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Some folks are going insane around, some others are finding more balance than ever before

On 22 April at 08:30 AM CET, Argorians informed us how Souls are distributed between the third and fifth dimensions today. Data are tracked by online scanning and analysis of the luminosity of EACH Earthling’s Subtle Bodies. The diagram does not give specific figures (they change every minute), and only schematically shows an approximately equal ratio. The only exception is those who cannot decide where to go. In the total population of the planet, they account for about 10% of Soul carriers.

Souls Distribution

Argorians note that the stratification of earthlings by vibrational characteristics causes increasing tension in society. As of the end of April 2023, the stability of the 4D high-frequency ethereal field on Earth has reached 97%. It means that many people couldn’t stay in the third dimension, and must redouble their efforts to move into 5D through the transitional fourth density, changing the energy of their emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

Yes, we don’t see the 4-dimensional space stratification, but on a Subtle Plane, Argorians check it very accurately. Today, the entire Earth’s field is in active motion. Quantum flows are increasingly flowing from higher dimensions to 5D, 4D and 3D, causing many unusual phenomena. Our consciousness is changing faster, and the transformational loads on the body are getting higher.

We notice how time has accelerated; events are flashing like a kaleidoscope, and how tough to orient ourselves in what is happening. Our feelings, attitude and consciousness are changing. The properties of the physical corpus and Subtle Bodies expand. Old information is being actively withdrawn from each cell, and it is increasingly difficult for us to recall past events. The freed space is gradually and carefully filled with new data, updating those who consciously perceive quantum restructuring and are ready for it.

The Gerios Galaxy energies will have an additional powerful impact on us. The Argorians’ spaceships continue transporting their 5D Earth via a multi-dimensional channel. At present, the squadron moves in the last, sixth filter of this conduit. Its structure is similar to a multilayer sieve, consisting of different quantum structures that purify and transform by their radiation 3D Earth through its Multiverse.

The closer to the exit from the separator, the smaller the cells are. It means that the passage is tougher. The filter is programmed to carefully sort the energies according to the specified frequency parameters, which affects the speed of the space convoy. Even on our three-dimensional level, we feel these impacts, despite the protective heliosphere around the Solar System.


The compositions of water, air, and minerals are changing. This causes responses in all living organisms, forcing either to adapt to 5D environmental parameters or too heavy diseases and premature death.

If our civilization lived in harmony with the Source, everything would be easier and softer. The spiritless, soulless and technogeek path of development led to the restoration of late Atlantis, whose Black elite continues to incarnate from the astral and etheric planes. Under their leadership, scientists began to interfere with the genome of Nature, disrupting the flow of cosmic energies, changing the properties of plants and animals, and also getting into human DNA.

But Co-Creators will remove all distortions. Anything that does not comply with the space Golden Standards and Pleroma’s codes will leave the planet. Only Light carriers will be able to live in the fifth dimension. We are on the verge of active changes, the process has launched, the new life support system is on, and it’s the pseudo-3D System (nothing is the same) final countdown.

Inner-Monadic Explosion

On 29 April at 08:10 PM CET, new sensational details of the Co-Creators’ operation with the 3D Earth Logos were received.

The day before, at exactly 05:00 PM CET, the collective Logos, which contains aspects of the ground team, Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs and Higher Light Beings, drew into self the remnants of the Logos of our three-dimensional planet, compressed to a singularity, and then, annihilated with a bright flash as in the inner-Monadic explosion.

The operation occurred on Power Place in one of South European’s mountainous terrain and was full of drama. Involved Lightwarriors still can’t recover from what happened.

25 minutes before the start of the op, Guan Yin, who together with Yang Bao heads the Karmic Council of our Local Universe, came into contact with the team. She requested immediately to stop all preps. Splitting and complete deactivation of the 3D Earth’s Logos was out of the question for karmic reasons. Karma is everything that is not Love or any action that is not conditioned by Love. Everyone was shocked by what they heard. There was less than half an hour left before work, and it was already impossible to have time to warn the entire global group of participants…

Why has the deactivation of the old Logos become impossible?

Remnants of illiquid karma were found in it.

Recall: "Illiquid is karma formed in the past by those who forever left Earth, and for them technically impossible to process it at the present time. The residual illiquid suicidal karma consciously depriving oneself of Life, is the most serious karmic crime against the Source that gives and preserves life. Suicide is even worse than murder which is taking the life of others. The mutated energy released during suicide is one of the most poisonous in the Universe."

