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What we can learn today from the history of Lemuria and Atlantis? Who is Sanat Kumara?-Part 2

In this part, we can learn how complicated the whole process of transition from ruins to a thriving reality is. We can open our imaginations to brighter ideas of what life might look like once we get out of this transitory 3D-4D-5D reality. We must begin to open our creativity to visualize the next stage of our evolution. This will help you more easily erase from your memory all recollections and programs belonging to the old 3D reality.

You may have already started experiencing loss of short and long memories, less sleep, change in eating habits, change in your body with a strange physical phenomenon.

The Transition Symptoms:
  • Flu-Like Signs

  • Waves Of Nausea

  • Third Eye Pressure

  • Headache

  • Body Aches

  • Dizziness

  • Hard To Balance

  • Feeling Super Tired

  • Sleep Difficulty

  • Extreme Emotions/Sadness

  • Dull Headache

  • Dehydration

  • Back/Kidney Pains

  • Sinus Aches

  • Feeling Spaced Out And Disoriented

  • Missing Time

  • Vivid Dreams

Perhaps you would like to check what stage of awakening each of you is at? Read again this post:


Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy created Atlantis from scratch. They were well aware of the complexity of their new planetary project.

Everything that the Intergalactic Council had warned Sanat Kumara about was preserved. It was the threat of another cataclysm in the next planetary and cosmic cycle.... Duality and Star Wars as catalysts for evolution… Earthlings to be thrown back into the Stone Age…

The history of the Fourth Race consists of three Atlantis histories:

The first – is the formation and development (1500 – 1100 thousand years BC).

The second – is prosperity and power (1100 – 400 thousand years BC).

The third – is decline and death (400 – 12 thousand years BC).

The first – is the formation and development (1500 – 1100 thousand years BC)

As soon as the Earth tectonically and climatically stabilized, Sanat Kumara and the Hierarchy began to build up a new civilization. They paid great attention to genetics.

Observing the single Law of Free Will and action, Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy allowed the genome of all seven sub-races of the Atlanteans to be contributed by 26 stellar civilizations from the constellations of Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades, Zeta Seti, Orion, Alpha Draconis, and others. Not everyone was on the Light Side. This played a lethal role in Atlantis's fate.

The new civilization evolution coincided with another war for control of the Local Universe and the Solar System.

The Atlanteans witnessed the demise of the Martian civilization, which was controlled by the Archons.

The Intergalactic Council and Sanat Kumara allowed some of the Martians to relocate to Earth. The main condition was not to provoke wars on the planet.

They were assigned the large island of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, 1,300 miles West of present-day Mexico. This island was one of the remnants of the Lemuria continent, which was destroyed by an asteroid impact, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.

Mu Island

The settlers did not comply by the terms of Sanat Kumara and the Intergalactic Council. Having subdued the island population, the Martians/aliens used it as an army, unleashing a war against continental Atlantis.

They re-equipped the islanders with diesel tanks, jet fighters, helicopter gunships, and electric submarines.

Tank and Helicopter – Seti the First Temple in Egypt

This is evidenced by the images of tanks and planes, submarines and helicopters, and other weapons of mass murder on the bas-reliefs of the Seti the First Temple in Egypt. This country was then an Atlantean colony. In Latin America, gold figurines depicting tanks and jet fighters are still found in the tombs of mummified Indian leaders.

The Martians also armed the army with ray guns and vacuum bombs, ballistic missiles, and binary chemical charges of gigantic power, atomic and hydrogen weapons. Space reconnaissance satellites and orbital stations were launched into low-Earth orbit.

The Atlantean defensive arsenal was created with the participation of Sanat Kumara and friendly star races. It was based on a Central Pyramid that could change the space energy, and frequency weapons – mandalas that subdued the enemy with thoughtforms and imposed behavior patterns.

The Martians and the Archons behind them struck first. Their space satellites and orbital stations began to intensively irradiate the entire territory of Atlantis with zombie frequencies of ultra-short waves.

In response, the Atlanteans used the Pyramid’s energy to capture meteorites and asteroids in near-earth space. Changing their trajectories, the Atlanteans collided with the orbiting stations and satellites of the Martians. The subsequent astral impact of the Pyramid destroyed the crews of the surviving stations.

To destroy the Pyramid, the Archons took to the air thousands of jet fighters with nuclear bombs on board and ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. But they did not reach the goal, still over the ocean destroyed by the Atlanteans’ energy counter-attacks.

