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The Evolution of Our Physical Body and Sensuality: Transitioning to the 5D

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


As we progress towards the next stage of evolving reality, the fate of our physical bodies becomes a complex question. The transition to a higher level of existence doesn't necessarily entail physical death as we conventionally understand it. Instead, it often involves a transformation of consciousness and an adjustment to the vibrational frequencies of the new reality.

It's important to note that the transition is not uniform for everyone, and individuals might experience it in various ways based on their own spiritual journey, beliefs, and level of preparation. Some individuals might indeed choose to physically pass away before fully transitioning to a higher level of existence, while others might undergo a more gradual transformation.

Ultimately, the specifics of how the transition occurs and its impact on physical bodies can vary widely based on different spiritual perspectives and interpretations. It's a topic that has been explored and discussed in various ways within spiritual and metaphysical communities, and there isn't a definitive answer that applies universally.

In a world brimming with distractions and external influences, the call to inner work can easily be drowned out. However, the Co-Creators' whisper urges us to heed this call, recognizing it as the key to our own transformation and evolution. As we embark on this journey, we prepare ourselves to be vessels capable of withstanding the intensified energies of the 5D reality, embracing its vibrancy with open hearts and expanded awareness.

Co-creators remind us - The inner work helps us take and withstand 5D vibrations.

Each day, the Co-Creators are progressively sifting and discerning among us, employing novel cosmic energies to assist a growing number of individuals on Earth in making the transition from the 3D to the 5D realm within the confines of their physical bodies, bypassing the conventional notions of illness and mortality. Despite these ongoing changes, we remain unsure of what is required for this transition. Deep down, we all hold a steadfast belief that "they" will eventually provide us with guidance, akin to purchasing a ticket for a splendid cruise. In this envisioned scenario, we hurriedly pack our belongings, embarking on a wondrous journey and relishing every moment. But is this truly the reality we can expect?

Following the explicit instructions of the Absolutes, the Co-Creators actively utilize an inter-dimensional transition technology they have developed. This technology is in a state of constant improvement, reflecting their commitment to refining this process.

To accomplish this task, they have assembled a team of specialists from various corners of the Galaxy, each possessing relevant experience. On Earth, they are aided by individuals who willingly act as pioneers, undergoing experiments. The aim is to generate results that can pave the way for new waves of individuals to transition into the fifth density after a series of trials.

Central to this effort is the meticulous preparation of a unified multidimensional body, coupled with the physical form (which presents a significant challenge) that must surpass the vibration threshold of the 5D realm. In essence, it involves developing the capacity to endure and resonate with the vibrations characteristic of the 5D level or beyond. The reason we cannot embark on the coveted journey with ease is quite straightforward: our physical forms are not adequately equipped yet. Entering the vibrational frequency of the fifth dimension in our current state would lead to the rapid disintegration of our bodies, with blood vessels rupturing and hearts failing. However, it's essential to recognize that we do possess the potential to engage in the required preparations, a challenge that millions of individuals are diligently undertaking.

We Can Prep for Everything

Engaging in inner introspection and personal growth equips us to embrace and endure the heightened vibrations of the 5D reality. But this is not the only prerequisite and purity is essential. We also need the absence of karma, to have a Monadic single multidimensional manifestation body, to assemble all chakras from 1 to 12 into one whole, unlock more than 70% of our brain capacity, activate latent genes and DNA transformation (not only 12-strands, but entire its NON-helical higher crystalline frame), etc. That is, it involves our full change, especially of the physical body.

Indeed, those who have transitioned into the 5D realm have experienced a rejuvenation of their physical bodies, shedding the illnesses acquired during their time in the 3D reality.

The establishment of the 5D realm on Earth will not occur automatically; rather, it is guided and follows a strictly gradual trajectory. This approach is chosen to ensure that as many individuals as possible are able to adapt and endure. The formation of the 5D body is an internal process—it comes to fruition solely from within when it consistently emanates the same elevated frequencies characteristic of the 5D space. Without conscious effort towards this end, attempting to induce this transformation only from external forces is futile. Consequently, individuals who lack the inherent "receivers" inside them will face the risk of perishing due to ailments.

