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Humanity is a Homo Cosmicus! Space weather in July 2024

Much deeper knowledge is available to us here on our planet, allowing us to begin remembering our origins and understanding the complexity of the current development that the population of our planet is experiencing.

Available within the consciousness field and imparted by highly evolved lightworkers, this profound knowledge is something I would like to share with you.

New, more powerful systemic energies directed by the Co-Creators onto 3D Earth have accelerated the dismantling of the entire infrastructure of the NAA, Darks, and Grays, stubbing out their strongholds and power sources on the subtle plane. These quantum flows, orchestrated by stelliums of planets and stars have also accelerated the restoration of our DNA to its primary cosmic state, with ongoing progress.

The key highlights of the creation of our DNA

Initially, the 3D Earth created by Yaltabaoth was lifeless. Humanity existed in an energy form only on its thin-material double in 5D. According to the Absolute’s plan, Co-Creators began relocating part of this population to our three-dimensional planet, an event distorted in history and described in the Bible as the Expulsion from Paradise. To incarnate, people needed physical bodies made of dense and tight biomaterial suited for this low and stiff dimension; otherwise, they couldn’t exist here, just as our 3D bodies cannot survive in 5D.

The Co-Creators assigned the Pleiadians, the best geneticists of that time in the Local Universe, to create the bio-basis of the human body. They didn’t have to create the form, as it already existed. The Pleiadians, like other former Grey space races, had a long and challenging journey to the Light Side and approached this task creatively. They didn’t simply adapt their DNA to 3D or reprogram its systemic evolutionary codes for our physical bodies. Instead, they invited various civilizations to collaboratively develop the DNA Matrix for earthlings.

Their plan was to incorporate the best genetic material from different space sources, making earthlings Homo Cosmicus from the very beginning. The Co-Creators approved this magnificent project immediately. In the initial stage, about 30 civilizations participated, divided into groups: two leading groups (6 and 12 participants each) and one additional group. The DNA Matrix was framed mainly by the first pair of groups, with primary donors from the humanoid races of the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Lyra, Vega, and Aldebaran. The Matrix consisted of twelve spirals with 144,000 genes, each corresponding to one of their maternal space objects, 3,333,333,333 nucleotide pairs, and an ideal cell that could independently generate life energy and was adapted to the Grey matter from which the planet was built.

The work did not stop there. To gain new experiences, the Absolute and Co-Creators decided to let earthlings go through different evolutionary conditions of Maha Yuga (epochal changes) with a gradually worsening environment. During the Golden Age of Satya Yuga, the DNA Matrix was 100% active, enabling people to live for thousands of years, as long as they desired. Levitation, telekinesis, and teleportation were common practices. However, in each subsequent Yuga, as environmental conditions became harsher, the DNA Matrix was reprogrammed.

Soon, only 6 of the 12 active strands remained functional. Most primary genes and 95% of the brain's capacities were blocked. In the recently ended Kali Yuga, we were left with only two working physical DNA helices and a minimal number of active genes and brain potential. Ten wave spirals were sealed. Darks, Grays, and other space races (about 100 in total) conducted extensive genetic experiments. This condition persisted for thousands of years.

In addition to genetic changes, the Causal and Subtle Human Bodies were also reformed. The original single Light Body was split into chakras, and their vibrations lowered in each Yuga. The unified energy body was fragmented into six shells – etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic – each with decreased vibrations. This led to the harshest evolutionary conditions during Kali Yuga. But this was part of the Higher Plan devised by our Souls and the Absolute.

Today, all of this is in the past. As we transform to return to 5D, the original perfection is being actively restored at all levels. Co-Creators are sending more powerful high-frequency cosmic flows to Earth to facilitate this process. With individual openness and readiness, these flows increase personal vibrations, unlock and activate dormant DNA strands and blocked genes, gradually unite the chakras into a single energy center, merge the energy shells into a single multidimensional body, restore brain potential and cell structure, and more.

