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  • A reboot of our world - Part 3

    One of the I Am Temple members asked a question and I thought I'd better answer it here so that many people can read it: "Dear Aurora, thank you for the nice message above. I participate in the collective meditations recommended by Cobra, the most important of which is the Divine Intervention Activation Meditation. Cobra is a Pleiadian positive being, you may know, according to the message above from the Argorians' space fleet commanders, should we stop participating in any form of collective meditation after today? 💖" by Ferya I share my opinion, but you're welcome to keep yours if you don't resonate with it. To visualize it, imagine a river that symbolizes the cosmic flow of vibrations interacting with everything that exists. We are small streams that also merge into the great river with our own frequencies that are carriers of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and deeds. Every single moment we ourselves choose what frequency flow to create/carry within us to experience, enrich our field, and then release back into the cosmos to mix with the rest of the cosmic flow/river back to the Source. Consciously (as Creators) or unconsciously (as unwitting followers), our intention-directed energies are a super powerful generator and an immutable part of the common cosmos. If your personal intention, for your personal use, is pure and strong, you can make a personal quantum leap into another time/space. This is done under the Universal Law with a mathematical formula that takes into account many factors, one of the most important of which is the initial vibrational level and the filter through which this intention is made. When, in mass meditations, similar intentions come together at the same time, but through different filters and from different levels of initiation, a powerful energy shock is created from many such "generators", like an electric shock, or chaotic spikes in all directions of the sphere (time/space). Intention serves to navigate the direction in which we want to move. Movement is done by our arithmetic average energy potential. Filters are our emotions, beliefs, level of awareness of the Laws of the Universe, and much more. What happens to the great river at such a time is complete chaos, confusion, and complete disorientation of both the overall movement and the quality content itself, which is pouring out simultaneously from all directions. If it is a single confluence of small individual streams of intentions, the big river manages to compensate and regulate and correctly calculate at what level the creek should flow or deviate if it does not follow the generally accepted law of the big river. At the end is calculating the collective Timeline as an average sum of all individual participants. With the goodness in our hearts to help and be useful, we "jump" willingly into such mass meditations without actually knowing the laws of the Cosmos. Let me give you an example of when "mass meditation" can be beneficial. The choice of who participates in meditation is very critical and, on such a level, is not made by our 3D/4D dimensional personalities, but by Cosmic Calls received from our Higher Selves. It is based on the principle of uniting many individual souls with an overall equally quantitatively and qualitatively accumulated energy potential. The Quantum field has abilities to scan the population on the surface of the planet, make its own estimation and send Cosmic Calls to these specific souls. Some of us will be aware, but some will not be and will participate "quietly". In this case, mass meditation becomes a super-powerful force that is uncompromising in its pursuit of a certain goal. What we, as soul incarnated on planet Earth, can do the best is to CHOOSE always and only one to raise your vibration as much as possible.... and Enjoy the process... Therefore, it is very important to consider with whom we open our portals to participate in any meditation, even in a small circle. We have to be very selective and be fully aware if we are creating constructive order or introducing unconscious disorder. We don't need to be called to mass meditation through the internet. We are now mature enough to accept calls through Quantum channels. Let me tell you what's new in the last few days and you'll know what I mean by the above. On 1 March 2023 at 09:05 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet reported on a new operation that its ships conducted from near-Earth orbit. It concerned a giant quantum wave from the Galactic Center, which struck the planet on February 24 and is forecasted until March 7 inclusive. A chain reaction of events on the Sun caused filament eruptions, Solar Flashes, radio outages, and CME strikes on Earth, causing strong magnetic storms. Quantum waves accelerated Sun’s protons almost to the speed of light, with an energy of more than 10 MeV. The magnetic shield, which has sunk almost to the surface, directs these particles to the Poles, where they are absorbed by the polar caps. The force of the bombardment was increased by the radiation of planetary stelliums in the first days of March. This was warned by Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch researcher and seismologist from the Institute of Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), who previously predicted devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. In the first decade