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Triple 11:11:11 Energy Portal Meditation

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

It was great honor to have your beautiful light souls yesterday in my home.

We have created powerful vortex of Love and Light, connecting the divine Source Creator with the mother Earth through our hearts and gorgeous presence of many positive spirits. Please watch the video to feel the powerful energies of being as ONE.

We have shared very powerful I AM Source Light Shield which has to be activated every day:

“I Am” Source/Creator Love Light/Merkaba

This energy is accessed through your heart and flows out through our hand chakras. Our heart center is where we are able to tap into the infinite Source Love-Light energy.

1. Rub your hands together to create your energy ball consisting of your “I AM Source Light”.

2. Viewing it through your mind's eye, expand it to surround your vessel and auric field. You may make it the color of your choice, and may include a sacred geometric symbol that aligns with you inside this bubble.

3. Set the intent by stating, “shall I be protected from harm mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all day and night, without harming anyone, for my highest good.”

4. As you expand the light, state 4 times, “I invoke the I AM light in me”.

5. Expand the light around yourself, your loved ones, animal companions, cars, and home...

6. Envision your 8-point Merkaba surrounding you. It is a live consciousness, so envision it activating, or coming to life so to speak. It is a counter-clockwise, upside down, 4 sided pyramid, expanding, repelling, spinning structure of light at the bottom, clockwise, right side up, drawing in energy at the top pyramid through the crown. The Merkaba represents the integration of the spiritual, astral, and physical bodies. Made up of 8 triangles (representing these three elements,) and having 8 points, we find that the merkaba also reflects the infinite energy and protection of creation (since the number 8 is an ancient alchemy infinity symbol.)


Invisibility Cloak

This is an ancient shield only known by High Priestesses or Priests from our pasts. So sensitive and secretive that not until now am I allowed to type it here and share this with you all.

1. After setting your Merkaba and other shields you seal them all with this Cloak

2. Rub your hands once more and feel or envision the energy force field of the invisibility cloak surrounding you, typically of the color blue or white, however with different colors within it like tiny specks of color.

3. You will notice as you interact with it, it has its own intelligent high vibrational consciousness within it. Like a blanket of energy that has a life force within it, like an extension of your consciousness.

4. As you seal it around you, you will set an intent by stating “I will remain invisible to negative energies, entities, and technology that mean harm, all day and night without harming anyone for my highest good.”

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