In the evolving tapestry of human experience, a remarkable phenomenon is unfolding—the development of 5D bodies among ordinary individuals. This evolution is owed to their commitment to inner growth, transformative journeys, and the inherent purity of their souls. A simultaneous existence in higher dimensions adds a depth of richness to our earthly experience, revealing the interconnectedness of our journey across the cosmic fabric.

Within the context of this multidimensional awakening, a notable truth emerges—those whose vibrations resonate with negativity and ignorance are unable to endure the frequencies of the 5D realm. The inherent nature of the 5D reality, characterized by heightened consciousness and harmony, creates an environment in which lower vibrations cannot persist. This natural filtering process ensures that the 5D realm remains a space for souls aligned with love, growth, and unity.

As individuals transition into the 5D realm, a transformative phenomenon unfolds—the rejuvenation of the physical body and the release of ailments acquired in the 3D reality. The heightened frequencies of the 5D space facilitate profound healing and alignment, allowing the body to shed the burdens of 3D existence and emerge revitalized.

The enduring presence of 4D and 5D dimensions, existing alongside the familiar 3D reality, unveils a unified expanse of consciousness—an eon where barriers have softened to facilitate transitions for those prepared to embark upon them. As we embrace this shifting landscape, we tap into the innate potential of our soul's evolution, navigating the currents of higher dimensions and forging a path toward expanded awareness and self-realization.

Eckhart Tolle - the practice of inner body awareness

The body you can see and touch is only a thin illusory veil, underneath it lies the invisible inner body, the doorway into being, into life unmanifested. Through the inner body, you are inseparably connected to this unmanifested one life.

Eckhart Tolle

Within our inner body, countless processes unfold with each passing second, sustaining our existence. These processes operate independently of our conscious focus, owing to a profound intelligence that orchestrates them seamlessly.

Consider the staggering reality that our physical body comprises more than 100 trillion cells, each undergoing over 10,000 chemical reactions per second. Within every cell lie more than 3.2 billion nucleic acids, constituting the genetic framework. The magnitude of these intricacies surpasses the grasp of our minds.

Without a doubt, there is massive intelligence present in our physical body. And the gateway to getting in touch with this intelligence is

.So what is inner body awareness?

To put it simply, inner body awareness encompasses the practice of sensing your body's sensations from within. While this notion might come across as unconventional or even mystical to some, it's primarily because they haven't ventured into it and may be uncertain about the approach. Yet, much like all facets of life, initial complexity fades with consistent practice, and what appears perplexing at the outset gradually gains clarity.

"The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system becomes. It is as if every cell awakens and rejoices. The body loves your attention. It is also a potent form of self-healing.”

Eckhart Tolle

Embracing Mother Earth's Heart through Our Physical Being

In today's post, we embark on a profound journey to explore the impact of our relationship with the heart of Mother Earth, channelled through the vessels of our physical bodies. This topic holds immense significance for the advancement of our consciousness, as we ascend towards higher vibrations of Unconditional Love.

Our connection with the heart of Mother Earth goes beyond superficial interactions. It's an intricate relationship that pulses through our physical forms, resonating within our collective consciousness. As we delve deeper, we unravel the harmonious interplay between our bodies and the heartbeat of our planet—a connection that shapes our awareness and influences our growth.

Much like a loving mother, Earth's heart provides the canvas for our physical existence. The very vessels we inhabit are gifts from her, the Earth/ Gaia—an embodiment of life's journey. From the sustenance, we glean from her soil to the rhythms that synchronize with our heartbeats, Earth's heart intertwines with ours in a profound dance of life.

Amid the cacophony of modern life, we are beckoned to pause and reflect. Do we resonate with the heartbeats of Mother Earth? Are we in harmony with her rhythms, or have we veered away from acknowledging her significance? By embracing our interconnectedness and offering gratitude for her boundless abundance, we initiate a transformational shift in our consciousness—a revelation of the sacred connection between our bodies and Earth's heart.

