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The soul of our children


Our kids are our mirror. We don’t give birth to them just because we have to or want to, but subconsciously we bring them into this world to see them as our extension, to look at ourselves through them as in a mirror. Because they mirror for us exactly what is in us not only in abundance but also in deficit.

If we acknowledge this, we become better, if not, we degrade. The Source brings into existence new worlds and beings because by creating, It develops, and by observing Its creations, It studies itself.

And if we see the Source in kids, then we begin to notice It in ourselves. Therefore, if a child suddenly approached us, then remember that this is how the Creator knocks on our Soul. And not only by our tot – by any child, no matter ordinary, Indigo, Crystalline or Radiant.

Radian children

In recent weeks, more and more Souls have come to Earth and have been entered the bodies of Radiant kids.

This is facilitated by the activation of the planet’s new 5D crystal grid, and the powerful energy flows from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Helios, arriving on Earth every day.

Like the Indigo and Crystalline children, Radiant kids carry their programs to transform the planet and humanity for Transition to the 5D.

They all are the core of the future Sixth Race, replacing the current Fifth.

Before Entering Earth

The homeland of Radiant kids is one of the planets on the Subtle Plane in the Sirius system. In ancient Egypt, it was represented by the Goddess Isis. She is an ascended being of the eighth density, whose Soul aspects are now on Earth in many Radiant kids.

Isis is often depicted with a large orb above her head which resembles the Sun, and energy wings behind her back. Using this sphere in the Great Pyramid at Giza, she received the high vibrations of Sirius and transmitted it to Earth.

She too came from the same planet woven of golden Light as the incoming Radiant kids.


Their race is highly advanced. They live in harmony with the world, and there is no technogeek on their planet as there is on Earth. They can run the quantum energies and be the architects of space. So far they do not build Universes but work more as landscape designers, helping to transform realities.

Why is Earth so important to them, to Sirius, if they’re sending here an entire generation of Radiant kids?

Earth sent a call for help to different parts of the Greater Cosmos. Siriusians heard it and came to it as Radiant kids to assist Earth’s Transition to higher vibrations of 5D.

It is only one group of many friendly cosmic races.

All of them are now actively supporting, pushing the Souls of earthlings to raise their vibes to match the planet’s increased freqs. Of course, within the bounds of free will, they keep away from those who are not yet ready for this.

From Earth’s orbit, on the Subtle Plane, one can see scattered sparks of golden light on the planet.

These are Radiant kids. They differ in their vibrations that are higher, lighter, and cleaner than those of other people, and arrived here in streams, like Indigos and Crystallines’ Souls.

Combining, Radiant kids shine much stronger than singly. Everyone has a built-in program to glow brighter with someone of their own when the personal program is completed.

All Radiant kids have the main task on Earth to bring as much Light as possible. So everyone has an intrinsic need to develop. And they develop by uniting with others.

They can do it at will. But everyone knows that, in time, all Radiant kids will join together in larger groups to create a more powerful glow of Light.

At the same time, there is no fixed rule or set of how many, whom, and in which group the Radiant kids should be. Everything is built voluntarily, by free will and choice freedom, depending on specific conditions and circumstances.

Helping to Shine Brighter

Each Radiant kid can act as a center of attraction that, if needed, unite several representatives into one group, become its cornerstone so that the team could interact perfectly.

Some go to Earth on their own, without crossing over with the others. Each Radiant Soul chooses its path before coming to our planet. Some will work separately, others – together, while thirds will choose any option along the way – consciously or not.

Often the personal scenario is to develop independently in a human environment up to a certain point, then “wake up” occurs, and the kid starts looking to unite with someone else.

This is how they learn to establish inner balance without help from outside. And only when they are firmly “grounded” do Radiant kids kick off more complex tasks, working with a large volume of incoming quantum flows.

The energies of these children are very strong. Therefore, in order not to harm anyone or anything, they need to be very pure and balanced conductors.

Like everyone, Radiant kids maintain a connection with their Higher Self. On the Subtle Plane, it looks like a golden, sunlit orb.

From it to the planet go thin golden threads which are linked in different countries and families. These are aspects of the Radiant Souls coming to Earth with their programs.

Their common objective, as noted above, is to bring Light. All of them are equally warm and radiant, emanating gentle vibrations. As they rise, they shine brighter where it is especially dark. They are aimed at creation.

