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The Miracle Began


The Miracle Began - We are the Miracle

The first wave of global events was awaited in September. The second, larger wave – on December 21, 2021. Nothing foretold otherwise.

But... maybe some quantum configurations were met or... just the Miracle is unfolding...

On the night of August 12-13, 2021, there was an event that many, first, took for Quantum Leap, but as it turned out, it was only its Early Screening.

And so at exactly 00:00 all the Lightwarriors and Starseeds were urgently mobilized and put to work!

What happened? What did it look like on the Subtle Plane?

First, Co-Creators opened space Portals. From there a huge number of Light Beings poured down to Earth’s upper dimensions.

Light Beings Poured Down

Their warmth washed over every earthling, participating in the action. The spirits lifted when help came.

Then everyone began to perform his or her task. Some were conducting the Light. Others gave their Fire.

The earthlings were filled with this Light and Fire. Everyone was so hot physically that bodies and the heart chakra were melting. The vibrations jumped.

Then cosmic Light Beings got into the net. Lightwarriors and Starseeds also joined in. One teamed up, and the other followed them.

Holding hands all integrated as a single whole and generated a powerful Light beam upwards.

And the miracle began. Everyone saw the Absolute.

Everyone was carried upward and connected to It.

Many felt as if all the memory of worlds and Souls was flying to Absolute, and Absolute was absorbing it in like a vacuum cleaner.

Then there was the Explosion. It hurt even physically. Flows came from the Absolute, filling everyone with Light.

The waves came one after another, rocking everyone who was joined together in a single network. Then the fractals of all the colors of the rainbow unfolded with amazing grace.

From Absolut they went on and on, like circles on the water, literally going into infinity. It was a pattern of staggering beauty, with everyone in their place.

Then Co-Creators led each one to their task. Some earthlings entered in a huge crystal. There they were put to work with the energy channels.

Through others, Subtle crystals began to sprout. They grew quickly and became like mountains. They hummed like transformers.

Gaia’s Grid

It was the creation of the new Gaia’s crystal grid.

Soon an axis began to form from them. It surged like a new Worlds Tree. When it grew to a crown, an iridescent Stream flowed from above, and the entire axis was flooded with Light.

On the Subtle Plane, the connecting and intertwining of the layers of reality, through which the axis passed, began.

From the high, a serpentine-like quantum current meandered along with it. It slid down the axis in total silence. Co-Creators asked not to be afraid of the form; this, they explained, was Wisdom. It began ingrowing into the Tree and sank completely into it.

Worlds Tree

Then an energy blob with the outline of an eagle appeared. It carried Fire, Life, and Impulse.

It was followed by a high-energy bunch with the silhouette of a bull, carrying vibrations of equilibrium and balance.

The last to enter the axis was the fire wheel that immediately began to burn away all the negativity radiating from the Earth.

All of this happened in complete silence, creating a sense of the Sacrament. And then the Absolute began to descend from above.

It descended the axis of the Worlds Tree down till the planet.

There It placed Its Aspects as the foundation of a new life on Earth and in the Local Universe…

It is how the first tryout and Early Screening of the new Quantum Transition phase went.

By our inner work, focused attention, and energy, we fill and paint the Divine framework and script.

That’s the way it has to be. Now our task is to match our vibes to Quantum Transition on the physical plane. It’s going to be hot.

Are we ready for the Quantum Leap?

Our Body is turning into crystals

It’s our crystalline body that is intensely forming. Light is getting ready for manifestation.

Our Crystalline Body

In recent months, the transition to 4D/5D has accelerated. The physical dense matter is poised to a quantum switch to a new state of a more rarefied, decompressed substance.

Crop Circle in Hampshire, UK

It is signaled on August 8, 2021, by the new crop circle in Hampshire (see photo). The four-dimensional level dissects 3D energy and space and takes them to a new stage of development. The disconnected stage is enclosed in the annular vacuum of the planet.

We are entering a phase of Hour X when important and surprising things are about to happen.

The decompaction of our bodies means the gradual loss of a part of its substance.

And where does it goes when leaving a dense body?

The unnecessary part of dense energy, the heaviest, and spent, is annihilated. It will not be needed more in the 4D/5D.

A certain part of this substance remains in our dense body to maintain it.

