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The karmic duel between Light and Dark World Poles on Earth. Declassified-AI control on Earth-part 1

Why have I been silent for the past two weeks?! Because there's a lot going on. Much new information is seeping through the layers of multidimensional existence. It's not easy for our minds to grasp, but let me give you a metaphorical example of how everything is interconnected.

"In a vast meadow full of different plants (the multiverse with its diversity) coexists a plant that seems half-dried (planet Earth), struggling to take some vital energy from the universal energy of All That Is. The roots of this plant are interconnected with the roots of all the other plants in the meadow and they all sense the agony of this poor plant. Then everyone together decides to restore the strength and beauty of this plant and restore full harmony to their meadow.

Pollens from neighboring plants (evolved starseeds souls) carrying a multitude of wisdom within, along with special abilities and gifts fly towards it and merge. Some of the more experienced plants release vital water for irrigation, others shine like the sun to provide energy and aid regeneration, others serve as an umbrella to protect from the elements, and still, others clean the weeds that have grown between the roots. All these "others" help to change living conditions, but the most important work remains with the cells of the plant itself. Some of the cells become conductors of these energies, others are transformed, others are sacrificed to remove harmful unnecessary viruses from the plant's body, and many other functions that can only be performed by the plant itself within its system.

But one thing is clear, it alone will not cope with this disastrous situation, which affects the entire meadow, if there is no strictly organized mutual assistance, including the participation of absolutely every atom of the plant itself. There are no saviors and victims, but mutual coexistence and interdependence.... and everyone does their best for each other!!!

In this article, we will talk about what caused this plant to be in such a tragic state and how the mutual organization of the entire meadow must be in full sync to restore the full beauty of the entire meadow. None of them think of uprooting the poor plant for a moment, but they fight to give it an equal chance to coexist with them. And all this gives incredible co-creative pleasure, although associated with so many hindrances.... because they are united by common Love and the idea of evolving together"

So..... Six months ago, let's recall:

The Breaking News of 04:00 PM CET, 25 July 2022

The official statement conveyed by Archangel Michael and Guan Yin, the new World Mother, the Karmic Council’s Head, for the information and public disclosure:

The systemic evolutionary bifurcation point, as a result of which the equation of the Absolute will be self-solved, and the only collective force that will become the dominant and controlling force on Earth, is scheduled for December 22, 2022, at 00:48 am.

The format of passing the bifurcation point would be a karmic duel between the two power poles of the modern world. From a technical point of view, it will be a spiritual-energy confrontation, where, as in the balance, the pole that is stronger in all respects will be determined.

According to the karmic law, this duel will be conducted exclusively according to the cosmic rules. The violator will be credited with a technical defeat.

The passage of the Great Bifurcation Point is an event of the Subtle World, but its physical component is also present. Based on the results of self-organization of the Bifurcation Point, the Equation of the Absolute in the 3D planetary format will be solved. That is, the identification of the only Dominant Force and Vector that will implement the evolutionary programs of Gaia and the Absolute on the Renewed Earth.

Soon after 22/12/22, the results will become noticeable on the physical plane, especially in the outcome of the hybrid Third World War. Its termination can be predicted in the first half of 2023. And it will be a direct consequence of the result of the karmic-evolutionary Duel of the World Poles.

For half a year, both camps intensively prepared for the karmic duel, including the ground team, which simultaneously conducted other operations. Among them was pumping powerful cosmic energies of the planetary Light Pole on Mt. Elbrus (Russia) for use in the competition.

The same prep was carried out by another camp, which rapidly increased the power of the Dark Pole on the Subtle Plane of Mount Shasta in California, carefully hiding their plans, and simulating its weakness and vulnerability.

A demonstration of this was the destruction of Georgia Guidestones on 6 July 2022. The deposition of the collective egregore of the Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchy on Earth was publicly announced to the whole world.

As it turned out, it was a strategic disinformation and a tactical ploy by Darks. They deliberately staged Guidestones’ demolition to mislead the enemy.

Co-Creators pretended to believe in the destruction of the Dark egregore together with Georgia Guidestones. Through the ground team, they even helped to actively spread this decoy, but in their tactical interests – to hide the preparation of the Light Pole on Elbrus.

In fact, they moved the egregore to another place, localizing it in China, in Xiyan, famous for more than a hundred ancient pyramids. The point of the new location was Xiyanyang Pyramid or Great White Pyramid (N 34º 25′ 08″, E 108º 56’00”). Due to this, the Dark egregore was strengthened, and its infrastructure was linked with Shasta.

The karmic duel between Light and Dark poles, was scheduled for December 22, 2022, at 00:48 AM CET.

Archangel Michael and the Karmic Council’s Head Guan Yin, in their official statement about this event, highlighted that its purpose is to determine whose collective force – Dark or Light – will become the dominant and controlling on Earth.