Separately and Jointly

Radiant kids’ energies are very fluid. They are in constant flux. It does not shine like a lantern but like the lit fire that is constantly moving. They are aware of the power of their energies and do not allow them to be channeled in a destructive direction.

On the part of parents, for Radiant kids, the MOST IMPORTANT is the understanding, the feeling of LOVE and PROTECTION. Adults can create it only with their Love.

Such children need not rigid tutoring but guidance, direction, and support up to a certain point, and then they will do everything on their own.

Radiant Souls are very sensitive to pressure. It is better to communicate with them as much as possible, be on the same wave, and by no means to pressure. They cannot be subdued or broken but can respond by a very strong outburst of anger and mistrust in return.

Any pressure negatively affects the chakras, blocking them. It happens in all children, including Indigo, Crystalline, and Radiant kids.

Their chakras are fully open until they are 5-7 years old, and absorb all kinds of energy. They are never completely closed – only partially (although it can be up to 99%), and become contaminated as they grow older.

Many kids, before the introduction of the Radiant Souls, were born as ordinary children in their previous lives. The only difference was that when they grew up and completed their life path, they had no karma or acquired it in very small amounts.

From the past to the present they do not carry untied karmic knots. Like all earthlings, Radiant kids have ordinary physical bodies which are now rearranged to 5D vibrations through inner work, forming a crystalline body on a liquid silicon base.

As a rule, Radiant kids choose creative professions – artists, composers, musicians, directors, actors, writers, etc. This is explained by the peculiarity of their mission – from the Subtle Plane to influence with Light the Souls of people, not the physical bodies.

Although having powerful energy, all of them are capable of being wonderful healers. In each of the chosen spheres, they try to bring more Light, goodness, and Love.

It is a great joy when a child is born into a family, teaching and helping parents to love strongly and unselfishly, to be filled with courage and responsibility for life and destiny of kinship and non-kinships. With the birth of Radiant kids, they get even more advanced schoolmasters.

Many parents often remember the arrival of their children. Even before birth, before conception, kids’ Soul spoke to them, and they knew for sure that he/she was coming soon.

Our Best Teacher

And when a child appeared in this world, their wounded Souls were given the opportunity through him/her to give back to the World the love, affection, and care for others that they had not received earlier, in their time. They gave themselves the word, that everything, that they did not have, their child will get.

And they do it, not understanding themselves how their wounded Souls receive this love, this joy from somewhere, even not knowing how it looks like. It’s still awesome to many.

Now, Radiant kids come to them. They are the very openness, honesty, purity, just as the Light itself, having extraordinary power. They become a real blessing to those who understand it, and just a wild challenge to parents who continue to see children as their property.

To Bring The Light

For Moms-to-be

The following is a unique document for all of us. Especially for moms-to-be, and for those who don’t want to be a mother.

The post is a transcript of a telepathic conversation with a child in the womb in the 7th month of a mother’s pregnancy. This conversation may differ from the chat with other children due to the individual peculiarities of each living being.

Ready for Chat
Do You Like Your Future Name, Alice?

The name is as close as possible to my vibrations in human language. Very short, in multidimensionality, it is a much larger volume of sounds, vibrations, colors, and waves. But for this dimensionality, the name Alice is quite appropriate.

​Do You Like Being Human, Girl?

For now – yes, I do. This is the first time I’ve had such a union of Spirit and Soul with my physical body. Before, I had fewer consciousness cells in me from different civilizations.

Each consciousness cell is an individual ray of attention from different beings, and now there is a maximum concentration of these rays.

Some rays have already been incarnated as humans, not only on this planet, not all, but most. They have had experiences in the human body in one or another capacity and role, in different dimensions and different Galaxies.

That is, how a human being function is clear to me. At present, I have chosen a female body, as it is more suitable for my tasks and is the most productive in fulfilling these tasks.

Did You Have Any Previous Incarnations On Earth From Which You Are Bringing Tasks Here?

Yes, this is the Teachers’ System, maintaining balance, interacting with energies. While, I don’t have a rigid plan and goals, only a basic vector of development and great variability. For example, I may become a physician or an artist.

Teachers’ System

The main task is to interact with others, to help, to carry knowledge, skills, abilities. The range of options is huge.

Everything will depend on the gravitation towards particular disciplines. Within the first few years, it will become clear where I need to go. There are no hard karmic issues.

I will determine the tasks myself, will make a list of them, and see what experience is interesting to those space beings whose rays of attention I carry, and also to those who will want subsequently to come to my Kin.

