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May your days be Merry & Bright! I AM Grateful....

My Grateful Journal half-way today, Dec 24, 2021

  • I am so grateful that my heart is wide open to embrace this moment with love

  • I am so grateful for the freedom to express and share myself on this blog

  • I am so grateful that I feel all of you so close to my heart and soul, no matter how far your home is and how different we are

  • I am so grateful to my soul brother J., who called me to share that he started his Gratitude Journal and how it changed his life, pouring so much wisdom and fullness into his daily life... totally inspired me...

  • I am grateful to my soul sister K. who shared with me this beautiful song below and inspired me to share my gratitude with the world

  • I am grateful for the white snowflakes that touch my window with such tenderness and create such a romantic feeling in me

  • I am so grateful to my family, daughters, parents, brother who share so much kindness and joy to celebrate together, no matter the circumstances

  • I am so grateful for this lazy feeling of weightlessness and bliss in this moment

  • I am so grateful....

You are invited to share in the comments section on this blog what you are grateful for... (you have to login in order to place your comment)

The transition that humanity is going through at this time offers an opportunity for deep inner transformation and awakening to our true nature. Truth has one language.

I am grateful to share with you the movie for your Christmas Eve:

Samadhi Part 3, "The Pathless Path" released on Dec. 21st. 2021

Enjoy and be grateful!!!

May this holiday season be a time of Love, Forgiveness, Peace, and Joy.

Christmas can be a time of awakening to our true selves, our inner spiritual greatness. As we remember who we truly are, we automatically awaken others. Much like children on Christmas morning, who run to their sibling’s bedrooms and say, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas,” we can individually and collectively help others to awaken and remember who they are. As we take off our artificial masks, we will see our brothers and sisters standing there–our beloved fellow souls whom we had mistakenly identified as the enemy. When we extend love instead of judgment and fear, we can bring peace to the world! May your days be Merry & Bright!

Miracles, Love, and Laughter.

Love you so much,


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