What a wild world ... literally and figuratively

We need to accept that life evolves through cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Now is a time of transition as things are changing from one form to another. We need to allow this to happen for the highest good. We are called to let go the old so we can welcome the new.

In this blog post, the information will be quite diverse and will touch on various aspects of ancient history, will pass through the current visible reality and will reach multidimensional realms and wars of realities.

Allow me first to share with you the importance of the way we perceive any information that is an external source for us, until we learn how to "download", plug to the consciousness field, by ourselves. Personally, I maintain my focus on the Present Moment and let the information flow through me as my inner sense of extracting useful information from the rest of the chaff scans the vibrations of the incoming info, comparing it to the resonance of my inner state of choice and beigness to assist to my soul expansion.

Sometimes I can listen to a video for 1 hour and extract just a few minutes of usefulness, and the rest just sifts naturally. Has such a thing happened to you? We do not need to criticize or judge, which leads to the polarization of our inner peace, but simply open our internal channels to scan the passing frequencies with the intention of rediscovering ourselves in the process of transformation and evolution. The Right Time processes and accepts Right Info.

This is a wonderful time to give birth to new ideas and experience. I really chose to see this reality more and more not as a battle between darkness and light, but as a duel between two paradigmatic realities: the Polarized Duality and the one with the Dipole essence toward the Balance (such as Masculine/Feminine). Which one will prevail is up to us, right?!... but even though collective still choose the dynamic of Dark / Light, our world is brimming with potential and infinite possibility that will manifest for the highest good.

Nothing remains the same...

Kim Goguen quite a fascinating update on Jun 17th.

The video has extremely bad visual quality, but the audio is OK. I try to mask with additional effect to reduce the visible bad quality. The first video is a short version the second is the full version.

Again, Cabal tried to initiate another Omega system to save themselves, instead ... they lost complete control and the Source Protocol was initiated and introduced a ban on GOVERNANCE over humanity.

What does this mean for you, us?

First, Birth Certificate Bonds have been revoked and began to be deleted from their servers, allowing you to take full responsibility for your SOVEREIGNTY from now on. We have everything we need right now to move forward with purpose. We are called into a deeper and more authentic relationship with ourselves, with our Higher Power, and with others.

And secondly, INCOME TAXES will no longer be COLLECTED... We know that everything occurs in divine appropriate timing. We may not see the complete change right the way, but we should Trust and stay inspired by life now and everything that is happening... points to a renewed sense of encouragement.

You will learn also about 21 portals ... before, 7 belong to the Dark, 7 to the Light, 7 neutral Gates of Heaven ... now, all time travel portals belong to the new Management of Light and Source. The Light of our Spirits help us to see our way and feel the Universe aligning to bring us what we wish to experience.

I share the full version as well in case you want to listen to the same video including discussion how Cabal attempt to create food shortage and what we can do about that.

Kim's interview by George Iceman today, Jun 20, 2022

This interview is extension to the information given on Jun 17.

When the Source Protocol will be implemented in full? How the Dark forces used the Full Moon ceremonies?.. and much more...

The Real History Part One - by Kim Goguen

Kim Goguen, in The Real History video below, shared her intel of how was the Universe Formed? Alpha and Omega. How was the Cabal Formed, who REALLY controlled Earth? Just how long have we been fighting for our freedom and from who?