of the month, as he noted, large seismic activity with a magnitude of up to 8.5 and higher is possible in the Russian Kuril Islands, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal and parts of North America. To reduce the energy impact on Earth and earthlings, the Argorians’ fleet did the following. Grouped in a circle over the North Pole, their ships began to relay powerful streams of GREMO energy onto the planet. Descending clockwise to the South Pole, the waves with a dense red-pink layer with blue sparks, like a cocoon, began to cover the entire surface, saturating everything in their path. Immediately, 13% of earthlings responded and joined the operation. From them, came new circular Light waves of awakened consciousness and powerful thought forms. The planet sparkled and shone like a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. Layers of violet-green color began to open up on Earth, exposing an intensively working Quasitron that unites the power fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea. The operation helped to overcome the most critical point of recent days, but in March many new ones are possible. In addition to transforming quantum fluxes and Solar Flashes, they will be created by radiation from Stars and planetary stelliums. Some Co-Creators inform us and requested: There will be an energy field alignment on the planet in the next 12 days, and this will lift energies stored deep within the physical and etheric Earth. There will be a mass of energy that will rise and emerge on the planetary surface. They ask that all the Conscious have their minds to a high standard, with good connections and actions, to help the Earth in this process. Some areas of the Earth may suffer from seismic stresses. Your intention when asking for good vibrations from the Consciousness of the Earth is for the most intense agitations to be greatly minimized. They continue to ask for UNITY and LOVE among all so that the work of releasing these old forces happens in the greatest possible harmony (also considering the planetary karmic remains in dissolution). They are in a “rush” calibrating the Earth’s magnetic field while several things are happening at the same time and they need us, the representatives of the Federation on the surface, as antennas, to maintain the greatest balance. Hold the space with LOVE... On 4 March 2023 at 09:30 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet reported the fresh update on their 5D Earth’s transporting to the Gerios Galaxy into orbit around Star Oryx, closer to the Local Universe’s Sun. Earlier, it was relocated to 7D Earth, and together with its fifth-dimensional sister, they also can host our Souls that upgraded to these levels. Of the many Gerios Galaxy’s quantum flows (on scheme top right), can be singled out dark lilac GLEMAR energy, which forms new, 5D structures, and simultaneously purifies information energy; and light blue BLISKORI, saturating the Noosphere with the software of Intelligence upgrading. A huge wave field around the squadron accumulates energy, which the Gerios Galaxy emits, and spaceships retransmit it to our planet via the Multiverse. The field is composed of light brown, azure, green, purple, yellow, pink, and dark blue quantum streams. With their high-frequency vibrations, they support the active work of plasma’s circulation channels, and at the same time, create a screen of enhanced external protection. Under the control of Argorians, on Earth’s Subtle Plane, 5D plasma condenses and produces numerous transformations of matter. From the 0 (zero) point of rays intersection (on the scheme), the black energy CHERGEN sorts and removes Evil particles (Chiron) and other negative substances from the planet’s field. At present, Argorians’ fleet passes through the sixth’s (the last) filter in the channel between dimensions to their final destination. The filter consists of several parts, divided by quantum separators, and now, the squadron is going through one of them. In shape, the separator looks like a giant rotating and multi-layered drum. It works in automatic mode and periodically changes the direction of spinning – from the horizontal plane to the vertical, at various angles, clockwise and counterclockwise. So it sifts and removes everything unnecessary and adds what is needed to transform matter to high-dimensional conditions. Inside, the separator is a very complex quantum structure, which Argorians, taking the opportunity, use to remotely transform 3D Earth through its Multiverse. The structure of the separator is made as a frame of blue energy BLICADO that filters and condenses the plasma. The structure is divided into four sectors programmed for different quantum flows. Among them, is the scarlet FERMO, which on Earth, forms Matrices with upgraded soft for the information field and new collective consciousness. Into this combined field, via Solaris (where 4D, 5D, and 6D energies circulate) and the Quasitron (focusing radiation of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the Devil’s Sea), Argorians direct quarks of the fifth-dimensional level. Simultaneously, through the pyramid complex of the planet, they impact the Earth’s core to gradually remove from it four-dimensional quarks of transitional 4D. The following energies are used on the external wave circuit of the separator: light green FEARIS (forms Intelligence layers), blue FARMS (affects mental development according to new programs and higher levels of