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The parasitic Kali Yuga was replaced by Satya Yuga, an era of righteousness and prosperity

On March 20, 2021, the powers of the Archons, the Black and Gray races on Earth, as well as their entire scenario, officially finally terminated.

On this day of the Spring Equinox, all power on our planet and the Solar System was finally taken into the hands of the Pleiadians, along with other powerful Spiritual civilizations of the Local Universe.

A new scenario is unfolding right before our eyes. The active phase of the change of Earth’s handlers has been going on for the last two months.

It is aided by Gaia’s final exit from the dark pocket of the Milky Way, where we have been for the past 13,000 years.

From the outer (peripheral, shadowy, low-frequency) torus, we moved to the inner torus, closer to the Central Sun of the Galaxy, to the Light, to the high frequencies.

Until yesterday, Earth was ruled by alien material civilizations, destructive forces. Today, with the active assistance of the Galactic Committee, the Earthlings have come completely under the tutelage of the Pleiadians and their allies.

It is not just a change of power. It is radically changing the entire scenario plan of human development in the coming decades, its transition to the 4D and 5D.

For many people, this is still alarming. But we need not fear the fourth and fifth dimensions, but the changed third, in which we will no longer be able to live the old way.

3D is now our past. The energy for it in the Local Universe and Solar System is no longer accumulated. It has become empty, phantom.

Earth is being pumped intensely with new quantum flux from the Source.

Everything that is going to happen to us now is for one purpose only. The Bible calls it “separating the wheat from the chaff.”

Pleiadians are actively sifting us through high vibrations, like a strainer, to the next dimension, and pulling into the 4D and 5D.

With the help of Pleiadians and other friendly races, there is a division of realities on Earth at all frequency levels. It includes beings of the descending stream, with a centripetal vector of development, and beings of the ascending stream, with centrifugal development.

For the last millennia, the planet has had a centripetal, egoistic, destructive, left-wing vector of development. Now there is a change, a rightward vector, centrifugal, altruistic, constructive, is being activated by Pleiadians.

For those of us who are ready for change, it will be beneficial. For those who have been satisfied with living according to the laws of the selfish animal world, the changes to come will not be to their liking.

But we must all be prepared for a very massive and unprecedented combination of changes. History will be changed by the superposition of three tremendous transformations.

Satya Yuga

THE FIRST CHANGE. The parasitic Kali Yuga was replaced by Satya Yuga, an era of righteousness and prosperity.

Satya Yuga has always been characterized as a society of only exalted and honest toilers in all spheres without exception: education; military art and nation-building; industry and agriculture.

In Kali Yuga, Light was present on the planet in a proportion of no more than 25% of 100%. It was accompanied by a decline in morality, Spiritual degradation.

People showed the most horrible and disgusting qualities, as the good in the world was reduced to one-quarter of its original state, and even that by the end of Kali Yuga was destroyed.

This is the world we have lived in for the last millennia. It is very favorable for the germination of Evil. Destructive, parasitic enslavers have naturally flocked to this atmosphere, like a plague feast, from all over the Galaxy.

But now the morning of Satya Yuga has come. Through the efforts of the Pleiadians, the supremacy of Light is returning. It will soon reach its absolute level of 100%.

Many strongly disliked it. The confrontation is growing. To ordinary people, it does not show itself outwardly, but it just seems that way when they stop paying attention.

In the depths, there are powerful processes to neutralize and destroy destructive forces. All events are unfolding in the interests of justice, truth, and verity.

Look at how much information comes out. Lies are exposed, identified, and made public. It is done by the hands of ordinary citizens.

Over the past five years, they have unified into whole associations (indeed, very brave and courageous people!) and are walking in a united front.

Even at the level of States, stratification is taking place. Some countries are on the side of the law, justice, and Spiritual development. Others oppose them.

States are beginning to unite not on the principle of common borders, but the principle of the coincidence of development vectors.

For those on the Light Side, it’s good news. The advantage today is on the side of truth. Such is the Co-Creators’ will.

Events are unfolding on many fronts at once. These are the elimination of exploitation of man by man, the return of stolen money, the preparation of judicial and banking reform, and the creation of a people’s power structure.

The main idea: prosperity, order, and beauty in everything.

But ONLY a man himself has to revive human dignity. This should be well understood by all.

THE SECOND CHANGE. Humanity’s transition to the fourth and then to the fifth dimension.