Gift Of Life

How this could be and why it became known only 25 minutes before op is still unclear for Lightwarriors. For more than one year, they, together with the Karmic Board, personally Guan Yin, Karma Lords and the Highest Light Hierarchy removed liquid and illiquid karma. It seemed that the 3D Earth’s Logos was clean, but, as it turned out, not completely. That is why its deactivation was cancelled.

What to do?

There were three options.

Theoretically, the unprocessed negativity could be transferred to the new planetary Logos in the form of a karmic loan, especially because the residual karma was illiquid, i.e. inactive. But everyone immediately abandoned this idea.

Another option is to temporarily reanimate the old Logos, because since April 28 we are living in a technical, inertial mode (40 days after the deactivation of the Causal Matrix on March 19, 2023). This plan was also rejected.

Guan Yin

The end of the discussion at the last minute was put by Guan Yin, who insisted on her version. She took upon herself the residual karma of the old Logos, making it out as a personal karmic credit. Thus, it is considered to be worked out, according to the Cosmic Law. This lifted the ban on the op, which was immediately carried out by joint efforts, as planned.

Once again, Guan Yin saved Earth. But the karmic credit is provided with very tough terms. It is issued for only 3.33 years. During this period, the residual karma of the former Logos is considered to be absent. As a security commitment, 33.3% of Her Soul (including the substance of the Monad) is blocked. This part was seized and placed in a “karmic prison” somewhere on 3D Earth.

If during this time the residual illiquid karma of the old Logos is not properly purified and annihilated, then, it will be moved to the new planetary Logos. At the same time, Guan Yin will be declared a karmic default, and She will forever lose the blocked part of Her Soul since She has not fulfilled taken obligations.

Another feat of Guan Yin exactly repeats the terms of Her previous karmic credit when She vouched for humanity. It was on the island of Phangan in Thailand. It was successfully settled, and the entire ground team was so happy for Her. And now, again, karmic captivity… It remains only to bow to such a self-sacrificing feat. Thanks to Her, the path to the new 3D Earth’s Logos activation is completely open.

And what should Guan Yin do? How to help Her?

On the evening of 29 April, this issue was discussed with the Lightwarriors on one of the sacred mountains in Southern Europe. She herself a priori cannot discharge the karmic credit for a number of reasons, the main of which is the absence of a three-dimensional physical body on Earth. The team came to Her aid again.

This will certainly help the joint ops, relating the new Causal Matrix and Earth’s Logos. Preparing the conditions for them, Co-Creators actively use the energies of stelliums, which will be very powerful in May.

Short Astrology in May

Hyper-tense aspects between Jupiter, Pluto and Mars will remain throughout the month that in the second half of May will close in a strung-up tau square. The peak phase will be on May 20-21, and the activity time – from May 15 to May 30. On the one hand, the vibes of this stellium will increase the aggressiveness of the Power Pyramid, on the other, accelerate events and ease the dismantling of the 3D System.

Power Pyramid

On May 5, a penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will be the time of active cleansing on the planet. The triple conjunct of retro-Mercury, the Sun and Uranus on this day will weak the usual stability and facilitate the decisive actions of Light Forces. On May 9, 2023, the exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus will take place. Their strong energies will allow Co-Creators to accelerate radical changes.

The reversal of Mercury into direct motion on May 15, the transition of Jupiter from the active field of Aries to the calmer vibrations of Taurus on May 16, and the movement of Mars from the multidirectional energies of Cancer to the cleansing high frequencies of Leo on May 20 will occur in a tense quadrature. It’ll be exactly on May 23 and will allow us to burn out more intensively the karmic accumulations of the 3D System and humanity, in general, and individual leaders who are losing their minds, in particular. Uncertain, suspended situations will come into motion, forcing a radical change in key events.

The New Moon on May 19 at 15:53 UTC will occur in the last, 29° Taurus that will increase the concentration of quantum fluxes’ impact on Earth. At this time, an exact aggressive quadrature will be established between Jupiter and Pluto, exacerbating the struggle between the Dark and the Lights. On May 21, the Sun will pass into the mobile energies of Gemini as part of a harmoniously dynamic bissextile with Pluto, Mars and Neptune (exact aspects on May 18, 21 and 22). This will be a favourable opportunity to loosen the stranglehold of the Darks and their Black Nobility.