consciousness), and purple GRASIMO (filters and synthesizes plasma, neutralizing and removing 3D admixtures). The separator has three groups of cone-shaped Portals. Argorians use them to run quantum flows. By cherry or dark red MIROSSA, they process the upper layers of the atmosphere through emissions in geopathogenic zones, from which the dark green energy REARDIS (the concentrated substance of false information) emanates. Another group of Portals radiates blue GRIKADO, forming the life support system of 5D Earth, which Argorians are now intensively saturating with several energies. These are azure FEARSCO (creation of 5D matter in the process of purification and stabilization of new cycles), blue GRISPO (purification and change in the dimensionality of space), and yellow SFIRO (neutralizes side effects). The third group of Portals emits orange FERMAGO energies, with which Argorians cleanse the Earth’s Hologram, and fill it with a new DNA code for upgrading Intelligence and reincarnation management on the planet. Inside, the separator has eleven compartments, filled with quantum energies, carrying the following software: 1. Golden LOBE, forms the protective and signaling system of the planet and removes unnecessary and processed energy. 2. Blue with silver BLISKO stimulates the development of Intelligence and thought processes. 3. Brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO transforms the removed energies. 4. Yellow SFARGO cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and eases adaptation to a multidimensional space with new wave impulses. 5. Violet-cream GRAZIS filters and changes the development of planetary structures and collective consciousness. 6. Emerald KEGINO transforms matter by magnetic fields. 7. Lilac GLEGES cleanses the near-Earth space from negative energy. 8. Silver LIBRO supports the interaction of magnetic fields. 9. Black CHERGEN performs sorting and removal of Chirons. 10. Dark beige CHERGAS enhances the evaporation of terrestrial particles, throwing them into near-Earth space 11. Claret red BAROGS condenses 5D plasma to form a new, five-dimensional matter. After passing through this separator, the Argorians’ squadron, transporting 5D Earth to the Gerios Galaxy, will enter the next filter of the inter-dimensional channel. On March 3, 2023 at 09:30 AM CET, Argorians informed us that on our planet a Portal has opened to move to the 7th Earth, which is in the third energy belt of the Local Universe, closest to its Center. This Subtle planet is temporarily located in the fifth dimension and has already received several dozen Earthly Souls. Now they are undergoing active adaptation. Awaken your Multidimensionality

  • A reboot of our world - Part 2

    We are approaching the next entering the 4D/5D at the vernal equinox on 24 March 2023. Some of us eagerly await this stage, some are panicking and hysterical, because they couldn’t jump on the bandwagon, nd some still don’t see, don’t hear, and don’t feel these dimensions and everything connected with them. Those, who are ready for the Transition, have a body that vibrates impulsively every now and then: then it burns, then it freezes, then it squeezes the heart, then the head. Another activation of the third eye began; bruises and pain in the forehead area became more frequent. They do not complain and grumble, but thank selves for these encouraging symptoms of inner work, it is extremely important now. There is almost no time left for communication with others, it is barely enough only for the closest ones. Time in the day has shrunk not into hours, but into minutes. All our energy is concentrated on the next leap and it’s impossible to spend it on anything else – only on minimal life and internal clearing of consciousness. Finally, what we’ve been waiting for is happening. If we see, hear, and feel the processes in space, our Soul easier and better can cope with them. We see the removal of old structures and the new one is actively working in parallel with the removed ones. And in March 3D, the Matrix and System will weaken and continue to disintegrate, no matter what ways the Dark Ones force us to support them with our energy. Inside, our Soul has always been waiting for changes, because aggressive and toxic 3D did not allow us to realize ourselves, our strength, and our potential. We could not fulfill our destiny because of the strict restrictions and blinders in our minds. Now, the blinders and blocks fall off, our vision expands, and our energy is freed from the suckers of the parasitic System, allowing us to build a new life and a new version of ourselves. Our Soul gets rid of the negative burden of past incarnations. From the current embodiment, we throw out all the junk of the imposed perception, piles of mental and emotional garbage, and the already unnecessary experience and values of the 3D System. There is an active cleansing of our consciousness and mind. It may be accompanied by unusual calmness or even weakness. Weakness appears due to the fact that a lot of things are being squeezed out of our energy system. And it takes time to adapt to this and to let in new, high-frequency streams. It occurs differently for each of us, because the level of development and consciousness, vital energy, and bodies are different. For some, the process is faster than for others, and this is normal. It is not worth chasing forward, because it can cause a very painful rollback. Now, the reboot of the world and us continues non-stop 24/7. It is especially active at night. Previously, such processes also occurred, but not so often. Today, we barely have time to take the new software, as the following batches arrive one after the other. What are the energetic effects during our night’s sleep? Factors like living in cities, skyscrapers with mixed energies close to each other on one side and on the other, meditating before sleep, and setting creative intentions how do they affect our growth individually and collectively? What happens during our sleep? Sleep, is multifunctional. The most important are the following aspects. 