Everything will be done taking into account the needs and desires of the consciousness of the planet.

Why Did Your Mom’s Teeth Collapse During Pregnancy?

Part of the generic tasks was closed, and the other part was taken for research and passed to me. There are different options for my interaction, healing tasks, socialization.

Teeth that collapse no longer carry any lessons to work through for my mom. But some of the tasks already worked through are copied in me as minimal, as a facilitated experience to live and explore.

For me, it is necessary to understand the foundation that will be put into the structure of the new family clan, if it is relevant. The generic tasks are basic to socialization.

Do You Remember Yourself In The Subtle World?

Yes, I remember myself as a collective consciousness, like an ocean of energies where one can be a cell, an atom, or a big brain, flowing from one state to another.

There are many layers in this ocean, and you can move between them, turn yourself off in one part, and light up in another. You can interact with other clusters of consciousness, exchange experiences, if it’s interesting, to create something together.

Baby’s Collective Consciousness
How Did You Choose Your Parents?

By matched vibrations.

The basic cells of consciousness had already been hovering in my fields for five years and were pushing me towards incarnation.

In my case, with my mom, the core of her Soul was familiar to me, i.e. we had incarnated together before.

I had an agreement with her before this incarnation, the cores of our Souls agreed.

The timeline is not important here, because, on the level where it was made, one can get to any Time.

To put it very simply, mom had to go through a lot of experiences, play different roles on this planet to understand how things work here, how correct they are, where the nuances are.

Usually, if everything is successful, the core of the child’s Soul is settled, the mother accepts it and shares the accumulated experience. Then the child is involved in the work here by himself.

How Does The Entering The Physical World Go?

I, as a Soul, being on the Subtle Plane, sometimes came to look at my parents, circled them, in their thoughts, then came back up and only later entered this body.

In my case, I didn’t have to go through different Portals, energy layers, etc. as others do. The process itself was simply synchronized by the vibrations between intention and conception.


Is A Lot Of Energy Needed For Incarnation, And Who Provides It?

Energy is available in space in absolutely any volume and quality. Sometimes very much energy may be required. It all depends on the Soul.

Some have to go through the floor by floor, gathering and accumulating energy on each level by anchoring aspects, consciousness in those shells (people call them avatars) that live on the floors.

Some can pass through all levels to the point of incarnation with a direct ray of consciousness because they have experience of collecting energy from any space without anchoring their consciousness in the intermediate layers.

What Are The “Sister” Energies For You, And What Might Remind You Of Them? A Color, A Combination Of Vibrations, A Melody?

The closest thing is the vibration of recognizing “our own”. I will resonate with them, connect with them. The task, depending on the stage, is to interact with both my and other energies.

A close circle will be defined by an identical vibration. Color and combination of sounds are also important if they will coincide with mine. They will work as a reminder. If a certain vibration is embedded in music or a painting or any other creative work, I will recognize the author as a kindred being.

Identical Vibration
What Will Help You Adapt Comfortably To This World In The Early Years?

To be LOVED, carried in arms, scolded less, and tried to be understood.

If asleep, do not touch. Don’t cram information and skills in. Don’t burden me, but not hide anything either, answer my questions as honestly as possible, put on interesting TV shows adapted to my consciousness.

I will be interested in everything, ask questions. If mom and dad don’t know how to answer then let them look for information and tell me, or I will seek it myself.

Now Human Bodies Are Changing Under The New Space On The Physical And Subtle Planes. If You Have Already Had An Experience Of Incarnation In The Same Genotype, Have You Noticed The Difference Between The Incarnation In The Body Of The “Old” Type And The One That You Have Now? Has The “Firmware” Of The Physical Systems Changed?

Now I can freely change my energy structure, it became much easier for me to heal myself. I better feel my body now, where what processes are going on, adjust, tune, harmonize for certain tasks on the physical plane.

Freely Change Energy Structure

My new body structure is more flexible, malleable, and ready to perceive and change if necessary. It is easier for me to change my consciousness, physical and Subtle Bodies, psyche, behavior.

My memory is not blocked as it was in my past lives. All information and adjustments to my energy are available to me. In general, my current structure has become more complex than it was before.

I can assimilate more knowledge. I can draw them from the parent database and also connect to my other aspects, get information from them.

As tasks and necessities arise, I can connect to different civilizations through my aspects and adapt the knowledge gained from there to this world, to this density, transfer and embody here what was not available or not invented before.

