The parasitic Kali Yuga was replaced by Satya Yuga, an era of righteousness and prosperity

On March 20, 2021, the powers of the Archons, the Black and Gray races on Earth, as well as their entire scenario, officially finally terminated.

On this day of the Spring Equinox, all power on our planet and the Solar System was finally taken into the hands of the Pleiadians, along with other powerful Spiritual civilizations of the Local Universe.

A new scenario is unfolding right before our eyes. The active phase of the change of Earth’s handlers has been going on for the last two months.

It is aided by Gaia’s final exit from the dark pocket of the Milky Way, where we have been for the past 13,000 years.

From the outer (peripheral, shadowy, low-frequency) torus, we moved to the inner torus, closer to the Central Sun of the Galaxy, to the Light, to the high frequencies.

Until yesterday, Earth was ruled by alien material civilizations, destructive forces. Today, with the active assistance of the Galactic Committee, the Earthlings have come completely under the tutelage of the Pleiadians and their allies.

It is not just a change of power. It is radically changing the entire scenario plan of human development in the coming decades, its transition to the 4D and 5D.

For many people, this is still alarming. But we need not fear the fourth and fifth dimensions, but the changed third, in which we will no longer be able to live the old way.

3D is now our past. The energy for it in the Local Universe and Solar System is no longer accumulated. It has become empty, phantom.

Earth is being pumped intensely with new quantum flux from the Source.

Everything that is going to happen to us now is for one purpose only. The Bible calls it “separating the wheat from the chaff.”

Pleiadians are actively sifting us through high vibrations, like a strainer, to the next dimension, and pulling into the 4D and 5D.

With the help of Pleiadians and other friendly races, there is a division of realities on Earth at all frequency levels. It includes beings of the descending stream, with a centripetal vector of development, and beings of the ascending stream, with centrifugal development.

For the last millennia, the planet has had a centripetal, egoistic, destructive, left-wing vector of development. Now there is a change, a rightward vector, centrifugal, altruistic, constructive, is being activated by Pleiadians.

For those of us who are ready for change, it will be beneficial. For those who have been satisfied with living according to the laws of the selfish animal world, the changes to come will not be to their liking.

But we must all be prepared for a very massive and unprecedented combination of changes. History will be changed by the superposition of three tremendous transformations.

Satya Yuga

THE FIRST CHANGE. The parasitic Kali Yuga was replaced by Satya Yuga, an era of righteousness and prosperity.

Satya Yuga has always been characterized as a society of only exalted and honest toilers in all spheres without exception: education; military art and nation-building; industry and agriculture.

In Kali Yuga, Light was present on the planet in a proportion of no more than 25% of 100%. It was accompanied by a decline in morality, Spiritual degradation.

People showed the most horrible and disgusting qualities, as the good in the world was reduced to one-quarter of its original state, and even that by the end of Kali Yuga was destroyed.

This is the world we have lived in for the last millennia. It is very favorable for the germination of Evil. Destructive, parasitic enslavers have naturally flocked to this atmosphere, like a plague feast, from all over the Galaxy.

But now the morning of Satya Yuga has come. Through the efforts of the Pleiadians, the supremacy of Light is returning. It will soon reach its absolute level of 100%.

Many strongly disliked it. The confrontation is growing. To ordinary people, it does not show itself outwardly, but it just seems that way when they stop paying attention.

In the depths, there are powerful processes to neutralize and destroy destructive forces. All events are unfolding in the interests of justice, truth, and verity.

Look at how much information comes out. Lies are exposed, identified, and made public. It is done by the hands of ordinary citizens.

Over the past five years, they have unified into whole associations (indeed, very brave and courageous people!) and are walking in a united front.

Even at the level of States, stratification is taking place. Some countries are on the side of the law, justice, and Spiritual development. Others oppose them.

States are beginning to unite not on the principle of common borders, but the principle of the coincidence of development vectors.

For those on the Light Side, it’s good news. The advantage today is on the side of truth. Such is the Co-Creators’ will.

Events are unfolding on many fronts at once. These are the elimination of exploitation of man by man, the return of stolen money, the preparation of judicial and banking reform, and the creation of a people’s power structure.

The main idea: prosperity, order, and beauty in everything.

But ONLY a man himself has to revive human dignity. This should be well understood by all.

THE SECOND CHANGE. Humanity’s transition to the fourth and then to the fifth dimension.

In parallel with the change of Yuga, we are all transit to the next 4th and 5th dimensions. Even at the level of government, they are talking about this unique event. They have a lot to think about.

