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  • Point of no return

    Content: Blind Spot - is the time to clarify who will run the Earthly house. It’s the setting up of the EVOLUTIONARY FORCE that will be dominant in the New World, on the renewed Earth, in accordance with the Absolute’s Will. Bifurcation - is a catastrophic leap, a conflict breakdown, a node of interaction between fluctuations and irreversibility. This is the moment when a person can easily choose one or the other, to act or not act, to do one thing or another, after which there is no return to the past. On July 25th, 2022, at 5:50 AM CET, the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon transmitted - Earth is In Gravitational Cyclone - Today, the last cleansing stage is open to everyone to go through the fiery scrubbing, sobering and awakening consciousness. Energies can cause symptoms of detoxification, as they destroy everything too dense for the new vibrations of the planet and the frequencies it generates in our cells. It may manifest as flu symptoms: headache, muscle tension, pain in the skeleton and joints. Breaking News Of 04:00 PM CET, 25 July 2022 - On July 25, 2022, the Karmic Council adopted an official resolution on the end of the 3D Earth’s evolutionary cycles of Kali Yuga and Cosmic Night. Global Predictor - has always very easily coned this or that country, an entire region, simply changing their leadership or shuffling the elite. And then he gave commands to the new rulers what to do. This is what is behind the wave of resignations around the world. The Crystal of Primary Energies - On 27 July 2022, at 06:49 AM CET, Co-Creators and Galacom conveyed the new important info. The Crystal is multifunctional. It emits a perfect dipole combination of Feminine and Masculine Foundations. Thanks to this, the Absolute (which was not a dipole before), now, can build a completely new Local Universe, all its Galaxies and planets, including Earth. Why did this very strange decision take place? After all, the de facto Kali Yuga and the Cosmic Night have already ended, and their programs were deactivated earlier. The answer is precisely that it is only de facto, but it is also necessary de jure. Of course, this decision only fixes a previously accomplished fact by Cosmic Law. But it’s not all that simple. Such an official decision was required for the following reasons. Blind Spot Psychologically and energetically, this is a very difficult and tough time FOR ALL OF US. And the reason is not only how quickly we learn and begin to CONSTANTLY emit high vibrations to match the continuously raising vibrations of Earth and the Sun. Another important reason is systemic: BLIND SPOT, or the transition period from the 3D Matrix to the new, 5D, one. There are a number of stages at this distance. The initial, consists of preparation, which many of us will soon terminate. We are approaching the equator on the path of changing Matrices and the start of a New World. First Stage - Purification Second Stage - Global Zeroing Third Stage - Bifurcation Points At the FIRST STAGE, global processes of purification, displacement of energies, information and evolutionary programs of the old 3D World and its Matrix begin, and their gradual replacement with new, 5D, substances and energies. The most important stage is ahead – Third STAGE - the point of systemic bifurcation, which will determine what the New World will be like, and how the 5D Matrix will materialize in it. And, first of all, on what evolutionary basis: of Dark Forces or Light Forces? (more explanations are follow) The bifurcation point is preceded by a phase of global zeroing. We all feel this process well and see it in the world around us. This is followed by the Blind Spot period, which in 3D has its duration. It began on June 22, 2022, and depends on many factors, external and internal. Any forecasts are conditional. What does the Blind Spot phase mean and how is it characterized? This term (synonyms – deadlock, stand-off; standstill; stalemate; dead center; dead-spot) is taken from Earthly science, and it is used here intentionally. So, what is it? No matter how distant the analogies may look, they can explain a lot. In mechanics, it’s one of the extreme positions of the piston in the cylinder of a steam engine or internal combustion engine at the time of its reciprocating motion. When the piston stops in the dead center, an external impact is required to start the movement. That is, this is the position of the parts of the machine when it seems to freeze for a moment in immobility: the forces acting from opposite sides are balanced. To prevent the mechanism from stopping, special flywheels are used, which, continuing to spin by inertia, shift it from the dead center. In sports, this is the state of the body during intensive exercise. It occurs a few minutes after the start of hard muscle work that causes an unpleasant shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, dizziness, increased pulsation of blood vessels in the head, the desire to stop working. With insufficient warm-up and excessive intensity of the training start, there is a discrepancy between the oxygen needs of the muscles and the ability of the cardiovascular system to adequately provide it to the body. As a result, from the very beginning, decomposition products and, above all, lactic acid accumulate in the muscles. To avoid the Blind Spot condition, it is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of the training session. When the Blind Spot has come, it can be overcome by great willpower. If physical work continues, this state will be replaced by a feeling of sudden relief, which is most often manifested in second breath. It means that the body has adapted