In parallel with the change of Yuga, we are all transit to the next 4th and 5th dimensions. Even at the level of government, they are talking about this unique event. They have a lot to think about.

Just imagine such a mishap. In one night, people in large groups would change their status. Go to bed as a man of the third dimension, and wake up as a man of the fourth.

Overnight, new civilized beings will appear in countries. They will be able to read minds, communicate with their kind telepathically, and have direct contact with the Spirits of Nature and Higher Intelligence.

These people will be embedded in a single force information field, will be able to instantly recognize lies, understand the meaning of things. And most importantly, they will be able to create new worlds with their thoughts.

Transition can begin at any time. The first group has already been composed by the Pleiadians and is now undergoing accelerated brain recoding.

For a while, these people will live in two dimensions at once. They have to master the 4D and help their loved ones in the 3D. But it won’t last long.

THE THIRD CHANGE. Precession tilt. It is a natural phenomenon when the Earth’s rotation axis changes its direction in space that occurs once every 25,700 years.

Gaia is a living creature, and periodically she changes her position. She “sleeps” on one side for a while then turns over on the other.

This phenomenon is accompanied by climate change, the gradual flooding of territories, and the great migration of people. Our ancestors experienced it many times.

Preemptive floods are already underway. They are happening in Europe, America, China, partly in Russia. It is projected to happen as early as 2022 (give or take a few years).

But again, fear not. Flooding will not be instantaneous, as happened last time with Atlantis. There, the precession was accompanied by a treacherous meteorite attack by the Black Archons, as a result of which a giant oceanic wave went around the Earth three times.

This is now impossible in principle. Pleiadians have restored on Subtle Plane a powerful super shield over the planet from meteorites, a legacy from our highly evolved ancestors.

Besides, each of us will be warned by our Curators and will not let us die.

Such three great events converge in one time period. And we have the opportunity to actively participate in all.

Currently, the Source continues to channel its energy into our Local Universe zone. From all corners of it, including the Solar System and the Earth, Pleiadians sweep out the few remnants of 3D energy with these quantum flows.

Human Biocomputer

We are part of this transformation, being in the very gut of the 3D Matrix. Our lesson is about recognizing the 5D power and control over ourselves.

We need to learn how to make our decisions and not shift the creation of our reality to others: government officials, gurus, or gods. It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign.

Pleiadians and other friendly races constantly support us from all levels of the Subtle and physical plan.

Members of the Light Family are all around us at every moment. But it is up to us to master the laws they have shared with us and to anchor these laws and energies on this planet.

The process that is now taking place on Earth is the mutation of the physical body. Our task is to allow our body to evolve in and absorb the Light to the point where it can become a more powerful biological computer capable of processing and retaining the new coming info.

This time was meticulously planned by the Pleiadians a great while ago so that they could return to the planet and redirect the events according to the Source’s scenario.

Millions were called to participate in it. Millions expressed their agreement: “Yes, we will rebuild the ruins and put everything back together.”

Before many of us descended into the physical body, we all agreed to create conditions and events around us that would activate our Light codes to revive our memories.

Then we entered the physical body and forgot. All of us have Light Matrices already activated, and the Light codes have begun to act to some degree.

Body Light Matrix

Activation of the Light codes and the realization of our individuality become very intense. The cause of it is our evolving DNA.

When all 12 spirals of DNA fall into place, they will be incorporated into the 12 chakra system. Then – to the 12 planets. Then – to the Local Universe. Then – to the Source (see – Pleiadian’s Factor – New Galactic Ops. Part 8-2, March 2021, Disclosure News, March 20, 2021).

Our mere presence here and now is already empowering. Therefore, we must be sympathetic to everyone who, for various reasons, is on the planet at this moment and who has chosen to become a participant in this great change of vibrational frequencies.

Energy Of Sacred Place

Returning to the topic of Temples, Churches, Power Places, and other sacred spots…

When our bones and the shape of our skeleton come into alignment with power structures of the Earth’s sacred places, Gaia energy is released from the bottom upwards by informational and structural resonance. At the same time, a stream of creative cosmic rays flows down through our bodies from above.

The inflow of energy from top to bottom and bottom to top at once activates the Light-coded threads, the order of which within our cells begins to change. And our consciousness notes that we have changed.

