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Ukraine-part 2 -the rebirth of the lost ideality of the Perfect Man-Level 1 Intelligence

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Lightwarriors’ operation on Stone Grave near Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia region was a continuation of their ops in Peru (see OPERATION IN PERU. PARTS 1, and 2).

Zaporizhzhia Region On The Map

Before describing it, an important preface is necessary…

Operations in Peru have been linked to extraterrestrial intelligence, ET, an alien presence on Earth. After the successful completion of the task by the ground group, the Galacom’s Evolutionary Committee decided to centralize and unite into a single Creational Matrix all existing forms of third-level Intelligence (creations of creations), first in the Milky Way, and then in the entire Local Universe.

It was necessary for their purification from karma, after which Co-Creators planned to determine what life forms could continue their evolution in the renewed and ascended Universe.

In the Greater Cosmos, different races have spawned an incredible variety of all kinds of life forms.

A considerable number of them are counter-evolutionary because they exist only by destroying or parasitizing on other forms of life. Only those who bring the benefit to Universe, or at least do not kill it, will be able to continue develop.

Fulfilling this Plan, Lightwarriors participated in the global rehabilitation of the maternal Matrices of a group of extraterrestrial life forms that were presented in the Nazca Project.

Warlike Spider Race

On the last day of their stay in Latin America, in Santiago, Lightwarriors carried out the most difficult work on Spider Matrix. This militant race survives only due to the vampirism of the vital energy of other Intelligence forms.

In this op, Lightwarriors were hit by an incredible amount of highly toxic negativity. The entire creational Matrix of spiders was not just impregnated with a Subtle Material poison; it was condensed in it in an extremely high concentration. The materialization of this nocuous substance on Earth is known as the venom of the most dangerous araneids.

The team members had a hard time. For more than a day, their bodies burned, the temperature rose, the chakral cough and destructive thoughts did not stop all the time … All signs of contact and processing of the strongest negativity. But before flying home, they completed the task assigned by Co-Creators, fully clearing the natal Matrix of the spider race.

They wondered who created this civilization. The truth revealed by Pleroma Hierarchs was a real blow for Lightwarriors. It turned out that the creators are… Pleiadians!


Yes, it was Pleiadians who were one of the donors-parents of a Man, sharing with him a part of their DNA (along with six other major and hundreds more extraterrestrial civilizations) which makes up the DNA Matrix of a modern earthlings.

This information explained everything. In particular, the strange behavior of Pleiadians, who, to put it mildly, did not help Lightwarriors either in their work or in obtaining info on many points related to them.

Backed by the Co-Creators’ information, the team members again contacted Pleiadians but in a different tone. And they had to tell the whole truth. It was very unflattering, and clarified why they tried to hide it in every way.

12 DNA Strands

Pleiadians admitted that they indeed gave birth to spider race. Moreover, their 12 DNA strands were used as the biological carrier of the vita-code of the araneids’ DNA!

Given that humans also have part of the Pleiadians’ DNA, it appears that earthlings and spiders have related genes and the biological Code of Life! The spiders used this as a tool for an unhindered invasion of the human field and vampirized its vital energy on the Subtle Plane.

And Pleiadians, silently, stood by and watched! They had other things to worry about. At some stage, the spider race got out of their control and began its own evolution, capturing and destroying other civilizations.

The monsters’ creators were powerless to do anything, short-sighted using their DNA to develop araneinds’ natal Matrix.

This meant that if Pleiadians tried to destroy it, they would have to, if not kill themselves, then, at least disrupt the structure of their 12-helix DNA.

They could not do this, preferring to put up with the lawlessness of their creatures, unable to curb them.

Till now, no one hold them accountable.

Lightwarriors decided to dig even deeper into the truth related to extraterrestrial races.


They asked Co-Creators, who are Pleiadians, Lyrians, Arcturians, Siriusians, Vegans, Orions, and Aldebarans which participated in the creation of human DNA? After all, each of us carries a part of their DNA in our physical body…

Lightwarriors got an even more shocking answer: ALL THESE CIVILIZATIONS WERE CREATED BY THE PRIMARY GRAY ARCHONS!

