News 2021

Updated on Jun 14, 2021

After the Armageddon of April 21, 2021, the Galactic Committee accelerated its program to transform the Earth.


While Operation Stellar Network is weighty, it served as an important distraction that helped divert Dark Forces’ attention away from Galacom’s main activities last weeks.

One of them is the removal of the secret government of the Archons from Earth.

The other is building a new timeline, a complete purification of the current Time Programs. All distortions introduced by the Archons were folded and removed from them. Then the new soft was loaded and unfolded.

By order of Galacom, the Time Keepers are rebuilding and aligning it, tuning constructively, removing the dark legacy of parasitic forces.

The work is carried out in all eras, splicing the Spaces-Times on an entirely new basis.

Now, with the help of quantum impulses all negativity accumulated in earthlings during all incarnations in the past, including the way of life, starting from the first embodiment on the Earth, is purged. Therefore, inconsistencies of Time may appear in this life.

Work is being done with humanity on a systemic level from Pleroma to 3D Earth. All descendants of the 14D body, consciousness, Intelligence are reorganized so that they, cleansed of harmful and destructive impurities, have free access to all channels of movement in Time and Space.

The collective Logos, created by the Light Forces’ ground team and supported by the Pleroma Highest Hierarchy, has become a powerful conduit and operational channel. Representatives of the Galactic Committee are actively using it to assist Earth.

Galacom continues to work actively in other important areas.

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Updated on Jun 10, 2021

On 6th June 2021, at 8.00 pm CET, an emergency occurred during the transportation of Earth on a new 5D vibrational orbit.

Having overcome another internal barrier in this space (there are eight of them in total), the Siriusians’ ships fell into a funnel of super-powerful quantum flows.

Through energy tug in the form of a string bag, by which the Siriusians move the Earth into a new orbit, these powerful waves hit our planet.

Entering the energy channels of the Earth’s pyramids, these streams spread over the surface in shock waves and moved towards the Earth’s Crystal. The ripples radiating from the blows also grazed the Sun’s core.

A general alert was issued on the ships. After a brainstorming session with Galacom, the Siriusians took action.

Using a timeless channel, Higher Light Being that had recently re-activated the pyramids of Giza has urgently returned to Earth to coordinate the actions of the others.

On-site analysis showed that the entire planetary pyramid complex, through which the operation of the Earth’s core is controlled, is functioning normally, although with a large overload.

Meanwhile, the quantum tsunami, breaking through a wide corridor in space, got up. Attempts from Giza to divert the flows failed. But it became possible to energetically slow down the speed of the waves.

Some of the rescuers operating from Shambhala took advantage of this opportunity. They were backed up by the Siriusians’ base on the Moon, as well as their ships inside and outside the Solar System.

When everything was ready, the rescuers cut off the channels of all the pyramids from receiving quantum streams. They began to crumble in the form of energy splashes, not reaching the surface.

One of the surviving streams hit the area between Iran and Southeast Asia. With the help of the Lunar base, it was diverted to the side, avoiding destruction.

At the same time, the Siriusians carefully monitored the work of the Earth’s Crystal and the Sun’s core. To reduce the load on them, all the Portals of the planet were switched to energy output.

The interplanetary equipment for Earth’s Crystal running was put into emergency mode.

In Emergency Mode

All Siriusians’ squadron modules that were in low-Earth orbit also turned on their power systems at full power to weaken the quantum tsunami.

The energy shake-up affected the ship’s crews. Some of the teams were temporarily placed in special protective capsules.

Those who remained on combat duty replaced each other at short intervals, often rested, and drank a lot of clean water to maintain metabolic balance and remove the products of adaptation from the body.

Network Of Generators

The situation on Earth was monitored online using a dense network of generators installed on the surface to influence and control the quantum energies coming from Space.

On 9th June 2021, at 07.00 am CET, the combined efforts of the Galactic Committee, the Siriusians, Shambhala, and the Light Forces eliminated the emergency.

Siriusians’ fleet continues to transport Earth to the new 5D vibrational orbit.

Updated on May 30, 2021

Galactic Committee message dated May 30, 2021, 06.13 AM CET

Galacom continues to systematically and purposefully fulfill all planned programs for the transformation of the Earth, and its transfer into the fifth dimension.

Warped timelines are straightened. Diverged and broken lines are connected. Active cleaning of Annals of Time from accumulated negativity of the past is carried out.

The Higher Selves of more and more people are joining in this work.

This allows them to examine their former creations from a completely different perspective.

So, together and with the help of the Time Keepers, they remove the outdated and alien information from the Akashic Records, and the new information is ready to be anchored in their lives.

The memory of hard epochs and years will be erased even from their creators themselves and, of course, from other beings so that they will not return to them again. Such co-creation helps to choose the best option for quantum transition.

