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New planetary Logos birth. It is obvious that there will be no return to the past, it is impossible

This is very complex information and I fully understand that many of us cannot comprehend it. We are too focused on our "local" earthly experience and activities, but meanwhile there are many intricate operations taking place on the global multidimensional cosmic planetary stage.

By sharing this information, I would like everyone to focus on their own energy fields for their transformation and not allow the 3D geopolitical resonance to trap you. Conversely, by augmenting and clearing your field of all old dense debris, becoming bearers of universal Love, we can assist the Global Process in which so many beings from many dimensions and worlds, including ground teams of Lightworkers (humans like you and me), are now concentrating on our planet to move us safely to the next evolved Earth in her entire multidimensional form of existence.

I would like to confirm that some of us, maybe without full awareness, with their soul's Gifts and abilities are involved in various cosmic operations. We have become the tools, "eyes" and the "antenna" to tune or co-create some evolved energies/ programs into Earth and our collective planetary experience. Everyone in the great space arena, involved in this process, is extremely grateful for our service. We assist each other in full mutual cooperation and unity.

We are continually being “entertained” by the “Masterpiece Orchestra” playing a “Divine Symphony”.

What is the purpose of this “Cosmic Concert”?

Its mission is the steady expansion of creation, sustaining it, and transforming it.

As humans, we too, are a part of this mission.

Regeneration and Renewal is also allowed and is done via voluntarily connecting in consciousness—both individually and collectively—with the Divinity that made us. Then we can unlock the “God Particle” of our material temple—the pineal gland—and receive “SOUL-LAR” sustenance which is the “food” given by our HIGHER SELF.

We are created, sustained, and transformed in accordance with an INFINITE ULTIMATE LIFE FORCE—a Self-fertilizing, Self-gestating, and Self-birthing SOURCE.

Out of “IT” we soar and arrive—and in this case on a planet currently named “Earth”; however, other beings arrive to other planetary and galactic realms, and we are all a part of a “cosmic family”—spread out among billions of universes.

We are all sparks of the LIGHT–some turned on brightly and some just beginning to glow. The LIGHT will not abide its gift of free will being misused, but yet in mercy, gives all creation–on and off of Earth—a chance to change its lower vibrational ways before it self-destructs. SOURCE is UNALTERABLE GOODNESS.

What matters is being “connected” to your authentic soul frequency, providing the conduit to synch and interface with that Higher Calling. Our HIGHER SELF holds the real “song sheet”. It is important to know that “divine right order” and “divine right timing” in cosmic order are real things. These are real principles in maintaining cosmic order. That is aligning to natural laws by aligning to Divine Will.

Spend quality time during the continuance of the Eclipse Portal (Apr20th - May 5th) and Mercury Retrograde “tuning-up” your personal “instrument”—your consciousness. Essentially, two things are happening simultaneously: 1.) Cleansing of cellular records and DNA, and 2.) Illumination—LIGHT soaring into every atomic and subatomic particle of our multidimensional beings.

In Love, We Rise as One!


To speed up the Transition, on March 21, Co-Creators tried to upload a new Causal Matrix simultaneously into three bodies of Earth – in 5D, 4D and 3D, which form a single eon. In the first two planets, the download was successful. But when the installation of software into the third density began through the 3D Earth’ Logos, from it followed such a powerful rejection that the op was immediately stopped to avoid destructive consequences. An old, worn-out 3D computer could just burn out.

It became obvious that 3D Earth needed additional cleaning from old files, bugs, and viruses that remained after the former programmer and other toxic negativity that earthlings continue to generate in enormous volumes, and make adjustments to the new Causal Matrix’ OS soft batches.

To Absoluterra

On April 16 at 10:34 PM CET, additional info was received, explaining the reasons for the failure and the work on which Co-Creators and their ground team are now concentrating. They had to completely change the previous action plan.

During joint brainstorming, they discovered two more causes of aborted attempt: Absoluterra and 3D Logos’ manifestation body, through which Co-Creators tried install new Causal Matrix in our planet.

