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It’s Hard for many. Dark Forces declared war. Time to face our fears and have an inner sight.

It's not time to give up, although it seems to be a challenging time !!!

There is an inspiring video at the end of the article. Darpan Reveals the Great Human Awakening that is Here Now. What he is talking about:

“We are all part of this same planet going through a massive shift"

“Individual awakening must have a higher perspective that goes beyond the mind ”

“Take care of yourself first and when you are good overflow to the others”

“Detach from your mind and come to the truth of this moment and who you are”

I Am Temple member, stokesm5, comment on the post "Operation Helios":

"Would the increased volcanic and seismic activity on Earth be what this is talking about!? I know my emotions have been really out of whack for a couple of years now but lately anxiety seems to hit more frequently as well as waves of emotion regarding the open disclosure of what has been happening to our children. Even though we have all known that these satanic forces have existed through our lives its like we could not acknowledge the reality of these deeds until recently at the level of emotions that we are now. Makes me feel guilty for not acting sooner but like I said it's like we have come out of a trance or mass psychosis."

Answer: "Yes, you are right, stokesm5, and gentle reminder: Each of our thoughts, words, and emotion has its own frequency of vibration. What quality of thoughts, words, and emotions we carry in us, that energy frequency of vibration we emit.

Now, it is necessary to keep ourselves on high vibrations in every possible way with a Pure Intention for the Good of All.

My dear soul sister Zohra (Venus) from Shamanic369 shared:

Shine your light bright always, no matter what is going on around you - the light will pave the way for all."


At present, Galactic Committee and Higher Light Hierarchy increased bombarding Earth with waves of high-frequency energies, including the powerful vibrations of the Galactic Central Spiritual Sun (about it – see "Operation Helios").

The frequencies’ intensity is at maximum level and continues to rise. It is very hard for all of us to bear. We all feel a huge malaise. But there is no other way for very compelling reasons.

Holding On Their Rule

The Dark Forces who remain on Earth and refuse to obey Galacom’s decisions have revolted and declared war.

They renounce to higher members of their Black Hierarchy which are ready to come over to the Light Side.

The irreconcilables believe that all levels and all power on Earth are in their hands.

They believe they can hold on to their rule and continue the enslavement of humanity.

The confrontation with the Alliance of Light Forces (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Siriusians, Argorians, White Dragons, White Orionians, and others) has entered a decisive phase.

There will be no truce. Galacom categorically rejected all offers and ultimatums of the Dark Forces who in return for possible cessation of hostilities and a deal, demanded control of Earth and humanity.

For Co-Creators, this is unacceptable. That triggered the fierce confrontation which now entered a decisive and most dangerous phase.

It is hard for all Light Forces on Earth and will be even harder soon.

The high-frequency energies of Light sent down by Galacom to Earth are burning out all the Darkness and Evil.

They cannot exist in such high vibes.

To survive, they desperately, by any means, try to lower these vibrations. How? Very simply: BY INSTIGATING THE FEAR OF HUMAN MASSES.


Fear Energy

The Archons’ psychotronic generators no longer cope with this task, so other mechanisms are urgently activated – pandemics, triggering off confrontations, wars and armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, tectonic and climatic weapons, racial, religious, and other clashes…

All this is aimed AT ONE OBJECTIVE: to cause mass emanations of fear, panic, and various phobias. This is the last chance left to prolong their existence for a while.

They are in a hurry like a hell because Galacom has already begun the activation on Earth’s 5D crystal grid’s cell structure, the planet’s magnetic field, and Merkaba. These are interrelated and interdependent phenomena.

Gaia completely reformatted her Logos system in the Absoluteverse vertical from 3D to 13D. The new configuration of the Casual Matrices took the form of an IDEAL, ABSOLUTE CRYSTAL – an orb or sphere.

Ideal Forms

The main events unfolded at the moment of the autumnal equinox on September 23, 2021, at 08:22 PM CET. At this moment, Gaia replaced the Earth 3D Causal Matrix with the Perfect Crystal Matrix. No more stellar structures. These things are of the past for us.

Immediately thereafter, the projection of Earth Logos’ Causal Matrix onto the lower levels, all 13D planet bodies, began.

It is how the new crystal grid of Earth, its magnetic field, and Merkaba was reformatted.

Now the cells of the crystal lattice look like round beehives, superimposed, projected on the surface of a sphere (the shape of Earth). However, due to natural reasons, the shape and size of these honeycombs are non-uniform and not the same on different parts.

They have a perfect shape at the equator and up to latitude 45 on both sides of it. Further, small distortions begin caused by the spherical shape of Earth.

The honeycombs are stretched out.

According to the law of sacred geometry, these stretches reach a maximum at the poles. But this has NO INFLUENCE AT ALL.

The new 5D crystal grid is laid over the old 3D one, replacing it.

Most of its node points are preserved.

What does the new structure give us?

It brings a lot of things.

  • It increases our assimilation of Galactic and Solar Light coming to Earth.

  • It dramatically raises the vibrations of Earth and all life on it that all of us have already felt.

  • It accelerates the complete cleansing of our planet from old destructive energies and Dark Forces’ programs, zeroing their grip on power.

Fiery Sterilization

The new 5D crystal lattice will soon be brought up to full capacity. Then, using it, Co-Creators and Galacom by sledge-hammer waves of Light will carry out complete fiery sterilization on Earth, a total purging of old energies, the last life source of the Black Hierarchy.

At the same time, new quantum currents from 5D and higher will come to the planet and humanity.

Everyone must have courage and patience. We have to become conductors of the Light to the Earth and be living Suns for the Galaxy and the entire Universe.

At Maximum Level

Question: People still have darkness in them. How will that affect them?

Answer: It will be tough for them.


In this episode Darpan shares abundant, empowering and loving perspectives that can help everyone forever and ever!


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