1. We are part of the Earth’s organism, its sensory organs. At night, it unloads from us what we have got and accumulated during the day – thoughts, emotions, knowledge, experiences, positive and negative, which are stored in its consciousness. 2. Our multidimensional Monad, whose 3D manifestation body we are, acts similarly. Plus, it cures and restores us when our consciousness leaves the body during sleep and does not interfere in the healing. 3 In a similar way, act our Curators and Guardians, who in addition download in us new software and codes for Transition to 4D/5D. Megacities are the worst habitat in terms of location (often in seismic and geopathogenic zones), ecology, energy of people and egregores, and architecture with a predominance of square and cubic forms that accumulate negativity. Completely ignore Feng Shui. Especially noxious and dangerous are skyscrapers that, on the Subtle Plane, work as energy vortexes starting from the 7th-8th floor. All this is a bad entourage for meditations, for which it is better to go out of town. But everything is very individual. If the personal energy is strong, it is possible to meditate even in the city at any time of the day. Time changes its structure and flow, somewhere it goes fast, somewhere it stretches unbearably long. And until 5D falls into place, this will continue. The 3D Matrix, based on a computer program on the OS of Calladion, is deactivated. Therefore, technology and the Internet constantly fail, hang for no apparent reason, or fail altogether. Many digital mechanisms will fly off, paralyzing entire systems, because the parasites are still there, in virtual space. But even there, the influence of the old is actively being zeroed out. After such reboots and reformatting, we get up in the morning as a completely different person. We have to get used to this feeling and accept it. These are OUR new energies, new selves, and new perception. They are not afraid of change. In 3D, it is very difficult for our minds and inflated and capricious Egos to accept unfamiliar things and change something. Subconsciously, we are so scared of the news that we are slowing down our transformation with all our might, preferring to stay at a level where we don’t see, don’t hear, and don’t feel anything. But this is not the way out. It’s better to put our trust in the Universe and keep up with the changes than later, we’re forced to accept them through hardship, trauma, disease, and emotional breakdown. The new, which we persistently try to ignore and aggressively do not accept, will remind us more and more by the aggravation of ailments. The pains stored in our Subtle Bodies, belonging to other incarnations, are now awakened and activated, all at once. The best cure is to relive the memories associated with them. Repeating the information, signifying the situation, cancels it. And this info about pain and the latter disappears as if never existed in us. The high-frequency streams coming to Earth force us to worry and get rid of a huge number of injuries and fears. That’s why we are so often intolerant, hysterical, and aggressive. This hype and alimony come and go but still dominate our entire being. But interacting in this way with our physical body, they expel from it all the mental and emotional toxins, deposits of false ideas, and beliefs that 3D is full of. Our corpus and mind have many ways to defuse any painful information – through tears, shouting, criticism, accusation, denunciation, and a hate-filled comment on another outrageous opinion. The Internet is wrong again…This is how we heal and free ourselves from the stranglehold of the System. Other constant ailments also signal this to us. For example, in the area of the first three chakras in the form of intestinal disorders, including diarrhea and vomiting. These are just mechanisms for releasing negative energy. Migraines mean the work of our subconscious mind on the Mental Plane, when we are too rigid, rational, and fixated on order. This may be manifested by continuous anxiety or pressure in the upper part of the head, temples, and back of the head. Chest pain and mild tachycardia signal the unblocking of the fourth chakra, which controls our emotionality, sensitivity, responsiveness, and openness. This is the chakra of Love, and tenderness, the emotional balancer of our body, and the center of Faith and Spiritual stability. Loss of voice, difficulty in speech, and sore throat indicate activation of the fifth chakra, which is responsible for our interaction with the outside world through all forms of creativity, and everything related to training, leadership, and organizational skills. Thanks to this chakra, our works become brilliant, we discover the laws of physics and create beautiful novels and poems, paintings, and musical pieces. A well-functioning chakra gives us a sense of freedom and independence. Allows us to