The former genotype did not have such opportunities because the time for them had not yet come. Everything happens in cycles.

The past period was full of limitations, lest humans ruin things here. It was necessary to tune out and observe the evolution of Earth-born consciousness, the Spirit-Soul-Personality-Ego coupling. Of course, there can be many more constituent parts in one being.

It was important to understand how everything interacts here, where and what problems arise, to correct or rebuild them at the next stage.

This stage has already arrived. Everything that was previously closed has become open and accessible. That is, the Transition to a new level has begun.

Being In The Womb, Do You Travel Through Our Reality?

Yes, of course, I work with Nature all the time. For example, during an eclipse, I left my body and worked with the Portals, so that all kinds of negative energies would not come to Earth.

I love working with Power Places and elementals, bringing them the codes of new space and Time, and giving them to those who need them.

Now I work more with space, cleaning the planet, saturating it with new energies. From time to time I return to higher spheres for advice or new codes.

I also have contact with people and sometimes communicate closely with them. I am most interested when I am heard and responded, no matter on the physical or the Subtle Plane.

In some cases, I go to higher spheres, when the codes and programs received there have not yet been finalized, and I have to return them for revision, get new ones, and so iterate back and forth.

Are Your Spirit And Soul Embodied Fully In You Now, Or Partially?

As I mature, other consciousness cells from other civilizations may connect to me. If some new codes are required, or if someone wants to join my assembly at some stage, to gain experience or to observe, to bring something, then, my structure will be supplemented by these new cells.

At What Point Did You Enter The Embryo?

At the moment of conception. Part of my Spark went in and began adjusting the mom’s physical tissues for my body’s growth. Some genetic programs I closed, others I activated, cleaned, adapted, renewed.

The first two or three months I was actively engaged in genetics, building my body. Around the first month, I started asking questions, “why is it like that, I want to understand it”. I was curious about everything.

I was fed by things I don’t normally consume, watched strange shows and movies that I hadn’t seen in years. I tried to draw useful information from everywhere, from any television nonsense.

Then I detached myself from everything for a couple of weeks to reboot and analyze what I need and what I don’t need from what I have received. Until the moment of birth, I have to increase the volume of consciousness, even more, to be better anchored in the body, assemble my core, to be compacted for coupling with the physical plane.

Souls’ Spark

At What Point Does The Formation Of Personality And Ego Structures Begin?

They are there now. They are necessary for understanding the picture of the world.

It is like a local memory disk in which Spirit, Soul, and personality are interlocked.

Ego and personality must be cultivated, shown, and explained what is good, what is bad, develop a conscience. Conscience is the connection with Spirit.

My mom needs to be eco-friendly all the time because every experience she has is immediately impacting me. I can pick up other people’s qualities, but I need to be shaped by my own, not taking programs from others at all stages of my development.

In many Earthly traditions, when a woman became pregnant, she self-isolated. It was done to ensure that the baby was formed healthily, to protect the child from alien programs and patterns. It was allowed to communicate only with a limited circle of people.

That’s why the environment has to be chosen very carefully. Mothers usually have a good sense of who they are comfortable with and who they are not. That’s what one has to pay attention to.

If even a very close person or relative causes rejection, it is better to reduce contact to a minimum, without scandals or accusations. This feeling may mean that there is something in the person that may be bad for the baby’s formation.

How Does It Feel In The Womb, Anyway?

I like kicking my legs-arms, understanding how my body can move. But mostly, I feel the world through my mom right now. I can put her hand on the wall to understand how the wall feels to the touch, etc.

I am very good at sensing energy imbalance when people quarrel with each other, or if assessments are overstated or understated. I feel uncomfortable when I feel this, and wonder why no one wants to even things out and harmonize.

How Did The Ultrasound You Feel?

The first time I didn’t like it, it felt like an electric current was going through you. But then it got easier. My field structures weren’t affected much. The ultrasound isn’t as destructive to me as it is to others.

The first time I felt that the U/S wasn’t comfortable for me I adjusted my energy structures so that it doesn’t affect me anymore.

The apparatus may not have been fine-tuned, so it struck such a blow. Other consciousness is often not ready for such aggressive impact on their field structures, they have not encountered such things before and do not know how to defend themselves, or they wanted to try such an experience on themselves.

How To Avoid Or Mitigate Possible Force Majeure During Childbirth?

That depends on the parents’ behavior.