The impact of our relationship with the heart of Mother Earth on our consciousness is undeniable. It's an alliance that calls for reverence, understanding, and conscious engagement. As we traverse our spiritual journey, may we remember that our physical forms serve as conduits for experiencing Earth's heartbeat—a heartbeat that echoes with the universal energy of existence. Both recognizing this spiritual truth and expressing heartfelt gratitude to Mother Earth are vital elements in our alchemical journey of spiritual awakening.

Embracing Profound Sensuality in the Emerging 5D Reality

In the realm of awakened consciousness, there lies a transformative journey—one that leads us to embrace profound Sensuality within the burgeoning 5D reality. This voyage is marked by the profound interplay of Unconditional Love, individual uniqueness, oneness with the Universe, and not less - the fiery fervour of passion.

At the core of this awakening lies the concept of Unconditional Love—a love unburdened by judgment or condition, radiating from within to encompass all aspects of existence. As we step into the tapestry of the 5D reality, we find that this love serves as the cornerstone, enabling us to connect with others and the universe on a profound level. It's a love that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life forms and honours the sanctity of each soul's journey. This is not the fleeting love of the mundane world, but a love that flows effortlessly and unconditionally, without judgment or attachment and with full Acceptance and Appreciation. It's a Love that is deeply connected to the essence of all existence. Enhanced by an overwhelming sense of tranquillity and elation, this expression of sensuality metamorphoses into a sanctified representation of the heart's profound connection with Mother Earth on one facet, and its profound integration with the boundless Cosmic energetic currents on the other.

Simultaneously, this awakening beckons us to embrace our individual uniqueness. In the expansive landscape of the 5D reality, there is an understanding that each being is a mosaic of experiences, talents, choices and creative perspectives. It is through the celebration of our own uniqueness that we contribute our authentic essence to the collective symphony of existence.

The notion of Oneness takes center stage in this paradigm shift. As the boundaries between self and universe blur, we realize that we are threads woven into the intricate fabric of cosmic existence. The 5D reality invites us to dissolve the illusion of separation and recognize the inherent unity that binds all of creation. This realization becomes a guiding light, fostering empathy, compassion, and a deep sense of responsibility for the well-being of the whole.

Passion, the fiery elixir that propels us forward, finds new meaning in the realm of awakened consciousness. It becomes a force that aligns with our soul's purpose, driving us to make a positive impact on the world. With each step fueled by passion, we contribute to the elevation of collective consciousness and the manifestation of a more harmonious reality.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we recognize that sensuality is not limited to mere physical interactions, but rather, it encompasses a multidimensional experience that involves the fusion of mind, body, and spirit. In the context of the 5D reality, sensuality takes on a new hue, characterized by heightened awareness and appreciation for the interplay of energies between individuals, nature, and the cosmos.

The Ecstasy of Wholeness: A truly complete sensual experience is one that transcends mere physicality. It kindles a fire of passion that courses through our veins, awakening our senses to realms of exhilaration. Beyond the initial allure, this encounter delves deeper into the caverns of our being, birthing an intimacy that surpasses the physical. This wholeness is marked by the integration of body, mind, and soul—a merging of desires and feelings. It's an exploration of the interconnectedness of souls, a dance of energies that fosters a sense of unity and harmony. As we engage in this new dimension of sensuality, we honour the sanctity of each moment and allow our intuition to guide us in navigating the uncharted waters of this evolving landscape.

Conscious Bodily Presence: The important part of this experience is the revelation of conscious bodily presence. Furthermore, embracing profound sensuality in the 5D reality involves a deep appreciation for the beauty and sacredness of the human body. This appreciation goes beyond external appearances, delving into the essence of embodiment—the vessel through which we experience life's sensations, emotions, and connections. It's a celebration of the intricate relationship between the physical and the metaphysical, a recognition of the body as a temple of experience and expression. Each touch, each breath, becomes an embodiment of the present. In this state, we exist as pure sensations, transcending the confines of the mind.

The Path to Unity and Serenity: This journey is an odyssey of unity—a fusion of all souls into a harmonious symphony. Serenity emerges as we surrender to the present moment. Our senses are heightened, and our consciousness expanded, as we embrace a serene connection, unburdened by the external world. Paired with an overwhelming sense of peace and bliss, this form of sexuality becomes a divine expression of the soul's connection to the universe.