be confident, not depend on the opinions of others, transform our feelings and emotions into creativity, be positive, and not be afraid of failures and mistakes. The harmonious fifth chakra fills us with faith in Higher Powers, and we are not afraid of any Darks, or difficulties and events in the world. The clues of the Universe open up to us, intuition, and inner voice sharpens, and we begin to see the Subtle Plane and understand our Mission. The block of our sixth chakra (third eye) is indicated by such physical symptoms as deterioration of vision, hearing, respiratory tract, migraines, and nightmares. At the energy level, depression, confusion, and fear of the truth arise. We run away from reality and prefer to stay in our own fictional world. We are afraid to look inside selves, and we are terrified of the unknown. But these same symptoms tell us about the beginning of healing by the streams of high-frequency and radiant energy, pouring on us. It literally fills our biofield, and our Intelligence and vision complement each other. We begin to assimilate information correctly, intuitively “filter” it, and instantly select what we need. We make decisions quickly, dismissing unfavorable variants of events. It becomes easy for us to “read” others and understand them, and everything is seen as an open book. According to a similar pattern, new energies restore our seventh (crown) chakra. When it is blocked, we are overwhelmed with hate, anger, and criticism. We are intolerant of what is happening and of other people, but we carefully conceal it. We make excuses that we “exploded” because are sick and tired of everything, but afraid to avow that and have problems with ourselves. Lack of energy in this chakra deprives us of Spirituality. We don't evolve, we think in a pattern, and most of the time the way we were taught on a site or blog is similar to our vibrations. Moreover, it is enough to read them once or to hear a "truth" somewhere, and we will believe in it for a lifetime. We simply cannot admit that time passes and some truths are false, have sunk into oblivion and new ones have come in their place. The restoration of our seventh chakra signals that misinformation becomes apparent to us and we can no longer think, feel and live according to other people's laws and postulates that are uncomfortable for our Souls. We are not afraid of the unknown, we are not afraid to open up to a new world and get rid of distrust. The questions we ask ourselves to speak about our recovery: What is more important to me, material or Spiritual? Is there a balance between the Spiritual and the physical within me? Am I blindly following someone else’s theories that my Soul doesn’t like? Can I accept change calmly and openly? It is how consciousness awakens in us. Through this, we connect with the Higher Self, the Absolutes, and the Source. All these years we’ve been preparing for this time. The constant illnesses that we have experienced over that time have been a preparation for the deep work, which is now coming to an end. Those who started this journey long ago are now free of karma, and negativity and their DNA is easily reactivated in the blink of an eye. For those who have never worked before, it will now be more difficult to assimilate these processes, but they will be - gradual. There is absolutely no deadline to switch to 5D. The year 2022 has shown that no explanations, persuasions, or warnings convince many to upgrade their Intelligence and morally evolve. It means that the time for the salvation of those who categorically refuse to be saved is over. Today, the Universe is launching a ruthless Divine Justice that spins the millstones of natural cosmic selection. Each of us is responsible for his life and destiny. And only we can save ourselves by activating our Higher Self, Soul, new thinking, and perception. Therefore, it is useless, senseless, and even harmful to accuse anyone of anything. Today, it is necessary to look for the causes of troubles first of all within the self, second – in the chain of causes and effects, and only third – in any external factors. Powerful quantum streams are now flowing through everyone without exception: wise men and fools, presidents and voters, oligarchs and beggars, generals and soldiers. Absolutely everyone is X-rayed by cosmic beams and the Universe asks the same from everyone. 2022 was the year of the last concessions. The year 2023 has begun the process of retribution, which everyone will receive according to their merits. Not only for the conscious actions of his personality but also for the subconscious radiation, too. We can pretend that we think only about the good and strive to do the right deeds. But our subconscious at the same time emits negative energy, poisoning and destroying everything around us. At the same time, we sincerely wonder: how so I do good and suffer for it? But in fact, our subconscious got its boomerang… The question is often asked why the ruling elite can still go limitless without retribution, and why they get away with everything. Instead of being surprised and indignant, we should remember it is WE allow them to do this, slavishly following their laws, morals, views, decisions, and imposed behavior. It is WE who generously share and feed our vital energy to them, the System and the 3D Matrix, which milk us in various ways. And it is WE, as two thousand years ago, are ready to flagellate and nail to the next cross anyone who timidly reminds us of this.