But this is only part of the reformatting process. In addition to DNA helices, we also have a Causal DNA Matrix. This matrix contains all the necessary systemic information, including the basic physical constants of Earth: gravity, light velocity, free-fall acceleration, rotation rate, etc. Such firmware, considering local conditions, is a prerequisite for the DNA of any life form on any planet.

Co-Creators have deleted part of the data about human space donors from the Causal DNA Matrix. The freed space was filled with information about human incarnations and experiences on Earth, and its torsion-wave component contains records of the entire evolution of the Universe. In total, 666,666,666,666 Monad carriers from all over the Galaxy were embodied on Earth. However, only 66.6 billion Souls, which have an "earthly residence permit" (i.e., have multiple sequences of incarnations on our planet), participate in the Quantum Transition. This vast difference is because many Souls often come to Earth for only one or a few incarnations to gain the experience needed to speed up their own evolution.

In the Causal Matrix, some segments of the “founding fathers” DNA remain in a latent state. When activated individually, they serve as communication channels and bio-space portals. However, the functions of this Matrix extend far beyond this – it serves the Monads. To enter 3D for an evolutionary experience, the Monad step-by-step unfolds its manifestation bodies from the highest dimensions down to the third density. The Causal Body, more precisely its core, is the last level on which it materializes without changes. It can only descend further by integrating with the Gray matter that composes Earth and the human corpus.

Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Everything that disintegrates after a person’s death is not part of their primary essence, which is the substance of their maternal Monad. Traditionally, the etheric body disappears on the 3rd day after death, the astral and mental bodies on the 9th day, and the causal body (excluding its core) on the 40th day.

This process occurs much more rapidly today. All the karma accumulated during life fills the core of the causal body after death. Since this core is part of the Monad, it cannot be reabsorbed with such a mutation. Thus, a person must reincarnate to resolve their karma, which is transferred back into the nascent causal body at the moment of birth.

Millions of earthlings who have already transitioned to 4D and 5D, or are ready for it, have surpassed this stage. They have returned to their primary energy form and continue their evolution in it. Those remaining on the transformed Earth require genetics that allow them to exist in local clusters with frequencies of 3.85D-3.95D. Restoring the 12-helix DNA Matrix seemed an ideal solution. With minor adjustments, it facilitates the transition from a protein-nucleotide base to a liquid crystalline silicon one. However, it was discovered that this matrix could not sustain the human corpus indefinitely.

Co-Creators and Pleiadians conducted numerous experiments to address this issue. They developed 24-helix and even 144-strand DNA Matrices, testing them first on Lightwarriors and then on ordinary individuals, but these attempts were unsuccessful. For life in higher dimensions on the new Earth, a non-helix DNA Matrix is required. What hinders its development and implementation are newly discovered problems.

Approximately 100 space races contributed to genetic modifications in humans. Most of these genes have become an evolutionary hindrance, stored as non-coding "junk" DNA, which constitutes 99% of our genome. An even more significant issue is that about one-third of our genome consists of highly active genes from Reptilian civilizations from Lyra, Orion, and other cosmic systems. This genetic content became highly active in humans during the Cosmic Night and Kali Yuga, which was an unavoidable prerequisite for evolution and overcoming the era of Darkness. This legacy is evident in the human embryo, which at an intrauterine stage shows rudimentary signs of a tail and gills, manifesting the Reptilian genes within us.

In addition to physical characteristics, Reptilian genes actively manifest energetically. These genes generate a significant amount of low-vibration emotions such as anger, hatred, aggression, cruelty, greed, envy, and other vices that influence the consciousness and behavior of many individuals. Embodied on Earth as elite, these cosmic “donors” not only observe but also manipulate us through their DNA fragments. They even introduce wave strains of viruses through which they extract vital energy and offload their karma and toxic informational waste, acting as vampiric tools at the genetic level. Fortunately, Reptilian parasites do not have access to the human reference Causal Matrix. However, they don't need to access it directly; they can manipulate the human genome through their genes, both individually and globally, using various occult techniques. Nevertheless, they are powerless against highly spiritual individuals.

