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Our Journey and Rays of Attention

I apologize to my reader for being "quiet" lately. I have received a very clear message from my guides and Higher Self to remain Pure and clear of anything that is a carrier of old 3D dualistic programs implanted during incarnation. This requires inner concentration and self-observation. As well as active and timely adjustment of all vibrations.

Although it is too early to share, I have been invited to participate in some programs to create a new reality and open some stargates with mutual vibrating soul sisters and brothers. The only condition is that I clear all the channels I am connected to. The only pure "channel" is the individual direct communication with the field of consciousness available to everyone today. The flow of In and Out must remain clean. I am so excited about this. I will share more in one of my next posts.

Now let's catch up on some Cosmic planetary (Earth) updates.

Space is sentient. It observes and adapts to the radiation of each of us, with whom it is a single organism. The more we are aware of this, the better we can interact with the entire multidimensionality of space. Here and now we get the opportunity to feel it inside and release its impulses from selves outside. That’s how the global transformation of our consciousness, life and environment takes place. The ether that fills it reanimates our hearts, no matter who we consider ourselves to be and from whatever cosmic race we come.

When we look into the infinite cosmos, into its essence and the greatness of the versatility of aspects, it looks into us and through us, manifesting with its rays of attention our true power through the vibrational patterns of space. Be aware of this. The new evolutionary code implies unity and expansion. Look at the world from your space center; get rid of unbelief, senseless waiting, condemnation and division. The quantum transition, in which many have lost faith, has been going on for a long time and is accelerating even more right now.

Now, many of us seem to be in another world and do not know how and where to go next. Shake off fear and let the powerful streams of Light of the Cosmic Day wash away all the mental and emotional dirt, accumulated in us during the Cosmic Night that has gone forever, all that prevents us from evolving further. Resistance will only increase the pressure. The new vibrational codes of space and planet are loaded and activated. Allow them to activate in us as well.

Space Is Sentient

On June 21 at 14:57 UTC, Co-Creators on the Subtle Plane and Lightwarriors on the Earth’s surface by joint efforts activated the Earth’s new evolutionary code, and on June 24, as in previous days, continued its sync and fine-tuning.

From its creation until recently, the dimensionality of our reality (space-time continuum) was 3.14D. This is a well-known number “Pi”. It is not only a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter but also the source code of the Earth’s three-dimensional Matrix, corresponding to its former bottom of dimensionality (3.14D), which was intentionally set by Darks.

At the peak of the Solstice, Jun 21st, at 14:57 UTC, from Her abode in 5D, Gaia emitted a powerful activation pulse into the Absoluterra. The latter, in turn, through the new Earth’s Logos, redirected the impulse to the core of the Causal Matrix. This happened slowly, in small portions, so as not to knock down the focus of Absolutized Light, and to make it as easy as possible for the Logos and the Causal Matrix to gradually adapt and completely switch to the new evolutionary constant of the planet, which increased from 3.14 (Pi) to 3.85D to 3.88D, closer to the 4th dimension. The dimensionality of concrete space is based on the distance between the Light particles – quarks, or quanta. In 1D, it is minimal, and their density is maximal. In the 13D Pleroma and 14Dh Absolute’s abode, – the wise versa. In our Local Universe, 12 dimensions of the worlds of form have twelve sublevels in each density. And in this sense, 3D is a finite space, like all the others, built on its constants. Infinite is the frequency range of the Source that saturates them with Its Light, software and codes of evolution.

The parameter of "Pi" is not rigidly fixed at 3.88D, but dynamic or floating in the range of 3.55D-3.95D. That is, in some locations, Logos reduces, and lower their characteristics to a minimum threshold of 3.55D, in others, increases up to 3.95D, closer as possible to the fourth dimension. This is important for a variety of reasons.

The number Pi shows the degree of our reality distortion, deviations from the absolute form – a circle, a sphere. Accordingly, it reflects the frequency of the environment, the degree of “roughness” of planetary matter, and the density of Time and space. And most importantly, the level of chaos (entropy) on three-dimensional Earth, compared to the Pleroma (a Single Absolutized Eon).