But for the new physical body, we don’t need as much of it as we had in 3D. The excess energy flows smoothly into our etheric body.

Our physical three-dimensional body decompresses, becomes less dense, less heavy. And the etheric body, on the contrary, thickens, becomes heavier and manifests itself from the invisible contour.

The two bodies align in substance and become a single volume.

In terms of the size of the space we occupy, we become one-third larger, although the physical shell retains its usual appearance, remaining at the level of the former boundaries.

Given that we are energy, a torsion field, electricity, we will evolve further on this principle.

The next step is to align in density the energies of the etheric and astral bodies, and then the astral and mental bodies.

Ascension is the dissolution of dense forms into higher divine spheres and the expansion of one’s living space.

Over the past millennia, we lived in a very dense world. It was separated from the Source, from the Subtle Planes, from the Light civilizations.

We were enclosed in a very narrowed living space. There was no Light coming in. We lived in darkness.

Now the reverse process is in full swing. Now we will dissolve, expand, and decompress our world.

For it, we need the Light of Source, which loves structure, order, and harmony.

For the Source’s Light to flow through our physical bodies, the Subtle crystal mechanisms are formed around our bodies in an accelerated manner.

Simultaneously, the same crystalline structure is created around the Earth. Our crystalline structure will be woven into the planetary one, creating a single Light crystalline network of Earth and people.

Electricity, the Light of Source, will soon be flowing through this network. It is how Light prepares for manifestation on Earth.

The New Earth is up for manifestation in the Light.

At the moment, right now, Galacom is connecting everything ready for the unified Light crystal network – people, some animals living in the wild (not pets), high-frequency trees, high freqs locations at the bottom of the oceans, Power Places on the surface, etheric Light Cities.

We and our loved pets are vibrating on the same freqs. Raising our vibes we help them to emit the same waves. So, it’s up to us… they to become crystalline as well...

This unified structure is 45% ready to go. As soon as 50% is achieved (the point of no return), it will be turned on the “switch,” and we’ll see a completely different space in an instant.

It would be volumetric, floating, and colorful; sparse, very alive, and dynamic.

The new world, along with the loss of some of its substance, will lose its former rigidity and become softer and more malleable.

Space, very Alive, and Dynamic

As opposed to its predecessor, it will give us a structured, orderly, balanced, and secure existence.

In the first moment, we will see only a small part of the renewed space, closer to us in frequency, but even it will impress us. Whoever sees it will freeze on the spot in admiration.

What does our crystal lattice, by which we are woven into the unified network of the Earth, look like?

Former Crystal Grid

Previously, on the Subtle Plane, it looked only as of the basis of the frame, its skeleton.

It was a primitive, no-frills form: a grid of tubes and centrosomes. The tubes had a cellular, transparent, porous structure.

The tubes were connected by small transparent cells with a core inside.

Centrosomes are larger, round nucleus cells that have several branches of tubes attached to them. This is how it used to be.

A couple of months ago, the framework started to change. First, it became more manifested. Many of us see it right in the air around us.

Wherever we go, this superstructure comes with us. As we stop or turn around, the superstructure slowly turns around and stops too.

Second, it became softer and more complex.

Freestanding large planet cells resembling transparent plasmoids appear in the light grid.

There are also plasmoids of blue color.

They do not change their position.

They always stand in the same place as the crystal frame at any time of the day.

Some of the tubes began to curl into cellular patterns similar to foliage ornaments.

The new structure is lining up in a new crystalline pattern. Like a flower.

Many new elements have been added, different in strength and brightness of lines.

Star clusters appeared on the background of the central trim, like celestial constellations.

Very similar to the drawing here on the right.

It looks like a rose, only without a stem, or a water lily, slightly stretched horizontally.

Like a Flower

All this together makes up our crystal transparent Subtle pattern. The crystal of our Soul. Our Light crystalline body.

It is activated before the planetary Light communication network is turned on, and before the approaching removal of the energy barrier between the visible and invisible worlds.

As soon as electricity flows through the network, the visible Light will refract through the crystal structure formed in us and give out incredible Light pictures into space.

Each one is individual in strength, form, and beauty. The laser show will begin on a local and planetary level.

From beings consuming Light, we transform into Beings of Light, plasma generators, foci of Northern Lights.

As black holes are transformed into Light pulsars, so our new bodies become conductors of pure energy.