Then the Martians tried to capture the Atlantis territory by landing a two-million-strong army on the southern unprotected coast. The other two attacks were carried out from the North-Western heights and the South-Eastern plateaus of the mainland.

It took a month completely to eliminate the landing force. To stop the war, Sanat Kumara allowed the Atlanteans to use geophysical weapons.

A wave of magma, raised from the ocean depths by the Pyramid’s directed radiation, began to shake the continental plate on which the Mu island rested. The resulting tsunami destroyed and sank a large fleet and port cities of the Martians.

The gigantic island began to sink slowly into the water until it disappeared completely into the ocean.

The Archons called in reinforcements from Orion to destroy the Pyramid. The Betelgeuse star civilization projected a double Pyramid from the anti-world to Earth.

The annihilation of gigantic masses of matter took place. The Pyramid and the Atlanteans’ capital were wiped out by an explosion of unprecedented power. In its place, a gigantic funnel formed, which later became an inland sea.

The Atlantean resistance was broken. The war in the East, North-East, and North of the country continued for several centuries. But by 1,000,000 BC, the Archons and Martians completed their occupation of the continent, which was almost destroyed by nuclear weapons.

The cosmic Law of non-interference by the force of Higher civilizations in the affairs of lower-level worlds was grossly violated. The star races, friendly to Sanat Kumara, intervened at his request. The Sirius and the Pleiades space armadas attacked the Betelgeuse fleet and drove it out of the Solar System.

On Earth, the wars between the Atlanteans, led by different star systems, continued. The Dark Forces as well went to battles with each other.

Thus, the Zeta Seti civilization, which oversaw the Martians, took the reins of Atlantis from the humanoids of Orion, weakened by space wars. But they could not hold on to power and were forced to cede it to the Pleiadians.

The second – is prosperity and power (1100 – 400 thousand years BC)

From 800,000 to 400,000 BCE, the Golden Age of the Second Atlantis begins. Under the leadership of Sanat Kumara, the Higher Hierarchy, the Pleiadians, Sirians, and other stars’ Light races, the Atlanteans reached unprecedented heights in their development.

In many aspects, they are far ahead of even the current (Fifth) civilization.

In its heyday, the Second Atlantis spanned a vast territory. In the northeast, it extended to the present Ural Mountains. In the East and Southeast, it included all of Europe, North Africa, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Polynesia, Tasmania, and Easter Island. In the South – a significant part of Latin America. To the West and Northwest are the present-day United States and Canada. The High Mountain Range in the Atlantic Ocean basin was in the center of the Atlantic continent.

In the era of the Second Atlantis, multidimensional Light Entities from the Pleiades were actively incarnated in the Atlanteans. The population has reached three billion people.

At that time, people had 48+2 chromosomes and 12 DNA helices. Today, humanity has 44+2 chromosomes, twisted into two DNA helices, and an eightfold smaller brain volume. Moreover, 95% of its cells and 10 DNA helices remain blocked.

The joint management of the Pleiadians, Sanat Kumara, and the Higher Light Hierarchy raised Atlantis to an unprecedented scientific and technical level. Thanks to them, the country that was thrown back into the Stone Age has stepped into space and the quantum era.

Atlanteans mastered many planets of the Solar system of the physical, astral, mental, and other planes. Each of them has seven sub-planes, which in turn are divided into many smaller worlds. In our Local Universe, there are 144 sub-planes on which inhabited worlds develop and live.

In the Solar System, the Atlanteans included in their sphere 13 large and 108 small physical planets, 986 astral, and more than 3000 mental.

The three-dimensional planets were not all inhabited on the physical level, but they were very densely populated on the Subtle Planes. Close contact was maintained with many of them. For multidimensional trips, the Merkabas were used. (part of the Tachyon Chamber)

Together with the Pleiadians, Sanat Kumara, and the Higher Light Hierarchy, Atlanteans participated in the construction of the planetary Energy infrastructure. It included the gravity grate, electromagnetic lattice, crystal Grid 144 (reflects and extends the consciousness levels), and Solar Disks. A global network of crystals underground and on the surface managed this infrastructure.

Master Crystals played a key role on the surface. The largest – the Fire Crystal – was located in the capital’s Great Temple of Fire. It was the central power station of the country. The concentration of solar energy passing through numerous prisms reached such a power that it could be converted and transmitted to the entire territory of Atlantis in the optical range.