You see your world falling apart. All the old attitudes of social interaction are no longer working.

Karmic boomerangs fly but they do find their creators and weaken the opposition of some countries.

They resist, trying to re-establish their rule over mankind and the Earth by force. But it is already past that stage, there is no going back to it.

The Time Keepers crush to ashes their dreams which they still cherish in their old way of thinking. We see where their actions have led them.

They are setting the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Young Europeans on fire. But we’ve already put up a roadblock with altered Space-Time.

There will be no more prerequisites for wars. On Earth, they will cease. The belligerent backbone that formed the basis and essence of the Dark Forces’ resistance will crumble.

All layers of Space-Time are purged from parasitic and destructive programs of their creators who no longer exist.

Many of them have gone to the Light Side and now are helping to clear their Augean stables. In the sweat of their faces, they ensure the sustainability of the Earth and the Local Universe.

This is truly titanic, energy-intensive work. They often have to recover on their own. That’s why transformation comes in waves. But the peak is over. A lot of former Dark Beings are joining constructive actions.

After all, it’s not just on Earth but the entire Local Universe is replacing the programs by which they will continue to evolve.

Co-Creators and Programmers look at different options to choose the best ones. They are seeking methods and ways to implement them. The work is boiling in the Universe, not stopping for a moment.

The points of active resistance are in plain sight. They are surrounded by powerful energy spheres, so they don’t spread out.

Within these spheres, the external control of the Light Forces, together with the Karma Lords and the Executors, is established so that cause-and-effect relationships are strictly enforced in Space and in Time.

There is a mass lustration of all Dark Forces so that they will transform or perish, fulfilling the New Local Universe’s Law.

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Important Updated on May, 2021

Operation Third Membrane

On May 10, 202 the traueleventator of 25D Siriusians, a spacecraft capable of moving planets and Galaxies, placed Earth on a 5D vibrational orbit in six-dimensional space.

To enter it, our planet was successfully led through the third Membrane, consisting of black RIR energy in the form of a sphere that separates the fifth and sixth dimensions, where a new Earth Hologram and 5D Matrix are now being formed.

Passage through the second Membrane between 5D and 4D occurred in March 2021. The first Membrane between 4D and the unified 3D, 2D and1D Earth was passed in December 2019.

The most challenging episode was on May 6, 2021, when the assisting squadron of 22D Arcturians helped to guide Earth through the Galactic rings, part of the structure of the Milky Way’s Central Sun.

Beams emanating from it created a zone of high tension within a 45-degree radius south of the Central Sun Portal. 25D Siriusians’ ship controlled the strength of these beams, by leading the whole operation.

Over the entire surface of the Earth, Siriusians turned on a protective field which allowed a relatively painless crossing of the Membrane.

On the technical side, it took quite a long time for the energy from the emitters to reach the Earth’s planetary core.

When an additional number of operators were connected, the field became stable.

Gaia successfully moved to a new 5D vibrational orbit. For many earthlings, it proved more difficult.

To attenuate the sudden change in the vibrations of space, Pleiadians have set up additional energy defenses over certain problematic areas of the planet. The goal is to prevent simmering social, political, and racial conflicts from escalating into a hot war.

One of these territories is Israel.

On May 8, 2021, at 20:00 local time, Pleiadians switched on a time and information channel transducer beam over this territory. Their three emitters which are installed above the Middle East changed the inclination of their axis and focused at a point below the ionosphere.

From this point, the beam traveled farther and went through the Temple Mount into Jerusalem’s underground space. A sphere of plasma opened over the city.

With this dome of Light, the Galactic Committee has taken the overall situation in the region under control, withdrawing and annihilating the energies of aggression and destructive thought-forms. By the same Light, space is saturated with the energy of peace, tolerance, and cooperation.

To adapt earthlings to the new 5D vibrations, Galacom on May 11, 2021, ignited a fairly strong magnetic storm for five days which can reach 6-7 of the power scale. For this, on May 7 a series of flares was initiated on the Sun.

Thus we have come to new events based on new energies.

The planet has gained the ability, being in six-dimensional space, to receive intensely quantum flows of the 5th dimension.

With the Earth’s transfer to the 5D vibrational orbit, the Galactic Committee synchronized all processes of deep planetary transformation on the Subtle and physical planes.

This applies to the Hologram, Matrix, Portals and Spin of Time; the energy spheres and fields within them; matter; the core (Crystal) of the planet; plasma; climate; the air, water, and earthy environment; flora and fauna; the body, mind, and consciousness of people.

All safety measures have been taken. Deviations from the targeted norms are excluded.

Updated on 26 May, 2021

On May 26, 2021, this information was supplemented by Siriusians Fleet’s Command with the following one.

Active processes continue in the Earth’s core. Radical trans