and can satisfy the working muscles with the necessary energy. In psychology, Blind Spot is a period in a person’s life when he is bogged down, does not move forward, and not move back either. It’s like he’s stuck at a crossroads. Some believe that this has its advantages, at least in a person’s life there is stability, calmness, a certain confidence in the future. For others, it means stagnation in career, personal growth, achievements, etc. Many people are experiencing complete apathy now when they don’t want to do anything, or even live. There’s nothing fatal with that. It is caused by being in the Blind Spot, global zeroing, including man’s individual transformation. Other examples can be given. What is important for us to understand in this regard? The processes in our life, the laws of Nature and the change of the Matrix are largely identical. When the piston stops in the Blind Spot, an external action is required to start the movement. It means that when the Matrices (World Order) change, complete equilibrium and zeroing will be achieved, from which the System (World) will not be able to get out on its own, at the expense of its internal resources and energy. To exit the Blind Spot and move to the next point, 5D Matrix (New World), external impact will be required. Let’s just remember this for now. In the scenario of current world events, Blind Spot is the time to clarify who will run the Earthly house. It’s the setting up of the EVOLUTIONARY FORCE that will be dominant in the New World, on the renewed Earth, in accordance with the Absolute’s Will. This is exactly what is happening right now before our eyes, during the hybrid Third World War of Dark Forces against Light Forces. And we all have to read from the same page. Bifurcation Indeed, simultaneously with the stage of global cleansing (see Disclosure News, Blind Spot, July 19, 2022), right before our eyes, the bifurcation phase is already beginning not only on the mental/conscious level, but also in the System and space/time as a whole. The culmination of this phase will be the achievement of a critical threshold, immediately after which the final part will come: the passing through Bifurcation Point. Ten years earlier, we had already gone through something similar. Then, the question was: Harvesting or the Great Quantum Transition? That is, removing the entire Fifth Race from Earth and settling it from scratch, in a completely cleared place, with a new civilization, or helping maximum number of earthlings in the Transition from 3D to 5D, who are ready to undergo a difficult and extremely painful inner transformation for that. The Absolute chose the second solution, and there were many reasons for it, connected not only and not so much with Earth and earthlings. In a short period, important events were coincided. A complete turning around their rotation center made the Local Universe (goes full circle in 8.64 billion years), the Milky Way (2 billion years), the Solar System (225-275 million years), and Earth (26 thousand years), bringing them to the next step of evolution. The Local Universe has terminated the stage of duality, i.e. continuous testing and stimulation of development by maximum aggravation of polarities. For the Absolute (which wasn’t a dipole at that time), it was the third Local Universe, a project in which she knew herself and her creation in all its extreme manifestations. The Milky Way, the Solar System and Earth were just one of a great many proving grounds where duality (Positive/ Negative) tests were also conducted. They reached the peak during the last Cosmic Night, filled of endless space wars, the seizure of planets, enslavement and often the destruction of all their inhabitants. Now the situation is different. The Absolute became dipole (Masculine/ Feminine) and rose to the next level of the Hierarchy. The Local Universe is quarantined, cleansed of the remnants of duality, and is preparing for its fourth version. The Cosmic Night is over. The Solar System and Earth are approaching the Cosmic Daybreak, in the zone of direct and full visibility of the Source and Its radiations. They are already coming to our planet in powerful streams, mercilessly burning out with high frequencies EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE who emit low vibrations. No matter how fantastic it may sound, but the earthlings have also radically changed. Despite all the events of the last two thousand years, a huge number of people are ready for the next level of development, unlike the previous four Races, which had to be destroyed. From the summer of 2021 to the present day, almost two billion men have entered 4D and 5D, and this transition continues. 2 billion men entered in three waves from summer 2021 to March 2022, reaching 100% of the necessary frequency level. The exact numbers are tracked by Light Forces, who constantly scan earthlings by their freqs. Part of the population are embodied Dracos, Reptilians, Nibiruans, Atlanteans, emitting the low vibes. The next part of transients is ready to joint them after elevating the frequencies. The number of such people is 66% of the total candidates who has live Souls. The sad thing is that about half of the population are clones, possessed, or lost (killed) their Soul. Positive changes in the Local Universe, our Galaxy, Solar System and on Earth have also become possible thanks to THOUSANDS of Light Forces’ ops on physical and Subtle Plane and You, working day by day to become aware of your inner creational power. At each stage of this gigantic path, Earth and humanity passed through the phase of accumulation and the onset of changes through the period of bifurcation, and the culmination of the final turning point. Such was the day of December 21, 