The Earth crystallizes according to the same scheme. It is embedded in the Galactic network on an equal footing with other Star systems and the Central Sun of the Milky Way.

The beautiful new Earth is preparing for the manifestation of its Soul Crystal, its Body of Light. And everything will dissolve in its radiance.

What does the Body of Light give us?

Through the unified Galactic network, our bodily shells (without intermediaries) will have access to various vital resources.

These are free energy, higher-level matter codes, power, healing, information, sensory insights, and creative capacities.

This is the connection to the Galactic Community, to the Central Sun, to the Intelligence of the higher dimensions.

We can, with our collective intentions, amplify the energy, focus it, and direct it as we wish.

Focus and Direct it

What else does the Body of Light give us?

It is a crystal-based vehicle for teleportation. And it is the possibility of longevity.

It is through the crystal structure that the body receives the rarefied energy of immortality, changes our being, and forms a new Subtle physical body.

To embrace Divinity is to embrace immortality within ourselves. While we remain in physical form, we have already surpassed physicality. Many of us just haven’t realized it yet.

The new crystalline structure permeates our body, and its fulcrum is in our heart.

Bridge Between Worlds

Why the heart?

It is the bridge between the visible and invisible worlds and is equally sensitive to them.

Through the heart center, we connect to the planetary and Galactic network of all living beings. We are self-organized by our bodies into a living interplanetary Internet.

And it is through the heart of each being that the distribution and refraction of Light into the surrounding space will take place.

We are marching by leaps and bounds into the fifth dimension. And Galactic Committee and all space friendly races are already waiting for us there.


Why does it seem for many that the fifth-dimensional scenario is only for the chosen few and that it won’t affect the rest of us?

Because they do not see that in the 3D Matrix there has been a separation into two equivalent processes. They are simultaneous and independent of each other.

Not only are these processes independent, but they do not affect each other’s results, because they come from different forces in parallel. They originate from independent spatial realities.

What are these processes and their scenarios?

First One - the dense world

The one is the withering away of the old dense-material Matrix, the winding down of the third dimension reality, and the beginning of the active termination of all its currently existing programs.

For the dense world, the scenario is unfolding of the very high tension that we are all witnessing this year.

Exponentially increasing tensions are necessary to restructure everything that is no longer possible to live in.

It applies to all distortions – in politics, economics, finance, education, culture, the social order, the ownership of natural resources and energy sources, the choice of personal values, and the path of human development.

Events are only gaining momentum. And we will have to relive this difficult story in the nearest future.

Second One - new Matrix

Another process going on in parallel is the formation of a new Matrix, a Subtle one, the unfolding of higher dimensions, their tangible manifestation as a new scenario of life on Earth.

Before, on the planet, we were alone, only in a three-dimensional reality. We were boiling in our juices, in heavy low frequencies, with programs of control, suppression, and lawlessness.

The rest of the multidimensionality was under the Veil, somewhere out there, far away, in invisible space.

And the laws of the Universe were no guide for us.

Now the situation has changed at the highest level. We have a neighbor, a highly evolved fifth dimension, starting to manifest right here on the planet right this very minute.

The neighbor didn’t come alone, but with a support group. Ahead of them are the “light athletes” – the compromise buffer service of 4D.

And behind them come the “heavyweights” – spaces 6D and 7D. All go with their worlds and their laws. The planet is translated into a multi-dimensional and multi-level mode. With different inhabitants; with different kinds of habitat, nature, and weather; with friendly beneficial cooperation. Our isolation is over.

We will have to adjust to this second process as well because the entire program of life on Earth is dramatically changing. The physical environment and the spectrum of energies on the planet are unfolding under the new expanded multilayered program.

All living things are rebuilt naturally by feeding new quantum energies into the Earth. Our planet has already absorbed enough of these energies to start radiating Light outwards.

All of us are now between a hammer and anvil.

From above, from the Source – the hammer – the liquid crystalline Light is coming.

From below, the Earth’s matter, the anvil, is also keeping up. It actively emits counter energies vibrating at unprecedented super-speed of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We are sandwiched between two forces interacting with each other, but with an important fundamental difference.

We used to be as if we were in an endless cycle of water (H2O), in a steamer. The image is not new but vividly demonstrates the cruel principle of Samsara.