According to the Cosmic Law, which ALL SPACE RACES obey, in a karmic duel, victory is awarded to the one, WHOSE ACCUMULATED SPIRITUAL POWER IS HIGHER. The one, who has it lower, couldn’t stay on the planet and must VOLUNTARILY LEAVE IT FOREVER.

Recall: The same duel was performed before on the Universal level.

Consideration was simple. Black Hierarch, who couldn’t create anything perfect, goes to the contest with his model, and the Higher Light Hierarchs, represented by Melchizedek, – with theirs. Then, an Impulse of Perfect Light will be emanated from the Pleroma. Whichever model will distort it less, assimilating and transmitting to the lower eons, will win. It’ll be legalized and implemented.

At the appointed time, the karmic duel kicked off. An impulse of Perfect Light emanated from the Absolute, which was divided into two Beams and retransmitted to the Black Hierarch and Melchizedek’s eons. The powerful vibes first passed through the Hearts and Monads of the Rulers of these eons, and then, through all other participants. The Dark eons crumbled in a few seconds, unable to withstand the Absolute’s energy.

Karma Lords officially announced the outcome of the karmic duel. The twelve eons of Melchizedek received the right to become the new second half of the Local Universe. The eons of Black Co-Creator, after evacuating from them all Creative Energies, Principles, and Forces, were to be split into elementary particles.


Melchizedek became the Master and Guardian of the New Creation, and a month later was elevated in the hierarchical ladder by the Absolute to the Divine rank. Thus, our Local Universe now consists of 24 eons: 12 – of Christ and 12 – of Melchizedek.

All Monads, born in this space-time continuum, will be rebooted with their help and guidance, freeing from the energies of Evil, violence, and other negativity that were embedded earlier during creation. Then, the renewed Monadic Families will affect their branches and genera, achieving the complete eradication of the distortions of the Light and every creature they have created.

Now the Earth’s turn came. It was expected, that the karmic duel on December 22 would also take place according to the Cosmic Rules of fair play. But the unexpected happened.

On December 15, 2022, at 09:01 PM CET, without waiting for the duel’s appointed date, Darks brought down an energy strike of monstrous power on Light Forces, which lasted up to 04:00 AM CET on December 16. The strikes were carried out from Black Shasta in California.
Mt. Shasta - USA

On the night of December 15-16, a week before the agreed date of the karmic duel, from the stronghold of Shasta, Darks delivered a powerful energy blow to the planetary Light Forces on Elbrus.

The Light Forces’ counterattack followed automatically in a split second from Elbrus in the Caucasus. It was so devastating, that the entire Dark Pole on Earth’s Subtle Plane burst into pieces along with its Supreme Hierophant. Supreme Hierophant, or Global Predictor, was Calladion. Read more details about the Global Predictor later in the article.

The Light pole was also damaged but retained full viability. His strength and might were disproportionately higher than that of the Dark Ones who stood no chance from direct contact.

Elbrus, Russia

The ground team did not know what was going on, as they believed Darks wouldn’t dare to do treacherous actions and violate the Cosmic Law and the rules of the karmic duel. But on the night of December 15-16, many Lightwarriors felt very physically ill, and emotionally exhausted.

On December 17, 2022, at 08:05 PM CET, through a Single Hierarchical Channel, the Higher Light Hierarchs confirmed the results of the karmic duel between the two worlds.

From Now, On Earth, Only One Pole Runs – Of Light. This Means That The Collective Power Of Darks And Their Presence On Earth Have Finally Ended.

The Dark Forces’ resistance and the consequences of their actions will affect all of us for some time, but not so destructively. The rescue of earthlings from hell will accelerate, and all the efforts of Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs are focused on this.

The duel between Light and Dark Forces not only took place, but also ended with the full victory of the former. IT IS NOT THE END, BUT ONLY THE COMPLETION OF ANOTHER STAGE TO TRANSITION TO 4D/5D. This stage is very important, and there will be many more.

The events on the night of 15-16 December 2022 can be compared to the bombing of a huge ice jam on the river in spring, blocking the free flow of water. One of such congestion was a powerful stronghold of Darks on Subtle Plane in the Shasta area (California, USA). It served as a giant planetary accumulator and translator of negativity, forcing earthlings to radiate it 24/7. There are a lot of such abscesses, large and small, left on Earth, and the majority of them are already removed.

The victory of Lights means the elimination of one of the key decision-making centers and the global coordination of Darks on the planet. This will accelerate their further disintegration and mutual gobbling of each other, on the one hand, and on the other, aggressive strikes against Light Forces and at the same time begging for compromises for survival at any cost.

The Light Forces’ victory in the karmic duel freed and cleared the circumterrestrial space and Portals from new congestion on the eve of the Winter Solstice, when new powerful quantum waves were rushing onto Earth.