Many of us can already evolve beyond the evolution of the twelve strands of DNA. But the overall state of consciousness of humanity at the moment is not able to achieve such a powerful acceleration. For most people, it is already a big enough evolutionary leap to go from a two-helix DNA to a twelve-helix system. This is because each of us is individually coded. And the encoding of each successive (increased) frequency can only occur if we are ready to integrate that vibration frequency.

Many are already experiencing tremendous difficulty in putting this plan of the Pleiadians into practice. They have convinced themselves that there is only one reality and that there can be no other.

Such consciousness is a strong evolution deterrent. It makes the transition from 3D to 4D/5D very difficult.

Each of us came to this planet according to a certain individual plan – when and where we can most fully develop our abilities and realize our possibilities.

Many of us are learning to follow this inner plan. Its realization will lead us to the knowledge of our true Higher Self.

Once we learn to follow it, there will be no need to expend tremendous effort in our lives to achieve the smallest of goals. We will become the Light carriers and move forward only because of our commitment to the Light.

We have forgotten incredibly much, as the Archons have rebuilt us genetically and vibrational. It overrode and turned off many of our innate abilities so that we could not use them.

Our consciousness was controlled. A reflective electromagnetic field was set up around the Earth, closing off access to the Source’s radiation.

With the advent of Satya Yuga, this came to an end. We will have a rich experience as we ascend the ladder of our self-identity, which consists of our chakras.

We need to embrace the information flowing into our chakras over the next few years to achieve full disclosure of consciousness and the memory of previous incarnations and experiences that we have already had.

Light-coded filaments are an instrument of Light, part of Light, and an expression of Light. These tiny Light-coded filaments exist as billions of thin fibers inside our cells. The energy fibers corresponding to these threads are in the Source’s quantum streams entering our bodies.

Light-bearing threads contain the geometry of the Light Language. In that language, the Pleiadians tell us the story of who we are.

Previously, energy fibers could not come to the planet because the Archons created and are still trying to save the Veil around the planet, preventing the Light penetration.

It caused the outbreak of a new space war unfolding now in outer space and near-Earth orbit, on Mars and Venus, where the Dark Forces still maintain their bases.

As the DNA spirals reconnect, the activated areas will change the structure of our physical body’s nervous system. Memories will fill our consciousness.

We need to make an effort to develop our nervous system. We have to attract Light into our body, oxygenate every organ, learn to go through energy’s acceleration, and call more high-frequency vibes of Love into us.

As the seedlings of this process strengthen and begin to nurture themselves in our bodies, we just need to observe the process.

We must remember that getting stuck in our dramas is like reading the same book multiple times, forgetting that we need knowledge from multiple sources to get holistic information.

Rereading the same book over and over again hinders the generalization. There is much more than personal dramas – there is also a holistic story.

The whole picture is connected to all aspects of our Soul. As the Light Family members, we have agreed to keep in our physical body the conscious memories of all our previous incarnations.

We agreed to accept without judgment all that we had done, to integrate all the roles we had played in all our incarnations. And then we agreed to infiltrate and change different realities. We expressed our consent by our free will.

Our DNA, restored by the Pleiadians, will lead us to discover the center of feeling. Feeling implies emotion. It is an emotion that is the wide road to the Spiritual Self. When we reject or suppress our emotions, we cannot enter the Higher Spiritual Realms.

True Human Cosmic DNA

Spiritual growth is always inner work. When we want to know how to change the state of the planet, how to change its consciousness, Pleiadians always answer: first we have to learn to work with ourselves.

Earth has now entered a period of conjunction or alignment along other dimensions to further its development as a living system.

What is the connection between all of the above and the twelve information centers?

When our chakra system is ordered, opened, and activated, information begins to seek expression and becomes available.

Certain conditions activate, decode the required information, bringing it to the surface, where it can find a way to express itself.

Connected to the information centers – seven of which are inside and five outside our body – we will prepare our consciousness to receive info through the system, also consisting of 12 chakras, which exist on the Subtle Plane.

Chakras And Energy Flows

When we activate our 12 chakras, we connect to the energies contained in the parallel 12 centers. These, in turn, will activate our internal processes. Our brain will be able to function as a super-powered computer.

Restoring the work of the twelve strands of DNA coincides with the activation, rotation, movement, and opening of the twelve centers of information – the twelve chakras, or etheric energy discs.

When this co-tuning is complete, energy will begin to flow into us through the 12 celestial bodies of the Solar System. Our activated bodies will begin to energize the Earth. They will activate themselves, releasing the energy they contain, resulting in a biogenetic transformation of Gaia.

