The I Am University - 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D Chakras and The Ark of Covenant

The five-dimensional chakras are only part of the complex, multi-level energy system that is our true cosmic essence.

Working with the chakras and their activation helps us to move not only into the fifth but also into all subsequent dimensions, up to the tenth.

It is a new level of consciousness, a complete purification of our thoughts and emotions, a change of habitual behavior to service to others, benevolent and merciful for the greater good.

Each group of activated chakras is an important step in our development, revealing in us new properties, abilities, and capabilities.

Which ones?

Three-Dimensional Chakras

THE 1ST CHAKRA is the root center. This chakra is red. It is responsible for physical survival and helps us act and see things through to the end. This first chakra is where our life force, or Kundalini energy, is centered.

THE 2nd CHAKRA is the sacral center. It is orange in color, symbolizing sociability and friendliness. It is the center of our emotionality and sexuality.

The second chakra is also responsible for the ability to take away someone’s physical pain. Many of us know what happens when we talk to a friend who has a severe headache. We sympathize with him, and he goes home in great spirits, while we get a headache. So we run the risk of taking on the other person’s much more serious problems as well.

THE 3rd CHAKRA is the solar plexus. It is yellow, the center of self-confidence, courage, and willpower, the ability to influence other people.

When there is a strong fear, the 3rd chakra takes on a greenish-yellow hue. If someone with the same fear approaches us, we feel the tension in the solar plexus. The more confident, independent, and wise we become, the richer its yellow color.

THE 4th CHAKRA is the heart center. It’s green with a pinkish core. If we hold on to the old grudges, this chakra closes. When we are filled with mercy, Love, and compassion, the heart center opens. Then healing abilities awaken in us and others feel calm and secure in our presence.

THE 5th CHAKRA is the throat center. It is turquoise in color, the chakra of communication. Its state shows how sincere we are about our feelings and beliefs.

When we are afraid to speak honestly or try too hard to please others, we block this chakra. Such a block can manifest as a sore throat or tonsillitis.

If the fifth chakra is open, we hear the voice of our intuition and become telepathic.

THE 6th CHAKRA is the “third eye. It is dark blue in color. When our “third eye” is open, we become clairvoyant, psychic, and our healing abilities are multiplied.

THE 7th CHAKRA is the crown chakra. It’s the color purple. Through it, we connect with our Higher Self.

THE 8th CHAKRA is located above the head in the aura space. It is white and blue, the center of our Soul. Through it, we come into contact with our Higher Self.

When we turn from three-dimensional beings into four-dimensional ones, the first seven chakras go down to the feet, as they are connected to denser, physical matter.

Our four-dimensional chakras are located on both the physical and the Subtle Plane. They unite us not only on the Earth but also on the Galactic level. When our 4D chakras are open, we can communicate with representatives of other Galaxies and conduct intergalactic work.

As the seven basic chakras descend into the feet, the seven four-dimensional chakras manifest one by one in their place. The ninth chakra becomes the root chakra, etc.

After that, we move into the 4D, and our personality merges with the Soul. When the fifteenth chakra merges with the eighth, we begin to receive guidance directly from our Monad.

Four-Dimensional Chakras

THE 9th CHAKRA is located at the base of the spine. It is of a pearly white hue. It is the joy chakra. When it begins to open, our body cells emit a denser Light.

If we rejoice and enjoy life instead of thinking only about survival, we begin to radiate the Light.

The ninth chakra takes us beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to the Galactic level. As a result, we assume the responsible mission of becoming Guardians of Earth.

THE 10th CHAKRA is the sacral center. It is a bright pinkish-orange hue. When the tenth chakra opens, our masculine and feminine energies balance each other, and we connect with our Souls.

Activation of the tenth chakra allows us to become a conductor of Love and Light and to participate more actively in the healing of the planet.

THE 11th CHAKRA is located in the solar plexus. It is a transparent shining golden color of wisdom and symbolizes self-confidence and strength.

The golden chakra opens at the four-dimensional level when all our old emotional blocks disappear. Then energy flows freely through this chakra, and we feel relaxed, calm, and wise, no matter what the external circumstances.

The eleventh chakra is a pass to the Galactic family. When it is fully opened in us, we gain the ability to contact other Galaxies.

THE 12th CHAKRA is located in the heart center. It has a translucent violet-pink hue. The twelfth chakra opens after we reach enlightenment and connects us to the rest of the Universe and Source.

The awakening of the twelfth chakra allows us to live in unconditional Love and automatically opens the heart chakras of those around us.

Connect With Souls

THE 13th CHAKRA is located in the throat center. It has a rich blue-purple hue. When this chakra opens, we master the higher psychic and spiritual energies. A powerful healing channel is activated in us, allowing us to heal not only on the physical but also on the mental plane.

With the opening of the thirteenth chakra, other supernatural abilities are awakened. For example, materialization and dematerialization by will or thought.

THE 14th CHAKRA is the “third eye”. It has a transparent, golden-white hue. When this chakra opens, our Intelligence connects with the Divine Plan.

Our thoughts have a higher, purer vibration. We become even closer to the Source. We discover the ability to transform other people’s karma, clairvoyance, and prophecy. When the fourteenth chakra is activated, we can contact with Co-Creators and Highest Masters on the Subtle Plane.

