WWIII - Any Conscious Distortion of the Truth will be Considered KARMA- New Algorithm of Wartime

No matter how events occur today in politics, economics, social sphere and our personal life, the main ones continue not on the Earth’s surface but on the Subtle Plane, in all eons and dimensions of our Local Universe.


Based on this Equation, the entire evolution is built and all Local Universe’s scenarios are written.

In the new Equation, unlike the old one, the echoes of which we see now as two opposing Light and Dark sides, Constructive and Destructive, will remain only one force.

Theoretically, it could be Darks. It gave them some hope. That is why the Dark Forces are now fighting so furiously against the Light one in the entire Local Universe.

But the main events are now taking place here, on 3D Earth. And the outcome of the new Armageddon is decided precisely in the confrontation here.


Only one force can remain: Light or Dark, humanity or Reptilians with other negative cosmic races. Co-existence is no longer possible: the global gap between them is too deep in energies, vibrations, karma, evolutionary goals and ways to achieve them.

During the last Cosmic Night, created by them, the Dark and Gray races waged space wars, destroyed and captured constellations and planets, including Earth, turning them into their colonies, natural resources and energy donors.

With the end of the Cosmic Night and Gaia’s exit into the Source’s line of sight, this millennial power came to an end. Fully realizing that the coming Cosmic Day would kill them with its high frequencies, many Black and Gray races and their Hierarchs voluntarily went through an almost fatal inner transformation and joined the Light Forces.

Only the most irreconcilable and aggressive remained, categorically refusing to change. They turned Earth into their fortress, using the remnants of the huge infrastructure that the former Black Co-Creator erected on the physical and Subtle Plane in the Local Universe and on our planet.

Fierce Battle

Now there is a fierce war in 4D near-Earth space, in which both Forces fight to the death. What is happening on surface is only a very faint echo of what is going on in the astral and mental fields of the planet.

The price tag is incredibly high. Literally EVERYTHING depends on the victory in the Third World War, in this deadly duel.

And it occurs under impelled evolutionary rollback. It is a forced measure and the only possible right decision.

Now, in the vibes of real war, blood, death, the Earth’s Logos simply cannot afford the form of an Absolute-like Crystal. For such a form corresponds to the highly vibrational energies of Light, which now technically cannot reach the Earth in full. More precisely, they can do it, but will not be assimilated by all earthlings.

On June 3, 2022, at 04:38 AM CET via a Direct Hierarchical Channel, the Karmic Council conveyed the following info. After analyzing the current situation in detail, it came to a conclusion that clusters of negative and destructive energy, remained in the Local Universe, prevent the rapid removal of parasitic forces and hinder the purification of space.

On Earth, they are supported by the backup 3D Matrix and many hidden structures that the former Black Co-Creator and his son Yaltabaoth built on the planet in the past.