But that’s not all. A hundred of trillions of digits after the decimal point is not just a sequence. In all 100 dimensions, EACH (!) code’s number serves as a cipher to activate separate software that unfolds one from the other by every next digit. For example, 3.14 mean linking to the energy ray system with cyclical growth and transformation programs. 3.1415…- the ray system began to cyclically collect and accumulate energy in the process of gaining life experience. 3.141516…, – life origin on Earth…

Life Origin

And there are trillions of quadrillions of such programs, which are activated and supported by source code to the planetary and Causal Matrices, a “pass” to the incarnation field (the possibility of embodiment) and the holy of holies – the core of the Earth’ Logos. Only the Supreme Programmer knows the full number of Pi and has high-level security clearance for Logos’ running. Least-cleared sysadmins know only part of the code and have fewer controlling rights.

Of course, a lot of time will pass when all the changes are implemented on the physical plane, and the new threshold number Pi will be fully activated, rebuilding the entire giant digital sequence. The inertia on Earth is the highest in the Local Universe. Under the impact of upgraded constants, the shape of the Earth’s core, the planet’s crust, surface and millions of other parameters will change.

All this and much more will manifest gradually, as by 2013 happened with the Hydrogen atom. Its proton mass had decreased by 4%, and the speed and direction of rotation, and diameter also changed. With that, all organic matter and its thickness started to morph, because it consists of hydrogen. The human body began to transform. Hormones and neural networks – demonstrate completely different reactions.

Hydrogen (H) is considered the primary element on Earth. In fact, H was formed from the ether, the carrier of cosmic energy, which, in the early 20th century, was forbidden under penalty of death. From Hydrogen unfolded the rest 260 elements. Under new code impact, they also slowly alter their physical and chemical properties and density of matter. What official science considered unshakable appeared in a completely different form – alien. It’s as if we’ve found ourselves on another planet, where the laws that were known before 2013 suddenly stopped working.

The new source code of our planet started working imperceptibly. The changes scale depends on many factors, and each is carefully controlled and analyzed by Co-Creators, starting with the Earth’s core, which is the physical manifestation of the planetary Logos’ crystal on the Subtle Plane.

Previously, the sacred geometry of the Earth’s core was an octahedron, and a lot of forms on the surface gravitated towards it. For example, pyramids, peaks and shapes of many mountains. Now things change. The Absolute Crystal in the form of a rounded faceted orb, which almost does not distort the Source’s Light, serves as a model. And over time, everything will copy that form, that is, of the new planetary Logos’ core. Including pyramids and mountains, which would be conical, like they are on Venus.

This information is very important and exciting if you are aware of how the Time matrix works.

Like on Venus

Following the micro-world of elementary particles, atoms and molecules, the new codes will alter other parts of the macro-world, our environment. As noted above, 3.55D-3.95D include important physical parameters: vibration frequency, density of Time and space, entropy, etc. In megacities, it’s very difficult to maintain high dimensionality. In nature, in villages and small towns, it is much easier. The best places are mountains, forests and plains, where there is no technical and industrial infrastructure.

In metropolitan areas, radiation (radio and TV signals, cell towers and the Internet, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other devices) clog and lower the environment’s vibes. Plus, emissions of exhaust gases, harmful industries, dumping of huge processing and energy waste, and colossal floc deeply lower the general freqs background, accelerate the Time and shorten the life span of people.

The new codes put a tough choice to everyone: either change themselves or leave the scene. If earlier everything was allowed to take its course and self-organization, now, all processes are run by the new Earth’s Logos. So far, in a gentle mode, taking into account the coexistence of two branches of humanity, transitioning and not transitioning into 4D and 5D, for which 11 (out of 16) timelines remained.

A surge in the Schumann frequency to 190-200 Hz significantly helped the success of the operation (it usually stays at 20-30 Hz). Now, the Earth’s space is being filled with new frequencies that have made visible patterns of the ethereal field invisible to the ordinary eye. Previously, it had the structure of hexagonal honeycombs. Now these honeycombs are being unwound in multidimensionality, filled with new quantum energies, transformed and working in a new mode.