That is, each of the civilizations that are the main donors of human three-dimensional DNA was beget by one of the Archons born by Yaltabaof and Lilith! Therefore, the work of Lightwarriors on the rehabilitation of the spiders’ Matrix was also the restoration of the lost integrity of the Pleiadian’s DNA.

It was carried out urgently, since Black Archons had already introduced a special karmic capsule into the araneids’ Matrix. If it had unpacked itself, the consequences would have been even worse.

The Lightwarriors’ op with this ET was so successful that Co-Creators decided to carry out similar work with the second-level maternal Matrices, namely with the alien Intelligence created by the Gray Archons of Yaltabaoth. The most famous of them is the Zeta civilization from the Reticulum constellation (it is represented by the Internet site ZetaTalk).

Zeta Reticuli

There are three “colors” by which all extraterrestrial civilizations of the second level are classified. The “Whites” were created by the seven Primary Archons of Light; the Grays – by the seven Archons of Yaltabaoth; the Blacks – by the seven Archons of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe.

There is also an Intelligence of the first level – this is an Earthly Man and his native 108th Monadic Family (see OPERATION IN GERMANY, PART 2, and OPERATION IN UKRAINE, PART 3).

This “color scheme” represents the entire extraterrestrial Intelligence dispersed throughout the Local Universe.

Many civilizations have Monads and Causal Bodies; therefore, they also have a lot of karma.

By the decision of Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs, the head of the ground team was instructed to assemble into a single Crystal and purify the natal Matrices of all Gray civilizations. At the same time, the Gray Archons who had crossed over to the Light Side were willing to cooperate and provide assistance.

Yaltabaoth And Lilith

At first, Co-Creators introduced into the Lightwarrior’s Monad for rehabilitation and purification from karma one natal Matrix of the Gray Archon’s Monad which, in turn, had aspects of Yaltabaoth and Lilith.

Then, it was followed by the introduction of the maternal Matrices of all seven major Gray civilizations, the donors of human DNA. That’s how it happened.

One night, Lightwarrior woke up from the feeling of someone’s presence in his room. From sleep, he moved into a borderline state between drowsiness and wakefulness, and first felt and then saw two humanoids.

They were very similar to those whose photos or drawings are walking the Internet: small stature, big head with large dark eyes, lean body, and long arms.

Despite all his rich experience, Lightwarrior was very scared and finally woke up.

At that moment, he felt as if he was doused with something cold, almost icy, a chill seized his body.

It was contact with the fields of the Greys, their energy.

Later, when the members of the group analyzed and viewed the situation with clairvoyance, it turned out that it was at that moment that the creational Matrix, the main Shrine of the Gray civilization, the foundations of its life and evolution, was installed into Lightwarrior’s Monad.


The two of Greys’ representatives personally handed their Matrix over to the team leader. It is important that all extraterrestrial civilizations voluntarily agreed to this. It soon became clear why.

Getting the Matrix, Lightwarrior felt a strong negative, karmic substance, and his Monad immediately began to process it with Absolute Light. This time, only the creational Matrix was cleaned, without the Monadic karma of that race.

On the second night, everything happened again. Lightwarrior woke up by voices of two humanoids talking to each other. They pronounced the words very quickly, and the speech resembled a loud whisper.

Lightwarrior was clearly aware that he was hearing everything in reality, that this was a real conversation in some extraterrestrial language. He could clearly distinguish the words but did not understand them.

He opened his eyes. The humanoids did not expect it. They again doused the Lightwarrior with frost, and introduced a new creational Matrix into him.

Only now he remembered that this energy was familiar to him. Five years earlier, he and the members of the group encountered it during their first contact with aliens on one of the sacred mountains.

Then, ET’s intentions were hostile. With the help of freezing energy, they tried to immobilize the ground team to kidnap. The team was saved by Antahkarana which helped them to build a protective field around them.


This time, Lightwarrior was a little scared again and, just in case, spun the Antahkarana around the room.

After that, for the next five days, the injection of natal Matrices was carried out into him only in deep sleep, without waking contact. Co-Creators decided to take care of his psyche.