Embracing the Blissful Integration of Sensual Co-Creation: Yet, within the symphony of sensual co-creation, there exists an art of balance—a delicate interplay between engagement and presence. By cultivating mindfulness and immersing ourselves fully in the present moment, we unlock the potential to experience each sensation with heightened purity and appreciation. This mindfulness infuses our creative endeavours with a sense of authenticity and depth, as we bring our full attention to the intricate details that shape our experiences.

In conclusion, the journey of awakening consciousness and embracing profound sensuality in the emerging 5D reality is a path of exploration, connection, and expansion. It's an invitation to transcend any limited perspectives, and instead, to embark on a journey that celebrates the full spectrum of soul experience.

Through conscious intent, mutual respect, and a deep understanding of energetic exchange, we weave a tapestry of sensuality that harmonizes with the evolving consciousness of our world. At the core of this awakening lies a redefinition of sensuality—one that is guided by heart intent and a deep understanding of the energetic exchange that takes place. It's an embrace of our innate ability to connect and communicate on a profound level, transcending words and physical gestures. This form of sensuality is characterized by mutual respect, consent, and a celebration of each individual's unique expression.

"I AM Multidimensional" session script

Embracing the "I Am Multidimensional" session is a journey that unveils the expansive nature of our Pure Potentiality. It's about recognizing and celebrating our unique gifts and abilities. Each session becomes a tapestry of exploration, revealing layers of our multidimensional selves.

In this beautiful reality, the act of sharing becomes more than just words—it becomes an embodiment. We weave together our physical and spiritual essence, forming a unified field that guides and supports us. As we embark on this journey of discovery and expansion, each moment resonates with a profound sense of vastness and boundless gratitude.

Our physical selves, Mother Earth, and the wisdom of our souls harmoniously converge, creating newfound clarity and awareness. This clarity opens the floodgates of Love, transcending individuality and merging into a singular Oneness. This unity embraces all aspects of existence, connecting us to everything that is.

Hand in hand with Mother Earth, we take steps toward the 5th dimension. Our bodies transform into vessels for this transition, gracefully embracing the reality of 5D. Through this transformation, our souls evolve, reaching higher planes of experience and understanding.

So, let us step into the multidimensional sessions with an open heart and a curious mind. Let us embrace the unity that threads through our diverse experiences. And as we journey inward, guided by the wisdom of our souls and the embrace of Mother Earth, we rise toward the 5th dimension, forever expanding our awareness and connection.

The path chosen in this journey can vary from person to person. Some individuals may opt for sessions involving mushroom intake, while others may choose not to. The quantity of mushrooms consumed can vary as well, often dependent on the specific goals one wishes to achieve through the experience. Each person's intention, comfort level, and desired outcomes play a significant role in determining the approach they take on this profound journey of self-discovery and connection to higher realms.

Indeed, without the use of mushrooms, the communication often becomes clearer. When working within the alpha frequencies, the mind is afforded the opportunity to connect with the higher realms, transcending the usual noise of daily mental activities. This altered state of consciousness enables more direct and focused interaction with spiritual insights and experiences, enhancing clarity and facilitating deeper connections to cosmic and divine wisdom.

In comparison, sessions involving mushrooms tend to induce a deeper state of mental relaxation and shutdown. This often leads to heightened sensory experiences that enrich our human perspective of reality. However, these sessions generally result in less direct communication between our reality and the Divine presence. Instead, they immerse us in a self-discovery journey within the realm of pure potentiality.

On the other hand, sessions without mushrooms typically involve greater wisdom, guidance, and clearer communication of answers from the higher realms. The absence or minimum intake of mushrooms allows for a more focused and profound connection with spiritual insights and guidance.

In this specific script session, we delve into a profound journey closely connected to the essence of the topic of this blog post.


In the realm of spiritual exploration, let me introduce you to Leslie, a cherished soul brother and dear friend who walks the path of soul evolution. Within his journey, Leslie's soul is gracefully embracing the profoundly loving aspects of Jesus Christ, leading him to embody a gentle and nurturing presence reminiscent of a pure human being. This sacred connection to the divine energy of Jesus Christ serves as a guiding light, propelling him toward a realm of deep compassion, boundless kindness, and Unconditional Love.

