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Do you feel the malaise?

On April 14, Earth entered the disharmonious zone of the approaching eclipse corridor, which will begin with Solar eclipse (on 20.04 at 02:37 UTC), and overstressed stelliums that will last through the second decade.

Earth’s Logos is a single whole that has manifestation bodies from the 3rd to the 14th dimension. And it wasn’t the 3D Logos who had refused to do the job. When, on 23 March, Co-Creators tried to upload the software of the new Causal Matrix into the field of our three-dimensional planet through the Logos’ manifestation body in 3D, their attempt came across such a dense concentrate of our fierce hatred, anger and aggression that the operation had to be urgently stopped. Otherwise, our incompatibility with the new program would simply kill us on the spot.

The activation of the Absoluterra and the loading of a new Causal Matrix into 3D are individual parts of the SAME process that complement each other for the Transition of Earth and us into 4D and 5D. The Earth’s Causal Matrix contains all the “genetic” information – planetary constants, elements, their formulas, materialization norms, the structure of the Logos’ core and the planetary crystal lattice, etc. It controls Time, the course of evolution, and synchronization with the energies of other planets, stars, constellations and galaxies of the Local Universe and the entire Greater Cosmos.

To repeat the download, Co-Creators decided, first, to reconfigure the 3D Crystal of the planet from a polyhedron into a sphere, which, thanks to its shape, receives and retains MORE energy of the Absolutes and the Source.

The calculation is that in this case, in addition to new cleansing ops, the Earth’s field will be so strong and stable that it will facilitate the loading of the Causal Matrix in 3D as successfully as it happened in 4D and 5D. And this is not a 3D falling apart, but its transformation from the inside at the quantum and atomic-molecular level, using software embedded in each of the 118 elements known and 170 unknown yet on Earth. In our Local Universe, there are over 600 of them.

The full loading and activation of the new Causal Matrix concern not only Earth’s 3D, 4D and 5D, which form a single eon. This op is an important part of the preparation of a new, 4th Local Universe, where our planet will regain the status of its lower pole.

The new Universe will be built on a completely different basis than the previous and already closed 3rd. It would be the space of the Absolutes’ Light, where they could manifest Selves safely from 14D (Their Realm) to our planet. But for that, Earth and we, earthlings, must fully correspond to Supreme Creators with our multidimensionality and frequency range.

Our Multidimensionality and Frequencies Range

For now, our incompatibility with Absolutes and Pleroma remains, as the failed loading of a new Causal Matrix in 3D shown. The deposits of imperil in us are too large, which we accumulated over many incarnations and continue to replenish every minute by our emotions, thoughts, and unwillingness to transform. The worst thing is that we deliberately strangle and kill those who seek to change, even our kids and other nearest and dearest.

The only way left for Co-Creators to save us from ourselves is to let the high-frequency quantum streams do their work on us. Squeeze out, extract all the negativity from our physical and Subtle Bodies, from the most hidden depths of our Soul, and present it to us as a choice: either we will clean selves from this toxic taint, or together with it we will be cleansed by high-freqs’ quantum flows.

Powerful comic radiations work like might distillation, squeezing out of us and the entire civilization everything that leaves no chance to survive in 4D and 5D. And in this regard, April 2023 will be no exception. The first days of the month are marked by an unprecedented Solar tsunami, which, according to forecasts, will last until the 8th, and will be repeated more than once in the following weeks.

For many, it will increase the energy load and strengthen the general malaise. But this is how the continuous bombardment of our physical and Subtle Bodies with non-stop quantum flows restores us as multidimensional cosmic entities. Disclosure News has repeatedly described the symptoms of this transformation, and on the eve of stressful days, it makes sense to warn about them again to avoid misunderstandings and erroneous actions.

Throughout the second decade of April, the low vibrations of the third dimension will become especially unbearable for us, which we will experience in communication, relationships, social structures, some therapeutic and spiritual practices, etc. We will literally feel bad for them. Many of us have already switched to higher frequencies of 4D and 5D, and our energies are no longer compatible with 3D. Therefore, the old familiar medications, therapies, especially physiotherapy, will have an unusual effect or will stop working altogether.

Hypersensitivity, sudden mood swings and mania, emotional ups and downs, frequent tears, quarrels and irritations. Our emotions are a way to let go of old problems, and now we are getting rid of a lot of things forever. But it is also possible to return to deep-rooted habits, from which, in our opinion, we are totally free. Don’t blame yourself for it. To change completely, we must, first, come to terms with our former I Am.

Loss of desire to eat, changes in appetite and weight, diet (preference for live food, craving for fatty foods, salty, protein, watermelons, pineapples, grapes). Our body adapts to a new, higher state. In addition, some part of us no longer wants to exist in this physical 3D body.

There may be a need to often “have snacks”, which is caused by a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels. Weight gain is possible, as we need a huge amount of fuel to continue transforming. Weight increase is also a reaction to an excess of toxins, released during purification, transmutation, and an excess of new energies. Moreover, two additional organs for processing toxins are forming in the diaphragm area, which leads to a change in body shape.