In the morning, he only felt that a new foreign body had appeared in his Monad, and its cleansing was underway.

Thus, the assembly and rehabilitation of the maternal Matrices of all seven cosmic civilizations, which are the main parents of man, was carried out.

These events served as an important experience for the operation on a Stone Grave in Zaporizhzhia region in Ukraine.

Stone Grave

On their way to the site of the op, they were caught in bad weather. It was raining heavily, which turned into snow, and ice formed on the road.

By evening, the group managed to get to Melitopol where they stayed in a hotel for two nights. They went to the Stone Grave on a snowy and frosty morning.

The Stone Grave is undoubtedly one of the most important esoteric places in Ukraine. It covers an area of three hectares and has many caves and grottoes.

In various epochs, thousands of ethnos lived here: tribes of the first post-flood people, Cimmerians, Scythians, Amazons, Sarmatians, Huns, Goths, Khazars, Polovtsy…The nations changed, but this place always remained a sacred center for more than 3000 years.

Stone Grave From Air

Among the petroglyphs and writings found in the Stone Grave, pictographs similar to Sumerian ones were found, as well as an image of the Tree of Life.

Unfortunately, no one has made public the right purpose of this place.

Adolf Hitler, who was known for his occult pursuit, showed great interest in the Stone Grave.

This prompted Lightwarriors to wonder: What was there initially, at the time of Earth’s creation or shortly after?

What is this place like now?

Who, for what purposes and how used it all this time?

Hitler's Occult Power

When the group members entered the Mirnoye village, on the outskirts of which there is a Stone Grave, they already had intriguing information transmitted to them by the Higher Light Hierarchs.

It turned out that on a Subtle Plane, the energies of the Nazca Plateau and Easter Island intersect here, as part of a single power structure.

These are exactly the places where, on Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee’s assignment, Lightwarriors conducted operations (see – OPERATIONS IN PERU, PARTS 1 and 2; EASTER ISLAND OPS, PARTS 1 and 2).

Indeed, in 62 grottoes of the Stone Grave, many ancient petroglyphs similar to drawings and Nazca lines were found, and nearby Stone Babas resemble the Moai of Easter Island.

The research and clairvoyant analysis conducted by the group, coupled with the information transmitted by Higher Light Hierarchs, helped to build a complete picture of the Stone Grave.

Stone Babas vs Moai

Initially, at the creation of our planet, it was an ordinary, unremarkable place. But after volcanic eruptions and meteorites, loaded with certain programs, hit it, this territory acquired the qualities of a strong Power Place.

Just about the time, Higher Light Hierarchy was building global infrastructure of 12 mounting points for Flower of Life Matrices.

The Stone Grave, as it was later called, became one of the twelve interconnected planetary Flower of Life Temples. The main one is located on the Polynesian island of Moorea. It is no coincidence that among the petroglyphs of the Stone Grave, an image of the Tree of Life was also found.

This infrastructure has fulfilled its main mission. In the Earth’s Womb, the fertilization of the cosmic Flower of Life took place, with the energy of which human DNA was nurtured and the Tree of Life was formed. After that, Temples have become temporarily out of demand.

Tree Of Life

Immediately, Black Archons have taken advantage of it, seizing many of the Temples. On its basis, they built their structures and Portals. The same fate befell the Stone Grave.

But earlier, there was another important event. Initially, when this Temple was not yet captured by Dark Hierarchs, an infrastructure similar to the Nazca Plateau was created on Stone Grave. But it had different objectives than the Nazcan Project.

In the Flower of Life Matrix in a Stone Grave, Co-Creators introduced copies of the natal Matrices of some extraterrestrial civilizations. One of the goals was their transformation and upgrade with the help of the Life Matrix, which, except for Earth and Pleroma, was nowhere else.

Life Matrix

Black Archons did not need this, and they intervened in the course of the experiment, not allowing it to end. But at first, they did not act from Earth, but in such a way that the blocking came from the space races.

Over time, Dark Hierarchs turned the Stone Grave into a dump of karmic waste of Gray and Black civilizations which poured all their mental dirt here through the natal Matrices.