Grid 144

Some aircraft for transportation inside cities and between megapolises used Fire Crystal rays.

Space satellites were powered by solar panels consisting of monocrystals. Crystal mirrors were deployed on the orbiting stations, reflecting sunlight on Atlantis at night, illuminating the entire gigantic continent.

Satellites used crystals to monitor the planet’s surface. With their help, the Atlanteans had the most accurate and detailed Earth’s maps.

These maps were also used by the Fifth Race. Columbus discovered America with an accurate map of the planet before the last flood. In early 1700, the oldest maps of Admiral Piri Reis were found in Turkey, reminiscent of modern aerial photography. On them, Antarctica and Greenland, for example, were still without the current thick ice shell, with detailed coastlines.


Atlanteans got electricity out of the air with the help of ether generators. Such a source of electricity hundreds of thousands of years later was rediscovered by Nikola Tesla at the end of the 19th century. But the tycoons did not allow him to make this technology publicly available, as well as his other discoveries.

On the night of January 7-8, 1943, at the hands of Otto Skorzeny’s saboteurs, the Archons killed Tesla in a room at the New Yorker hotel in New York. Many of his inventions are still kept secret.

In Atlantis, animal breeders, chemists, and botanists used not only genetic engineering to create new cells and crystal structures, but also sound and other vibrations of different frequencies.

The Atlanteans had technologies for creating crystals by materializing thoughts from the atoms of the Subtle Planes. Through a five-dimensional array of such crystals, they maintained contact with the crystal civilizations in the Local Universe.

Thus, the race of the third planet of Sirius-B helped Atlantis's evolution. Quantum crystals’ impacts on the chromosomes, brain cells, and Subtle Bodies, expanded the paranormal abilities of the Atlanteans.

From Sirius to Earth, was delivered a giant Chintamani (part of the Tachyon Chamber) – created for the attraction of the Subtle Bodies from higher dimensions. The Sirius races trained the young Atlantean priests to work with this stone to create a new Atlantis egregore. The height of the Cintamani’s capturing column depended on the energy of the second chakra, which in the Atlanteans looked like a powerful fountain in all directions.

They were well-versed in wave and quantum mechanics. Atlanteans had mechanisms that read human thought and displayed it on a screen in three-dimensional form. Doctors worked with patients’ etheric, astral, and mental bodies to heal their physical and soul wounds.


To determine the child’s abilities, diagrams of various frequencies were taken from it using devices: acoustic, genetic, quantum, and the speed of rotation of the chakras and Subtle Bodies was measured.

Then all this data was entered into the device, which gave a list of professions and specialties where the talents of the future genius would best manifest themselves. Children were usually examined at the age of three.

The most gifted went to the main temple of the capital, where the Priests of the Time Keepers Order conducted the entrance exams. They read information from the child’s aura, determining in detail the purpose of his birth incarnation and the task for the upcoming life.

In Atlantis, there were no distinctions between physics and metaphysics, astrology and astronomy, chemistry and alchemy, medicine, and magic. All these sciences were taught by the priesthood. A student from any of the schools was required to hone their skills and master knowledge at the level of 100% activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. (compare to today - 10%)

Chemical schools studied alchemy, the transformation of one physical element into another. The Atlanteans obtained industrial gold from lead, mercury, or tin. We call this transmutation of elements. Gold and other precious metals and stones were not valued in Atlantis as much as in our time, due to the simplicity and accessibility of their production using alchemy.

In astronomy schools, children studied astrology, which is quite different from today. Agronomic schools taught genetic engineering, mathematical schools taught numerology, and the higher Law of One. Medical schools considered body types, the correspondence of bodies, and roles of embodied souls, and taught vision and reading of subtle human auras and Akashic Records.

Piri Reis Antarctica Map

They studied the chakras, energy meridians, and mutations associated with the effect on various chromosomes and DNA helices. In schools, children’s mental powers were revealed, and they were introduced to the effects of metals, stones, and plants on humans

Due to prana (Chi or Tachyons), the pineal gland in the head of the Atlantean grew to the size of a light bulb. The current person has it the size of a pea. The developed gland controls clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and communication with the Higher Self. (the role of the Tachyon chamber)

If desired, any priest could condense the matter of the mental world to become a gold ingot or a large building block. This is how many pyramids were built in Egypt and other places around the world. Clean air was widely used by the Atlanteans as a building material. Atoms of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases were used.