The diaphragm slides, the size of the heart increases, the thymus grows, and the chest expands, which is especially noticeable in women. Fat appears on the neck and shoulders due to the opening and activation of new chakras. Weight gain when it is impossible to reduce it by any means is one of the typical symptoms. Increased salt intake, puffiness is caused by the formation of new crystalline cells.

Now and again, we completely can’t do some things. Even the usual routine can be absolutely unbearable for us. Change of residence, work, life priorities and relationships, when, it seems, there are no logical reasons for this. However, we are no longer able to resist the inner need for change. We have already gone beyond who we were before, and all our old surroundings no longer correspond to our new vibrations.

Our plans may suddenly change at full speed and go in a completely different direction. Thus, our Soul balances our energy. We begin to feel that following a new path is just GREAT because our Soul understands more than us. It knocks us out of the rut of habitual decisions and vibes.

Detoxification of the body is a strengthening of the work of the excretory organs (skin, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract). This can manifest itself in increased pigmentation (red, yellow, orange), a change in the smell and type of metabolic secretions. Spots can suddenly appear and disappear, they itch a lot. The skin in these places is peeling, thinning, and becoming vulnerable. These are symptoms of increased metabolism, cleansing the body, and intensifying the flow of Light energy through our body.

Increased Pigmentation

Changes in blood composition, and circulatory system… Sometimes in the form of unexplained jumps in individual indicators that doctors cannot explain and bring to “normal”. This is part of the overall adaptation of our body to the high-frequency environment.

Fever, sweat, nocturnal temperature jumps (without symptoms of diseases) and blood pressure… This is a fire purge. The temperature goes away along with all the impurities from the body and consciousness. After that, it can go down, and then, rise sharply again. This happens spontaneously for no apparent reason, virtually every month, and can exceed 41.0°C within 5-10 minutes. It is how all the toxins and wastes in the body are burned, together with all fears, and most importantly, our attachment to 3D.

Lowering the temperature to 35.0°C, a feeling of cold around the body, icy plasma (on a Subtle Plane it glows azure, blue and purple)… The physical body is almost not felt. The desire to take ordinary food disappears, it becomes tasteless and foreign. A transparent purity appears in consciousness, like in a mountain lake during the calm. At this moment, there is no fear, no love, no feelings at all, especially self-pity. We begin to feel like an empty, transparent vessel and all our emotions are just dim reflections of the outside world. This is how the second stage of cleaning proceeds after the temperature rises.

Blue Plasma

There can be signs of transmutation in the form of fleeting epidemics, viral diseases, flu symptoms, and the manifestation of latent viruses, such as herpes. Or the feeling that we are going crazy, have some mental illness or have a short-term thought disorder. We can’t concentrate in the way we are used to. Thus, we go through the experience of being in several dimensions at once, in a process of powerful disclosure. A lot is available to us now, and we are not ready for it yet.

Anxiety, panic, chronic preoccupations and repetitive obsessive thoughts… That is how our Ego is scared due to eroding of its grip, influence and behavioural models that it imposed on us in the 3D world for survival. The ego makes us feel vulnerable and powerless, unable to experience love, confidence and unity. As an extreme measure of impact could be Spiritual death or thoughts of suicide. Thus, our Ego is desperately trying to return us to three-dimensionality, to prevent us from understanding what is happening to us.

We are constantly creating a situation that seems like the worst nightmare. Our Soul forces us to form the properties, which we lack, and get rid of those aspects that we have in abundance. This is how our energies are balanced. Finding our way to the inner world in such conditions is a test that we have prepared for selves. This is OUR journey, and our Souls wouldn’t have organized it if we weren’t ready. Each of us must find our own way, and we will do it.

Concern about the state of Nature, ecology, etc… Pollution, the death of animals, human diseases, dangerous technologies and hazardous industries impel us to protest more and more strongly, to openly and fearlessly express it, despite the authorities’ omerta and their MSM disinfo.

There and Can Be

The feeling of speeded-up Time, our movement in it… We do more in a shorter period. We physically feel the acceleration of energy. On Friday, it seems to us that a whole month has passed, not a week.

We increasingly have a desire to “return home”, as if everything has already ended for us here. The old plans that prompted us to come to this Earth have been fulfilled, and we are coming back to our former, multidimensional cosmic self. It’s indeed everything over in 3D, but many of us decided to stay for creating a New World.

Our awareness has grown a lot, and many blocks and barriers have gone away. All the unpleasant symptoms of malaise will also vanish, and in the end, we will feel more homey than we have ever felt before, as our Home is here now.

Today, we are all changing; some of us are faster, others slower, and thirds suffer heavily fall sick and die. Everything is very individual. If at the moment of contact with high-frequency energies from outer space our body is not yet ready to receive them, we may feel pain. Preparations for the Transition’s radiations started many years ago, and those who wanted and were ready to accept them are already on their way to 4D and 5D today. Troubles won’t touch them or the temporary Malaise will serve as transformation.


One on One Personal Session
A mysterious journey into your self-revelation as a Multidimensional Creator


I have a dear soul friend who comes to my home for sessions and we discussed what a New Leadership should be. He would like to write a book about it, and just recently I found a completely random video in relation to Multidimensional Leadership and thought I'd share it here so you and he might enjoy it:

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