It will be fine if they do not panic or throw temper tantrums and harmoniously prepare everything.

Put energy protection on themselves, on the room, and give the intention that the doctors will be adequate.

In any case, there will be a crowd of Angels who will help. The main thing is to keep the mom calm. Any influences can be quickly cleared.

How Do You Perceive The State Of Affairs On The Planet Right Now? What Vectors Of Development Do You See?

It makes me sad. There is too much imbalance of energies, a lot of injustice, dishonesty, aggression, cruelty, and misunderstanding. It’s huge work to be done. That’s why I came here.

Many input factors can’t be accounted for right now. Everything depends on those who will come. There are a lot of options, and many vectors, but which one will prevail, is not clear yet. We solve problems as they arise.

What Can You Say About The Transition And The Division Of Timelines? A Lot Of People Are Talking About 21.12.21 Again.

Everyone has been living in their reality for a long time. Some are in a state of separation, suffering, and apathy, and some are united in joy. What sets you give yourself, that’s where you end up.

You often encounter beings which convinced that “everything is futile and life is not good”. And some do not know it at all. Others are in a state of “everything is bad” today and in a state of happiness tomorrow.

Everyone is the creator of his Transition and the anchoring of himself on certain branches of reality. It is impossible to give a clear, unambiguous answer that here, on such a day and hour the heavens will open, the saints will go to heaven, and sinners will fall into the fiery hyena. There is no such thing. It does not work that way.

21.12.2021 is a very beautiful date, no doubt about it, but everything is relative.

For some, it may be like a kind of entry point, when it is easier to anchor oneself in one reality or another, depending on individual attunement.

But maybe, as is usually the case, people pump their attention and energy into this point, and someone uses the energy and attention of the general in a way that is not harmonious or for evil.

But everything is an experience. It all depends on yourself, on your attunement, on how you have worked yourself through and cleaned yourself previously.

How Does The Passage Of The Earth’s “Customs” Take Place?

The “customs” have several levels. It is similar to boundaries on Earth. These are different pockets of reality around the planet that have different vibrations.

I went through some parts of the customs, several frequency floors with different creatures sitting on them. I went through it with my entire core, keeping its integrity.

Through The Frequencies

But there are many variants, depending on a consciousness cell, an assembly, a Soul’s core. Each consciousness cell with its personal “documents” comes to Earth.

Having the basis of my mom, it was easier for me because I knew what to pay attention to so that there were no distortions when passing through the “customs”. When all the cells of my consciousness understood what was what, the core of my Soul prepared for the meeting with the “customs officers”.

They resemble Earthly bureaucrats. Exaggeratedly: you go to them with your documents listing your tasks, goals, experience, and who you are in general.

“Customs” examines it and, conventionally, puts a plus or minus on each ability that you bring here. Sometimes they may suggest going to another timeline to make it easier to complete tasks.

Sometimes “customs officials” may make a mistake, and put a check in the wrong place. It is possible to incarnate on Earth with a list of things that you do not want to bring here because the “customs” have ticked the wrong box in the “documents”.

In a word, everything is like with people. Then you have to correct the mistakes after the incarnation. There could be distortions everywhere. And if it is not clear where the point from which these distortions went, you have to go to the customs again.

Is It Important In What Way Conception Occurred? IVF Or Natural Way?

It all depends on the core’s structure. If the Soul’s core is strong and formed, it makes no difference. If its structure is unstable, then IVF may destabilize it even more. It will need to pay more attention to the baby. If the mother is conscious, this is not a fundamental concern.


Does The Way A Baby Is Born, Natural Birth Or Caesarean Section, Affect It? How Would You Like To Be Born, Alice?

By and large, I don’t care, in my case, it doesn’t affect anything. For other children, it all depends on the initial stability of the energy structure, plus the wish for a new experience. Birth traumatism can also be the closure of certain programs that the newborn does not want to work through on the physical plane.

Do Higher Powers Give A Test Before Incarnation?

Yes, it happens. Before the incarnation, one must pass a test of adequacy, whether the being will be destructive to oneself and others.

Conventionally speaking, you fly in, and they scan you, read out your information, offer you several situations, and watch your reaction. At the same time, they can turn off the understanding that you are now taking an exam, even though it is just a simulation.

If you show destructive reactions, they may not allow it. They send you to the core’s realignment if you want to go specifically on Earth, or offer you some qualities and abilities to seal, to block it. Or they send you to denser layers, worlds, dimensions where you can’t destroy everything.