  • A reboot of our world - Part 1

    Is this the end of the world as we know it? Will spirits that are purified leave Gaia for a new home? Yes, this is the end of the 3D world as we know it, and purified Souls decide for THEMSELVES where to stay next. This is a strictly personal matter of free will and choice freedom of every Soul. There are trillions of worlds in the Greater Cosmos where it can go. Many decided to stay on Earth after the Transition and continue their evolution as the Sixth and Seventh Races. But the 3D Matrix is not dissolved yet. It still works thanks to us, 3D people, who actively support it with energy. By doing this, we restore in it what Light Forces remove with the help of 5D and higher quantum flows. Solar Flashes are ALREADY occurring almost daily, becoming more frequent and more powerful SINCE DECEMBER 2020, and they are ALREADY separating those who remain in 3D and those who move to 4D/5D. Just quick clarification: those, who for many years is promoting so hard a One-Time high-frequency Solar Flash (The Event), carefully conceal that this scenario WAS CANCELED in December 2012. Spreading this information was the idea of the One World Order. What was canceled in 2012 was MURDER, PHYSICAL DEATH, THE SPLITTING INTO ELEMENTARY PARTICLES of the overwhelming majority of 3D earthlings, the so-called harvesting of a tiny handful of people capable of emitting high frequencies, and the seeding of a COMPLETELY EMPTY planet by a new civilization. Since the energies, ours and of Matrix, are very closely intertwined and deeply grown through in each other BY BILLIONS of ROOTS, its removal does not happen quickly as desired. One of the serious obstacles remains mass meditations, for which hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are still mobilized under various pretexts. In another daily update on 24 February 2023 at 08:53 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet commanders once again urged earthlings to immediately stop ALL mass meditations. They still create giant clumps of Dark energy in the Earth’s field, which takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to eliminate. Not all people emit only Light. Billions of Souls are completely filled with Darkness or a mixture of negative, neutral, and positive energies. On the Subtle Plane, during mass meditations, millions of such men create huge power vortexes that constantly restore the 3D Matrix and Darks’ vital forces at all levels of their Power Pyramid. Carefully hiding this side of mass meditations, openly deceiving millions, Darks and their chattering classes in the blogosphere, with their “good intentions”, only increase the negative consequences, and impede Co-Creators to run energy processes. The Argorians’ squadron has to constantly correct the destructive imbalance that slows down the quantum Transition to 4D/5D. Now, two spheres are working in the force field, which is the Earth’s consciousness. One distributes Souls living out their three-dimensional programs, and the other selects Souls for life in the 5D world. The consciousness of the planet is connected with the multidimensional silver thread of each person, so the overall men’s influence on Earth is enormous. The planet is actively transmitting development programs in 5D and whether people perceive them or not depends on their level of consciousness Incorrectly realized and distorted thought forms return to earth space, lowering their vibration to the 3D level. The collective unconscious reflects the state of civilization, and its ability to upgrade. The Darks know this perfectly well and manipulate through the information space - all sources of media, spreading lies, hindering and restraining our development, and plunging all mankind into degradation, forcing us to materialize their plans. The distortion of the truth is increasingly confusing billions of Souls. Argorians and other friendly space races constantly monitor this situation, removing the energy of lies and Evil that we are generating non-stop from the Earth’s field. Therefore, try as they might, Dark's plans cannot be carried out. It is so important for all of us to check every piece of information with our heart and not believe everything in turn, develop observation and help the Transition. For this, the Co-Creators divided us by emitted frequencies into 16 timelines and individual transformative realms so that each Soul has time to raise vibrations and close karmic debts. When we live consciously, and set high tasks and goals, the level of our vibrations increases and helps Earth to take, assimilate, accumulate, and radiate new energies. But Co-Creators have to control a lot since not everything is suitable for the future of the planet. The 5D world is just being built, we don’t have that experience yet. Everything