On 23.03.2023 at 23:23 local time, as a result of the inter-Monadic synthesis of Gaia and the Absolutes, a new powerful energy formation emerged in 14D. It was a core of the Absoluterra, Earth’s Logos manifestation body in 14th dimension. Each involved in this operation, Preroma’s Hierarchs and Lightwarriors, got a copy of “newborn” for preservation in their Monads. Immediately, they started the Absoluterra’s tuning in to and integrating it into the Gaia’s Multiverse. But very soon Co-Creators and the ground team discovered that this only made the problem worse. Pleroma’s soft of Absoluterra Logos in Earth’s Multiverse was totally incompatible with Logos’ body in 3D. That is, the task turned out to be much bigger and more difficult: to replace or change the entire Logos from the third to the fourteenth dimension!

The activation of the Absoluterra and the loading of a new Causal Matrix into 3D are individual parts of the SAME process that complement each other for the Transition of Earth and us into 5D.

Co-Creators decided, first, to reconfigure the 3D Crystal of the planet from a polyhedron into a sphere, which, thanks to its shape, receives and retains MORE energy of the Absolutes and the Source.

The calculation is that in this case, in addition to new cleansing ops, the Earth’s field will be so strong and stable that it will facilitate the loading of the Causal Matrix in 3D as successfully as it happened in 4D and 5D.

And this is not a 3D falling apart, but its transformation from the inside at the quantum and atomic-molecular level, using software embedded in each of the 118 elements known and 170 unknown yet on Earth. In our Local Universe, there are over 600 of them.

Gaia's Multiverse

The drama was added by the fact that after the removal of the 3D Causal Matrix during the karmic Duel of Worlds, Co-Creators connected our Earth to an “artificial respiration apparatus”, a temporary Matrix, in which many toxic 3D parameters were preserved to support the life of a dying “drug addict”. On the planet, this manifests itself in the chaos that we all see today in politics, economics, finance, the social sphere, dragged-out wars and other conflicts. And... in our personal un-wellness.

Co-Creators and Lightwarriors had to act on a rush basis. To gain time, on 11 April at 00:27 PM CET, they started a new emergency op: combining two Logos – of 3D Earth and of ground team, which contains aspects of Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, numerous Higher Light Beings in different dimensions. How did events develop?

Lightwarriors took over the main part of the operation: to sync through themselves both Logos, in parallel, to set them up with the intersection in some Power Places, nodes of the crystal lattice of the planet. This was supposed to help the 3D Logos tune in to self, unlock its reserves and increase the vibrational code of the three-dimensional Earth. The ground team had to give an impetus to the process, but the planetary Logos must do the main work itself.

Through the eruption of the Shiveluch volcano in Russia, and the activation of the entire Pacific Fire Ring, kicked off the reset of the internal and external tension of the planet. Seismic activity was supposed to reduce human interference with the rhythms of Earth and Nature.

Pacific Ring Of Fire

On 13 April at 05:20 PM CET, the main Light work began. Its goal was to transfer the 3D Logos to temporary external run. Co-Creators assigned a number of technical functions to the group’s Logos, including a transformation guide and a piece of codes to operate as a single unit. The team could do it, as previously proved numerous successful experiments and ops.

At this stage, Co-Creators have not yet decided whether the new Causal Matrix will be corrected or the entire planetary Logos has to be completely replaced. Latter is a very difficult task, given the energy of 8 million people. But Absoluterra, its integration into the Gaia’s Multiverse left no chance. This is a completely new level of cosmic creativity, for which the Earth’s Logos was not ready, although Co-Creators prepared it, including through Lightwarriors. For now, both Logos will act as dipole for the time being, removing the old and setting new parameters.

When the unification of the cores of both Logos began, the group members had a particularly tough time, because energetically everything passed through them. On the Subtle Plane, they saw how a dipole was shaped and the transformation of Earth’s Crystal kicked off, making dual-core, enclosed in a single sphere. Then, converged to a microscopic distance, but the energies were already actively flowing from one to the other, creating a magnetic attraction of crystalline energies. They amplified and saturated the planetary crystal lattice, every micro- and macro-form created on Earth with their high frequencies, increasing the quality, vibrations and interaction between them.

In parallel, the ground team’s Logos encircled Earth, carefully integrating into its radiation, entering together with it into one stream. So far, their energies have hardly mixed. The full merger was supposed to happen later.

On 14 April at 05:00 PM CET, the next op’s phase began: the trail unification of the two Logos.


On April 15, in all time zones, at 00:00 local time, a main part started: using the powerful Pleroma’s energies that flooded Earth during Easter through the Christ Channel, the ground team began to actively saturate both Logos with them. Technically, it went the following way.