It will help rekindle the love for the Earth, a better understanding that everyone and everything is interconnected on this planet. There is no need for anyone else to be alone when we discover that there is conscious life everywhere, willing to communicate with us.

Our progress along the Spiritual Path will be made at such a rate that the body, Soul, and mind have time to adjust to our talents. As we change, our abilities will unfold in time and place.

Pleiadians warn us all the time: we need not scold ourselves for moving forward slowly. It is our Ego that is craving a faster pace. It is incapable of setting the right speed because our Ego often sees only one part of ourselves.

Soul and Spirit look at the world with a holistic view. This vision reflects our deepest needs, our energy constitution, and our life plan.

We must remember that we will progress at the speed (if we don’t fall under our Ego influence) that will keep us from making mistakes as much as possible.

Psychiatric clinics are filled with people who have opened their ancient eyes, have seen, but have been unable to understand anything. They have failed to find their frequency. Not knowing what to tune into, they upset the balance of their nervous system.

For many of us, the main trap is impatience. It seems to us that we have to keep moving forward.

Don’t deny the turtle’s virtues, Pleiadians joke. Yes, it sometimes moves very slowly, then stops to retreat into its shell, and stays there in long contemplation. But the turtle is close to the ground and sees things very well.

Thought builds. If we think about what we wish to enter into the process of accelerating our Spiritual and abilities growth, that is exactly what we are doing. We are already growing and developing.

If we doubt, it is also a thought that also reproduces itself in our reality. Filled with doubt, we stop our growth as we deny on the Subtle Plane what is coming to us.

When we fully assimilate this info and expand the boundaries of our understanding of ourselves, our civilization, and its origins, the data will flood our consciousness.

Then, when the infinite energy of the Source wishes with our consent to take advantage of our physical, our Self will integrate into many dimensions, using it as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Each of us must realize that we are here and now at a very important time. This is an era in which all of humanity is physically mutating right before our eyes and changing into a different species.

What are we turning into?

From being in the three-dimensional world, we are transformed into a multidimensional man.

It’s time to hit the ground running. We are at a crucial point. Pleiadians, together with the Co-Creators and other friendly races, give us the opportunity for a huge evolutionary leap, a voluntary renunciation, liberation from everything, and letting go of everything that hinders the upgrading of our consciousness.

It’s time to fully trust the Light and Spirit to move us through our life experiences.

We need to give ourselves time to reconnect with all the parts of ourselves that exist in different dimensions that we didn’t even know existed. But these aspects do exist.

Every day and hour, every minute, Pleiadians send energy waves that change the frequency of our consciousness vibration, to that part of the Local Universe, to a zone of free will on the very outskirts of the Galaxy.

This is a vast experiment, and each of us came to participate in it with great enthusiasm and desire.

Let us gain courage. Let’s follow our inner voice, trust ourselves and the Earth.

We must invoke more Light energy into our body and use it for its intended purpose. It is how we will go beyond human capabilities, denying the laws and prohibitions that cumber our Spiritual development. This is what we came to Earth for.

Invoke Light Into Our Body

Pleiadians see and understand it very well. The consciousness they attract to this planet at this moment will ignite a spark of evolution that will change the entire structure of the Local Universe.

They encourage us to think big, to always think that way, and to reach our goal.

As they once again reminded us in their new message on 21 March 2021:

“Never stop looking up!

You have always had friends in High Places! +++

We are with you and Love You So!“

First Contact

In fact, the First Contact was established hundreds of millions of years ago and has never been interrupted even for a minute. All of the Five Races on Earth, as well as the new Sixth, are the result of countless such First and ongoing Contacts.

The question is who, with whom, and how maintains this Contact.

For billions of years, the Light Forces have seeded our planet with life forms. The best masters of genetics in the Local Universe have developed different kinds of plants and animals, experimenting with molecular-cellular diversity and DNA.

Cosmic races brought a huge amount of genetic material to Earth to make the planet a center for information exchange, a center of Light, a Living Library.

Together with Pleiadians, the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs implemented a truly grand plan on Earth. They created here a gigantic hearth of evolution where all Galaxies brought their information and where everyone shared their specific knowledge.

Earth became the most important repository of the Local Universe. It was a place of extraordinary beauty, where the ability to store information in modes of various frequencies through the genetic process was experimented with.