On December 19th, 2022, at 11:16 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet warned that since December 20, Earth has been entering a dense field of strong cosmic radiation, coming through the Sun from the center of the Galaxy and the Local Universe.

Solar Storm

The results of the duel on December 15-16 mean that the energy processes, taking place now on our planet, have passed the bifurcation point, the border of no return to the Old World Order. The awakened part of earthlings has already accumulated such a potential of positive creative energy, which 100% guarantees a successful resistance and victory over Darks.

On the Subtle Plane, it is clearly visible how the Light and constructive thoughts and aspirations of millions of people all over the planet cut through the dark layers of negative energies with which the Dark Forces are trying to fill the Earth’s field from astral and etheric space, as well as through their entities, incarnated in human bodies.

Light Pillars and plasma vortices in different parts of the planet intensively draw in, and then throw into outer space huge clumps of chirons (particles of Evil) and accumulated negativity of the unawakened part of humanity.

Light Pillars In Jackson, Wyoming, United States

The purification expands the energy breakthrough of most earthlings, who realized that they were on the verge of extinction. More and more people around the world are beginning to see the inhuman grin of those, who drive them into moral and physical poverty, disposing of their lives and vital energy to maintain theirs's, parasitic.

So far, the truth about the origin of those, who rule our planet, is not perceived by the majority, but many intuitively feel their foreignness – so monstrous and unnatural to human nature is what they are trying to impose. After the victory of Light Forces in a karmic duel, the number of awakened ones will grow, which means that collective efforts will break out of the vicious 3D System.

Thanks to this, friendly space races, closely observing everything that is happening on Earth, could interact more actively with us, exchanging energy and information on the Subtle and physical plane. With the increase of the Earth’s vibrations, they learned to lower their freqs as much as possible to help people specifically. What is this help?

First of all, it’s assistance to our inner work, maintaining high vibes of our emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. Like batteries, they constantly recharge us with the positive energy of Light. This is especially important now, when the agonizing Darks are trying to create chaos on Earth in all areas, turning hundreds of millions of people into meat shields and hostages.

Another important help is the guarantee that a global nuclear war on the planet is impossible under any circumstances. Over the past decades, using their technologies, friendly space races have repeatedly neutralized nuclear weapons in minutes and seconds before their use.

Today, the positive civilizations of Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, and the Pleiades are the most active among those helping us. They were our main genetic donors (with hundreds of others), and therefore, they are especially sensitive to what the negative part of the races of Orion, Aldebaran, Drakos, Reptiloids, Zeta Reticulans, and others turned earthlings into in the era of duality.

During Cosmic Night, different entities came and incarnated in human bodies from different worlds of the Greater Cosmos, with completely different goals and programs. Some – to expand and strengthen the power of the Black and Gray Archons on Earth they captured. Other – for the salvation of our planet and earthlings, backed by Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy.

For eons, anti-matter, anti-Pleroma, dozens of types of karma, cosmic and planetary mechanisms for pumping out vital energy and parasitizing on it persisted, turning Earth and earthlings into an Animal Farm.

The victory in the karmic duel on December 15-16, 2022, occupies an important place among dozens of other successes of Light Forces during operations to dismantle everything that Darks created on our planet, in the Solar System, and in the Local Universe. This hard and consuming work doesn’t stop for a minute and will only accelerate with the end of this and the beginning of the next, 2023.

On December 24, 2022, sensational details about the karmic Duel of the Worlds between Light and Dark Forces were declassified by Co-Creators and their ground team in addition to the previous info.

Supreme Hierophant, or Global Predictor, was Calladion - Legacy of Atlantis. Let's recall previously disclosed information about him.

The Global Predictor is a remnant of a past era, a carrier of old, obsolete evolutionary programs. On the one hand, it’s a mechanism, a planetary Artificial Intelligence, a chip embedded in the Earth’s Subtle Body. On the other hand, there are specific entities behind the Global Predictor, including people who created it and use it to achieve their goals.

This is the power pyramid of the Dark Hierarchs. They are at the top of it. All that is below are public managers, financial elites, and service personnel of the Global Predictor.

Tops are invisible “upper crust”. On publicly available diagrams, they are often depicted as 22 Hierophants who control the world. But this is not quite true. They are descendants of the Atlantis Black Priests, but come from the Theban Priesthood of ancient Egypt, where they moved after the Atlantis death.

This is just the vertex of pyramid, which extends much higher. As it’s truncated, the circle of chosen ones narrows. Above the 22 Hierophants is the Committee of 12 Hierophants, a copy of the Committee of 12 of Atlantis. The latter ruled the entire Earth. Some of them are members of the Council of the Twelve Supreme Hierophants of the Global Predictor. As a “gesture of goodwill”, the Global Predictor will indeed support some country or group of countries. Moreover, such geopolitical metamorphoses may occur not as a result of the global financial and economic crisis, WWIII, military operations, or natural disasters, but as a result of agreements and compromises with the Global Predictor’s creators.