As Leslie integrates the wisdom and essence of Jesus Christ into his being, a transformative journey unfolds. This connection to divine love acts as a beacon, illuminating his path with a radiant glow. With each step, Leslie's heart expands, allowing him to radiate the profound qualities of love and understanding not only within himself but also in his interactions with others. His interactions are infused with the warmth of genuine care, and his presence exudes a soothing energy that resonates with the core of human connection. The embodiment of these qualities offers solace, encouragement, and a sense of unity to those fortunate enough to cross his path.


It's important to note that Leslie's Multidimensional session does not involve the ingestion of mushrooms.

Instead, his journey is enhanced through a combination of powerful techniques:

To begin, we amplify Leslie's field with a Tachyon Chamber session. Through this enhancement and amplification, we lay the foundation for an extraordinary exploration of the self. Opening the portal through the intentions. Building on this, we incorporate the use of a Rife Machine, focusing its effects on the expansion of the Pineal Gland. As the Pineal Gland is often associated with spiritual insights and awareness, this step aims to heighten his connection to the higher dimensions.

But that's not all – we embark on a Violet Flame meditation. In this transformative practice, our intention is rooted in forgiveness and love. As we invoke the Violet Flame, it blazes through every atomic and subatomic particle and a wave of precious Life Energy that has Leslie's signature on it in any place and time that reflects anything less than the Infinite Perfection of the Source.

Through this session, Leslie is guided on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. A journey that encompasses the merging of energies, the expansion of awareness, and the purification of his being. It's a reminder that our paths to realization can take various forms, each with the potential to unveil deeper layers of our multidimensional nature.

Set of Intentions of this session:

  •  Connecting with Mother Earth to Align and Strengthen the Physical Body

  •  Unveiling the Essence of the Soul: Exploring Its Function and Purpose

  •  Uniting with Christ-Jesus Energy: Cultivating Greater Insight and Expanding the Third Eye for Enhanced Communication

  •  Elevating Sensual/ Sexual Energy: Transcending the Physical 3D Sexual Experience to Embrace a Higher Realm of Sensuality and Supreme Universal Love

With Leslie's permission and my deepest gratitude for him... Enjoy the script:

  • Open the pdf file HERE

  • Download the file here:

Aurora M.D. Session for Leslie
Download PDF • 1.14MB

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Awakening the Sacred Connection: A Journey with Fabi and the Cacao Ceremony

The Cacao ceremony is a sacred ritual that has been practiced for centuries by indigenous cultures, and Fabi carries forward this ancient tradition with deep reverence and intention. The ceremony involves the consumption of cacao, a sacred plant medicine that has the power to open the heart, elevate consciousness, and facilitate a profound connection to the spiritual realm.

At the heart of the Cacao ceremony is the intention to connect with the divine energy of Mother Earth. Fabi's guidance helps participants ground themselves in the present moment and open their hearts to receive the wisdom and love that emanates from the Earth.

Through Fabi's guidance, the Cacao ceremony becomes a transformative journey—a journey of rediscovery and reconnection. Participants leave the ceremony with a renewed sense of purpose, an expanded perspective, and a deep sense of love and gratitude for themselves, Mother Earth, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Allow me to introduce you to Fabi, a cherished and dear soul sister on this profound journey of evolution. Fabi's presence in this shared path is marked by her extraordinary intuition, deep compassion, and direct connections to the mystical realms.

A distinctive facet of Fabi's journey lies in her direct communications with guides and beings from diverse dimensions. This unique connection allows her to bridge the gap between realms, offering profound insights, messages, and guidance from sources beyond our everyday reality. Her interactions with these ethereal beings amplify the depth of her wisdom and the expansiveness of her guidance.

Furthermore, Fabi is blessed with a direct and intimate connection to the heart of Mother Earth. This connection nurtures her insights, her perspective, and her ability to guide others in their exploration of our planet's profound energy. Her relationship with Mother Earth enriches her understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and empowers her to facilitate profound transformations.

More information about Fabi: HERE


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