If It Were Possible To Leave A Message Of Yourself, For Example, In The Form Of A Picture, What Would You Want To Depict On It That Is Important To You?

I will draw a picture of my multidimensional energy structures. It will be enough at this stage, the rest will be revealed as I mature.

Multidimensional Energy Structures
What Is The Difference Between Being In The Collective Consciousness And Being Here, On Earth?

Imagine that you are swimming in the ocean, as you like – on the water, under the water, you can breathe in it, fly over the waves, you can feel them, and merge with the consciousness of the ocean and its database, all the worlds…

And now you’ve been moved into a barrel of water where you huddled yourself up, squeezed, with no way to turn back. You have to expend enormous effort and time to get information. Generally, it is perceived as nonsense and very wild to feel it.

The connection to the ocean in my case will remain for the first time, not as much as usual, but stable enough. As my mind grows, there will be contact with the ocean, and then, most likely, the connection will be shut down for a while to make it easier for me to adapt. But the connection won’t be completely severed like it was in my old genotype in the former life.

If my mom needs to ask questions or to open the information channel, it could be sometimes difficult for her physical body because very large packets of information may come in. For me it’s much easier, I don’t need to turn the channel on and off.

When You Are In Your Mother’s Belly, Do You Feel Pain, Joy, Sadness, And Other Emotions? Are These Your Feelings Or Of Your Mom’s?

I feel both myself and through my mom. For example, the feeling of energy balance – I look at the imbalance and get upset.

But my emotions are different, they are more multidimensional. In me, there is no longing for the collective consciousness. I go there often and freely. Longing can manifest itself if the way upward will be closed so that my kid’s brain does not burn out by the density of incoming information.

Is It Not Tight In Mom’s Tummy? Do You Feel Cold Or Hot There?

If I wasn’t tight, I wouldn’t be kicking. I feel cold and hot, yes.

I also feel everything with my mom’s senses. If I’m cold, I don’t know if I am or she is.

It’s the same with emotions – it’s not always clear which one of us is experiencing them.

You have to stop and analyze all the time.

What Do You Say To Those Pregnant Mothers Who Voluntarily Jab Themselves Against The Virus?

It all depends on the circumstances. If they do it voluntarily, it’s their choice. If they do it under pressure, then the baby has to build a defense, clean up the consequences, and level down them.

There is nothing wrong with grafting if one knows how to work with it, and if there is enough resource, intention to neutralize the destructive elements contained in it. In any case, awareness and intention will do their job.

What Kind Of Consciousness Cells Are Present In You, Alice?

The main part of my core consists of elves and dragons’ aspects from very different worlds. There are many energy species without form, collective oceans of consciousness consisting of pure energy-information.

There is not even an analog on Earth of what these civilizations are. I do not know how to describe them. They look like multi-dimensional geometric shapes, symbols… There are no Earth concepts to translate into the words of this world. There have been no such beings here for a long time, or they have changed a lot.

What Would You Like To Change About Our World?

I would like to harmonize the balance of energies – in any direction or activity, with any beings.

Does The Soul Choose How To Be Born – In The Maternity Hospital, In Water, By Caesarean Section, In The Parents’ Home?

I can try to convey my wishes but the final choice still depends on the parents’ free will. Not everyone hears.

Did You Have Any Other Parenting Options?

Theoretically, yes, but my mom was the primary one. If she hadn’t had so much experience in so many incarnations, I would hardly have come to her. I’ve crossed paths with the main core of her assembly many times before, so we go as a pair.

Parenting Options

Are There Certain Reference Points, I.E. Events, People, Phenomena That Will Happen To You Anyway?

I see five or eight such points, the rest are variable, for example, a meeting with certain people. The points are not rigidly fixed, they can move back and forth along the timeline.

Depending on people’s willingness, the meeting can shift to the places and dates. These are standard events that happen to everyone in this world.

Do Unborn Children Talk To Each Other? For Example, When Two Pregnant Mothers Stand Next To Each Other At A Bus Stop Or A Doctor’s Appointment?

It’s not a conversation but an exchange of energy information through the subtle fields. My main contact is kept with the Upper Planes, the Guardians. There is a whole scientific community where I go to get new codes.

I have recently had the opportunity to communicate with adults who have clairvoyance and clairaudience and can respond to me on the Subtle or physical plane.

Do You Have A Sense Of Joy And Anticipation Before Embodiment?

