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Bye, bye Reptiloids....

On February 22, 2021 came the details of another Light Forces ground team operation.

Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee have decided to evacuate all reptiloids from Earth and terminate their presence in all respects in Earth affairs. Their time is over.

They have accomplished their dual mission here, played their script, gained their experience, and created a destructive atmosphere on the planet. A new time and new rules of the game are coming. Reptiloids have nothing more to do here. We don’t need them, and they don’t need us.

A place has been prepared for them in the Local Universe, where they can continue their transition to the constructive vector of evolution after lustration and sanitation. They will be gathered there from wherever they are present now -all reptiloid civilizations and their Intelligence forms.

To this end, Galacom plans its complete evacuation from Earth. It is not a flight or expulsion. This is constructive cooperation and agreements between two enemy camps, opposing forces. Even during the Earth wars, we know examples of when such agreements were implemented.

The reptiloids made their decision to leave the Earth after consulting with Galacom and the Karmic Lords. They didn’t have much of a choice. If there hadn’t been a proper constructive evacuation, there would have been an incorrect but constructive expulsion.

This plan required the help of human beings on Earth who technically could perform certain actions, namely, to help the reptiloids.

The leader of the LFs’ ground team was asked if he was ready to do it. He said yes, but wanted to know what to do.


Then the Lightwarrior was informed that he was to make contact with the chief reptiloids on the Subtle Plane to discuss the details of the evacuation.

Of course, there would be the Ascended Masters, Karma Lords, and the highest representatives of Galacom. The negotiations were previewed on the enemy territory.

It was one of the southern mountain ranges, dotted with pyramids in the form of three- and four-sided mounts.

When the LFs’ group leader arrived at the meeting place, he created a protective Mandala field around himself and tuned in.

Soon a dark figure of repto-humanoid appeared. The observers of both sides were outside the Mandala.

The contact was telepathic. The interlocutor of the Lightwarrior was the reptiloid Higher Hierarch, and not of Earth, but the Local Universe.

He spoke first. He said that they were leaving Earth, and needed concrete help to take with them a group of their crystals to evacuate peacefully. Specifically those in the field of one of the pyramids near the negotiation site.

As it turned out, a whole cluster of reptiloid civilizations was located on this place, their evolutionary Ark, the holy of holies. And their infrastructure is comprised not only the mentioned pyramid but also all the neighboring mountains.

One of the crystals in the pyramid was their main Incarnation Portal. It was part of their reference DNA and the single embodiment’s Matrix of all reptiloid intelligence forms in the Local Universe.

The crystal was stored here the whole time they were on Earth. But it also worked for them, ensuring, in particular, the incarnation, teleportation here and from here of all reptiloid Higher Hierarchs.

After that, additional demands came from chief reptiloid’s advisors. They desired to take some of our sacred crystals with them, to keep their control over important Earth’s Portals and chakras of the planet.

Lightwarriors immediately responded with an emphatic rejection. His position was firm: NOT ONE JOTE OF OUR REALITY, NOT A QUANTA OF STOLEN ENERGY, AND NOT A GRAM OF EARTH’S NATURAL WEALTH WILL BE GIVEN TO THEM.

If they don’t agree, he refused to help. The reptiloids decided to haggle like a bazaar. Then the Lightwarrior made an additional condition: the complete cessation of their vampiric egregore through one a world-famous art object. It was accepted.

This egregore collected life energy from people who were in its field. The vital energy was then directed into the reptiloids’ DNA reference crystal. It constantly needed energy for maintaining this race existence.

After the negotiations, Galacom’s representatives informed Lightwarrior that he had to be inoculated with the substance of this crystal. They explained that later his immunity’s fire could annihilate it, and his unified multidimensional body would recognize it in the future and not be destroyed by it on contact. The LFs’ team leader agreed.

Then, the reptiloid held out his hand for a handshake. The Lightwarrior extended his in return. As their hands touched, the team leader felt and saw his hand begin to be covered in scales!

He immediately jerked his hand away in fright. But the Curators reassured him that it was the inoculation with the field substance of reptiloid DNA.

The meeting ended. After leaving the mountainous area, the entire LFs group drove home the next morning.

How did her leader’s contact with reptilian DNA go?

In the same evening, fiery vibrations began to rise in him. His body temperature rose, and he was burning up. The night passed in half-forgetfulness.

He often woke up shaken by severe chills and fever at the same time. When Lightwarrior was coming round, he was wet with sweat, the bed was soaked…

He dreamt that he was turning into a reptile, that his whole body was covered with scales…

The next day, it all began to fade away. He was able to get some sleep, and in the morning he saw his body radiating. The whole day was complete exhaustion.

It is how he was inoculated by a reptiloid and became familiar with their substance. Now he was ready to interact with it.

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