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Tachyon Particles

Tachyon Particles are Decreasing the Entropy


Tachyon particles vibrate at a subatomic level. Frequency, oscillation or spin do not exist at the level at which Tachyon operates. They move faster than light, and thereby seem to decrease the entropy of physical matter. 

Tachyon, because it is the source particle of energy that organizes and energizes the SOEFs, provides the potential to restore harmonious healing frequencies. Creating a neg-entropy effect, Tachyon organizes that which is disorganized. It realigns and restores the SOEFs to their natural state of order and balance, thus creating a state of well-being or health.


For example, if someone has experienced an emotional stress and continues to go through life without any release or balance, a blockage of energy will occur in the emotional body of that human being. This blockage in the natural flow of energy (Energetic Continuum) in turn will cause an energy deficiency between the emotional body and a part of the physical body. 


What is Entropy?


" Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline the order into disorder and in global prospect turning into a chaos."

It is very important to understand how The Entropy interfere to our Life. Is there an order or chaos in the universe? Interesting enough, Gravity, we can describe it as an entropic force in terms of an "entropy"/ chaos. Where Entropy exist there should be some force to bring back the Balance and Harmony, isn't?!

Low Entropy = Love

Tom Campbell (of The Monroe Institute near Waynesboro, VA) in his book, “My Big Toe The Theory of Everything”, shows how we evolve by lowering our entropy and also is the most efficient way of operating in our day by day life.

By Tom Campbell if we lower the Entropy in our life we are activating the Loving state of being and vice versa. If we are living in our full potential with more satisfaction, with heart full of Love we are creating less turbulence and less distortions and more Health and long enjoyable life.


Free of fears, free of stress, free of pain. Tachyon particles are our seeds to the Freedom.

If you want to hear more about the connection between Low Entropy and Love by Tom Campbell, here is the YouTube link:

The Intelligence of the Tachyon Particle


Tachyon, in itself, has stored all the information needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every individual form of life. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, already exists within Tachyon in perfect form. An excellent example of this is seen in the animal kingdom. It has been observed that animals which are not influenced in any way by human beings live completely healthy lives. Mammals, for example, have a life span that is up to seen times their growth period. For a human being. That would mean 140 years of a perfectly healthy life. Of the 40,000 chronic and degenerative diseases known in human medicine, only a few are known to exist in wild animals! This is because wild animals do not have the ability to block the Energetic Continuum, thus creating deficiencies and diseases.

Whatever goes wrong in our physical body or in the subtle bodies, can be corrected by applying specific information for that particular process. Tachyon Energy is the key to moving through chaos and stress in our daily lives; creating new levels of order and quality of life. Tachyonized tools significantly contribute to achieving near-perfect energetic balance at all levels. The use of Tachyon not only presents a fully holistic model of healing, but a process by which all living beings can move towards radiant health and communion with All That Is.

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