pleiadians from near-Earth orbit have activated energy filters to suppress the bacchanal of violence on Earth. These filters vaccinate against Evil and neutralize artificial viruses, including COVID-19.

Pleiadians begin vaccination with those who have at least the rudiments of reason, as well as with children and youth, keeping them from being brainwashed.

Arts, the media will quietly undergo the neutralizing frequencies that have made bio-robots out of normal citizens.

The neutralizing distant scanner will operate in computers and gadgets. It will affect the towers of Internet service providers and many other techno-materials. Among them are listening devices, surveillance cameras, photo and movie cameras, satellite devices, chips, navigators – everything that Big Brother uses for total control and manipulation.

It will be a one-time energetic action of Pleiadians by order of the Karmic Council. The main condition: to conduct the operation in such a way as not to damage the mind and consciousness of the person.

All tracking orbiting satellites will be converted to the needs of the Galactic Committee, and those that threaten the planet will be taken out of service.

Check here the proof of above:

Galacom and Pleiadians have made it clear that they will not tolerate interference and the extermination of life and damage to Earth and mankind.

The nature of quantum emissions of the Source retransmitted by Pleiadians to the Earth, their spectrum is changing. Their intensity and frequency of pulses per time unit have increased and continue to intensify.

For example, in December 2020, the period between maximum bursts (pulses) of Pleiadians’ high-frequency radiation was 31 days, the intensity in conditional units, as a percentage of the maximum, was 12%.

In December 2021, the period (T) between these pulses Pleiadians decreased to 4 days, the intensity (I) increased to 26%.

And further, as Pleiadians are planning:

In July 2022: T=12 hours, I=40%;

In December 2022: T=2 hours, I=60%;

In July 2023: T=4 min, I=80%;

In December 2023: T-constant, fractions of nanoseconds, I=100%.

Thus, since December 2023 Galactic Committee and Pleiadians will move the Earth to a higher frequency space, to a new level of cosmic evolution in the Great Quantum Transition.

Now each Reiki practitioner automatically gains access to the combined cosmic-bio-energetic channel of Reiki Perfected Light. The practical result is an increase in channel energy, vibration level, therapeutic and healing effects.

Bringing the Perfect Light into the Reiki Logos, merging the Reiki channel with the Perfect Light. This is a truly epochal event, the effects of which can be felt by all who have any level of Reiki initiation.

(more about that HERE)


Updated on 21 March, 2021

On March 20, 2021, the powers of the Archons, the Black and Gray races on Earth, as well as their entire scenario, officially finally terminated.

On this day of the Spring Equinox, all power on our planet and the Solar System was finally taken into the hands of the Pleiadians, along with other powerful Spiritual civilizations of the Local Universe.

A new scenario is unfolding right before our eyes. The active phase of the change of Earth’s handlers has been going on for the last two months.

It is aided by Gaia’s final exit from the dark pocket of the Milky Way, where we have been for the past 13,000 years.

From the outer (peripheral, shadowy, low-frequency) torus, we moved to the inner torus, closer to the Central Sun of the Galaxy, to the Light, to the high frequencies.

Until yesterday, Earth was ruled by alien material civilizations, destructive forces. Today, with the active assistance of the Galactic Committee, the Earthlings have come completely under the tutelage of the Pleiadians and their allies.

It is not just a change of power. It is radically changing the entire scenario plan of human development in the coming decades, its transition to the 4D and 5D.

For many people, this is still alarming. But we need not fear the fourth and fifth dimensions, but the changed third, in which we will no longer be able to live the old way.

3D is now our past. The energy for it in the Local Universe and Solar System is no longer accumulated. It has become empty, phantom.


Updated on 8 March, 2021

In March 2021, at the quantum level, they continue to actively saturate the Earth with dozens of high-vibration Source energies.

With their help, Galacom removes the remnants of the 3D Matrix of the Archons on all levels. At the same time, the Co-Creators purify and expand all Earth space to the sixth-dimensional level.

Our 3D/4D/ 5D eon is already not only anchored in it but is gradually being brought into by the Co-Creators. It will be our new living space.

Higher Light Hierarchs are transforming the planet and its energy structures before our eyes. Every day this is accompanied by up to a hundred earthquakes of different magnitudes. Volcanic activity is activated.

Galactic Committee cleans the planet and humanity of dirty, spent plasma with its whirlwinds. Sometimes it turns them into real space hurricanes.

One of them – over the North Pole – worked for eight hours at an altitude of several hundred kilometers in the Earth’s ionosphere, where the atmosphere is in contact with outer space.

It consisted of a swirling mass of plasma about a thousand kilometers wide, had several spiral arms, and rotated counterclockwise. Then it was gradually removed.

Galacom also uses Gaia’s magnetic field to transform the Earth. Periodically, the Higher Light Hierarchs increase their activity to the level of a storm.

Plasma Storm Over The North Pole

It was the case on March 1, 2021, when they used the solar flare and the particle flux from the southern hole in the Sun’s atmosphere to create a real magnetic storm. It was the most powerful since 2019, reaching the G3 level.