2012, after which a great and irreversible Change of Matrices began -3D to five-dimensional. So what exactly is this process? What is the difference between the first phase and the second, and the next? How long they last? What does their change depend on? During the Transition, the Bifurcation Point is preceded by the zeroing phase of the existing System, its finale, Blind Spot. This is where we are right now. The old 3D Matrix is rapidly destroying, and the new 5D is being completed. As a result, the two polar systems coexist, burdened by WWIII on physical and Subtle Plane. The next stage is the phase of Systemic Bifurcation. This term comes from Lat. Bifurcus, that means forked, and is used in many spheres to denote qualitative rearrangements and metamorphoses of various objects when changing the parameters on which they depend. With continuous changes in parameters, cascades of bifurcations (rearrangements) may occur. This is one of the typical scenarios of transition from one state to another in physical, biological, social, economic, and other systems where there is a sequence of bifurcations. Up to the breaking point (bifurcation), the system has one path of development; its behavior is completely predictable. Bifurcation is a catastrophic leap, a conflict breakdown, a node of interaction between fluctuations and irreversibility. Examples in various systems can be: bifurcation of rivers – the division of the riverbed and its valley into two branches, which later do not merge and flow into different basins; in medicine – the division of a tubular organ (vessel or bronchus) into two branches of the same caliber, extending to the sides at the same angles; in mechanics – the acquisition of a new qualities in the movements of a dynamical system with a small change in its parameters; in time/space – stratification into several timelines, each of which has its own events. The bifurcation point is the moment when the system turns from one into another, but with new qualities (parameters). This is the time of critical instability at which the system is rebuilt, switches to one of the possible ways of further development. In people’s lives, the situation could be either one or the other. This is the moment when a person can easily choose one or the other, to act or not act, to do one thing or another, after which there is no return to the past. Bifurcation is not an instantaneous event, but a time-consuming process of cardinal restructuring of the system, in the course of which the further path of development is determined. The Bifurcation phase is divided into three stages. In first, the system is still stable due to its adaptation mechanism. In the second, it stops working. Instability and chaos are growing. The system can no longer exist in its former mode and capacity. At some point, a fracture occurs in it (the bifurcation point), and a new self-organization begins. In the third stage, the changes are ordered. The characteristics of the second stage of social bifurcation are: disorganization of relations in all spheres, revision of life values, tension, contradictions, conflicts, wars, and crises that determine the fate of society and civilization as a whole. This is where we are right now. In the second stage of the bifurcation period, but we have not yet reached its critical point, although we are steadily approaching. It will be a new moment of Truth, the most dangerous and tense period in the history of our Fifth Race. How it will be expressed in world events, and when exactly, remains behind the scenes for now. Under the impact of powerful cosmic energies on the day of the autumn equinox on September 23, 2022, and the winter solstice on December 21, much can become clearer. There is a strong possibility that the current backup 3D Matrix will be completely deactivated, and the new 5D will be up and run at full capacity. If this happens, the world will begin to change even faster. As of July 23, 2022, the stabilization of the 4D field and the number of people with a high-frequency level of consciousness of the fourth dimension has reached 66%. On July 25th, 2022, at 5:50 AM CET, the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon transmitted - Earth In Gravitational Cyclone At these days, on the Subtle Plane, the new stratification of the planet’s energies spheres occurred. It was accompanied by very intense radiation. Changes in the Earth’s power fields increase the tension of space in all spheres. Such moments may cause unusual dreams, feelings, visions, and stays. Perception can change on different planes. There also could be pains in the physical body due to inhibiting the assimilation of new high vibrations. On July 25th, 2022, at 5:50 AM CET, the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon transmitted next Earth monitoring data that adds new details and explains a lot. Our planet has entered a gravitational cyclone (chaotic acoustic range of energies), which caused changes in general physical and mental state. Randomly rotating quantum energies are actively rebuilding the Earth’s information field. The transformation of its space increases the instability of the nervous system. A powerful effect is exerted on sections of the brain, causing disorientation, emotional intensity, emptiness, pressure and mood swings. These are symptoms of exposure to various mixing incoming energies. Abnormal weather events continue and also affect the state of health. No need to be scared. This process is temporary, but necessary in setting up the work of the planetary Subtle Body by adjustments that Co-Creators carry out. The third dimension is already completely closed to everyone. Those who don’t stop the inner work of raising their vibrations will be safely conducted