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Updated Galaxy Matrix

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Quantum Energy Flows

The infrastructure of the Subtle Plane and near-Earth space

The classification of Galaxies in the Local Universe is based on the principle of belonging to Light or Darkness. It applies only to so-called mature Galaxies, i.e. those that have passed the point of self-determination.

The 3D Galaxies (with the corresponding level of consciousness) are developing or adolescent. The Milky Way (an Earth) belongs to the adolescent group.

The current stage of evolution means that the Milky Way (from the point of view of spiritual development) is at the end of its childhood and youth cycle and is entering a transitional phase.

The passing Local Universe was dual and two-vectored. It was built on the opposition of Light and Darkness, Female and Male Foundation. Evolution developed based on the unity and struggle of opposites.

In the launched new Local Universe and its Matrix, two-vectors will remain. The fundamental difference will be that it will be based on UNITY AND COOPERATION.

Returning to the above-mentioned list, the renewed Local Universe, Milky Way, and Earth civilization would be based on Light, not on Darkness, on Good not on Evil, on Love not on Hate, on Assistance not on Oppression, on Serving to Others not to Self, on Harmony and not on Expansion.

On the quantum level, these programs are already transmitting to Earth!

The Absolute dipole has completely reset the new 14D Sun in our Local Universe.

It began to relay the higher vibrations of the Source. Now Pleroma and Its Entities learn to hold the vibration of this Light, to melt, but not burn.

The hierarchical structure of the Milky Way is completely reformatted. A single, unified body of Galactic government was created.

The new body will retain the name – Galactic Committee (Galacom).

But now it will include the Galactic Federation, the Higher Light Hierarchy, the Angelic-Archangel System, the Primary Archons of Light, and other Higher Entities and Formations.

Updated and consolidated Galacom has exclusive powers.

The Galacom will include representatives of two consciousness types – civilizations (Council of Civilizations) and Logos (Council of Logos). It’s like two houses of Parliament. Each doing its own thing. The most important issues are brought to a Single Board Galacom.

Unlike earlier, now in the Galacom, there will be no Dark and Gray civilizations.

Absolute has established new rules for admission to the Galacom. The criteria for selecting Logos and Civilizations are very strict. They need to fit on more than 40 parameters.

In the Galacom now there are Permanent Members (with voting rights) and Associate Members (without voting rights but with the right situational or deliberative vote).

The highest structure of the Galactic Committee presented Galatians with the right to vote and the veto.

Who are they?

These are the dipole creations of the Milky Way Logos. Galatians learned the true chronicle of our planet and are very interested in the Earth. They have very far-reaching plans for it.

The updated Galaxy Matrix will be in the form of a three-level sacred Lotus mandala.

Guan Yin

The three hierarchical levels now look like this:

1st level or petal – the four main petals (arms, segments) of the Milky Way are preserved, although adjusted.

2nd level: 12 smaller petals (sub-arms).

3rd level: 144 petals.

The petals of the second and third levels are different zones inside the 4 main petals (Milky Way arms). It will still be a spiral galaxy, in the form of an ancient Swastika Lotus.

The Galactic Committee will be filled by the petal division. The Galacom Council will be represented by 4 dipole pairs (8 Entities) of 4 main petals (arms). From our Milky Way arm – by Melchizedek and Guan Yin.

There will also be 12 representatives from the second Galactic level and 144 representatives from the third petal level. These are Regular Participants. Associate members also have their quotas.

The Local Universe’s Programmers already reformatted the Galaxy Matrix for the new configuration.

The Source’s energy distribution through the Suns of Galaxy and the Local Universe will be carried out according to this new scheme.

The root energy of the old Matrix is being dismantled, deactivated, and destroyed. The energy framework of the planet is being replaced and filled with a new light-bearing, highly vibrational substance.

New vital energies are linked to human DNA. The humans received their first DNA from a Source. It was a perfect model of biomaterial and protein forms of Intelligence. Its bearer is the Supreme Creator.

The Perfect Man had 12 physical and 12 wave helices of DNA. Its genome consisted of 144,000 genes, corresponding to the number of facets of the Pleroma Crystal, the realm of the Local Universe’s Absolute. There were no disease-causing genes in the DNA.

The planetary system superstructure of the 3D Matrix known as accumulated karma is completely deactivating.

No one knew or imagined what the steps would be to cleanse the Earth and humanity of the metastasis of the Black Archons cancer that had grown deep into the matter, energy, and organisms of the 3D planet and people.

The Co-Creators have resolutely rejected proposals to abandon humanity to its fate and are doing everything possible to preserve it, to transform for the continuation of evolution already during this lifetime.

Galacom’s plans and scenarios are constantly being refined and adjusted, depending on current results and the state of people, the resilience and countermoves of the Archons and Dark Forces, Earth’s general response to new quantum energies, as well as other factors.

Sometimes the chronology of planned events and operations fails. All energies, without exception, are under tremendous strain. They do not always line up perfectly. On January 20, 2021, the system failure in Earth’s Crystal demonstrated it.

They require a very flexible external control. And it is special in every point of space, in every creature. It must be carefully tuned in, constantly checking the capabilities and planned goals. Especially in the extreme conditions of 3D.

It is impossible to move such a thing out of place in one fell swoop, even with the maximum of all efforts. Even with help from the Absolutes of the other Local Universes to our two Absolutes.

The ordering of the interaction goes by leaps and bounds. It sometimes speeds up, then slows down, and even retreats. At the same time, the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs try to maintain the efficiency of each part. And save as many people as possible in this whirlwind. To reformat, but to save.

How does our reality (the Matrix) change in general through the introduction of new energies, information, programs, etc.? Why are some changes sustainable while others are not?