Through a giant crack created in the Earth’s magnetic field, which remained open for over 5 hours, Galacom intensely pumped the atmosphere, soil, water, crust, and the core of the Earth with new 5D and 6D energies. This was accompanied by bright Polar Lights over most of Canada and Alaska.


Updated on 22 February, 2021

On February 22, came the details of another Light Forces ground team operation related to the pyramids.

Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee have decided to evacuate all reptiloids from Earth and terminate their presence in all respects in Earth affairs. Their time is over.

They have accomplished their dual mission here, played their script, gained their experience, and created a destructive atmosphere on the planet. A new time and new rules of the game are coming. Reptiloids have nothing more to do here. We don’t need them, and they don’t need us.

A place has been prepared for them in the Local Universe, where they can continue their transition to the constructive vector of evolution after lustration and sanitation. They will be gathered there from wherever they are present now -all reptiloid civilizations and their Intelligence forms.


Updated on 19 February, 2021

In February, the separation of the etheric mental fields in a partially updated 3D Matrix and a new temporal 4D Matrix as transit in 5D continued in the Earth’s vibrational space.

Following this division, further events are formed for each 3D and 4D person within the planet’s Great Quantum Transition into 5D.

Many of us are aware of and feel the new vibrational currents, trying to capture and interact with them. But the specifics of the awakening in 3D and the vibes asset of our Subtle Bodies, as well as the level of consciousness and the spiritual experience allow us only to lift our heads above the observed picture of the world.

Divine energy flow occurs near any person who is in intense in his invocations or meditation during the day and evening hours.

The main difficulty is how active our chakra system is. With regular prayer, meditation, and developing spiritual activities, Heavenly energy flow enters the seventh chakra, the vertex, and penetrates through the spherical bio-field, filling it with 4D and higher vibrations. This is how we are helped to withstand the Great Quantum Transition energies, which will only increase.

The sound and energy waves of the matter quantum basis are changed. Our plasma receives new knowledge from the information field of the planet and changes our DNA.

The program of transition from 3D to 4D and 5D has already been completed on the planet’s Subtle Planes and is now moving to the denser physical planes. And every day the changes will be more and more visible and large-scaled.


Updated on 12 February, 2021

As of February 11, 2021, the Hierarchy of the Absolute, the four Local Universe Co-Creators, the Galactic Committee, and the Council of Civilizations have decided to accelerate the transformation of 3D Earth.

The planet and humanity continue to be pumped with new quantum energies through the infrastructure on the Subtle Plane around the Earth:

GRASIMO – restores the soil.

GLEMAR – creates new structures and cleanses information flows at the same time. Neutrino clots take away old knowledge.

BLISCORI – forms new mental abilities of a person and contains the entire spectrum of new energies.

SPHALIS – changes the thought process.

PHEARO – elevates thought processes to higher levels.

FEARIS – forms intelligent layers on the Subtle Plane.

SLEMO – integrates the entire spectrum of energies and corrects the work of the overall system.

EFGOFAR – creates temporary programs and cycles of Matrix changes.

SFAS – helps to adapt to the space of new wave impulses.

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Galactic Committee decided to disable all satellites that pose a danger to the planet and humanity.

Instructions for the elimination of hazardous industries polluting the Earth have been developed. Schemes of incoming information through satellite impact channels will be changed.

Psychotronic weapons of influence on the masses of people are disabled.

The entire bureaucratic superstructure is under the aimed energy impact and begins to burst at the seams. Targeted high vibration radiations of the HERIOZ Galaxy create unbearable conditions for parasites to live, blocking their brains and the effectiveness of their decisions.

The cleansing of the planet is gaining momentum. Everyone in power is faced with a final choice. Negotiations are underway with everyone in high places. In a short time, the window of opportunity for them will finally slam shut.


Updated on 9 February, 2021

Galactic Committee (Galacom) Earth Operations in January and February 2021.

The main events now continue in near-Earth space. Divided into several groups, space fleets of Pleiadians, Arcturians, Siriusians, and other friendly cosmic races retransmit and redistribute on and around the surface of our planet powerful quantum’s radiations from the Source. They come through the center of the Milky Way.

Galacom has built a huge infrastructure of platforms, Portals, stations, routers to control quantum flows on the Subtle Plane and near-Earth space. Spaceships also participate in it.

Each quantum wave in this stream carries a specific program, differing from others by light frequencies and code names.

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Updated on 5 February, 2021

The Arcturian space fleet is using electro-magnetic radiation to reconstruct humanity’s collective consciousness field.

On the Subtle Plane, the transmission and formation of new matter of the people’s collective consciousness increases. The new consciousness actively saturates the power structure of the planet and matter with high frequencies.

A new energy and information environment is being prepared for activation. To expand the knowledge of the Universe, new radiation is transmitted to the upper layers of the atmosphere. Processing of communication channels removes old and obsolete perceptions.

The consequences of the planet’s Causal core systemic failure are being eliminated. On January 7, the Matrix of the Earth’s future ideal state was introduced into it. It would be a single program for the transformation of the planet and humanity. The failure and rollback occurred on 20 January evening due to the difference in the energies and programs of the old and new Matrices, the calculated and actual parameters.