The Schumann Resonance data’s black-out on Sunday, 18 June 2023 in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Lithuania and other countries was caused by confusion due to an unprecedented jump of RS up to 190Hz, which lasted an unusually long time.

The amplitude strength increased significantly, as one mode was turned off at the same time and another was turned on qualitatively. In addition, there are new harmonics on the chart that have gone beyond the existing scale. The resonance was lined up in figures similar to DNA strands.

Additional causes for the surge were the parade of planets on June 17, when five planets of the Solar System aligned, the eve of the summer solstice on June 21, when Earth received the most powerful energy, and the Solar storm on 18-24 June.

Schumann Freqs

Everything is just beginning. There is an immense ocean of possibilities ahead. We need to get used to it. Now it is extremely important for each of us to work on ourselves. Co-Creators help everyone, and for this, they strictly control and run all processes on the physical and Subtle Plane of the planet, fighting for every Soul if it has at least one quantum of Light.

Information from above does not decrease but continuously grows. The laws of providing it continue to work. Each of us chooses who to contact. If someone wants to communicate with alien civilizations, then he gets such an opportunity. There are many races in the Universe that are ready to interact with us. We are a unique space experiment, and many ETs look at our development as we watch our TV shows. But only those entities that exactly correspond to our vibrations, frequency settings of our consciousness, thoughts and emotions come into contact. And therein hides an enormous risk of being deceived in expectations again, or becoming a victim of parasitic possessors.

To understand and accept information from the Higher Self, we need, like a radio receiver, to be tuned to certain frequencies. But there are a huge amount of stations operating on a gigantic range. To reach the desired connection, it is necessary to remove interference. How can we even hear ourselves if all our perception organs are stuffed by the 3D System and its Power Pyramid?

Any information always passes through our personal filters. Our mind interprets in its own way taken info. Our duality, a deeply ingrained habit of extremes, prevents us from correctly assessing it and its sources. A serious obstacle is previously acquired and hardwired knowledge, which we cannot give up. There are many linguistic and national differences in perception, although they are increasingly being erased by global means of communication.

There is another trap in our emotionality: we continue to judge, to give assessments. And if someone or something does not meet our expectations instantly fall into disappointment or anger. Our reaction is the result of our settings. No one puts obstacles in our way. We create them ourselves. Our limitations are only ours. This is our opinion that something is impossible. This is our disbelief in our capabilities as a creator of reality.

Don’t rate anything or anyone.

Just create yourself and your life. Be your own Creator, write the script of your Life.

Next to us, on the Subtle Plane, stay Keepers and Teachers who are simply obliged to answer our questions. It has always been so. But at the moment, they are working with us especially cautiously and carefully. Especially with those, who feel guided by the Source.

New Vibes

Regardless of our readiness, active implementation of multidimensional scenarios for the Earth’s development is already in full swing. The remnants of the accumulated karma of the planet, huge segments of the population, nations and countries are being dismantled. All systems are on and running at total capacity. A next Time spiral is unfolding. A New World and 4th Local Universe are emerging, and those, who are ready for them, see and participate in their formation.

On July 6 at 00:53 PM CET, came new info about brainstorming in Galacom concerning the alien presence on Earth’s physical and Subtle Planes. Fundamental changes in the Local Universe, Galaxy and on our planet are pushing for an accelerated and radical solution to this problem, too.

The lessons of the now closed 3rd Local Universe, with its duality and total freedom of action of hundreds of cosmic races, their countless wars and experiments, were very difficult for all five civilizations on Earth. Yes, it gave the young and inexperienced then Absolute the most valuable experience and knowledge and helped to grow up to the third, higher level of the Hierarchy, where now It is preparing to launch a project of the new, 4th Local Universe, as space of Source’s Light.


The previous construct was a tough and even cruel, but very important school and a test drive for trillions of Souls. For eons of years, in all seven Large Universes, they have been searching hard and found exactly on Earth the most extreme and toxic conditions to test selves and also get the lessons, experience and knowledge they need to continue evolving.