24 Spirals DNA

Pleiadians and dozens of other space civilizations provided fragments of their DNA to create humans. It is how they consolidated their presence in the genetic code on Earth.

People received a single Radiant Body. Their DNA had 12 physical and 12 wave spirals. They possessed tremendous knowledge and abilities, manipulated matter freely, moved easily into many dimensions, and maintained contact and exchange with all corners of the Universe.

More than 300,000 years ago, these contacts were destroyed. In the course of a fierce space war, Earth and humanity were taken over by the Archons. They forcibly imposed another direct contact on humanity – with the Black and Gray civilizations. These contacts persist to this day on the astral, etheric, earthly, and underground planes.

Negative cosmic entities are also good geneticists. But the new owners of the planet have different goals and demands than the Light Forces. They feed on chaos and fear. These energies give them life, power and allow them to maintain their rule on Earth.

To keep this vital source flowing, the Archons transformed the earthlings at the genetic level by changing their DNA.

Inside our cells, there are billions of etheric thread-like formations that contain important cosmic information, the light code.

When these threads are energetically connected into bundles, they work on the principle of fiber optics and form the matrix of our DNA. In the past, people used to maintain energy-information contact with the Source through it.

Archons completely dismantled the DNA matrix. Of the 24 spirals, they left only one double helix working. All the others were dismembered and disconnected.

The remaining spiral was easily controlled and managed by a narrow range of frequencies from 0.5 to 7.6 Hz. These are the vibrations of fear, hatred, and aggression that serve as the main food for the new masters of Earth.

The reality in which we have been immured has entangled our consciousness with thin threads like steel rods. It has ruined our perception of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

Around the planet, they created a reflective electromagnetic field, the Veil. It monitored and regulated the parameters of the vibrations online, which humans could modulate and change.

The Veil blocked the penetration of Light frequencies to the planet. If they did pierce the reflective field, there was no one on Earth to receive them. Human DNA was switched off, and the light-coded strands were broken. The creative rays of Light had nothing to catch and nowhere to connect.

Under such conditions, only a few were able to restore and maintain direct contact with the Co-Creators, Pleiadians, and other friendly races at the cost of long and hard Spiritual work on themselves.

The Earth’s emergence from the Cosmic Night and the Great Quantum Transition has completely changed the situation.

The new powerful energies of the Source brought by it have ripped through the Archons’ barrier Veil and are finishing off their 3D Matrix. It restored direct contact with the Pleiadians and other members of the Light Family.

Responding to the appeal of the Galactic Committee, they began to reincarnate on the planet one by one. The cosmic parents and brothers of the Earthlings bring information to the place where it and the Light were seemingly lost forever.

They have long walked our streets and sat in our academies. They have infiltrated the structures of government and oversee how we live and work. They are here to channel the energies of Light.

As the Earth entered the line of the direct Source’s radiation, its quantum currents began to penetrate our physical bodies more and more intensively, changing person after person, group after group.

The Kuiper Belt And The Oort Cloud

There are about three million spaceships of Pleiadians and other friendly races in the Solar System up to the borders of the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, continually relaying the energy of Light to us.

Earth is irradiated with beams of information from the Pleiades and other ancient Star Systems. They have never lost contact, even weakened, with Earthlings and have worked with us for eons of time.

Today our bodies are learning to take their information, transform it, store it, and pass it on to others.

As a result of direct contact with the spaceships of the Pleiadians and their allies, the radiation dose increases as our nervous system gradually adapts to its growing volume and intensity.

At present, we are evolving at a very high speed. Each year of our evolution is now equivalent to an entire decade in the last century.

The transition from 3D through 4D to 5D continues. We are entering higher dimensions where the body is not so dense. It will allow us to live and work in many realities.

The Source’s vibrations, which now pass through the Veil, restore our former 12-helix DNA and activate the light-coded strands.

New spirals are formed as the integrity of billions of etheric light-coded threads is reconstructed. Scattered fragments are reassembled in our etheric body through the action of Source electromagnetic energy.

Pleiadians are here to observe and control the process going on inside of us and help and assist us if needed.

The restored 12 DNA spirals rotate synchronously with the 12 chakras, the funnel-shaped vortex centers of consciousness and memory of the experiences of various incarnations, and the 12 celestial bodies in the Solar System.

