True autobiography of our origins and blueprint

In reality, we have never been isolated, although the history of helping Earth and earthlings by friendly space races is full of dramatic pages, heroism, and self-sacrifice.

​For eons, support in various forms has been and continues to be provided not only from the Greater Cosmos but also on Earth itself. Hundreds of civilizations of the physical and the Subtle Plane of the highest dimensions have been involved.

Help is provided remotely and locally. There are more than one billion star seeds, indigos, and crystallines on our planet, as well as thousands of volunteers and enthusiasts. This is a powerful tool of support. Not to mention the many Lightwarriors and Lightworkers who are incarnated aliens here.

The higher dimensions from which helpers from friendly space races come to Earth, the greater the difficulties they encounter. Sometimes it turns to real tragedy and sacrifice before they can begin their mission.

How does it happen in practice?

Suppose you are a representative of the 25D Argorians or a 40D, 70D, or even higher civilization, and you responded to a call in the Greater Cosmos to come to Earth’s aid. A planet that has been in the cruelest slavery of the Black Archons all Cosmic Night and has only recently started the Great Quantum Transition to a new stage of evolution.

Your level is that of Creators, Architects, and Builders of Universes, Galaxies, Constellations, and planets. But you know nothing about Earth.

Higher Dimensions

You are the Supreme Being, woven from the energy of Source, radiating Its Light and helping It to create and assist others.

By your 25D energy, you begin scanning the Super Universe, starting from higher dimensions, looking for Earth about which you know little yet.

Soon you realize that you cannot understand the whole picture because there is too much difference between the dimensions and in the scale of vision.

You have to split your attention beam into smaller rays and probe each segment of space.

As you dive deeper and deeper into the realms of the lower dimensions, you marvel at the worlds that are here beyond your knowledge.

It is very similar to yours but has incomparable characteristics. Moreover, the creations that have sprouted here have a great many interesting aspects.

But still, you don’t understand much. Millions of your attention beams continue their autonomous exploration, separating and delving deeper and deeper into the realms of worlds. They are nested within each other, like Russian Dolls or Chinese Balls.

Your rays are beginning to acquire new experiences as you make your way through the thorns to the goal of your quest. More shells and inner layers open up before you, and each carries vital functions.

Realms Of Worlds

It becomes increasingly difficult for you to move forward. As you dive into the inner reality of the descending dimensions, your attention beams lose the memory of their purpose as they have to absorb more and more new information about the environment.

The rays of your energy body begin to acquire vibrations and even forms similar to those around you, get into the local game, and mingle with the natives, moving further and further away from their 25D source, and little by little forgetting their original mission.

At each new level, you leave part of yourself and your memory behind, so that you can fit into less capacious media and continue to explore in more detail, leaving with you only the essentials for a deeper dive.

You have to do this so that you do not harm with your high vibrations the worlds where the laws are increasingly different from 25D civilization.

These worlds develop from within, and they have their curators, gardener, and gardens. To enter them, you dare to take a bold step. Instead of simply scanning, you adapt to the environment and take the forms of its inhabitants, the Light Bodies that exist beyond Time and Space, in dimensions known to earthlings as the Subtle Planes.

The next level of vibration again cannot be reached without even more serious immersion. Here forms begin to take on a denser shell, and crystalline bodies appear – half-energy, half-matter.

Crystalline Body

But to go completely deep into it, your newfound crystalline body is not suitable. It simply cannot withstand these vibes, and the information you contain may unpack at the most unnecessary moment, exploding the exploring world from within.

You find a proper place to stop – a transiting planet, whose inhabitants kindly provide you with overnight lodging and energy boosts. On the “next day,” you decide to continue your journey and leave your crystalline body, going deeper and deeper into the Matrix of material worlds.

You leave the crystalline body and continue your journey down. You took with you only the most important parts of your consciousness, leaving the accumulated experience and memory of your true 25D essence in the body on the transiting planet.

As you descend deeper, you enter an even more detailed world. Here the movement is no longer carried out by the energy of your thought, due to the loss of coordinates and the potential left in the crystalline body.

You have to partner with the locals and borrow their bodies to move into their reality. They are happy to do this, but once again you cannot get close enough to the goal of the journey, even though it looms right in front of your eyes.

You realize that further advancement is only possible using local technology and create spaceships to move on.

At the same time, you tell the locals why you are here, and they happily and bitterly point to the Earth-infested part of their world, lamenting the pernicious influence of earthlings.

You offer to join you and eliminating the causes of contamination. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers decide to join you on the rescue expedition.

They put the word out, and millions of more entities join you in a space rescue operation.

Using old experience, you submerge your dense bodies on the ships, get as close as possible to the targeted zone and stop right on its border – no further, the low vibrations do not allow you to move on.

All of you by this time is in different-frequency ranges that do not permit you to manifest yourself in the underlying reality. You need new means of locomotion – bodies that allow you to interact with the basic rules of the world within which the source of Local Universe contamination resides.