In ultra-dense and suffocating 3D, we, who came here from many Galaxies, Stellar and Planetary Systems, forgot about our plans and goals of incarnation. Just a few embodiments were enough to make us seem to have forever lost the memory of how in other dimensions we created Universes and Stars and built and inhabited planets. Today, all our desires and thoughts are reduced to beer, football, dreams of a cool iPhone, a car and hype in the TV news. We are strained by prices and debts, which prevent us from buying and consuming even more. But we love and are devoted to the System and Power Pyramid. We deeply believe that they will come up with something, raise the borrowing ceiling again, print the necessary money, make it digital for everyone’s “convenience”, and peace, joy and stability will return to our lives anew…

How did we end up in this situation? On the periphery of all Large Universes, far from the Source, there is a severe shortage of life power. The inhabitants of the farthest outskirts of the Greater Cosmos live in severe energy hunger. For survival and evolution, they have found an effective way to maintain vitality. How does a spider hunt? It injects gastric juice into a still-living victim, wraps it in a web, waits until it reaches the needed condition, then, calmly and slowly sucks the digested substance out of the half-dead prey.

In the same way and for the same purpose, many energy-deficient civilizations spilled their “gastric juice” in the form of viruses, mental and emotional programs and various toxic substances in the Earth’s space.

There is only one way to protect against them – high Spirituality.

What served as a catalyst for evolution and a test of Spirituality in the duality epoch, today, after the events of the last weeks and months, becomes unnecessary. All destructive civilizations that have been used for negative lessons have been ordered to leave the planet. Officially, their power on Earth with a stronghold on Saturn and other Gray worlds ended in February 2022. On March 21 of the same year, new supervising races were appointed and approved, positive and mixed (with a predominance of constructive principles) for the Transition period.

This was timed to coincide with the deactivation of the old planetary and Causal Matrices on February 22, 2022, and the launch of their new versions on March 21, 2022. But everything was derailed due to sabotage of the 3D Earth’s Chief Programmer Calladion and his plugged-in Global Predictor’s malware. Co-Creators had to destroy both Matrices and the planetary Logos, and then, made the new ones, and activated their software codes.

These dramatic events postponed for more than a year the transfer of powers to the new space curators of Earth. On June 21, 2023, in accordance with the decision of the Galactic Committee, Co-Creators officially cancelled contracts WITH ALL CURATORIAL RACES. After the new planetary Logos activation, started the next casting. But again, things didn’t go according to plan. Gaia intervened, whose status upgraded, when Her Multiverse reached 13D, forming Absoluterra, and She received a new full name – Al-Terra-Gaia. What caused Her meddling?


In the Greater Cosmos, not only the Source but also the Absolutes give birth to Intelligence and life forms. These can be civilizations, or the collective mind of entities’ groups, or individuals united by origin, evolutionary goals, habitat, etc. Any cosmic ethnos is a single Spiritual Family, one Monadic Stream. Each Monad has its parents and common Natal-Creational Matrix.

In higher dimensions, evolution continues at new levels, but, paradoxically, has some constraints. Why? Because in these spaces, SOLELY Monad can exist without manifestation bodies, neither Subtle nor physical. This situation doesn’t suit many due to the limits of development, self-improvement and obtaining new lessons and experience.

For us, it is a great shock to learn that the lower the dimension and the tighter its density and toxicity, the more valuable and versatile experience our Soul can get. We consider psychopaths and perverts who claim that our multidimensional Monad singled out its manifestation body, i.e. us, on 3D Earth specifically to obtain the necessary lessons in this concentrate of malice, hatred, greed, cruelty and parasitism.