With the authorization of the Galactic Committee and the agreement of individuals' Higher Selves, Pleiadians have initiated a comprehensive individual genetic revision of human DNA and, if necessary, its reformatting. This usually occurs at night or in the early morning. The sensations may be unusual, but there is no need to fear or panic; this process is for our benefit. The new 3D human reference DNA Matrix will be updated with new genetic donors. Co-Creators are currently deciding who exactly these new donors will be.

New, more powerful systemic energies that Co-Creators began directing onto 3D Earth have accelerated the dismantling of the entire Negative Alien Agenda (NAA), as well as the Darks and Grays' infrastructure. These energies are stubbing out all their strongholds and power sources on the Subtle Plane. The same quantum flows, orchestrated by the alignments of planets and stars are also accelerating the restoration of our DNA to its primary cosmic state, with further progress expected.

How will the space weather in July affect the stratified 3D reality of Earth and Earthlings?

In the first decade, the state of the planet’s biosphere will begin to recover after strong and prolonged cosmic thunderbolts in June, accompanied by powerful Solar jets and magnetic storms, quakes, floods and heat stroke.

The situation in the first weeks of this month promises to be calmer, thanks to the Saturn’s retrograde movement that began on June 29, which will have a retarding effect on events throughout the second decade. In the third, the situation may become more complicated due to a number of factors. They include hard radiation from three stars: Sheath in Pegasus will be activated by Neptune, Algol in Perseus – by Uranus, Aldebaran in Taurus – by Jupiter.

Recall that there are no evil or good stars and planets. Their energies are neutral, but in different octaves have different effects on the collective and individual consciousness and subconscious. Stelliums’ high registers are positive for Spiritual people with great mental and creative potential. In low-frequency characters, they expose the darkest sides.

The location of the Sheath shows the completion of the karmic loop, and whether it will untie or tighten even more depends on us. This period will last from 2024 to 2026, when each of us will be under intense pressure. This is a time of clouding of the mind, the agony of the System and its power and agenda, and the danger of new man-made viruses. The exact connection of Neptune with Sheath is May 29-August 6, 2024, March 20, 2025, November 11, 2025, and January 9, 2026.

The next star with powerful energy, Algol, is active from the end of June to the middle of October 2024. From July 10 to 17, Mars conjuncts it, which is fraught with high vibrational turbulence and strong upheavals. The peak activity of the third star, Aldebaran, will occur on July 4-10 and will be felt throughout the first half of the month.

The official commencement has begun for the next stage in the transformation of Earth and its inhabitants – the introduction of more powerful, system-forming quantum energies. These energies will continue to establish the new foundation of the planet and catalyze the transformation of human bodies. Prior to this phase, there was an extensive preparatory period during which individuals were energized with the highest Light energies to elevate their vibrations and purify themselves from lower frequencies. These new energies will manifest more actively in both familiar and unfamiliar physical elements, as well as in the cells, DNA, genes, and tissues of all living organisms. This targeted enhancement will occur through Portals, pyramids, sacred sites, and other Power Places.

July provides all of us with a chance to fit into the scenario that Co-Creators have uploaded into the Earth’s Matrix for the next six months during the Summer Solstice. Depending on our frequencies, the vibrations of planets, stars and stelliums enhance or distort the actions of codes and programs, brought by the energies of the Pleroma and the Central Spiritual Sun of the Universe so that we survive in a new energy environment.

It’s time to decide which octave to tune.

On Crossroad

How can we perceive these changes?

This transformation is already unfolding. It brings unpredictability, a sense of being disconnected from time, and a near-total loss of memory about the past. There is a profound sense of incomprehensibility and occasional bursts of Solar Fire. Old systems, attitudes, orders, and programs are collapsing, leaving individuals with a feeling of instability and a lack of continuity. Everything seems to be moving at an accelerated pace.