Your army is fully assembled, and you are ready for action. You begin to test the ground by sending your messengers to different zones of the Local Universe. The zones are not only geographical (spatial) but also chronally different.

You understand that the area of operation is untouchable due to the Law of Free Will and Choice Freedom, and you cannot influence it with all your potential but only suggest the way.

The first dive goes well enough. Leaving your bodies aboard the spaceships, you go off on a mission down, get to know the locals, and unobtrusively try to help them eliminate the source of contamination – dozens of low-frequency negative emotions and habits.

You decide to test yourself as an earthling. After all, no Creator has the right to remain outside of his Creation without experiencing it personally.

Experiencing It Personally

But just like many others from the higher dimensions, you begin to quickly forget about the true purpose of your incarnation on Earth.

Like many of us, you are immersed in the illusions of duality and completely subject to the 3D Matrix that blocks your memory along with other aspects of your former 25D personality.

Many space experiments have been conducted in this pocket of reality. Different entities wanted to taste its “honey,” and they added their vibrations to this 3D world.

Consciousness from nearby Meta-Galaxies and distant Star Systems rushed to Earth for help and experience, dividing themselves, like you, into many energy bodies, like fractals or Russian Dolls.

Some stayed on the Subtle Plane, some decided to incarnate in physical bodies, leaving their memory and true essence on the boards of countless intergalactic ships that surround the Earth from all sides.

Some became humans, some became operators and assistants of incarnate Guardians.

Each performs his mission in complete secrecy, trying not to do any harm. The memory in incarnated is erased, and the Guardians can only discreetly suggest the way, so as not to interfere by their presence to the souls of the material worlds created by Earth and other Local Universe’s consciousness.

Here an analogy comes to mind with the movie Avatar in which humans used technology to descend into an alien world in the bodies of the natives. Only the Earth’s natives are unaware of your presence and continue to play their game. And you, too, have not remembered your true essence for many reasons, remaining in the wheel of Samsara from life to life.

With the end of the Cosmic Night and the beginning of the Great Quantum Transition, the aim of the operation of friendly space races is not only to free the earthlings from the slavery of the Archons.

The task is much broader – to promote a new consciousness capable to absorb and implement the experience and knowledge of the Higher Worlds on a single evolutionary platform.

No one had ever done that before, anywhere.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff – to awaken those who came with you to this planet. You send a pulse to your associates reminding them to return to their mission.

But your message doesn’t reach its recipients. Its impulse can hardly reach even your bodies of manifestation which you left in different dimensions, going down the 3D staircase.

With each new density, the recall loses its power, reaching addresses only as echoes of vague memories. The fractal echo is almost inaudible to your comrades-in-arms, who came with you to 3D Earth.

Fractal Echo

They are too deeply immersed in its reality and have long considered it their own, having mingled with earthlings. Many try to remember their true selves but immediately reject the remnants of their past, thinking it a sick imagination.

But the more the Great Quantum Transition gains strength, the more space assistants incarnated on Earth discover once forgotten mission. They spontaneously establish communication with “Higher Self” aboard their space flotilla ships, and draw information from the database there.

Some begin to consciously part with the surrounding attachments, subconsciously understanding that the exit is possible only after removing the chains that ground the true Creators. Others get rid of material junk accumulated over dozens and hundreds of years of kinship ties, change names and passports.

In others, who are going through their last experience on Earth, material attachments are taken away forcefully to awaken in them the desire to know why they came to our planet and to return to the rescue operation.

A person often is sober up only when he feels bad – friends and loved ones leave, work and home are lost. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the only way to awaken those who are asleep.

There is a consciousness of completely different worlds gathered on Earth. Some of them were created by sub-Logos and planets, some decided to get the experience of incarnations here, some just to shake the old days in low-frequency worlds, and some to energetically feed at the expense of earthlings.

Even before the rays of Source’s attention manifested here, nearby Logos had noticed within Local Universe the hotbed of infection and offered their help to Co-Creators in its erasing.

The locus of contamination was detected not so long ago. It is located between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, inside the crystal lattice.

Locus Of Contamination

That is the reason why many of us cannot return home in other dimensions. The Archon’s virus infection may reach higher levels of the Subtle Plane through us, its carriers.

In other words, we who are infected with negativity on Earth can contaminate our Higher Self when we return home.

That’s why many friendly races have come here now – to deal with the causes of the infection and to free our minds from captivity. But this is only a part of operation…

The main rule of the Greater Cosmos is continuous cognition and development. This is how we, a part of the Source, help It to know Itself and through It – ourselves.

To Earth With Love

Monitoring and interaction is taking place in all seven Super Universes, in all Galaxies and Constellations.

Whatever complete information the Akashic Chronicles and their analogues contain, they only capture events in their databases. The best way to fully understand the studied reality is direct interaction and being on the spot itself.

The methods, technologies, and goals of incarnations of representatives of other Universes, Galaxies, and planets are different.