We were heated from below, brought to a boil, split into compound opposing elements, like hydrogen and oxygen. But they didn’t take the lid off either,endlessly pushing each other against each other.

We were not allowed to change the density, for example from liquid to gaseous. We were not allowed to leave the “pot”. We were like molecules of water vapor, forced to return again and again to the specified prison space, to the trap of the former state, to the time loop.

Now the situation has changed radically. The mechanism of free will and choice freedom started to work. Simultaneously with the increase in vibration (as the temperature of the water in the pot rose), the lid began to lift. Or rather, we raise it ourselves, now we can.

Event timelines are separated, and new Portals are opened for perception. Each of us is prepared for his situation, his environment, and the opportunity to experience his new states.

Increase in Vibration

When our vibrations reach a tipping point in the frequency spectrum, when we move up the vibration scale to higher frequencies, at that moment the new System will activate our Light Body.

This is the key to the instant destruction of all remaining three-dimensional programs. This is the embedding of our destiny into the higher frequency space of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

This is a transition to a new round of development, which in a moment will change our future scenario plan.

This explains why so many of us have been so actively building up the crystalline structures of the Light Body over the past couple of months.

We are Crystalizing

We are prepared for the removal of Veil and the quantum transition to another physical state. A true harvest is underway. Each reality gathers candidates by consonance with its frequencies.

We are closer than ever to the turning point in vibrations and the lifting of the Veil between the worlds. The Higher Light Hierarchs are warning us, “Be ready for your triumph!” The nearest dates of transition are given to us individually by each Curator and Higher Self.

What is the Plan?

The first transfer of people in 2021-22 was not planned to be done on masse, but in groups, by readiness, as they “boil”.

But now the Higher Light Hierarchy is reconsidering this plan. The situation on Earth has been elevated to the status of an Emergency, requiring close attention and intervention.

The Emergency State concerns not only Earth but also its astral and etheric planes, as well as all the Gray eons in the Local Universe.

This is a policy definition, not a detailed action plan.

A change in the forces responsible for the alignment of further events towards the Light is preparing on the planet. The time is historic and crucial.

Towards the Light

And what happens to those who don’t want to “boil over,” don’t want to raise their vibration?

Unfortunately, no one will be able to stay completely in the old world order. Reality will now break down very quickly.

We will see the beginning of tangible change within the next year. And then, after a total breakdown, the world will be built on completely different foundations.

Even if we hold the dense matter of the third dimension for a while, there will be no way to exist at the previous frequencies now.

People of the third dimension will have to give up the voluptuous habit of possessing another human being. They will have to adjust to higher evolutionary tasks.

More and more people understand it perfectly. Life will be completely changed. There is no going back to suppressing and oppressing others and controlling for one’s benefit.

Increase the men vibes is not the simultaneous global and mass campaign but strictly personal matter based on free will and choice freedom.

Every Soul has incarnated on Earth with its individual agenda. Every Soul perfectly knew what it will meet here by selecting time, country, and concrete parents’ kids for embodiment, and VOLUNTARILY accepted the terms.

It’s also the part of an individual program to be resolved or not resolve and get the next lessons and experience. Or again to postpone it for further incarnations.


A fairer and more human multidimensional structure is coming to our planet with determination. The change that has begun is irreversible.


Highly evolved consciousness will wash all false, low paradigms out of its way and put everything in its place. What should go away will fail.

Those who remain on the New Earth will be the living embodiment of the Divine Will and the Divine creation.

Peak of the Perseids meteorshower 2021

On August 12, 2021, at 3 am, astrophotographer Shirak Hospian shot the Perseids meteor shower.

He looked up into the sky and noticed for a split second a bright green beams about half the width of the Milky Way flashed.

Shirak was shooting a time-lapse, and it was the only frame that captures the event.

There were no traces in the before and after shots.

Two days later, on August 14, between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. GMT, a Perseids outburst, with 300 percent more meteors than usual, was recorded by observers in Texas, California, Ottawa, and elsewhere.

Perseids Flow Flash

Conflagration over our planet

Crop Circle In Wiltshire, UK

A crop circle that appeared on August 15, 2021, in Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, England, reported the following.

The core and quantum basis of Earth’s inner worlds produces a spectral separation of vital energy into different levels.

Everything that belongs to the third dimension is dissected, pushed to the surface, and removed from the planet, increasing its potential.