Just imagine such a mishap. In one night, people in large groups would change their status. Go to bed as a man of the third dimension, and wake up as a man of the fourth.

Overnight, new civilized beings will appear in countries. They will be able to read minds, communicate with their kind telepathically, and have direct contact with the Spirits of Nature and Higher Intelligence.

These people will be embedded in a single force information field, will be able to instantly recognize lies, understand the meaning of things. And most importantly, they will be able to create new worlds with their thoughts.

Transition can begin at any time. The first group has already been composed by the Pleiadians and is now undergoing accelerated brain recoding.

For a while, these people will live in two dimensions at once. They have to master the 4D and help their loved ones in the 3D. But it won’t last long.

THE THIRD CHANGE. Precession tilt. It is a natural phenomenon when the Earth’s rotation axis changes its direction in space that occurs once every 25,700 years.

Gaia is a living creature, and periodically she changes her position. She “sleeps” on one side for a while then turns over on the other.

This phenomenon is accompanied by climate change, the gradual flooding of territories, and the great migration of people. Our ancestors experienced it many times.

Preemptive floods are already underway. They are happening in Europe, America, China, partly in Russia. It is projected to happen as early as 2022 (give or take a few years).

But again, fear not. Flooding will not be instantaneous, as happened last time with Atlantis. There, the precession was accompanied by a treacherous meteorite attack by the Black Archons, as a result of which a giant oceanic wave went around the Earth three times.

This is now impossible in principle. Pleiadians have restored on Subtle Plane a powerful super shield over the planet from meteorites, a legacy from our highly evolved ancestors.

Besides, each of us will be warned by our Curators and will not let us die.

Such three great events converge in one time period. And we have the opportunity to actively participate in all.

Currently, the Source continues to channel its energy into our Local Universe zone. From all corners of it, including the Solar System and the Earth, Pleiadians sweep out the few remnants of 3D energy with these quantum flows.

Human Biocomputer

We are part of this transformation, being in the very gut of the 3D Matrix. Our lesson is about recognizing the 5D power and control over ourselves.

We need to learn how to make our decisions and not shift the creation of our reality to others: government officials, gurus, or gods. It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign.

Pleiadians and other friendly races constantly support us from all levels of the Subtle and physical plan.

Members of the Light Family are all around us at every moment. But it is up to us to master the laws they have shared with us and to anchor these laws and energies on this planet.

The process that is now taking place on Earth is the mutation of the physical body. Our task is to allow our body to evolve in and absorb the Light to the point where it can become a more powerful biological computer capable of processing and retaining the new coming info.

This time was meticulously planned by the Pleiadians a great while ago so that they could return to the planet and redirect the events according to the Source’s scenario.

Millions were called to participate in it. Millions expressed their agreement: “Yes, we will rebuild the ruins and put everything back together.”

Before many of us descended into the physical body, we all agreed to create conditions and events around us that would activate our Light codes to revive our memories.

Then we entered the physical body and forgot. All of us have Light Matrices already activated, and the Light codes have begun to act to some degree.

Body Light Matrix

Activation of the Light codes and the realization of our individuality become very intense. The cause of it is our evolving DNA.

When all 12 spirals of DNA fall into place, they will be incorporated into the 12 chakra system. Then – to the 12 planets. Then – to the Local Universe. Then – to the Source (see – Pleiadian’s Factor – New Galactic Ops. Part 8-2, March 2021, Disclosure News, March 20, 2021).

Our mere presence here and now is already empowering. Therefore, we must be sympathetic to everyone who, for various reasons, is on the planet at this moment and who has chosen to become a participant in this great change of vibrational frequencies.

Energy Of Sacred Place

Returning to the topic of Temples, Churches, Power Places, and other sacred spots…

When our bones and the shape of our skeleton come into alignment with power structures of the Earth’s sacred places, Gaia energy is released from the bottom upwards by informational and structural resonance. At the same time, a stream of creative cosmic rays flows down through our bodies from above.

The inflow of energy from top to bottom and bottom to top at once activates the Light-coded threads, the order of which within our cells begins to change. And our consciousness notes that we have changed.

Many of us can already evolve beyond the evolution of the twelve strands of DNA. But the overall state of consciousness of humanity at the moment is not able to achieve such a powerful acceleration. For most people, it is already a big enough evolutionary leap to go from a two-helix DNA to a twelve-helix system. This is because each of us is individually coded. And the encoding of each successive (increased) frequency can only occur if we are ready to integrate that vibration frequency.

Many are already experiencing tremendous difficulty in putting this plan of the Pleiadians into practice. They have convinced themselves that there is only one reality and that there can be no other.