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Update-Apr 24, 22. Acceleration for entering into 4D/5D

I have to share two sources of information again. Kim's video is viewed from a local Earth perspective, and the latter is quite complex to understand, but it's a only way we to get used to such a "language" as part of our future.

Argorians Update 24 April 2022

On April 14-24, 2022, the space squadron of Argorians, transferring 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, delivered several messages about the progress of this operation. Their summary is given below.

The ships continue to move in the dense radioactivity zone in the ninth cascade stage of the third (out of six) filter (separator) of the membrane between dimensions.

From the Gerios Galaxy, a powerful radiation of Intelligences l-gamma particles is coming towards us. Earth is shielded by a multi-layered protective cocoon of ERMA red energy.

The movement is carried out inside the plasma magnetic tunnel from the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, located in the second (middle) inner sphere of the Local Universe.

Three Local Universe’s Spheres

Through the system of cosmic filters (separators), 5D Earth is transferred to the third inner sphere of the Local Universe, closer to its center. Here, in the star cluster, the Gerios Galaxy is located, filled with powerful GREMO energy (Love energy). For 5D Earth, space has been prepared in the fifth orbit of the Star Oryx, around which fields up to the eighth dimension are concentrated.

On new orbit, Earth will have other space Curators and observers at the special life support station. 3D Earth has two of them – Lunar bases of Siriusians: one in 23D, and the other on neutrino double of the Moon.

The former Earth’s Siriusian observers will be part of the Argorians’ squadron, as space rescuers and seeders.

After the transportation is completed, Argorians will receive new tasks from Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee.

5D Earth will get a new name, timeline, calendar, and Curators. It will have a new starscape, technologies, energies, types of transport, cities of Light. It will receive a new system of education and medicine, history and Spiritual mentors. Everything, that is needed in the world of the fifth dimension.

Since the beginning of June 2016, on 3D Earth, new Transition programs have been operating according to the new space calendar which was activated from the Lunar life support station. The goal is to accelerate the entry into 4D/5D of those who become ready for this by their inner work.

After placing 5D Earth into the fifth orbit of the Star Oryx, an official ceremony of reassignment of the planet will take place: from the first-level school in the Sirius star cluster to the second educational level in the Oryx allocation block.

The training of the resettled earthlings in Subtle Bodies will be carried out on the 7D Earth which was moved to the Star Oryx in 1998. On this planet, Souls will be waiting for incarnation into the physical body of the fifth density.

Oryx Star is only one of many addresses in 5D. There are twelve levels in each dimension, including the fifth. There is life on every level, inhabited by large civilizations with different bodies.

In higher dimensions they live in Subtle Bodies, in others – in physical corpus of different densities. Co-Creators are testing various options for men’s Transition to other dimensions, preserving the human body, that is, bypassing death, but changing its atomic and molecular basis.

The initial stage of this preparation has been launched on 3D Earth. It includes those who actively receive and transmit, as a conductor, the GREMO energy which is now coming to planet in intense waves from the Gerios Galaxy.

GREMO Energy - Energy of Love

According to the conditions of the Earth space school of the second level, only GREMO energy (the energy of Love) carriers could go to it through all six space filters (separators).

A personal scanner of the current energy state of each man is a plasma golden sphere that tracks the gene structure and consciousness maturity. All monitoring data is collected at the new 5D Earth life support station in the Gerios Galaxy.

Man's Sphere

This is not the only scenario.

The second is related to the preparation of a relocation base in our Solar System to Venus.

On April 20, 2022, the squadron of 23D Siriusians announced the installation of new equipment on this planet which will also receive earthlings.

A small planet from the Constellation Libra was chosen as the moon for it.

A tracking station has already been placed on this satellite. The field formed by the rotation of Venus has been checked, the setup and adjustment of the infrastructure has been carried out in full.

Solaris, combining the third and fourth dimensions is launched.

The interplanetary crystal works on the sound range of A-B.

Venus has got all the experience and developments of 3D Earth, so the human civilizations upgrading will occur at a higher level.

The environment conditions allow.


The Siriusians’ space ships delivered men’s Souls, chosen by their high vibrations, and viable wild populations and plants. The earthlings, who moved in three waves to the 4th dimension, were also selected for colonization of the planet.

The Curators of the planet, Angelic Structures, and residents of the inner Earth also participate in relocation.

A unique civilization will be formed on Venus in favorable conditions.

The Curators of the planet are the Higher Light Hierarchs of the Constellation Cygnus, who have extensive experience in growing new civilizations. They will observe all planetary processes, and the Siriusians will periodically visit and advise them.


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