This is part of an overall transformation that doesn’t stop for a minute 24/7.

An important event on the Subtle Plane was on the night of August 12-13, 2021

On the Subtle Plane in near-Earth space, Galacom and 25D Argorians continue to actively form five 5D information platforms. Each is loaded with its development programs and aimed at solving specific problems.

The powerful quantum energies coming into our world are very different and often polar.

They have destructive and creative forces, appearing simultaneously to destroy the old and build the new.

Flows of high-frequency energies, ascending and descending, raise waves and form new currents in space.

They actively interact with each other and with the old 3D energies of the planet without exception, including the products of our life and thought activities.

On the one hand, these radiations, new to us, cleanse, structure, expand and charge space with Light codes and programs. On the other hand, they bring the chaos inherent in any transition period.

In our large cities, these energies Co-Creators use on the Subtle Plane for removing the mental dirt that as a thick and dense layer covers houses and prevents quantum currents from passing through, inhibiting and suppressing them.

That’s why Co-Creators are so focused now on working with our thoughts and emotions that cause many ailments.

The CONFLAGRATIONS all over the globe are a warning to us that the Greater Cosmos, Earth, and Nature have leverage over humanity far more powerful than men have invented in their short but destructive history.

These levers of influence can be applied not only in the forests but also much closer to the mega-metropolises and the groups responsible for the situation.

The incoming space energies will increase even more. If the unity of the Source and the Absolute with the Earth through us will remain bad, the conflagration will be everywhere.

Extreme Heat

If we succeed, a balance and stabilization of all the elements will follow, and the fires, floods, tsunamis, eruptions, and so on will come to an end.

The fires form energy rifts, which are Portals to the lower worlds of the planet, open the way for the exodus of negative entities stuck in these infernal spaces.

For them, the fire is a carrier wave, providing a transfer from the 3D dense reality to the ether and astral planes.

Fire thins and breaks the old energetic shells around the planet.

It facilitates the reception of new energies and the removal of old ones. Souls that bog down here for many reasons leave the Earth through the gaps formed.

Destroying Old Shells

The energy spheres destroyed by fire are the outdated fabric of space, the dead or dying frequencies of both humanity and other civilizations.

These energies overwhelmed the mental and astral fields of the planet. They concentrate obsolete programs, outdated codes, beliefs, emotions, pain, which, like rust and crust, cover our Subtle Bodies.

The more we resist inevitable change, the harder it is to get rid of this hardened energy crust on a personal and global level.

And the more we will be purged by fire, showing that change is inevitable. It is already here and now (the criminal causes are not considered here).

Co-Creators intensely activate the red and orange energies of the Source directed to Earth. They bring us Its unconditional Love.

But when it penetrates us, when confronted with our distortions and impurities, the energy of Love turns into its opposite. Some are devoured by lust for possession and subjugation, greed, power hunger, jealousy, the fear expressed in anger, aggression, and hatred which overflow our society.

The same thing is happening with fire – the element itself is changing at all levels, becoming more and more unpredictable.

Love Red Energy

Ideally, we should be conductors of the high-frequency energies of the Greater Cosmos, with love and an open heart to help them anchor on the planet, harmoniously and creatively.

Many people think that working with energies is completely crazy. Unfortunately, some of us are busy with ourselves or looking for someone to blame.

It is easier to do nothing than to agonize about the conflagrations and other anomalies’ causes. Nevertheless, they will continue in increasing numbers and will force us to pay attention to them.

These global processes are not warming or cooling, as MSM (mass media) is telling us. It is a transition to a completely new energy level on a planetary scale where absolutely EVERYTHING is changing, and most importantly, our consciousness.

We have been led to believe that the Nature elements cannot be controlled, and to some extent this is true.

They are distinctive and beyond the control of the ignorant, that operate only with animal instincts. But it is possible to “negotiate” with them if we wish, manifesting in us their creative rather than destructive aspects.

What is happening is nothing more than Co-Creators turning our attention to Nature, and to the fact that our activity or inaction is directly manifested in it.

Space is trying to reach us, our intuition. It increasingly adjusts to our thoughts and emotions, showing us how much everything depends on us.

This is how Co-Creators remind us that it’s time to wake up and take control of our destiny that depends entirely on our thoughts, emotions, and actions.


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