through transmutation and purification of consciousness by the fiery Divine stream. People who don’t want to change their consciousness, clinging to their exclusivity and isolation from the high energies of the Source, who refused to interact and connect with It, will be more quickly withdrawn from life. All those who doubt, but have the potential for awakening, will continue their learning through the aggravation of events in personal life and diseases. This is necessary for their enlightenment and acceptance of help from Above, because often, in extreme trials a man opens up to the Creator and turns for His help and support. Today, the last cleansing stage is open to everyone to go through the fiery scrubbing, sobering and awakening consciousness. For many, this is the only way to enter the new world, based on the Love of all those living in the Love of the Creator who created the cosmic worlds and Souls. They, being a part of Source energy, will be preserved only in connection with the inner Creator. There’s not much time left. What can be added to this? In recent weeks and days, a particularly powerful stream of high-frequency Light has been pouring onto the planet. Under its influence, many of us began to feel how rapidly the events of recent years recede into the past. It’s like fractals are flashing, memories of where we’ve been or what we’ve done. This is not necessarily a trauma, but just strange memories, something similar to a life review. Everything is torn apart, under the influence of the dissolving Veil between parallel realities. Multidimensional powerful Light is focused on destroying and scrubbing old structures in our body, upgrading our cells to liquid crystals, transforming our Subtle Bodies. Energies can cause symptoms of detoxification, as they destroy everything too dense for the new vibrations of the planet and the frequencies it generates in our cells. It may manifest as flu symptoms: headache, muscle tension, pain in the skeleton and joints. The bone structure is transmuted into a lighter version, since all dense and rigid matter incompatible with the Earth’s high vibration are accelerated morph, up to our cells and DNA. A hypersensitivity reaction of the vagus nerve is possible. This is the tenth of twelve pairs of cranial nerves descending into the thoracic, cervical and abdominal spine. It runs the innervation of the mucous membrane of the lower part of the pharynx and larynx, the area behind the ear, part of the tympanic membrane, the external auditory canal, the dura mater of the cranial fossa; the work of the muscles of the lungs, intestines, esophagus, stomach, heart; secretion of the pancreas and stomach. The effect of high-frequency currents on the nervus vagus can cause a change in voice, hoarseness, problems in pronunciation; difficulty swallowing not only during meals, but also swallowing fluids and even saliva; vomiting and suffocation; indigestion, constipation; pulsation in the head; complications in the heart; urinary incontinence; deafness. On the part of the nervous system, there may be pulsating intense headache, discomfort, pain and tinnitus; lethargy of the body; irritability; short temper in small things; apathy. Now it is especially important to rest a lot and drink more clean water, as it is an excellent tool for dissolving toxins, dense matter, and scrubbing them out of the body. Clouded consciousness, loss of strength, dizziness, nausea (mostly comes in waves), emotional vulnerability and instability, deep traumas emerging from the past – all these are symptoms of release from our 3D body, which is now turning into a lighter version. We are like butterflies breaking free from their rigid cocoon. At the same time, we can experience sublime states of bliss and joy, which are our original and true nature and state of being. This is our new frequency, corresponding to the vibrations of the New Earth. It is very useful to be grounded more often. It helps a lot to stabilize the central nervous system, to balance self emotionally. If we feel overwhelmed, we can go out into nature, walk barefoot, or just sit and lie on the ground, swim or be near the water. So we will get a huge support in cleansing and detoxification. Events are accelerating every day. Higher frequencies of Light, which are introduced to the planet, intensively grind the 3D Matrix and its planetary grid. Three-dimensional energies and matter on Earth are reset to zero. In this Great Scrubbing, each planet, star and Galaxy are interconnected, and affect each other by rearranging themselves. Unusual things have been happening to many of us for the last 3-4 days, then it tends to sleep, then it breaks into tears or apathy occurs, diseases worsen. In relationships with loved ones, the situation sometimes becomes completely unbearable. Almost daily, with short breaks, we are irradiated with the highest and longest doses of frequencies that a person can withstand. The work continues individually with each of us, calculating the strength of the frequencies. The course of this process depends on the purity of our physical and Subtle Bodies, thoughts and emotions. From the very bottom, feelings, that have been dormant for decades, or hundreds of years and have been hidden in the depths of our Soul, are out. To purify and finally get rid of emitted and accumulated negative energy, it is necessary to work out and transform it into Light, with the help of practices and meditations, nutrition and conscious living of every moment. The faster we accept and transform the experience that we have received in our life, and are still receiving, the faster we’ll get rid of it, the easier will be our life. The more we hold on to everything old and obsolete, the tougher the lessons