Throughout May, the Sun will hold an active sextile with the piercing energy of Mars, helping Co-Creators dynamically move forward towards their goals (the aspect will be accurate on May 25 and will last until June 11). At the same time, in the first half of the month, Solar vibrations will accelerate events due to its conjunction with Uranus, increasing energies of great awakenings and changes. Against the background of retrograde Mercury, it’ll facilitate to close of 3D programs. In the second half of the month, when Mercury resumes direct movement on May 15, Co-Creators could act more actively. Some problems will be created by the intense quadrature of the Sun with the restrictive Saturn vibes that will require ingenuity and non-standard solutions.

The powerful positive energies of the Sun and Pluto trine in Aquarius (the exact aspect on May 21, the influence on May 11-31) will allow Light Forces to successfully overcome the blocking vibrations of the Sun and Saturn square in Pisces (the exact aspect on May 28, the influence on May 21 – June 7), if they act ahead of time, resourcefully, enterprisingly, and unconventionally. This will be facilitated by:

First, the sextile of Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces from May 16 to July 26 (the exact aspect on June 19), which will create optimal conditions for achieving the goals. The results at this time will be highly sustainable and long-term.

Second, the sextile of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, active from February until the end of the year, will help Light Forces to protect the planet and earthlings from fatal Darks’ mistakes. It is a harmonious and powerful energy that guides the world on a better path.

Thirdly, in the second half of the month, which will have a particularly tense and crisis character, the Sun will form a stable Trapeze (or Cradle). With its harmonious aspects with Pluto, Mars and Neptune, the Sun will disconnect the tense aspects of the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto tau square and help Co-Creators to zero the 3D System and the Power Pyramid.

On 2 May at 04:36 PM CET, came the latest updates about the new Earth’s Logos creation. For its birth, Gaia singled out another aspect, and not from Her Supreme Monad, but from its Core. The energy difference is enormous. Then, Co-Creators placed the aspect in a special Crystal, which for some time will serve as an Incubator, the Multirole Universal Womb of Life. It turns out that in the Local Universe, there is such a practice and a well-developed technology for growing the embryos of planetary Logos.

Co-Creators put one or another aspect of the Supreme Being in a special crystal bioreactor for embryo cultivation to a needed maturity. Like from an egg to a fish. Special conditions, soft and codes are laid for formatting the future planetary, stellar, Galactic or other Logos.

What’s next? In a short time, this process will be completed and the next phase of prep for the Earth’s new Logos activation will start. Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to anchor the newborn on the planet. The ground team must build a temporary Gateway, entry point and outer axis of Logos until a permanent Portal (Temple) would be ready.

The deadlines are very tight, and therefore Lightwarriors can’t build fast enough the permanent Portal right now. And they need to choose a suitable location for it. After lengthy consultations, Co-Creators decided to make a temporary abode on one of the plateaus in Southern Europe. The ground team knows this place well. Long ago, the group was going to conduct an operation with Earth crystals there. Then it was cancelled. The Power Places there are great for upcoming work.

In recent weeks and days, the Schumann Resonance has been rising, and the magnetic field is weakening more and more often. This is caused by the restructuring of the Earth’s energy shells. Just as our aura is made up of layers, so is the planet. A person activates the next shell every seven years, getting additional opportunities and tasks. Earth does the same thing. As a living being, it lives much longer, so its cycles are more stretched.

Recently, our planet has become even more “mature”, and its magnetic field has widened in space, so it has partially weakened inside. This is how our planet prepares for new Logos.


Guided Meditation

Resting in Love

Ram Dass guides a meditation around softening the sharp edges of life and resting in Love.

You can learn to live life with a heart that is wide open.

One on One Personal Session

There are techniques working with quantum particles that can help you to connect to your multidimensional self. However, a large part of this process happens naturally. As we’re individually awakening, we shift our consciousness and the frequency of our light bodies, which allows us to be aware of the multidimensional self.

Together with the expansion of consciousness, our energy bodies enlarge too. The electrons begin to vibrate faster, and as they travel across the universe, we become more aware of their movement. This is what connects us to our awareness of our multidimensionality.

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