As a result, a huge karma burial ground was formed here, overflowing with toxic substance and non-recyclable Thin-Material waste products of these cosmic races.

Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to eliminate this giant alien abject misery and clean from karma all the Matrices stored in the Stone Grave.

Continuing to study this place, Lightwarriors discovered a Solar Aspect in it, similar to the Inca Solar Mandala. In addition, the Stone Grave served as a channel to the Anti-World via so-called Conversion Portal. Through it, Black entities penetrated into our planet and vice versa.

Conversion Portal

This was backed by the cunningly altered core of the Flower of Life Matrix which they turned into a vortex funnel, like a black hole, on the Subtle Plane. Passing through it, demonic entities consisting of antimatter temporarily clothed themselves in the shell of the substance of our world so that they could stay here for long.

During the operation, Lightwarriors extracted and inserted into their Monads all the creational Matrices and the mutilated Flower of Life Matrix to purge from karma. After that, they completely erased the field and Causal infrastructure of the Stone Grave.

For carpet bombing with Light, they used an Absolute Antahkarana. It was the only possible and correct solution, guaranteeing the elimination of all Portals built there by Black Archons.

Nothing else could be done that day, so the group returned to Melitopol. It was very cold, windy and frosty, especially in the open space of the Stone Grave.

The evening and night were spent in the hard work of clearing the Matrices from karma. But if everything was familiar with natal ones, the things were much more complicated with the Flower of Life, the most important, key part of the operation on the Stone Grave.

The point is that Higher Light Hierarchs decided to made universal tool for the birth of Absolute Forms of Life. Before operations in Ukraine, this work reached the finish line, and a prototype of a fundamentally new Absolutized Flower of Life was obtained.

Then, it needed to be tested. When Lightwarriors terminated cleaning and restoring the Flower of Life Matrix, Co-Creators decided to transform it into an Absolutized one. The group members’ Monads were perfect for this.

The next day, Lightwarriors again arrived at the Stone Grave and climbed to its top. At the specified time, they removed parts of the Absolutized Flower of Life from their Monads, combined male and female foundations into a single whole, and installed it first in the Earth’s core (the center of planet’s Logos), and a copy – in the Stone Grave field.

Earth's Core

Then, together, they activated the new Flower by a pulse of Absolute Light.

Its copies began to be multiplied from the Earth’s core and transmitted to all Logos in the Local Universe, up to the Absolute.

Thus, the Stone Grave turned into a planetary Temple of the Absolutized Flower of Life, the first on Earth and in the entire Universe.

Through the Stone Grave, this Supreme Mandala began to spread all over the space.

It gave stunning results. The Matrix was a real masterpiece of Creation. It turned out that the Absolute can use it for the undistorted manifestation of Its aspects.

That is, to single out a part of Self, pass It through the Absolutized Flower of Life and the output will be an equal, undistorted form with same vibrations!

When this news flew around the Local Universe, all alien civilizations were very much fussed. Many of them are imperfect. Some have no Monads, others lack Causal Bodies, and thirds are without Subtle Bodies, only have physical ones.

Local Universe

They were created flawed. Hence the numerous attempts to improve in every possible way what was defective initially, including by crossing with the Divine, in comparison with them, the Intelligence form – Man.

And hence the UFOs invasion of Earth, numerous abductions for experiments, the DNA cross breeding, the creation of hybrids with aliens.

The goal is one. But they do not understand that they will not achieve it by such methods. In all cases, Soulless and semi-Monadic mutants and clones are born for which the most humane option is to be destroyed as an anti-evolutionary creature. And to return the Monads to the men with whom they were crossed.

Now, their issues s can be easily resolved with the help of the Absolutized Flower of Life. But a prerequisite for this is the Spirituality and complete self-purification from karma.

Many cosmic civilizations have submitted collective appeals to the Pleroma Hierarchy with a petition to make their natal Matrices perfect and Absolutized.

After they fulfill the preliminary stipulations, Co-Creators satisfy requests. Now the upgraded space races are helping hundreds of thousands of other extraterrestrial civilizations to emulate the best. And this process is in full swing now.


I am Temple Library

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