is done from scratch, and most importantly, it is necessary to firmly lay the foundation of the Sixth Race, according to the Plan of the Absolutes. To clear the space from our negative energy, an enormous complex is used on the physical and Subtle Plane – ultrasonic installations that transform radiation and matter; quantum cones pumping spent energy into Portals; Power Places, anomalous zones, and a spheroid point in the Mediterranean, which actively removes low-frequency energy from the planet. As of February 24, 2023, the planet has changed its vibes and properties of matter by 80%. The new Time has started, and events are now unfolding, according to the numerical codes of space synchronization. We have already noticed that predictions and forecasts of the future are not coming true now. Co-Creators also perform a constantly adjusted Transition scenario. What, when and how will occur, only they know, carefully dosing public updates for security reasons, taking into account the planetary and space war against the Dark. For the same reasons, Argorians strengthened the protection of their squadron to repel the attacks of Orions, Dracos, Reptiloids, and other negative space and Earthly entities, ready to destroy the planet with a nuclear war. To trigger any global event, a lot of energy is needed. Powerful quantum flows income from the Gerios Galaxy to Earth, pass through horizontal ley lines and vertical channels into the planetary core, and saturate a Sun’s substance in it. At the same time, negative and unnecessary 3D energy is intensively squeezed out. When the necessary potential is accumulated, numerical space synchronization codes trigger world events under the careful control of Co-Creators and Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. They are assisted by the Argorians’ spaceships, stationed at several important points in Earth's orbit. They pay special attention to the area of the South Pole, which is in high tension today due to the sharply increased outflow of spent energy. As noted above, it is pushed out by powerful quantum flows coming in through the North Pole from the Gerios Galaxy, updating the planet’s codes and software to accelerate the Transition to 4D/5D. Five modules of the Argorians’ squadron collect low-frequency plasma accumulated on the orbital platforms and send it for recording for subsequent use in the energy exchange of the planet. The involved Quasitron (formed by the force fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the Devil’s Sea) is working at the limit of its capabilities and already requires reconstruction to cope with increased loads. The change of all Earth’s energy layers is approaching the final stage. The one-dimensional resonant basis of the 3D world is being replaced by a two-dimensional foundation of 5D in order to expand the range of quantum flows from different dimensions that we get. These changes are particularly noticeable in the structure and properties of water. Each of its molecules contains Intelligence plasma of 12 types. How does such water work in our bodies now? Molecules intensively absorb several energies at once. Namely: nacreous color MICATRION, which upgrades the muscular system of the corpus; yellow-pink FERMAGO, which cleanses and saturates DNA with a new code for the development of intelligence and Love; black CHERGEN, increases kidney energy and removes chyrons (particles of Evil); blue-green FERIDO, affects brain structures with magnetic impulses; azure GRISAGO, adapts us to the new life support system on Earth; KARBINO, a mix of purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and crimson, activates the purification processes. A special role is played by the streams of MIAGOSIER, pink-purple color interspersed with orange clots. It fills the space between corpuscles (clusters of energy), tunes them to the frequencies of a new info field, and adapts our molecules to it. There are thirteen such corpuscles in total, programmed to form two-, three-, four-, five- and six-dimensional fractals in us. We do not visually observe this, but we feel it through our senses and well-being. Now, the coefficient of energy return is directly proportional to the coefficient of new energy intake and is 0.5-0.7, according to the laid down parameters. The new tilt of the Earth’s Axis is also aimed at this. Recently it was around 23.4° and fluctuated between 22.1° and 24.5° during a 41,000-year cycle. Today, it is fixed at 22°. The quantum Transition rearranges not only molecules but also chemical properties. The world of Nature has switched to new programs that form the unique environment of the planet. The ongoing tectonic activity also affects all living things, and, at any moment, it can split the weak plates. Co-Creators periodically restrain this by relieving tension