How to understand at what stage of awakening each of us is at the moment? How many such stages are?

In short, there are seven such stages, and each one differs in its energy-informational content.

The First Stage

At this stage, our feelings, thoughts, and perception of the world are fully subordinated to fear and hopelessness. This is how we react to the current crisis on Earth – political, financial, social, and most importantly, Spiritual.

We are completely at the mercy of the lower chakra's vibrations, radiating the energies of panic and uncertainty about the future. It seems to us that the ground is slipping away from under our feet, because the familiar world is collapsing, and we see only a gloom ahead.

Only a Gloom Ahead

And there are a lot of people like us on Earth. It is on us that the System and its stooges make the main bet, and do everything to consolidate scare in our Souls.

Therefore, in all mass media we hear, see and read only negative and frightening news. They create a toxic energy-informational field around us, which we constantly fuel from the inside, and the System – from the outside. It becomes an impenetrable sarcophagus for Light, in which we rot and die alive, seeing only an abyss of despair, and no one and nothing can argue us out of this.

For human Souls, that abyss is a tragedy. But for low-vibration phantoms, biorobots, clones, embodied in human bodies Reptiloids, Draconians, and other negative races, as well as carriers of two Souls (theirs and of possessors) it’s normal and very comfortable.

Phantoms and biorobots are a considerable part of the world’s population. It is almost impossible to distinguish them from other people by an unambiguous external sign.

For more details on this see below at the end of this post.

If there are two Souls in us, then, sooner or later, its human part leaves our physical body. It understands that we are no longer able to awaken in such a short time, and couldn’t enter the fourth and fifth dimensions.