Thus, humans return to their former energy-information base that Pleiadians and other Co-Creators originally installed in Earthlings for communication with the Source.

Pleiadians continually raise the frequency range to transform the Earth. They need us as conductors of quantum energies. They cannot change the planet from the outside. It is only possible from within, through all of us.

New Light radiations have powerful creativity in them. They permeate and saturate our bodies, preparing us for the next evolutionary leap.

All we have to do is allow the energy of Light to flow freely into our bodies. We need to learn how to hold the high frequencies, to clear the way for the emotional energy that is inside us.

Soon, a new energy center will be opened near the thymus gland, between our fourth and fifth chakras. Through it, we will receive a more powerful flow of information. It is here that the regeneration of our body will begin, moving to the level of unconditioned Love – Love that requires nothing in return.

Pleiadians need all participants in this process. The more different frequencies on the planet, the more energy can be stored to raise the cumulative vibration.

Those who have fully opened to the Light are already changing their physical bodies. Sometimes they may wake up at night and feel a change inside them. They are caused by the restoration of the former DNA.

Pleiadians built us as houses to which future extensions were planned. Or as biocomputer systems that could then be infinitely upgraded.

We are now at the point where Pleiadians are adding something to what we already are. What scientists call “junk DNA,” and what has been dormant inside our bodies for a long time, are now activating.

These DNA fragments will allow us to enter the multidimensional world, change our vision, hearing, increase our life expectancy, and return all the superpowers taken away from us by the Archons. We will automatically have cosmic knowledge again.

Pleiadians and other friendly donors have generously endowed us, in a biogenetic sense, with the powerful energy of the Spirit, a tremendous thirst for knowledge, an activity, and the same creative abilities.

They are stored inside our body, inside the light-coded threads that were dismantled by the Archons, and are now being reassembled into bundles by Pleiadians.

These etheric filaments contain information on the principle of fiber-optic systems. Pleyadins’ guided pillar of Light, with which they activate the cells of our body, also consists of billions of light-coded filaments.

The light-bearing elements hold a tremendous amount of info, and our body is filled with them. When all the strands are gathered into bundles and then into a single structure, these elements begin to work together, broadcasting data to our brains. It includes historical information.

Inside our cells, the light-bearing threads are like a huge library that contains the history of the entire Universe.

There are many potential DNA spirals and many chakra centers that can be formed under certain conditions. At present, the total number of spirals and chakras that humanity can hold in its consciousness without destroying itself is twelve.

The seven chakras within the body are not difficult to work with. The first three are the centers of survival, sexuality, and sensory perception. The fourth, the heart chakra, is the center of compassion and our connection to all things.

The fifth, the throat chakra, is associated with speech and self-expression. The sixth, the “third eye,” is related to clairvoyance. The seventh, the head chakra, gives us access to the knowledge that we are not only the physical body but something far beyond it.

Third Eye

The eighth chakra is 0.5 meters above the head. Most people hold it almost close to the physical body. The ninth chakra is also close to the body but is 1-2 meters away.

Once the nine spirals are united, this single chakra will ascend into the Earth’s atmosphere and connect us to the energy grid of the planet. This is an important connecting step.

The tenth, eleventh and twelfth chakras are even further away from the physical body. The tenth chakra, as it is incorporated into the unified Body of Light, will be located in the Solar System. The eleventh chakra will take us to the level of the Galaxy, and the twelfth will anchor us far in the Local Universe.

We will receive valuable info from these centers, which are also the collective centers of consciousness. By learning to interpret the chakral experience, we will find that our lives have irreversibly changed.

Different people will be transformed at different times. As we gain new experiences, become aware, and integrate them, we can help others go through what we have successfully learned.

Many will begin to feel these energies without any prior preparation. They draw Light, the source of information, into the planet, creating new opportunities for the development of consciousness, without saying a word.

For those who come first, the experience can be challenging. But it points the way. When we manage to go through the transformation with dignity, we will pave the road and show to others the path.

The more persistently we follow our evolution in each moment here and now, the faster the change will envelop the very last person.

When we understand how to use our emotional body properly, and begin to hold the frequency of vibration at which we want to operate, we will be able to emit the rays of Light let through us by the Pleiadians. Then we will no longer be feeding the Archons with radiations of chaos and fear.

Our DNA is a living history of Truth and Life. By merging with this history, we will be able to enter other realities without anyone else’s help.

