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The Deep State’s henchmen in the higher echelon are identified and completely disarmed energetically

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Why is our inner work so important at this crucial time?

On December 19, 2021, at 03:40 PM CET, the following summary from the Galactic Committee is received.

“One of the last and most difficult operations in our aid to humanity has come to an end.

Not only have we identified all the Deep State’s henchmen in the higher echelons, but we have also completely disarmed them energetically. Their physical elimination is not part of our plans, as it is a direct interference in the affairs of earthlings. This problem should be solved by the people themselves.

What does it mean, energetically disarmed?

Several years ago, we destroyed the control center set up by Dracos and Reptiloids in near-Earth space by which they coordinated global processes on your planet and controlled human consciousness.

But its branches remained on Earth, hidden deep underground or in hard-to-reach places on the surface. They continued to operate according to the program installed earlier.

Deep Underground

Having lost their top Masters, the terrestrial operators of this program had to adjust the plan of action on the fly.

First of all, it was aimed at a sharp reduction of Earth’s population.

Upon learning of the impending catastrophe for them – the raising of the Earth’s vibrations to a lethal level of 5D – they decided to force the events by maximum shortening the implementation of a plan.

In its first version, the people’s extermination was scheduled to last for decades.

By the artificially created pandemic, they plunged the population of the planet into low energies of fear for their lives and unbearable conditions of existence. This significantly lowered the general vibrational background of Earth, thus slowing down its Transition into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

​Seeing the despair and inability of the Souls, incarnated in great numbers on Earth now, to reverse the situation, the Galactic Committee decided to partially intervene in the liberation of the planet from the hostile actions of negative alien civilizations.

Reduction Of Earth Population

We have conducted several operations to neutralize underground and surface facilities belonging to the Grays and Orions who are working closely with representatives of the Deep State.

Applying the pinpoint energy strikes, we destroyed their underground and surface control centers of the military operations.

These operations included the erasing of entire cities and countries in the event of non-compliance with the orders of the Deep State, which were carried out through the puppets placed by them in the field.

Energy Strike

Our interfere has prevented a third world war, that the top Dracos and Reptiloids, incarnated on Earth in human bodies, planned to unleash.

Now it’s your turn, earthlings. From now on, the initiative both on the physical and energetic planes should come from you.

We are happy to see more and more people on Earth awakening and coming to the streets to assert their right to freedom.

We are seeing more and more honest scientists, doctors, and lawyers standing up for life and health.

It will be the beginning of our new cooperation, which will only expand as the Earth moves into the fifth dimension.

All your Galactic brothers and sisters are looking forward to the moment when they can appear before you openly and help you to master to the new high-vibration space, the realm of completely different laws – energetic, physical and moral”.

Two days earlier, on December 17, 2021, at 07:12 PM CET, the Galactic Committee reported that the ACTIVE PHASE OF THE TRANSITION TO 4D HAS ALREADY STARTED. (see "Double mirror Portal 21:12:2021")

Recap. The Transition active phase will peak on December 21, 2021, its climax. This is the beginning, and it will last until February 22, 2022.

The moving into 4D means a complete and final exit from the 3D Matrix and the activation, first, of the 4D Matrix, and, later, its 5D format.

The exit signifies the final technical redistribution of humanity into new existential realities where they will continue the evolution according to their emitted vibrations.

Moving In 4D

Those who have begun the Transition into the fourth dimension, come under the care of the 4D Earth’s Logos which takes them on full evolutionary service.

People will pass to other plans one by one or in small groups. So far, many cannot completely cleanse themselves from the negativity because it still pervades all the physical elements of Earth.

The distribution of earthlings across dimensions will continue gradually. During the transition period, the main attention will be given to those who do not stop their inner work. They will be helped to cleanse the physical and the Subtle Bodies from destructivity and reboot to the new 4D Matrix, to a completely new relationship with all beings.

The load will increase until February 2, 2022. Each day, those transitioning to 4D will receive a new code to activate another lobe of DNA. Therefore, the general physical and mental state may change drastically.

If you feel the inner call to move to a higher dimension, join us in our heart opening activation today, Dec 21,2021 at 7pm PST:

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