There is no strong, exuberant, and joyful anticipation or euphoria. I am interested, but I understand that I have a lot of work to do. It’s pleasant anticipation.

What Experiences Should Parents Not Be Prevented From Having? What Support Do You Expect From Your Parents?

The main thing is that I don’t need to be hindered, just shown different development options and directions, and then I will choose for myself.

From an early age, I need to be shown how and what works here, to answer my questions, to give access to information, not to withhold anything, to talk even on uncomfortable topics for my parents.

Not to impose anything on me. Be friendly with me, so that I am not afraid to ask for help and advice. Teach me responsibility, give me advice, but I will make the final decision myself, and I will be responsible for this decision.

Parenting Options
How To Raise New Children? The Old Methods Are Hopeless. These Children Are Different, No One Knows How To Bring Them Up…

There is no need to treat the child as a baby.

Coddling such children can be confusing and irritating for them.

There are very powerful, whole beings coming to Earth now who are often wiser and more experienced than their parents.

There needs to be more communication at the level of the heart, Spark, telepathy, intuition.

Today’s moms already get such abilities during pregnancy and continue to upgrade them after delivery. It’s not paranoia. It’s an intuition to check on the baby one more time. Now the kid is fine, and in ten minutes, if you feel it, you need to come up.

Feeling and understanding what the child wants to convey, what they need, is very important. Pay attention to words and clarity of speech and communication. A multi-faceted development is necessary to understand the child’s interest and choice.

Does It Matter To You Whether Mom Is Reading A Book Or Just Sitting In Nature?

I like it when it’s quiet around. When she’s comfortable, I’m comfortable too. If I want or don’t want something, I let her know. It’s a symbiosis.

I like when she wakes up and starts analyzing what she wants or doesn’t want to do, how to do it, in what order, doing household chores, or going for a walk, or working, or eating.

It makes me feel good that when analyzing, she understands what’s hers and what’s mine. Some things must be done, for example, work, and I do not want to. The bargaining begins between us, and we agree that now my mom will do what she needs, and then we will do what I want.

In any case, children tell their parents how best to interact with them. This applies to all children. They are constantly communicating with their moms and dads through sensations, health conditions, telepathy, and sometimes they can even create small incidents, knocking out appliances, for example.

Now all people gradually wake up and discover abilities, channels with the Subtle Plans through which parents will be given the necessary information and hints.

About The Children With Down Syndrome, What Is This Phenomenon? Is It A First Incarnation Into A Human, Or Incompletely Unfolded Program, Or What? Why Does The Soul Need Such An Incarnation?

For some it’s genetics, for others it’s karma, for thirds it’s under-integration into the body, for fourths it’s the influence of possessors.

It’s the same with autism.

Childhood cerebral palsy is karma, often generic, for black magic or murders in the past life.

There are exceptions, but they confirm the rule.

No Mother Would Want That Kind Of Illness For Her Child. Is There Any Way To Avoid It?

It is necessary to look at the tasks of the genus, the kid, the contracts of the Soul. A very big, global inner work is needed to anticipate and clean up this.

Is There A Separate Layer Or World For Souls Between And Before Earthly Incarnations?

Yes, there is. It’s not so much a world but a multilevel system. Everything that you did here in your past life is checked there, new tasks are given, the assembly, the energy structure is changed.

You analyze whether you did everything you wanted to do and how well and productively you did it. Distortions that were not taken into account before the incarnation are reconsidered.

After the analysis, each Soul looks where to go next, whether to dive into the new incarnation on Earth or to go somewhere else.

What Arrangements Did You Make With Curators Of The Earth Experiment And Matrix Representatives For Incarnation?

I am part of the Teachers’ System. I have a contract with the Universe, not the Matrix.

Teachers And Guardians
What Message Can You Give Us Now?

Try to keep your attention on the positive moments, but don’t forget that destructive events can shape consciousness and give attunement to evolution.

Try to be more conscious, empathic. Remember that karma is a boomerang. Even though its nullification is going on now, some lessons can be closed only after their full working out.

Everything depends on you and your mood. Try not to get stuck in destructive states and situations for a long time, come out of them, and analyze whether it is yours or not. Whether you want to feel this way or it’s time to move up to a new level.

Develop flexibility of mind and thinking. Learn and be interested in something new. Do not be afraid to take steps towards development and change. Love yourself, value yourself and your skills, experience. Develop and evolve.


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