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Operation Helios

On October 5, 2021, at 05:00 PM CET, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Galacom, and their ground team conducted Operation Helios.

Getting it straight, that op did not involve arrests of 500,000, executions by firing squads, or necktie parties.

It was the Helios Coronation. An event of great significance took place, not only for our section of the Galaxy but first and foremost for Earth, humanity, and each of us.

The operation was an important milestone in the Great Quantum Transition and the culmination of the ground team’s work and Service.

Let’s recall.

On December 22, 2020, a New Galactic Year has begun. Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee have activated the advanced evolutionary program for our part of the Milky Way.

Our Sun is now given the role of Spiritual under the name Helios. Earlier this role was played by Sirius.

Sirius-Earth Gateway

Such a status for each Star Logos means a transition to a higher degree of evolution. Roughly, how a person from a disciple becomes a Teacher.

The Spiritual Suns’ Caste is a separate elite group of Stars’ Logos who have undergone special training and received their Baptism and Consecration from the Galactic Central Spiritual Sun.

The initiation of Helios into the Spiritual Sun began at 03:00 PM CET. On the Subtle Plane, it looked epic.

First, the Central Spiritual Sun of the Milky Way directed its rays to Helios, preparing it for the ceremony. Other Suns did the same. The members of the terrestrial group also sent their Light, Love, and gratitude to both Suns.

Central Spiritual Sun

Suddenly, a corona erupted around our Sun, and it glowed brighter and increased in size.

The Initiation has begun.

The Galactic Logos opened its heart and strong beams-energy-programs poured out, tuning Helios to accept the new status and path of development of our Galaxy’s part.

The former Spiritual Sun, Sirius, was present at the ceremony but did not perform any transfer of powers. It terminated them earlier and transferred its energies to the Galactic Logos, some for transformation, others for placement in the Local Universe’s storage.

The new Spiritual Sun has become even more powerful and immediately started transforming its entire Earth and space system with strong constructive energies.

For Earth, this is a very important moment. The energy-geopolitical penetration into all layers of society is intensifying for the Causal transformation of those who cannot do it themselves, who lack the strength or skills.

The Helios Ray penetrated them through the Logos of the ground team and the Earth after their merger and began to burn out the Causal Matrices of Dark Forces.

Higher Light Hierarchs are getting closer and closer to the Archons’ “elite” and are using all possible methods to destroy them.

Annealing of Causal Bodies does not remove all the karma.

Only the part of it that people and other beings got as a result of a violation of their free will, under mental, moral, forceful pressure and other imposed circumstances are eliminated.

It’s the karma of warriors when they had to defend their fatherland, family, home, and themselves.

It’s the karma of slaves, captives, and women who were dependent on a master or simply an overbearing and powerful person or other entity.


It’s the karma of the elementals and the Spirits of Nature, who had to respond to rude interference in their lives.

But if a person, or someone else, commits illegal actions in their right mind, and even more so, consciously, the karma of such beings is preserved in full.

They will have to pay for it and work it off all the way through.

That is, Karma Lords have now begun to investigate more specifically the nuances of karmic actions taken throughout the past and present history of Earth.

The main problem is that we continue to create new karma in unimaginable amounts with our thoughts, feelings, and deeds. Argorians barely have time to pump negativity off the planet to preserve Earth.

Moreover, from the Absolute, the Galactic Committee, friendly cosmic races being in 9D, 14D, 25D, and higher dimensions we not just wait, but cry for immediate and most detailed plan and terms (with specific dates) of reorganization of our life at the grassroots level, and in financial, business, political, social, international and other spheres.

We are stubbornly waiting for a report, “what and approximately when” they are going to do about “satanic governments” and people like (here cited the names that are on everyone’s lips).

