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Last News by Mar 25, 2022 -be a calm observer through whom the flow of Light goes

This information is passed on to anyone who wishes and can process it for his own benefits.

Argorians Update 25 March 2022

On March 25, 2022, at 09:18 AM CET, fresh Earth monitoring data was received, transmitted by Argorians’ fleet and the Siriusians’ Lunar tracking station. The information received is summarized below.

In the near-Earth space and on surface, existing Portals are expanding and new Portals are opening for the entry of high-frequency vibrations.

Through the screen of Gaia’s enhanced quantum protection, all the terrestrial pyramids send the molecular contents of the planet’s plasma storage through the connecting channels of the crust to the converter on the Moon.

A quantum fractal materializes in Time space and sound waves are focused to form 4D/5D.

Quantum Fractal

The earthlings’ vitality and knowledge growth increases their energy potential.

Communication center unitizes into a single beam the entire spectrum of quantum flows, directed to Earth, and impacts on the Subtle energy of thought perceived by a living cell. This accelerates its 5D transformation and upgrading.

The ultrasonic transducer translates energy and matter into another Time space. Sonic effects are controlled by focusing the selected buzzer.

The field structure of ultrasonic energy corrects the entire terrestrial space. The 5D Hologram changes its molecular content.

The Aura of Earth

The aura of the planet is saturated and retransmits incoming quantum flows to the surface. The connecting channels of the Earth’s crust open an outlet to the multicolored energies of the worlds of nature which are transformed into five-dimensional ones.

The stratification of earthlings continues in accordance with the Subtle energy of thought radiated by them.

The energy fields of the planet open Portals for stepwise developing plasma. By compressing the labyrinth of outer space, Argorians affect the ultrasonic plane of Earth. This plane accumulates the radiation of the pyramids and regulates all processes on the globe.

The outflow of energy plasma emitted by the Earth’s fields is controlled by meridian connection channels and a Hologram. Through the Quasitron formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea, and the spheroidal point of the planet (in the Mediterranean Sea), the spent particles are removed and dispersed into outer space.

The binding channels of the crust affect thermal processes with their force fields. The planet’s receiver complex periodically turns on steles scattered across all continents to transform the layers of the Earth’s sphere with red energy.

Red Energy

All accumulating installations and Portals of the power infrastructure are being rebuilt and modernized. The structural lattice of the Hologram is upgrading. The planet’s control panels continuously transform and pump quantum flows. The energies of the expiring plasma are radiated and accumulated in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The anode field of the Nature worlds regulates the energy of protein bodies. It is converted into neutrino clots and can cause an increase or decrease in temperature, both in the whole body and in individual organs.

The transition of condensed plasma into the aura of Earth during the cyclic splitting of atoms is monitored by the deputy commander of Argorians’ space squadron.

The energy of splitting atoms is accumulated by the planet according to the installed programs. Particle flows exit through 4D Portals into the force field of the fourth dimension. Energy is directed to the gradual change of man-made living conditions.

Energy Of Splitting Atom

Through the Planet Control Center, the desired vector is selected, having an output through force fields, and an additional exit through inter-sphere control.

Using pulses, the one-dimensional (1D) quantum of mineral worlds is removed through a common energy field.

The second way is from the atmospheric layer, limited by the ozone screen. The wave reverse energy of the two-dimensional (2D) basis of the Nature world begins to form a new quantum basis, as well as planes that remove negative particles (chirons). These processes are controlled by the energy block of the planetary system.

Ultrasonic pulses of five-dimensional (5D) space form a platform for the exit of three-dimensional (3D) energies and matter from Earth.

The interdimensional impacts have effect on the climate. It begins to form vital matter into 4D/5D neutrino clumps. The plasma of plants morphs, their climate change adaptation potential increases.

Biological matter is also actively transformed, gaining greater potency. The new four-dimensional (4D) energy reconfigures the human Subtle Bodies into a single Light Body. The physical corpus becomes less dense and better adapted to the high-frequency 4D/5D environment.

Reconfiguring Bodies

To prepare 5D Earth for moving to Gerios Galaxy, representatives of its plasmoid race make the necessary adjustments of the Quasitrone. The 3D life support system is gradually annihilated and step by step replaced by a 4D/5D structure. This creates new, unique conditions for the Earth’s civilization.

More and more people are beginning to feel the vibrations of Light and Love that fill the entire planet and every person, regardless of their perception, all living things on the globe.

The true nature of events and phenomena hidden from earthlings are being exposed. If earlier it was possible to deceive all and impose from above any point of view, now everyone is starting to see everything.

Contradictions are growing between people staying in different realities. 3D people are completely incompatible with 4D men, and even more so 5D. It is important to be tolerant of each other.

Two spaces are being formed rapidly which will be close for a long time, even after the Transition.

In one there are many active consciousness that know themselves, in the other there are lagging Souls who need lessons from old programs.

Apartness is growing. People communicate with each other as if through glass.

Two Spaces

Solar radiation can penetrate deeply into any cell of the human body, purify and heal it if the cells are prepared for quantum flows from the Source. The healing is accelerated many times. If the mind does not interfere with consciousness, it can perform real magic in the body.

People have the opportunity to receive and contain much more information than before. The important glands of the epiphysis and pituitary located in the brain are crystals with a huge memory capacity.

The intensity of the brain work increases many times. Because of this, people may have headaches and other strange sensations. After each powerful wave from the Source, there will be a long process of adaptation.

Cleansing cataclysms and social conflicts will continue. The best option is to be a calm observer through whom the flow of Light goes. The more indignant, the more dangerous the situation in certain regions and the world, as aggression grows and the accumulation of blocking negative energy continues.


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