through volcanic eruptions. The pressure of quantum energies on the crust will grow, causing faults in seismically dangerous zones, increasing the dynamics and strength of earthquakes and impacts on us. It's time to wake up and stop hurting each other and destroying the fragile world with our negativity. The changes will affect everyone. The transformation of our consciousness and bodies is underway. We are already different on a quantum level, which means that our approach to lifestyle and thoughts must change. New diseases occur due to the inability to accept and absorb incoming energies into our cells, and our consciousness is responsible for this. Information from the Cosmos is not assimilated, thereby weakening immunity. Co-Creators actively send programs to change DNA and RNA, to expand consciousness, but mastering them is our job. This requires knowledge and understanding of the quantum change of the planet. Our bodies are being helped to intensively cleanse themselves from Evil particles. Our energies are renewing, old knowledge is leaving, and new training programs are coming in individual transformation spheres. Our consciousness is expanding. Each Soul is responsible for what it brings into the world, and what vibrations it emits. That is why it’s so important to live consciously, to steer emotions and thoughts. Individual transformational spheres, which shine with blue light, are on special account with Co-Creators, helping to control the processes in each of us. Transmutations occur according to the gold standard code. They also show our luminosity levels and readiness for the specific timelines. In the total mass of humanity, 25% form a stable core of a continuous flow in 4D/5D of those who successfully pass tests, don’t stop inner work, and actively take in Intelligence l-gamma particles sent from Higher Planes. Co-Creators protect such people very carefully. The evacuation of Souls from the planet goes on, with subsequent distribution in space, according to their achievements during all reincarnations. To do this, on the energy field, created by the Moon’s orbital movement, Argorians built a huge platform of purple-orange color, in the form of a movable Subtle sphere. It is multilevel to receive all Souls, from the lowest level to the highest and is divided into sectors and compartments for sorting in accordance with the future destination of the new arrivals. Several work crews are constantly engaged in this. The modules of the Argorians’ squadron take the Souls from the platform and deliver them to the ships. When transported to specific planets, Souls undergo cleansing and preparation for a new habitat. From time to time, Argorians have to clean the platform as well from plasma clots of gray, brown, and burgundy colors. These are residues of thought forms, energy garbage, and negativity that were accumulated in Souls over the past life. Leaving Earth, they take with them only the positive legacy. New Souls’ streams, like a silvery waterfall, fill the emptying space of the sphere. Some have three petals, which are opened in different directions for attaching to the platform’s energy. Then, the powerful vortex turns on, which, like a spindle, moves along all the walls and removes everything that clings. After that, in the center of the sphere, forms a funnel, drawing in everything that was rotated by the spindle. No energy is lost. Their residues are mixed, transformed into a light green plasma, and lift up, where they are collected into a transparent cube for further use. The whole platform becomes clean again and ready to take new Souls… On February 26, 2023, at 01:48 PM CET, via Single Hierarchical Channel, the new important update came. Here is its brief summary. Started the second stage of the liberation of Earth and humanity from parasitic entities and their energies, with which they subdue earthlings in violation of all Cosmic Laws and norms of existence in Galaxies and the Universe. There are many of these stages, but the most difficult and critical are three. Now the second of them kick-off. The duration of the stages and their impact are ambiguous and uneven. Before each new one, the results of the previous actions are carefully evaluated and analyzed. Reconstruction surgery is continuing. A new surgeons’ team has already arrived on Earth through karmic channels. Unfortunately, many are not operable. Their Subtle aspects are placed in a separate store, and the elemental fragments are sent to be melted down in fiery energies. Cosmic justice and harmony must prevail on the still 3D and 4D Earth and in human civilization. Every Galaxy and planet will be re-established on Earth by removing malignant parasitic systems that threaten life and harm the entire Local Universe.

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