There were no smoking factories in Atlantis. All the work was done by machines and mechanisms with artificial intelligence and multifunctional robots.

The Atlantean machines were emotional and intelligent. They were made using the matter of the astral and mental Planes.

Atlantis was covered by several dozen electronic networks, like our Internet. All the accumulated information was stored in special crystals connected to the Akashic Records. Imagine, quantum computer with internet connected to the Akashic Records.

People lived in multi-story rounded houses. The buildings were shaped like octahedral and hexahedral torus, multi-story cylinders, and bottle-shaped buildings up to half a kilometer high. Some houses resembled giant pyramids, elliptical and pear-shaped.

Most often, among the residential buildings, the shapes of glowing balls and cones prevailed. The technical buildings were 100-150 stories high, and thirty to fifty stories went underground.

Residents of the industrial South worked in enterprises that produced flying and floating machines, devices similar to our computers, robots with AI, spaceships, and orbital stations. Here the ideas of the inventors and designers of the Atlantis Northern lands were embodied.

For example, spherical and egg-shaped autonomous cities designed for 50-100 thousand inhabitants were built. These balls were located underground, underwater, on orbiting space stations, and on neighboring planets.

The largest city in the South was a metropolis consisting of eight merged cities on the coast. It was home to 12 million Atlanteans.

The inhabitants of the Central flat part of the continent were engaged in farming. There were no major cities there. Residents were engaged not only in agriculture and gardening but also in the cultivation of valuable rocks and crystals.

They bred various types of flying and swimming dinosaurs and mammalian plants.

Atlantis Capital

The system of perfect irrigation channels corresponded to the Earth’s electromagnetic grid and covered the entire Central part of the continent with a shipping network up to the East Atlantic Mountain Range.


The Center of the continent was occupied by mountains from 4 to 11 kilometers high.

This small area was set aside for compact residence of immigrants from Mars, Moon, and Pluto.

The Moon and Pluto at that time were among the 12 satellite planets orbiting Phaethon.

On the allotted land, the Martians built four angular cities. Their architecture differed sharply from that of the Atlanteans in its sharp angles, projections, and spires.

Houses were built in the form of rectangular parallelepipeds and triangular torus, piled on top of each other.

They resembled the residential buildings and skyscrapers of many modern capitals and were not in harmony with human and natural energies.

The Northern part of Atlantis was dotted with volcanoes and oases between the mountains. There were frequent earthquakes and rockfalls. Due to continuous mountain building, this region was the least populated.

In the think factories of Atlantis and all of humanity at that time, experiments were designed and conducted in various spheres of spirit and matter. With the help of the star’s Light civilizations, new types of animals, minerals, plants, and artificial egregores were created. After testing, successful copies were cloned and distributed throughout the planet. The scientific centers were located not only on the surface but also underground at depths from 0.5 to 3 kilometers.

A large center was built in the ocean at a depth of 600 meters. Its employees worked on the same tasks as the scientists on the ground. Along the way, they grew crystals of semiconductors and precious stones in the ocean bottom, grazed herds of domestic marine fish and invertebrates, and fattened giant lizards and mammals in underwater gardens.

In the center of the Atlantean capital stood five pyramids: one giant and four smaller. Beyond the circular water channel that encircled it were temples and museums, libraries, and art galleries.

In the next ring around the center were a government building, a priestly school, musical theatres, and universities. To the outer city, the wall was adjoined by residential skyscrapers. An 800-meter-high lighthouse stood at the entrance to the capital’s internal canal system.

The inhabitants spoke Sanskrit. They wrote on the thinnest crystal plates with electric pens. Texts could be illustrated with thought forms, holographically imprinted on the foil.

Thought forms and texts were replicated with the help of laser machines. In the cities, there were rich libraries. For thousands of years, they have held millions of books and ancient manuscripts inscribed on elaborately tanned dinosaur skins.

All the accumulated information was stored in artificial crystals. On them, the Atlanteans recorded not only texts, but also sounds, colors, smells, and holographic pictures of events. Modern scientists recently found some of the crystals under the pyramid of Cheops, but they can’t decipher them yet.

By 400,000 BC, the Second Atlantis had reached its peak. But then it began to fade.

(to be continued)

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