During the recent solstice, this process intensified, expanding further and deeper. Different facets of this transformation occur at various times. Approximately three weeks ago, powerful impacts on the nervous system began, exacerbating existing issues and human reactions. This has led to elemental disturbances, particularly with water and earth, resulting in widespread occurrences of heavy rains, floods, and earthquakes globally. Former strong alliances between states have weakened, and traditional political decision-making processes have come to a standstill. The world appears to be undergoing a profound reversal of norms and expectations.

Solstice Boosting

At the same time, a new human consciousness is emerging. The old constraints are shedding away, revealing a novel being that radiates with crystalline Light, equipped with numerous senses yet unfamiliar with its surroundings. This emergence creates a profound dissonance with the external world, propelling us collectively into higher, purer realms.

For each individual, this transformation can unfold swiftly or over the course of months, unfolding outside conventional notions of time where understanding may be elusive but peaceful living remains paramount. In our familiar reality, the Sun continues to shine, inviting us to clear waters, birdsong serenades, and hearts filled with joy. These elements coexist in our lives, depending on where we choose to direct our attention.

Today, Earth is receiving vast cosmic radiations, largely unknown to many, perceived as entirely alien and incomprehensible. Yet, this perception is inherently human. Step a little further from our planet, and one might feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar influxes of information. It's best not to dwell on these complexities. Allow everything to unfold spontaneously and naturally.

Changes arrive precisely on time, neither delayed nor premature, but always punctual.

Into Higher Dimensions

Today, the intensity of Solar plasma jets burning away old mental and physical programs has peaked and will continue to escalate. These high-frequency waves affect everyone not as destructive forces, but as transformative energies akin to emergency responders. Pure Souls effortlessly endure this deep cleanse of cellular consciousness, restructuring of the brain and neural networks, and disconnection from the 3D Matrix.

Throughout this process, key energy centers are prominently engaged – particularly the sixth, fourth, and third chakras. Sensations of heat, vibration, exhaustion, or profound calm are most keenly felt there. Even if we haven't been active, our feet may tingle as our energy aligns with the Earth's. This heightened pressure on the psyche causes emotions to fluctuate like a seesaw, where even minor triggers can provoke strong reactions.

It's important not to suppress these feelings – they represent the purification of our subconscious mind. Memories, even those long forgotten, remain stored in our bodies, especially the painful ones where the psyche once erected barriers to shield us from further distress. These memories resemble soap bubbles of varying densities within cellular memory. When exposed to plasma jets of diverse spectra, these bubbles are punctured like needles. This process targets what individuals cling to and fear losing, even though the entire planet is transitioning to higher dimensions, rendering such attachments trivial.

One must let go of everything, all of the Illusional Self. Only thus the true Spiritual freedom and control of own life is possible. This means moving beyond old patterns and the dictates of the Matrix, without expectations or self-blame. For instance, not conforming to societal norms that no longer resonate with your true desires. Listen to yourself, trust your instincts, and refrain from self-deprecation, especially during emotional moments.

These symptoms can significantly impact well-being. Vital energy levels may drop as the body undergoes transmutation and biochemical restructuring. This process isn't quick; it demands patience, trust in the Source, and the ability to heed the body's signals, which may manifest as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, colds, dizziness, apathy, or gastrointestinal discomfort. Reactions to the plasma stream's influence vary based on individual mental and physical states. Some adapt easily, while others find it challenging, regardless of age—sometimes even children and teenagers struggle psychologically. Children may act out, expressing their true selves; instead of scolding, respond calmly with love and patience.

When absorbing light energies, people around you may behave oddly as their vibrational field adjusts to yours. Handle this situation calmly, finding personal methods to harmonize when you feel internal heat rising. With numerous options available now, everyone can find what best suits them based on an intuitive understanding of their essence and soul.

Powerful plasma eruptions and solar flares serve as our furnace, burning away painful, wounded, and damaged cells. They infuse the body with desired light frequencies, removing inner resistance to change, often unconscious, and initiating organ and system regeneration. The body receives a robust energy surge for transformation and enhancement.

Trust your heart in all decisions, and approach the world with lightness and kindness. This is the most effective form of self-care and aid for others.


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