Many primitive cultures know how to find remnants of this Living Library on the planet. This explains their reverence for the Earth, animals, and birds, and their understanding of the wholeness and interconnectedness of all things.

These cultures have been placed by Pleiadians and Co-Creators on the planet as classrooms and memory activation centers when the time is right. It has already come. We are living in it.

Now, the basic linking structure is the system of the twelve, and if to look around, it is seen everywhere.

These are the 12 physical and wave DNA spirals, 12 chakras, 12 pairs of ribs, 12 senses, 12 major planets of the Solar System, 12 zodiacal signs, 12 months, 12 days of Christmas, 12 hours of the day, and 12 hours of the night, 12 semitones in a sound scale, 12 main Olympic gods, 12 bible tribes, 12 Apostles, 144 thousand born in the Pleroma (12 times 12), a twelve-sided polyhedron.

The rhythm of twelve is not our natural rhythm. But the Higher Light Hierarchs have collectively agreed to use the energy of 12 in our reality.

Twelve is a coded formula. Many events and phenomena are sometimes incomprehensible to the logical mind. But they are of great importance to the light-coded threads and the body when it becomes more sensitive.

Yes, this system is not optimal and does not reflect the natural flow of cosmic energies. But the duodecimal system is the mode to which our planet is adapted and tuned.

The next stage will be the system of thirteen. It is already laid down the life of the planet and people. How many times in a year does a full moon come? Thirteen times. The System of Thirteen began to be anchored in 2013 through the 13 Zodiac signs, the 13th constellation.

13th Dimension

The Local Universe consists of 13 dimensions, or rather 12+1. The 13th is the Central Sun of the Thirteenth Dimension, from which, our cosmic Homeland, the vast majority of us come from.

In the life of the planet and all things on it gradually enters the system of a new cycle – the frequency of development 13-20.

What is it?

This is a transition to the 13th spiral of the big cycle of space-time, where it is organized differently. The Light wave on this spiral has 13 cycles. And the spiral itself consists of 20 parts and organizes its activity according to the 20-cycle principle.

Our minute of linear time, which will continue to exist in this world, will consist in the future of 20 cycles (seconds) instead of 60.

The time will not speed up but will slow down because each of the 20 cycles of the 13th time spiral will be significantly greater than each of the 60 cycles of the 12th time spiral.

On the 13th spiral, the “13:20” vibration allows not only stretching out time but also twisting it into sphericity. This is a feature of the new stage of our evolution in which we will move from linear to quantum time.

It is a time with fundamentally new characteristics. There the past and the present exist simultaneously as a hologram. Everything that happens to us or any other object doesn’t disappear. Everything exists at the same time. But all previous states are preserved in space with a time stamp.

At this level of our development, we can only enter the 13th dimension from the 12th dimension. When we complete our Great Quantum Transition, the structure of the Universe will change, and the 13th dimension will become available to inhabitants of other dimensions.

Pleiadians encoded the Source information everywhere: in insects, flowers, trees – literally everything we see around us. When the data was deposited, it was categorized into twelve separate layers.

Time Keepers

That is, there are different levels of secrecy, many different ways in which one can enter these libraries. But we are not yet authorized to just walk in and say, “I now have free access to all the information.”

Just as government agencies have different levels of access, libraries, which contain even the information the Pleiadians give us now, have their security systems.

The original need for libraries was that the Archons were beginning to establish their tyranny. The Time Keepers – certain kinds of energy – had a fear that information might fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, libraries were created in various modes.

The task of the Time Keepers was to develop a mode in which consciousness would evolve, itself possessing some amount of information, and through it could be accessed to the rest of the data.

The role of man as a conduit to the library was a high honor. Without a human body, it was impossible to enter this repository of information.

The better the being in the human body was attuned to the higher Spiritual frequencies, the higher was his access. The man was, on the one hand, a separate individuality and, on the other, a necessary link in the interconnectedness of all phenomena and things on Earth.

When beings from other planets came to receive information, they merged with the entity in the human body. And they found those who had a certain resonant frequency of vibration that the person could perceive and respond to.

If someone had low access, they could only see part of an object or phenomenon. And everyone came to get permission to certain info.

It was not withheld from anyone due to secrecy. Sometimes it could not be obtained because of the lack of bio-magnetic affinity with the biological structure of the requestor.

The information must be able to penetrate through the belief system of the perceiver. Otherwise, a person could explode from the excess energy of info if he did not carry a lot of Love energy within him.