Moreover, for the most complete experience, the Monad materializes here tens and hundreds, and some – thousands of its aspects. It’s not difficult, but not enough. It also needs an abode, a “home port”, a “domestic reality”. For that, various Logos usually are used – Universal, Galactic, Stellar, Planetary…

By mutual agreement, one or another Logos becomes the Maternal for a particular civilization or a group of cosmic races. An aspect exchange is carried out between the Logos and their Natal-Creational Matrix, the Logos and each Monad, with the relocation of the individual Monadic Matrix. On its basis, a Personal Logos Matrix is made that will serve all incarnations on the physical plane.

When talking about the civilization of Venus or Jupiter, it means that these planets are a domestic reality for them, i.e. they are embodied in their field, and there are their Personal Logos Matrices. At the same time, these races can incarnate on other planets, for example, on Earth… But for this, they need to change (for a while) the Maternal Logos or get permission to incarnate in another world.

Also, as Venus or Jupiter races, there are civilizations that do not have these planets as domestic realities, but by agreement, use them as transport and adaptation Portals through which they come to the evolutionary field of the Solar System, if, for some reason, they don’t enter through its main Gateway – the Sun’s Logos.

Why do we need new cosmic curators today? This is an exclusively temporary measure, necessary for the Transition period, while the remnants of karma and duality are removed. The candidates will be selected according to their Logos’ dipole sign: “feminine” and “masculine”. The example of the former is Venusian, of the latter – is Jupiterian. But it is conditional and simplified. There are many mixed-type civilizations in the Greater Cosmos. How will the arrival of new curators take place?

In this matter, Al-Terra-Gaia took the entire initiative. Being the new Spiritual Mind of Earth, this Supreme and independent entity has its consciousness and character. Now, She is undergoing accelerated development, awareness, and formation of her own principles and worldview. Everyone is particularly impressed by Her character, rebellious temper, heightened sense of justice and rejection of lies and falsehood.

It was vividly manifested during the brainstorming session, mentioned above, concerning the curatorial space races. The Galactic Committee represents over a thousand civilizations that are undergoing their transformation to move into a new, 4th Local Universe. For some, Gaia’s questions were very uncomfortable when She knew that to carry out their functions, the new curators must have the highest access codes to the Earth’s Logos, the planetary and Causal Matrices. Gaia already received such a request.

Earth’s New Logos

In response, She threw them a curveball. What scenario will the new curators implement? With whom it was agreed? Why wasn’t She informed about it? And who are they anyway? Who appointed and authorized them? Does She understand correctly that someone will come to Her house, called Earth 3D, and She just needs to give them the keys to the front door and silently watch what they will do here? Based on what Rules or Laws? What responsibility will these civilizations bear if they repeat everything that has already happened on the planet? No, on such terms, She won’t let anyone in. That was the result of the first discussions…

The problem was that in the era of duality, no rules and regulations existed, everything was based on free will and self-organization. Of course, soon the passions subsided and constructive dialogue prevailed. Al-Terra-Gaia put forward her terms, by right of the Mistress of Earth, Her Home, and Galacom accepted them in full. Namely: all new curatorial races, who wish to come to the planet, must physically incarnate on it. For it, they have to bring here, as collateral, copies of their incarnation Matrices, the holy of holies of any civilization, and strictly observe all rights and obligations. The full responsibility for their stay on Earth will be borne by each space race as a whole. When She submitted these regulations to Galacom for approval, immediately, the number of applicants sharply decreased.

The Galactic Committee not only accepted ALL Her proposals but pledged to provide full cooperation during the Transition period. Details will come later. Now, it is known that three types of races will help Earth – managers, supervisors and observers. They will have different rights and responsibilities, levels of access and accountability. The civilizations of Venus and Jupiter are the first candidates.

The Galacom news should not distract us from our individual journey of inner evolution.

What is the current situation?

In recent weeks and days, periodically, freqs increase, and immediately numerous floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, droughts, and hurricanes sharply intensify. In society, aggravated crisis and recession, hybrid wars and spontaneous riots. On a personal level – bouts of negative emotions, unexplained longing, depression, malaises. They manifest selves as follows.