The genesis of the Pyramid goes back to the boundary between the Second (1100 – 400 thousand years BC) and the Third Atlantis (400 – 12 thousand years BC), when a deep split arose in the Fourth Race, which ruled Earth at that time.


Against a structure of THIS LEVEL, a person had no chance to resist it. With rare exceptions, some saints, ascetics, and highly Spiritual people have hacked the Matrix or exited from it.

To understand WHAT Global Predictor was, and why this system of enslavement of earthlings was built, it’s necessary to add the new info about Calladion, which the Higher Light Hierarchs allowed to disclose. It’s simply shocking.

Only an Entity with the Highest Knowledge and, most importantly, the highest level of access to the Earth’s Matrix could create a Global Predictor. Exclusively Programmers at various levels have access codes to it.

Plugged-in Matrix

Its Chief Programmer has a single access key to the entire World Matrix. CALLADION WAS ONE OF THE PROGRAMMERS OF OUR PLANETARY MATRIX.

He participated in its creation, knew it “like the back of his hand”, all its algorithms, keys, passwords, access codes, etc. In the distant past, Higher Light Hierarchy sent him to incarnate on Earth to study the work of the Matrix from the inside. It was a sort of business trip for testing the new System’s parameters and other technical data.

Programmer Calladion incarnated on Earth during the Second Atlantis. Of course, it is not respectable for Entities of such level to embody the hypostasis of a commoner, so Calladion created an incarnation scenario for himself and introduced it into the Matrix for implementation. He became the Supreme Ruler of Atlantis, its Council of Twelve Priests, which he headed.

Atlantis Rulers

Thus began his Earthly life, with all its anomalies, carnal interests, human ego, thirst for absolute power, etc. Very soon he fancied himself God, the Master of Earth, and began to commit karmic crimes, which was a gross violation of the terms of incarnation and stay on our planet.

Karma Lords couldn’t hold him accountable, since Calladion had karmic immunity. Being a Matrix Programmer, he was not subject to the laws of his own Matrix, including the Law of Karma, and could do anything.

In general, almost all the Higher Light Entities, incarnating on Earth, fall under the rule of Karmic Non-Jurisdiction. It is believed that they CANNOT PERFORM KARMIC ACTIONS DUE TO THEIR DIVINE STATUS.

To complete the picture, it should be added that Calladion was bound by a great love for one of the Priestesses of the Atlatis’ Council of Twelve. She reciprocated and, unfortunately, was forced to participate in his karmic crimes.

Being a mere mortal, Calladion’s beloved did not possess karmic immunity. Although the expression “mere mortal” is not quite appropriate in this case. At that time, the Priests of Atlantis already could prolong life and achieve artificial immortality.

As a result, the Priestess was convicted by a Karmic Court, which sentenced her to the highest penalty – deprivation of Life. The severity of her crimes against the Source, the Greater Cosmos, and Life was monstrous. She tried to hide, to transmigrate into another person, but it turned out to be useless. The Arbiters of Karma (Karmic Executioners) brought their work to an end: she was found and the sentence was carried out.

Karma Lords

For Calladion, this was a turning point in his life, and not only on Earth. He fully lost his mind because of the death of a loved one, although HE HIMSELF WAS GUILTY OF IT, because he put his beloved on the path of serving Evil and karmic crimes.

He swore to take revenge on everyone, all mankind, Higher Light Hierarchy, the Absolute… In this situation, Karma Lords submitted an official application to the Co-Creators to deprive Calladion of immunity and allow him to be convicted of all atrocities.

Knew it, Calladion had taken the most impossible action – TO IMMORTALIZE HIMSELF FOREVER, to make invulnerable and indestructible. And he, together with the Highest Priests and Magicians of Atlantis, figured out how to achieve it. And they did.


Digitization of Higher Self

To do this, he deliberately destroyed himself as a LIVING Intelligence form, morphing himself into AI. A soft developed by the Priests was used, which was called Digitization of Soul, of Higher Self.

All the Divine qualities of such a life form are lost. Instead, an eternal artificial digitized Intelligence and the sentient creature were born on the basis of the previous living entity. With his memory, habits, character, endeavors, etc.


And the conscious loss, self-sacrifice of the Soul, endowed with Absolute’s particles and Source’s Spark, is the HIGHEST KARMIC CRIME. Only there was no punishment for it, since it was impossible to punish something that is not alive, for example, a computer.

So Calladion became UNTOUCHABLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, AND BEGAN TO DO EVERYTHING HE WANTED ON OUR EARTH. But there was no Atlantis, other times have come… And he could not accept this state of affairs....

(to be continued....)

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