When information and its recipients are saturated with Love, it allows them to perceive and assimilate a huge amount of energy-information structures without killing themselves.

The frequency of Light cannot carry such voluminous data, because the Light is not directly related to emotions.

Love Energy

Love, on the other hand, has this connection. When we create an expanded version of ourselves, Love helps us solve any problem.

Pleiadians and other races of Light are interested not only in our Earth. They want to change the DNA structure of the entire Local Universe, to rebuild its vibrational Matrix.

To do this, they penetrate the key zones of the Galaxies and organize evolutionary breakthroughs there. In various centers consciousness awakens simultaneously, and as a result, the overall frequency of the Local Universe’s vibration is raised.

As the frequencies of fear wanes everywhere, Dark entities take more and more action to fuel dismay and despair. Otherwise, all those who feed on negative emotions lose their source of nourishment and life.

They are trying to restore their usual low frequencies because they cannot exist on the vibrations of Love. The Archons have stuffed the Earth with devices capable of transmitting and amplifying emotional instability on the planet.

Darks are strenuously inflating it with 5G, COWID, lockdowns, quarantines, economic and social crises, and smoldering hotbeds of international tension.

For thousands of years, there have been Portals on Earth through which negative entities have been introduced here. The most important one, which is now being fiercely fought over, is in the Middle East.

Middle Eastern Portal

Many religious dramas and other important events in the lives of various civilizations have played out around this Portal. It is enormous. It has a radius of about a thousand kilometers.

Through this Portal 300,000 years ago the Earth was invaded by Archons, Reptiloids, Draconians, and other negative races.

They used this territory to create many well-fortified caves and underground bases. The ancient Mesopotamian civilization, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was a space colony. Through it, the Archons manipulated humanity.

Black creators who have so far ruled our planet can take on a physical shell, though they mostly exist in other dimensions.

Archons realize that they are losing control of the planet and that their system is inevitably collapsing through us. So they are wreaking more havoc and fear. They vitally need an inexhaustible source of food.

In many countries, through the efforts of the Archons, the consciousness of the population at this point is: “Do everything for me. I don’t want to bear any responsibility. You can become representatives of the authorities. You can be my teacher. You can be my boss. Somebody tell me what to do.”

The desire to deify someone or something is a manifestation of frequency control on Earth. Using it, the Archons keep a new object of worship at the ready. It will be a new god, a new idol.


Just as there is a film industry on Earth, there is a holographic reproduction system in space. It produces inclusions of actions, real at first glance, which are broadcast through the Portals into our three-dimensional reality.

Since the cosmic Dark beings have spent hundreds of thousands of years on Earth and near the planet, they learned long ago how to easily deceive humans. After all, the vibrational frequencies of Earth and humanity have been tightly controlled by the Archons for this long period.

Holographic inclusions, especially celestial signs, are shown to influence large groups of people simultaneously. A great many of UFOs, though not all, are holographic recordings.

Such images are indistinguishable from three-dimensional reality. Some can even be tapped like a solid surface. It is often used for camouflage, for example, the Moon bases.

In the form of simulated events embedded in our reality, holographic films look very convincing. Their artificiality is very difficult to recognize.

Pleiadians warn of many possible holographic inclusions of active extraterrestrial activity, first in the Middle East and then in other parts of the planet.

Some such events will indeed occur. Others will be inclusions. Their purpose is to direct the consciousness of humanity toward the New World Order so that it is easier to maintain control over it.

Holographic images have energy fields of certain characteristics. It is possible to enter them and take part in the action. People who have had such experiences can swear that the events indeed took place.

But this is just staged holography, designed by the Archons to influence people’s minds.

Holographic images do not carry the Light. They are introduced only for the Dark control. It is simply one of the black technologies.

So, how to distinguish the holographic reality and true contact?

It’s very simple.

We will easily recognize the holographic fake with our intuition, our inner sense. There will be a feeling of something strange, that there is something wrong here.

Because we are members of the cosmic Family of Light, our light-coded strands cannot function normally in the presence of holographic vibration frequencies.

Pleiadians and Co-Creators originally programmed us, our mind, consciousness, and emotions for spiritual growth. And holographic inclusions do not facilitate it and serve only as a means of manipulation. They are inherently dead, a form devoid of energy, Light, and Love.

(the information is taken from DNI website, Lev's publications)

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