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The New Galactic Year on December 21-22, 2020

Here are the most important events and actions in recent weeks and days – from the Absolute to the Earth’s level.

Absolute has reloaded and Its Foundations, eliminating the error of Creation and bringing the coefficient of their Absoluteness to 100%.

The passing Local Universe was dual and two-vectored. It was built on the opposition of Light and Darkness, Female and Male Foundation. Evolution developed based on the unity and struggle of opposites.

In the launched new Local Universe and its Matrix, two-vectors will remain. The fundamental difference will be that it will be based on UNITY AND COOPERATION.

Returning to the above-mentioned list, the renewed Local Universe, Milky Way, and Earth civilization would be based on Light, not on Darkness, on Good not on Evil, on Love not on Hate, on Assistance not on Oppression, on Serving to Others not to Self, on Harmony and not on Expansion.

On the quantum level, these programs are already transmitting to Earth!

The Absolute dipole has completely reset the new 14D Sun in our Local Universe.

It began to relay the higher vibrations of the Source. Now Pleroma and Its Entities learn to hold the vibration of this Light, to melt, but not burn.

The hierarchical structure of the Milky Way is completely reformatted. A single, unified body of Galactic government was created.

The new body will retain the name – Galactic Committee (Galacom).

But now it will include the Galactic Federation, the Higher Light Hierarchy, the Angelic-Archangel System, the Primary Archons of Light, and other Higher Entities and Formations.

Updated and consolidated Galacom has exclusive powers.

The strength of the new Absolute dipole is being tested. Crash scenarios include a dipole gap, a floating coefficient of dipole coupling, and the Absolutes’ unity strength.

Its decisions become binding. It will no longer be a structure like the UN on Earth, whose resolutions are implemented only by those who want to.

It already has a single information channel. Earth contactees have access to it. It is already broadcasting in our reality field.

The Galacom will include representatives of two consciousness types – civilizations (Council of Civilizations) and Logos (Council of Logos). It’s like two houses of Parliament. Each doing its own thing. The most important issues are brought to a Single Board Galacom.

Unlike earlier, now in the Galacom, there will be no Dark and Gray civilizations.

Absolute has established new rules for admission to the Galacom. The criteria for selecting Logos and Civilizations are very strict. They need to fit on more than 40 parameters.

In the Galacom now there are Permanent Members (with voting rights) and Associate Members (without voting rights but with the right situational or deliberative vote).

The highest structure of the Galactic Committee presented Galatians with the right to vote and the veto.

Who are they?

These are the dipole creations of the Milky Way Logos. Galatians learned the true chronicle of our planet and are very interested in the Earth. They have very far-reaching plans for it.

The updated Galaxy Matrix will be in the form of a three-level sacred Lotus mandala.

The three hierarchical levels now look like this:

  • 1st level or petal – the four main petals (arms, segments) of the Milky Way are preserved, although adjusted.

  • 2nd level: 12 smaller petals (sub-arms).

  • 3rd level: 144 petals

The petals of the second and third levels are different zones inside the 4 main petals (Milky Way arms). It will still be a spiral galaxy, in the form of an ancient Swastika Lotus.

The Galactic Committee will be filled by the petal division. The Galacom Council will be represented by 4 dipole pairs (8 Entities) of 4 main petals (arms). From our Milky Way arm – by Melchizedek and Guan Yin.

There will also be 12 representatives from the second Galactic level and 144 representatives from the third petal level. These are Regular Participants. Associate members also have their quotas.

The Local Universe’s Programmers already reformatted the Galaxy Matrix for the new configuration.

The Source’s energy distribution through the Suns of Galaxy and the Local Universe will be carried out according to this new scheme.

The planetary system superstructure of the 3D Matrix known as accumulated karma is completely deactivating.

The root energy of the old Matrix is being dismantled, deactivated, and destroyed. The energy framework of the planet is being replaced and filled with a new light-bearing, highly vibrational substance.

New vital energies are linked to human DNA.

The culmination of events will be the start of the New Galactic Year on December 21-22, 2020. The single reference date for the new cosmic cycle will be the same for the Earth, the Sun, and the entire Milky Way.

These days are expected to be the landmark of vibrational events. It includes taking the Source’s Impulse through updated Galactic Logos, new energies, information, Matrix codes, and an evolutionary program for the foreseeable future.

A new temporary Galactic Axis will be anchored to Earth, along which the Galactic Ray is transmitted. Why temporary? Because in the future, the planet will not have a cascade chain of 12 Spiritual Suns, as it was before.