1. At 00:00 in each time zone, every group member secluded himself and entered a meditative state, focusing on raise their vibrations as higher as possible and opened their hearts.

2. Then, they were well grounded according to the methods, familiar to them.

3. They sent Light and Love to the entire planet, tuned in to Christ and Co-Creators, sent them the vibes of their hearts, and came into direct contact with them.

4. Mentally tuned in and synchronized with the Earth’s core.

5. By the thought power, they established an affirmation that their actions are aimed at Light work for the Spiritual and energy support of two Logos.

6. United their hearts with Co-Creators’, mentally imagining how together they expand and become the size of Earth, wrapped it entirely, completely and saturated with their Light and Love.

7. Spent the necessary time in this state.

8. After that, they mentally thanked everyone who participated and helped in this work, and slowly and calmly came out of operating state.

On 16 April at 00:26 PM CET, Co-Creators reported on the first op’s results. During passed night, two Logos merged by 70 percent, their dipole reached the necessary stability, and intra-system synthesis began inside it. The general center of rotation was well manifested. The luminosity increases. The interfusion continues…

On 20 April 2023 at 06:40 PM CET, via the Single Hierarchical Channel came the latest info on the new Causal Matrix downloading problem into 3D Earth. This day, during the Solar Greatest Eclipse, Co-Creators fully deactivated our planet’s Logos. Until the last moment, all Earthy ground teams did not believe that they would dare to do this. Nevertheless, it has happened.

Solar Greatest Eclipse on 20 April

A few days ago, on April 17 at 00:54 PM CET, Co-Creators confirmed Lightwarriors that thanks to their joint operation, the both Logos’ merging, of the group and 3D Earth, has become solid, their glow is stable, the fusion continues. And soon the group will receive a new task… Now it’s all canceled because didn’t guarantee 100 percent success.

What’s next? It is obvious that there will be no return to the past, it is simply impossible. The only possible step is the creation of another Logos with a new Causal and planetary Matrix. The deadlines are very tight – until the completion of the spring Eclipse Corridor, which ends with a Lunar Eclipse on May 5, 2023.

During this time, Co-Creators plan to completely stop the Radiant synthesis (self-luminosity) of the Earth’ Logos core and completely split its body. The process has already started and is similar to the nuclear reactor’s shutting down. In order to stop the chain reaction quickly and effectively, it is necessary to absorb the released neutrons. Boron carbide is usually used for this purpose. Rods with it are introduced into the active zone, the neutron flux is absorbed, and the reaction slows down and stops.

Radiant Synthesis

To stop the reaction in the Logos core, on the Subtle Plane, Co-Creators will put special inhibitors into it. They will slow down the Radiant synthesis to a critical level, transfer it to the smoldering phase, and then, extinguish it completely. After that, the Earth’ Logos body will be annihilated. Before that, all aspects of the Higher Light Entities that have supported it during its existence will be removed. The main ones were aspects of Gaia, World Mother Sophia, Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek, and El Moria.

In order for people, the carriers of the Source’s Spark, could survive the stronghold of Grays and Darks and evolve on 3D Earth, many Higher Light Beings, including Buddha and Sanat Kumara, placed in the Logos of our planet their aspects. Guan Yin’s aspect was in the Earth’s Logos, and by Her decision, she removed it as other Higher Light Hierarchs did to facilitate the new Logos creation.

The latter left Earth in 1956, having completed His mission here, and handed over powers to Buddha. All mentioned Light Entities are now participating in the birth of the new Earth’s Logos.

World Mother Sophia

On the one hand, activating the New Casual Body and Logo it is a more powerful than 3D operating system, which contains billions of programs, codes, constants and other parameters, linked to the future, the 4th Local Universe.

On the other hand, it is giant energies’ storage, and loaded OS materializes them in events, their common vector. A full analogue of our Causal Body, in which the energies of thoughts, emotions and actions accumulate and determine our fate.

We’ll see the mystery of the new planetary Logos birth, its installation in 3D Earth, activation, loading through it of a new Causal Matrix and its full launch. It remains for us to be patient and with awareness of what is occurring calmly observe how it will happen....

Will keep you posted....

If you desire to Metamorphose your reality, and if you have come to the realization that whatever you Intend, you already have it there, within, ready to emerge and create... then this "I Am Multidimensional" session is for you.
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