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Darks again tried to create a new Nazi egregore based on a cloned Black Sun

The Third Reich was the ultimate project of the Dark Hierarchy. Black Archons used Hitler and his elite as a tool to implement their projects on Earth by their hands. On the Subtle Plane, the core of the AntiPleroma Matrix was a super crystal. It was created from the human Monadic substance, one of the most perfect in the Universe. The Nazis took the material for it from the Monads of people who had voluntarily sacrificed themselves.

On 17 February 2023, at 05:08 PM CET, via the Single Hierarchical Channel, Higher Light Hierarchs conveyed the following urgent info.

They warned that currently, on the basis of two European States, the Dark Pole expedited the creation of the new Nazi Reich’s core. The formation of its structure is carried out through existing national institutions.

The plan’s goal is to transform these countries and their peoples either in separate States of the “fourth Reich”, or use them for building a single neo-Nazi formation. Its main objective is the destruction of the Light Pole.

Two leaders of these countries have been entrusted with forcing this project. But they are only front men, behind which, as was the case with former Nazis and fascists, are more powerful forces. At present, they conduct black magic rituals and initiation rites with both proxies, as it was with Hitler and his associates.

In Germany, the Lightwarriors’ ops were directly related to the tasks that they and Co-Creators solved during Operation Black Sun, namely, the elimination of the Dark Archons’ infrastructure. On Earth, one of its key centers was Castle Wewelsburg in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Wewelsburg On The Map
Wewelsburg Castle

Under the run of SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, in Wewelsburg, the Nazis created the localization of the Third Reich egregore’s core as the basis of a new Aryan global religion to replace all existing ones. If they had completed their plans, this Subtle monster would have been closer to the Logos.

The Third Reich was the highest project of the Dark Hierarchy. Archons used Hitler and his elite as tools to achieve many goals. The main was to create on Earth full-format micro-copy of the Black Sun and turn into it our planetary Logos.

Himmler at Wewelsburg Castle

The Black Sun, was an Anti-Pleroma that was destroyed during the operation of Higher Light Hierarchy and the ground team ( Armageddon Chronicle in I Am temple Library category). However, its micro-copies remained in the Local Universe and on Earth. As a result of joint operations, they were annihilated along with the residues of Black Sun Matrix on the Subtle Plane in Wewelsburg.

Black Sun Mandala

Last year, the Darks again tried to create a new Nazi egregore based on a cloned Black Sun. Thanks to the actions of the Light Forces, this attempt failed, and the egregore was annihilated.

Now, a third attempt is being made, but using a different, non-egregore’s technology. It turns out that Dark Pole has such know-how.

By disclosing this information, Higher Light Hierarchs warn us that the war against them is not over. Its Earthly continuation is only a part of the battles, which are going on today on the physical and Subtle Plane in different eons of the current, 3rd Local Universe.

But the outcome of this war is predetermined. Absolutes have already closed their project as an environment of duality and habitat of Light, Dark and Gray civilizations. The next, 4th Local Universe will only be Realm of Light.

On my website, in the I Am temple Library category, I have shared the untold and totally unknown history of Nazism and the Lightworker operations. There are many files in pdf format. If you interested, please start reading with "Destruction of the Death Nest", "Operation Black Suns" and "Operation in Germany"


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