There are different schemes for changing reality, this or that segment of the Matrix.

Universe’s Matrix

The system changes are implemented at the level of the Matrix. Only SYSTEM MATRIX PROGRAMMERS WITH RELATED RIGHTS AND AUTHORITY can carry them out.

It’s simple: they rewrote the program, pressed the enter button, and our reality changed on all planes – physical, energetic, informational, Causal, systemic.

Systemic changes are the most stable if they are fixed at the systemic level of the Matrix. Nothing can be done about them INSIDE the Matrix. For those who are within this Matrix.

But this is the highest level of programming of the Universe’s Matrix. It is where the Chief Programmer is in charge. He oversees the activities of all the System Programmers of the lower hierarchical levels of the Matrix. He fulfills the Absolute’s Plan and is not subordinate to ANYONE but the Absolute.

Since recently our Pleroma is no longer within the Universe’s Matrix. It is taken out of it into the space of True (Out-of-Matrix) Reality.

Therefore, transformations and changes of the Matrix on the systemic level are possible either by its Programmers and Administrators or from within, or by different forms of Intelligence. Unless, of course, these changes from inside do not contradict the program algorithm of the Matrix.

In our 3D reality, no miracle happened. The Matrix was updated, but the changes did not happen by the wave of a magic wand.

It means only that we will have to change it with our hands, by real work, including inner work, conscious activity, removing old energies and programs, and filling them with new ones.

But it has to be done in strict accordance with the program of the New Matrix created at the systemic level.

What changes and transformations carried out on Earth are sustainable and anchored in the Causal Matrix of the planet? What innovations are unstable, i.e. which disappear over time, like the morning fog?

Let’s look at a concrete example. You decided to create a new Power Place on Earth that would be connected to, say, the Star Alpha Centauri.

You came to the site, synchronized with the Earth’s Heart and the Alpha Centauri Logos Core, and started a channel from it through yourself to the planet’s Crystal. That is, formed an Axis. The deed is done, you can go home.

But the question arises: how long will this channel last there? How sustainable will the changes you have decided to make to the Earth’s Causal Matrix be? How long will these new energies flow into it?

And the most important question: does the Earth need these energies at all? If does, – why, and if not, why not? Won’t an unauthorized outflow of the Earth’s energy occur through the channel you created? It can only be checked experimentally.

There are a lot of factors and nuances. When you do this or that cosmic energy’s work, you bring some new energy and information to Earth, but as a charged battery.

Suppose the Power Place you created and the external cosmic energy brought in through it was useful and did not damage its source. What then?

The forms of Intelligence responsible for this can apply for these changes to the Earth Logos Causal Matrix and register them in the Universe’s Matrix.

This is a very complicated process. If such a decision is made, your Power Place will be inscribed into the Earth’s Causal Matrix and become a SUSTAINABLE, new phenomenon of our reality.

It will then be registered in the updated registry algorithm of our planetary segment of the Universe’s Matrix. It means that you have changed a part of the Matrix, even if it is a small cluster of it.

But what will happen if the changes you made, the new energies prove to be counterproductive and bring harm, distortions into our reality? They will not be prescribed in the Earth’s Causal Matrix.

Earth’s Casual Matrix

Soon (depending on your strength and the amount of energy-information brought in) new energies simply will disappear, dissolve, consuming the stock of energy you brought in during your action.

But there is another important nuance. Sometimes Co-Creators plan to make certain changes in the Earth’s Causal Matrix. But even without activating the system plan, no one in the cosmos will do anything for you for nothing.

For this to happen, change must take place through real action in the very field of our reality. That is, from you and me (it does not matter if we do it on our initiative or if we are instructed to do it from high) and from above.

From below, this is when we act as initiators of certain changes in the reality of the Matrix. From above – this is when changes are first written in the Causal Matrix, and then implemented on Earth.

The ideal is when the two processes go towards each other, that is, conscious actions are taken by someone on Earth itself, and by those who make the appropriate changes in the Causal Matrix. This is the most effective and fastest way to implement the changes made.

If the action is done unilaterally, only by making changes in the Causal Matrix, we will of course get the result, but it will take much longer to materialize.

There is one more important nuance. To make changes to the Causal Matrix, the man who is the conduit for those changes needs to be present in person at the place, at the point on the Earth, where the change is taking place.

It is impossible to remotely activate an energy Portal, say, in India from one’s home in New York or London while lying on the couch. Someone still has to be there. This is the law of 3D and the principles of making a change in our reality.

Of course, there are exceptions. Theoretically, it is possible to do such work and then enter the result into the Earth’s Causal Matrix. But it might be only in single, exceptional cases. And if a Supreme Being with appropriate rights and permissions takes part in such work.

Light Forces’ ground team had it once while working on the ziggurats of Mesopotamia when they were physically unable to get into Iraq.

That’s why a work of Lightworkers who perform cosmo-energetic actions is now so important, but only strictly within the framework of a Single Concept of the Earth’s Transformation, approved by the Higher Light Hierarchs and Gaia.

The Galactic Committee is well aware that everyone is tired of spinning this wheel. To fix and annihilate what cannot fit and assimilate into the new quantum energies described above.

This is also our inner work. Many of us have become related and fused with the old concepts and conditions for which development is not thought of. A lot of people are cheap with money, being quite materialistic, self-centered, and having many fears and concerns.

There is no place for concepts and conditions at the next stage of materiality and spirituality, to which man is now ascending.

We still have time to prepare, but not enough time for drastic changes. Co-Creators are trying to find acceleration measures, but in a way that does not harm the Earth and all of us.

Lightworkers and Earth Transformation

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