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You are invited to join Heart-opening portal meditation transmitted live on Dec 21, 2021 at 7pm PST

On the day when the Portal 21.12.21. will be maximum opened its work will be enhanced by the mixing of phases (periods) of very powerful energies of several stelliums. Some have a harmonious effect, while others increase the tension.

Harmonious aspects would be:

Second phase Moon and Full Moon with it in Gemini, helping to resolve conflict situations constructively, make decisions on pressing issues, and successfully conduct difficult negotiations;

A sextile of Jupiter and the Sun that brings the energy of optimism, an understanding of how to overcome difficulties, a desire to do good to others;

The sextile of Neptune and Pluto retrograde reinforces the desire to expand Spiritual space. Awakens interest in the new and unexplored, as well as love for the world and the Universe in which we live, to further the positive development of our civilization.

The energetically intense aspects include:

The opposition of the Sun and the Black Moon increases narcissism, arrogance, and pride. Increases danger for the first persons of the State, to whom these character traits are inherent;

Mars and Jupiter’s square exacerbates conflicts and clashes of collective and personal interests;

Mars in conjunction with the Ascendant Lunar Node and opposition to the Ascendant Lunar Node provokes to ignore past experiences, the interests, and needs of society;

Jupiter square to the Lunar Nodes exposes the mismatch of traditional foundations, worldview, religion, morality, ethics, and the imposed trends of social development;

The square of Saturn and Uranus retrograde reinforces protests against the existing order and dictatorial aspirations, creating revolutionary situations. It pushes society towards profound changes and a revision of previous norms, laws, and beliefs.

The square of Neptune and the Black Moon shows man’s broken connection with Source, and at the same time, shows the path to increased Spirituality.

In addition to the planets, the energies of the Constellations Gemini and Capricorn will influence Portal 21.12.21.

The Gemini radiation carries the vibrations of opposing mental processes, the interpenetration of Spirit and matter, the connection of rhythm and form. This is the energy of world Intelligence, rationality, changeability, and flexibility.

On December 21, 2021, at 15:59 UTC, the Sun enters the Constellation Capricorn, filled with vibes of cosmic order, justice, and harmony of the individual and the universal.

In the last days of December, the quantum flows will reach their peak – the height to which those who have long followed the path of Spiritual evolution can arise, and which will become destructive for the other part of humanity who has chosen the involution.

The main boundary between the ossified and crumbling 3D and the nascent new world of the fifth dimension will be the year 2022.

We don’t need to be guided by certain dates, Portals, and corridors. These are just mental crutches for some people. It is better to be guided by our heart feelings, inner work, and Spiritual Discipline.

It is important to live as if each day is the boundary we are to cross. It is important to be ready for the coming changes every day, every hour, every minute of our lives.

It is useful to mentally place ourselves as often as possible in a sphere of the Fire of Universal Love with mirror-like outer walls. Fill this sphere with the Energy of Ascension. It will help to transform our consciousness into the Divine, and the physical corpus into a Light crystalline body.

In this way, we become unreachable to any negative energies and programs of the three-dimensional world.

This is the state of being in the “here and now” moment that DNI narrates about so many times.

It is what will allow us to move into the new space of the fifth dimension unnoticeably, calmly, and harmoniously.


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