Questions like this: “So how is that gonna happen? Basically, the whole system on the surface of the planet must change, so how it will be done? If they die, let’s say, the followers will take those positions so something will happen here on Earth as well, so how all of that will look like, and how much will we have to wait anymore? …For many people who can only see physical things, it’s just more than important and of course, something will have to be changed, the same money system and everything and of course approximately when that might happen, in 10, 20, 50, 200 years…?“

The keywords here are “how much we will have to wait for more?” Everything rests on an internal position (waiting) and a point of view of the events taking place. Some see everything as before. Others are discovering the true scale of the problems and occurred changes, the priority, and the following tasks and solutions arising from them in all spaces and dimensions of the world around us.

5D Earth

At each level, specific tasks are handled by different actors. They do so with an eye to what can realistically be done here and now, taking into account the multi-dimensional nature of what is happening.


  • Termination of the present Local Universe and its preparation for a new model;

  • Transformation of its creator, the Absolute, which gained its dipole and moved to a higher level in Cosmic Hierarchy;

  • The elimination of duality and the anti-worlds spawned by it, the Black and Grey eons and their power on all planets, including Earth, the destruction of all their infrastructure on the Subtle and physical planes;

  • The ending of Earth’s history as a 3D planet and started its movement into the fifth dimension, to the new vibrational orbit 5D closer to the Galactic Central Sun;

  • The started transformation of Earth’s energy, matter, mineral, plant, and the biological world on the atom and molecular level;

  • The transition of Earth from linear 3D Time to spherical 5D Time;

  • The reformatted the entire crystal lattice of Earth, its magnetic field structure, and Merkaba that accelerated the complete cleansing of the planet from old destructive energies and programs;

  • Increased the assimilation of Galactic and Solar Light coming to Earth, the vibes of our planet and all living things on it;

  • Morphing of the physical body of earthlings, their DNA and RNA, transition from hydrocarbon to liquid crystalline silicon basis, returning them paranormal capacities;

  • The beginning of the large masses passing from 3D through 4D to 5D through a sixteen timeline, based on each person’s vibes;

The list of fundamental changes is far from being limited to this. But the scale, specific scenarios, and deadlines for their implementation in other spheres of society depend on them.

And the keywords here are not “how much longer to wait”, but “to do”, “actively change self to survive in 5D.


One thing remains stable and already visible: in the unified 3D/4D/5D eon, we are ALREADY IN THE FOURTH AND FIFTH DIMENSIONS. They are separated from us by subtle walls, through which many already freely pass, thanks to their developed high vibrations.

Between 3D And 4D/5D

Those who do not want to leave 3D will have to solve themselves on the 3D planet the 3D problems of “money system and everything”. In the fifth dimension and higher such problems do not exist.

This is today’s reality. And each of us, according to the Law of Free Will and Freedom of Choice, face an alternative: to continue waiting or to start working at least on selves.

Finally, here is a minute summary received on October 12th, 2021, at 11:09 AM CET from 25D Argorians’ space fleet, which is moving Earth into a 5D vibrational orbit:


“Attention, squadron lead ship is on the line. The space around Magnetar is changing. Its eruptions are increasing.

All spacecraft – move to a safe distance from the Magnetar and begin to take on its emissions. Part of the ships has to go into a state of transformation.

Three squadron ships shift away from Magnetar’s main radiation vector and build a protective energy sphere from the Galactic Central Sun side.

The planetary system is preparing to release a large amount of internal energy.

The inner space of Earth is strained, and its Crystal is intensively pulsating.

External tension is relieved by the flagship. Squadron – move out of range of the flagship’s radiation.

Siriusians’ Lunar Station in 23D – operate at maximum power.

Earthlings! The crucial moment is approaching, be ready for serious events. The planet comes out of the compaction space and prepares for the discharge of low-frequency energy.

Ships – activate retraction systems to receive outgoing Earth plasma streams.

Sensations in the organisms of plants, animals, and people will be aggravated. The anxiety of the psyche will increase. Stay calm and poise. “

Out Of Compaction Space

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