They all relayed the Source’s vibrations to us via a Galactic Ray from the center of the Milky Way Logos, but with inevitable side effects. In particular, contaminated by the built-in destructive, involutional, and parasitic programs of the Archons, Black and Gray civilizations.

Previously, the Earth could not do without 12 Spiritual Suns. The planet would simply not be able to withstand a direct, non-reduced Galactic Ray. Playing the role of step-down transformers, they allowed us and the Earth to absorb the Source’s energy in this form.

Soon everything will be different. On December 21-22, a direct reception of an unreduced Galactic Ray from the center of the Milky Way is planned. To do this, we need to accept, stabilize and anchor on the True Zero Meridian (35th Meridian) the temporary Galactic Axis, so that it can receive a new Galactic Light and a new Galactic Ray to Earth.

The North Pole will be oriented towards the center of the Galaxy, which will be visible in the night sky. And at the North Pole will be what should be there – the World Mount Meru in the form of a pyramid.

It is no accident that the ideal shape of any mountain on Earth is a pyramid. It is how the planetary Matrix is programmed. Any mountain eventually gravitates in a pyramid shape to match the ideal – the World Mount Meru with the ability to receive a Galactic Ray.

But all this will be after the implementation of the general cleaning project. That is already on the New Earth in 3D! Previously, this was technically impossible.

In preparation for December 21-22, 2020 event, the Sun is bombarded almost every day with ultra-high-frequency pulses from the Galactic Center. As a result, a series of powerful flares-explosions, the release of Solar matter. We are together with the Earth feels it very well.

In a brilliant Dr. Schavi M. Ali’s post, Photonic Blast Of Splendour described activation symptoms of increased LIGHT pulsations. I also felt them strongly these days and think it very important once again to remind of them:

1. Heightened Emotions (anxiety, irritability, anger, fear): These feelings are being brought up from the cellular memory of both past ages and current times so that they can be cleaned away for the new reception of intensified LIGHT.

2. Dizziness or Vertigo: The physical vessel is adjusting to incoming energetic frequencies and to the ability to move through other dimensions.

3. Body Aches and Pains: The body is acclimating to intense LIGHT coming through every cell, molecule, atom, and subatomic particle.

4. Extreme Tiredness and Exhaustion: As stated in 3 above, the body is adjusting to increased, intensified incoming Light.

5. Headaches: This is the activation of the higher chakras for elevated awareness.

6. Stomach Issues (nausea, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, cramping, etc.): This deals with major cleansings of the third chakra.

7. Rapid Heart Rhythms and Feeling and Hearing the Heart Pound: This is the activation of the fourth chakra and deals with the need to love and appreciate both ourselves and others. As the Earth/Gaia moves faster and becomes brighter as it travels through the “Photon Belt” and the “Great Central Sun”, all of creation (humans, animals, plant life, crystals, gemstones, etc.) receive the faster and brighter vibrations.

8. Vivid Dreams: These can be of two types:

a.) being active in other dimensions, or

b.) releasing old programming and experiences.

This is how we and the planet are being prepared for the great Galactic Flash – the Primary Emanation of the New Galactic Light (Sun) on December 21-22, 2020. Light waves and streams and receives until it is through our Sun, and not directly by us.

It is what saves us so far. Everything that happens to us now (severe physical condition, headaches, pressure surges, etc.) is the reaction of our body to new vibrations and energies. Our hardening, preparation, and at the same time some final, deep cleaning.

Special attention is paid to karma and its removal. 31.10.2020 temporarily revived Institute of the Karma Lords began their duties.

They received maximum powers from the Co-Creators and Higher Selves.

If the Higher Selves of a certain group of people do not cooperate, Karma Lords now have the right to forcibly cleanse karma in a format that they consider appropriate.

Now the most severe karmic cleansing is underway, most likely the last one. And the word “karma” will soon really become an anachronism.

Now it is important for everyone to consciously work with karma, even if we think that we do not have it. Especially in the corridor of eclipses until 14.12.2020.

The fact is that many Higher Selves have taken on a lot of other people’s karma, especially abortion, as part of the karmic charity, acts of mercifulness. At the same time, such karma is qualified as our own, with all the consequences that follow from it!



The Karma Lords and personally the head of the temporary Karmic Board, Guan Yin, CAN TAKE OVER PART OR ENTIRE OUR KARMA, SEEING OUR SINCERITY AND AWARENESS!

It is the main Battle for Earth right now.

It is only our Battle for our Souls and Consciousness.

After December 21-22, 2020, this Battle will not be terminated but continue to intensify for the good of All.... Stay tune, aware and available....

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