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You are the Human Beacon

Incoming currents load the High Intelligence software into the Earth’s power fields.

Those of us who can perceive these programs and the thoughts and ideas they contain to create a new society are under Argorians and the Galactic Committee’s care.

But everything has its time. There are more and more human beacons, and the Higher Light Hierarchy is especially protective of them.

Changing minds and consciousness is the main thing that Galacom and the Argorians are concentrating on now. Only in this way, they are convinced, can a new world be built.

In all planetary work on quantum transition, they are actively assisted by the squadron of the 23D civilization, the plasmoid race, and many other representatives of different Light eons.

Today on Earth there are already more than a billion incarnated Souls with a high level of consciousness from all corners of the Greater Cosmos. Each is fulfilling its program, implementing the Co-Creators’ plan.

These Souls are under the special control of the Argorians and Galacom. It is a great honor for every such Soul to fulfill the Absolute’s agenda.

Difficult times are coming, and our conscious perception of the situation and inner calm will help everyone.

All of this work is part of a gigantic, fundamental transformation that the entire Local Universe is undergoing at present. From 3D eons to the Absolutes’ worlds.

Our Earth is a tiny but very important part of this change. Man is transforming.

All Reality, all things, all Intelligence forms are becoming more perfect.

Absolutes are no longer hidden behind the “barrier of differentiation,” no longer shielded from us. On the contrary, they have taken the course of merging their worlds with our Local Universe.

The One Absolute Eon

Partially, in its highest echelons, it has already happened. A single reality, the One Absolute Eon, is formed.

It united the upper level of our Pleroma and the lower layer of the world of the other Absolutes, the Creators of their Universes.

The Absolutes’ goal and a plan are to create, based on our Local Universe, such a perfect reality into which any Absolute could manifest, single out Itself and Its Monads, Its “children,” without distortion.

In other words, it is about achieving the state of absoluteness for the whole of the Universe. Absolute Universe. Absolute Reality.

A similar plan applies to Man. He, as the highest Intelligence form and the crown of Creation, possessing a Soul and a Monad, carrying in himself an Absolute’s particle and a Source’s spark, must, in the course of evolution, transform into Divine Man.

The Absolutes no longer see us as guinea pigs. We are invited to transform ourselves and become their assistant co-creators. They offer us ways out of the former Local Universe’s Matrix of duality.


Pleroma and its inhabitants are already out of it. The One Absolute Eon is an already existing beyond-Matrix reality.

So far, the Matrix of duality has encompassed everything below the Pleroma. In the past Local Universe, Absolutes programmed it in such a way that there was no way out of the Matrix. It was locked in on itself, with no chance of exit. We were doomed to stay in it.

The final closing of this project, the third for our Absolute, put an end to the history of the former Local Universe. Next in line is the construction of a new one but without duality.

On Earth, by the Absolute’s manifested will and plan, the main task is to help the awakening incarnated Souls and people in Spiritual self-improvement and transformation.

Thai plan encompasses all levels of Man’s existence, from the Soul and the Monad to the physical body. To every possible extent in our world.

Of course, let’s look at things realistically: this process is a long one. But the fact that the first, most important steps on this path are already being taken (and from 3D, from the bottom of the dimension) is obvious. It is an invaluable experience.

Henceforth there are only two permanent maternal Monadic Logos in our Local Universe into which all humanoid Monads aspire.

These are the Pleroma Logos and the Absolute-like Logos.

By reaching them, our Monads can attain the status of Pleromic and Absolute-like.

The Pleromic Monad has its abode in Pleroma and is an upgraded version of the Born in Pleroma Monad.

The Absolute-like Monad dwells in the wame of our dipole Absolute which now stays on a higher, third level of the Hierarchy.

Absolute’s Pleroma

In Its world, there are two kinds of Monads. One is the Monads that have evolutionarily undergone Absolutization. The second is Monads created personally by the Absolutes.

What do Co-Creators offer all of us? They suggest help on our Spiritual path, to obtain our experience of attainment, of touching the Absolute.

To listen to them or not, to have that experience, to take others’ roads, or to seek our way, it is up to us to decide.

Quantum currents coming to Earth now have a strong effect on our brains and the energy around us.

The 5D matter formed by the Source’s radiation creates Hologram vortices that are perceived by each of our cells, loading us with new information and programs.

The untrained mind takes them literally as a signal for the self-destruction of the organism.

For those of us who have chosen the path of transformation and intense inner work on selves, the new energies change biological needs, helping us to adapt to the 5D.

The Earth’s gravitators continue to enlarge the planet, causing various cataclysms.

All pyramids of the planet work at full capacity. Therefore, it is not recommended to stay or travel in the anomalous zones.

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