For some of us:

Unlike ordinary diseases, ailments occur in waves. The temperature rises to 37° and higher or drops to 35°. Now one joint may ache, and later, another. A state of chills during the day or in the evening, as if we get sick, but then no symptoms appear. No matter how we wrap selves up, it doesn’t help, there is no temperature, but our hands and feet are cold. The appetite completely disappears, and we don’t want to eat at all or be ready to sweep the entire fridge. This is how we react to periodic new energy downloads.

The secretion of mucus from the body increases, mainly from the nasopharynx. If earlier it was an indicator of the onset of the disease, now this is how the body cleanses. During the day, then the decline of strength and lack of energy, and to move, we have to make efforts, then want to jump, dance, run, etc … Or love for the whole world, a sense of happiness, positivity, or complete apathy, irritation, pessimism and tears. This is how the cleansing of our etheric and emotional layers occurs.

Headaches are more frequent, from which nothing helps. Sometimes they are tolerant and short-run; appear on the top of the head, in the temporal lobes or on the back of the head. At these moments, incoming information sets in and unpacks. If we have blocks in taking info, it manifests itself through pain. When such states happen in the morning and continue all day, it means this program of that day. Tomorrow, we don’t even remember about it.

A sleepy state constantly arises, and the body becomes like cotton wool as if we are not here. This is caused by the fact that our body took in too much of incoming energy and needs rest. Or Higher Self turns off our consciousness in order for the Soul to solve important issues. Sometimes, on the contrary, sleep disappears completely even at night, and as if on adrenaline, we want to do something. Such states can be caused that during the day we have picked up a lot of others’ energy, or someone very important to us or a Guardian thinks about us.

For others:

On Earth, there are many Souls, through which these energies are conducted. Their bearers came here precisely for this kind of help. Such people are located on a certain grid from each other, and, as a rule, they rarely change their residence or take a long travel. Their job is to raise the frequencies of a particular place and its space as smoothly as possible. It’s especially difficult for them, because we seem to want changes, since the world is far from perfect, and the System is totalitarian, aggressive and cruel, but in fact, don’t want to change anything. We are terrified of change and the unknown that generates fear of losing our dull, gray, ordinary, but so calm and familiar existence.

Inner Force

Today, the Source’s Energy affects everything and everyone in very different ways. If we live as closely as possible – by our blocks, Systems, dogmas, worldview, all that preserves a barrier, a wall around us. And the energies pass through it in minimal volumes.

Or we allow new energies to enter completely and freely, opening up to them as much as possible and permitting selves to transform.

In both cases, changes are inevitable. Only in the first type, we will rush blindly, not understanding what is happening to us, swallowing pills and trying to strain all the remnants of our logic, “common sense”, looking for explanations for incomprehensible conditions, diseases, and the actions of others and so on. But the old logic doesn’t work anymore.

Any restructuring does not cause euphoria and pleasant sensations. The frequencies of this 3D world are completely incompatible with incoming energies, respectively, the familiar world will continue to collapse, and disintegrate. In order not to be afraid of this, we just need to understand well what our planet, the Local Universe and the Greater Cosmos are, and what for our Soul and each of our lives in this immensity and eternity.

Its energies pass through us in any case, whether we want it or not. And they will continue to “punch” us more and more day by day. When we consciously, independently, even in small doses, voluntarily take it, our body gradually gets used to it, adjusts to it and, accordingly, our corpus and psyche begin to change smoothly, without destruction. Something always ends up, and then, something else kicks off, the new, not yet known. This is the journey, this is the Path.

If we have a strong Soul, and accept its experience, and its tasks in this world, our changes will go with us all our lives. And we’re not going anywhere from that. This is part of our Path, part of the planned one. Everything that is given to us is not a punishment or a test. No one is punishing anyone here. Everything that is given to us changes us for the better and builds up our personality. We won’t break, believe it. We simply won’t be allowed to do this, because everyone has enough inner force. And if we really want changes, fundamental and profound, we must not be afraid to go through a transformation.

When we don’t doubt ourselves, our abilities, decisions and events begin to unfold in the most unexpected courses and scenarios that carry us wherever we want. But to begin this journey, we have to leave a lot behind.


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