Updates - May 6, 2022 - Gaia and her causal Matrix are saturated with new, 5D energies.

One of the main problems on the way of full-format activation of the 5D Matrix, the New World Order and the New World is the predominance on Earth of old 3D frame-fundamental energies.

Recently activated, 5D Matrix did not have time to adequate materialization. This is, first of all, the pumping, saturation, and introduction of 5D energies into the system (the reality’s field).

The Matrix of the fifth dimension and its program for Earth and humanity’s development needs the introduction to the planet of fundamentally different energies and codes, including for the formation of new Periodic Table of Elements, new egregores, Logos, etc.

This is the Source’s Substance, the new Earth’s Light which has a higher frequency compared to the current one in 3D.

For 5D Matrix activation, new energies and Light must be brought to planet in such a volume as to at least equal and slightly exceed the volume of the 3D system energies, at least up to 51%.

Currently, this figure is much lower. It, in particular, explains why 3D Matrix still works and is so strong. It relies on its two backups and a solid volume of old system energies.

The new quantum flows gradually displace and replace the power of ossified old Matrix that has rooted everywhere. But it is squeezing off slowly due to objective reasons.

Immediately after Easter, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Gaia, and Galactic Committee began to super-actively pump new Light onto Earth. The main Portal currently used is the Sun through which the Earth’s direct saturating with new energies is carried out.

It goes on all Planes. On the physical one, new energies are channeled by Sun flares. The Solar wind is a stream of ionized particles (mainly helium-hydrogen plasma) flowing from the corona into the surrounding outer space at a speed of 300-1200 km/s.

Recently, the number of flashes has increased dramatically. Earth is literally bombarded, stuffed with high-frequency Light streams, changing the ratio of old and new energies.

5D Light

The assimilation of the latter takes place through the corresponding Portals and the chakral system of the ground teams members (mainly through the Heart center).

Hence, such ultra-high cardial vibrations in recent days.

The received Light undergoes adaptation, synchronization with Earth and is relayed to its core, the center of the planetary Logos.

This is how Gaia and her causal Matrix are saturated with new, 5D energies, easing the Transition.

Latest released Kim's update - May 6, 2022

Please remember that Kim has contact with all Galactic and other federations, but her personal knowledge of the cosmic evolutionary energy situation is a bit limited. On the other hand, Kim is well informed about local geopolitics and events around with direct impact on our planet.

More Astrology this Month

May 2022 is one of the key periods of the year which concentrates the most important events on Earth’s physical and Subtle Plane.

Along with the revolutionary eclipse season, the new Mercury’s retro loop and the simultaneous start of other important cycles, this will lead to a cardinal change in the established scenarios of 2022.

One of such events is the Jupiter’s transition to the first sign of the zodiac Aries, where the giant begins its new 12-year cycle.

On May 10, at 23:22 UTC, this planet of great energies, ideas, goals, strategies and concepts will leave Pisces, where it, together with Neptune, determined a new Spiritual landmark of earthlings on the way to 5D, and will move into a simple, straightforward, militant, and cardinal Aries.

In this sign, Jupiter will put all its vibrations into the onslaught and movement of earthlings to new breakthrough goals. It will bring a global change of trends and a sharp increase in the space frequencies which will divide May into two halves and radically change the course of planetary developments.

Until May 10, while Jupiter will be in Pisces, the scenario of a new 166-year cycle will be finally formed at the world level. Moving into Aries, it will be in its place, in its native fiery element, where its vibrations will be focused on decisive actions and quick results.

This is the first zodiac sign that gives powerful vibes to ideas, goals and any endeavors of Light Forces. Here Jupiter best implements its energies to strengthen the key qualities of Aries – leadership, strength, determination, will to win.

But equally, Jupiter can strengthen the lower energies of Aries: hatred, anger, aggression, cruelty, and violence, provoking and escalating wars, transferring local military conflicts to the global level. Dark Forces are making the main bet on this now.

The combination of the energies of Jupiter and Aries occurs during the harmonious sextile of the planet with the powerful vibrations of Pluto, that began to take shape on April 20 and prepare the world and each of us for a change of trend.

The aspect became precise on May 3 and will remain active until the end of the month. In the first decade, at the end of the stay in Pisces, this will saturate the vibrations of Jupiter with a powerful force. After May 10, in fiery Aries, the accumulated Jupiter energies will be ready for a cardinal breakthrough, overcoming any obstacles on the way.