THE 15th CHAKRA is manifested in the crown center. It has a white-purple hue. With its activation, we attain complete unity with our Higher Self and come into direct contact with our Monad.

When this chakra is active, it means that our Soul structure is stable enough to handle the energy and amount of information coming down from the Monadic level.

To activate our four-dimensional chakras, we must undergo deep purification, be filled with Light, and dedicate ourselves to the service of humanity. This is the main purpose for which we came to Earth.


Five-Dimensional Chakras

THE 16th CHAKRA is the root chakra, the color of platinum. Affirmation: “I am who abides in the Spirit”. The vibrations of the chakra coincide with dolphin consciousness. When the 5D root chakra opens in us, we enter the path of Ascension and begin to look for people with whom we can share our sacred knowledge.

THE 17th CHAKRA is sacral and the color is scarlet. Affirmation: “I am the feminine Divine”. This chakra opens when we reach oneness with the world – animals, plants, minerals, and, of course, all people. It is activated when we are filled with wisdom, mercy, generosity, and generosity.

THE 18th CHAKRA is the solar plexus, golden and iridescent in color. Affirmation: “I am the Galactic Master”. Awakening of this chakra means that we are ready to comprehend all the wisdom accumulated during past incarnations and come into contact with other Galaxies.

Very often at this level we consciously or unconsciously act as messengers of the Earth for inhabitants of other planets. Usually, contacts take place during sleep.

Cosmic Love

THE 19th CHAKRA is the heart chakra, a transparent white color. Affirmation: “I am Cosmic Love”. The vibrations of the chakra coincide with the Greater Cosmos heartbeat. Its opening awakens Christ Consciousness which brings Love and complete acceptance of all forms of life into the world.

THE 20th CHAKRA is the throat chakra, the color azure. Affirmation: “I am the Co-Creator”. This chakra opens in us when we are ready to accept the responsibility of Co-Creator, the wisdom, power, and might of Source within us.

THE 21st CHAKRA is the “third eye,” the transparent crystal. Affirmation: “I am what I am”. Over time, the chakra transforms into a crystal ball of a seer and magician who knows and sees everything but judges no one.

THE 22nd CHAKRA is the crown chakra, a transparent crystal. The chakra opens when we merge completely with our Monad and aspire to the Higher Worlds.

Six-Dimensional Chakras

THE 23rd CHAKRA is the root center, of a silvery pinkish hue. Affirmation: “I am who abides in Love”.

THE 24th CHAKRA is the sacral center, a silvery peach color. Affirmation: “I am the harmony of Love and Wisdom”.

THE 25th CHAKRA is the center of the solar plexus, a silvery golden hue. Affirmation: “I am cosmic Wisdom”.

THE 26th CHAKRA is the heart center, a silvery-white hue. Affirmation: “I am the heart of the Cosmos”.

THE 27th CHAKRA is the throat center, a silvery blue hue. Affirmation: “I am the voice of the Universe”.

THE 28th CHAKRA is the “third eye,” a silvery-lilac hue. Affirmation: “I am in unity with the entire Universe”.

THE 29th CHAKRA is a silver crystal in the corona center.

Third Eye

Seven-Dimensional Chakras

THE 30th CHAKRA is the root chakra, a golden-cream color. Affirmation: “I support”.

THE 31st CHAKRA is a sacral, golden-armored chakra. Affirmation: “I perceive”.

THE 32nd CHAKRA is the solar plexus, a golden ruby color. Affirmation: “I allow it”.

THE 33rd CHAKRA is the heart chakra, a golden-purple hue. Affirmation: “I love”.

THE 34th CHAKRA is the throat chakra, a golden azure hue. Affirmation: “I proclaim”.

THE 35th CHAKRA is the “third eye,” golden white. Affirmation: “I testify”.

THE 36th CHAKRA is the crown, a golden crystal.

If we leave the energy fields of this planet and enter even higher dimensions of Light, we anchor and activate CHAKRAS 37 through 43 and 44 through 50, which are connected, respectively, with the eighth and ninth dimensions.

After joining the path of Ascension and merging with our Higher Self, we must begin to develop the six- and seven-dimensional chakras on the Subtle Plane.

Each chakra has its frequency and speed of rotation. “As it is above, so it is below”. The transition occurs through an internal burst of energy.

As a result, we are attracted or pulled into the next frequency band. And all of this happens in a state of resonance.

When all 36 chakras are anchored, activated and open 12-helix DNA moves from etheric to physical form. The ability to teleport appears.

Ascension requires the Light Potential of the body to be 80-83%, and dematerialization, teleportation, and re-materialization – to be 96-98%. It allows us to control the thought cell structure of our body.

To prepare for the awakening of the energy of these chakras, we must visualize them and contemplate the light they emit.

The colors of the 6D and 7D chakras are invisible to the human eye and can only be discerned with the inner vision. In the sixth dimension, a silvery-pearly light streams through all the chakras.

Until recently, it was impossible to radiate the frequency of the 6D chakras and remain in the physical body. Now those of us who are ready for the transition to 5D and the awakening of the higher chakras are allowed to remain on Earth without leaving our physical bodies.