The evolutionary path of our spiritual growth, expressed by the stages we go through. Universal Laws

Updated: Apr 27

Spiritual growth is a continual development from the former semi-conscious state to the highest, the enlightened state. On this path there is a complete transformation of our personality, changing both our perception and the world around us.

Our spiritual development is always going on. There are different conditional stages. It has to be pre-admonished right away that we don’t linger on any one stage. We live the experience and at the same time we are everywhere but in different proportions.

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So, what are these stages?

1. Clash

At this stage we are first confronted with information that contradicts the attitudes of society, everything is generally accepted and goes beyond the normal worldview.

The choice here is either not to believe, to be skeptical, and to push away these contradictions, or to take an interest and try to learn the details to better understand and go beyond our usual patterns, to begin with.

In most cases, many of us superficially try to find or double-check something.

Without finding confirmation, and sometimes trying what is suggested, we don’t get the result that was promised, and we quickly return to our habitual lives with a certain opinion which then becomes much more difficult to change.

2. Cognition

Active Learning

At this stage, there is active learning. We have an interest in different areas of knowledge. We expand our horizons and want to share with others.

The first difficulties in mutual understanding begin. Disputes arise. But the process of learning goes on, and we begin to distinguish people by the level of development, by the level of understanding of life. We learn that there is something beyond the material world. We begin to understand that life is an opportunity for development, not just for living and pleasure.

3. Practice

Beggining To Meditate

After a while, we decide to take up the practice, to use what we have learned to change our lives, to change ourselves, to engage in self-development.

At this stage, the use of the acquired knowledge in practice gets underway.

We begin to study the movement of energies within ourselves, meditate, and engage in various exercises and techniques. The exercises are basic, for the improvement of health and well-being. We want to achieve our goals using Spiritual practices.

We observe how our lives change, how we feel, what events occur, and what people come into our lives. We suddenly notice that familiar society begins to crumble, and it is not easy for us to lose and part with it all.

Many of us change everything – jobs, friends, and loved ones in the rush to accelerate our transformation.

But it is a mistake. We still need to learn how to maintain a relationship with our surroundings, rather than showing pride by making ourselves out to be the great know-it-all.

This is a very critical and painful stage for many because the people around stop understanding us. It is desirable to remain in the familiar image but with new settings, then the new rapprochement with those around us will take longer, but it will be truer.

It’s all very complicated. Most run to a new environment, believing that we are welcome there with open arms, that they understand us.

But having broken the old ties, it’s hard to build them anew, and there’s no point. They are good in themselves. We just don’t have to hold on to them, and it’s better to stay natural.

4. Choosing The Direction

Choosing Of Direction

After a series of failures to achieve our intended goals, we realize that there are even more powerful factors in life than our energy system, will, and goals.

We begin to notice periods of ups and downs in our energy. We learn to relax and not to strain. We understand what it means to save vitality, and try to use our time and energy as efficiently as possible.

Ultimately, we conclude that we need a choice of direction for further development, as the former values are gradually being questioned.

Everything ends that old values are reconsidered, and we have to choose where to go next. In connection with this choice, a new system of values is chosen, a new approach and a new life are built. New goals are set.

5. Denial

At this point, there is a complete collapse. All notions of what is important, what is necessary, and what is not, ruin.

We are faced with the fact that the world is inherently illusory. All forms are temporary. All states that can be achieved are transitory. The directions and goals we have chosen are not yielding the returns we have been waiting for.

We begin to wonder about the meaning of everything repeatedly and more than once. We begin to feel sorry and whine. Depression and an unwillingness to do anything at all set in.

We feel that something more perfect rules our lives. That the world around us is surrounded by Higher Powers.

6. Contemplation

At this point, something interesting happens. After a rejection, we completely disillusioned, stop thinking and trusting our former ideals and values. We become independent and look at everything with indifference, dispassionately.

Losing our dependence on ideals, we gain real freedom and begin to love the irony of life, the combination of high and low, Spirit and matter. And the interesting thing is that we no longer look from the perspective of our personality but more broadly, from the perspective of an outsider.... observer...

Weeks, months, and sometimes years go by but spiritual knowledge, no matter how frustrating, remains in our Souls. And no matter how confused we get, that knowledge clears up a lot for us.

After all, we notice that the world is more harmonious than we thought. It is simply not subject to the ideals of only one group of people but evolves dynamically, periodically changing its structure and even its path of development.

The results of this stage may be different for many of us. But overall, this independent contemplation leads to a deeper understanding of the harmony of the world.

And most importantly, even if there is another collapse of planned events or the failure of the next ideal, we are no longer lost, and take it for granted, we learn to get up after the fall and move on.

7. Provocation

It is the toughest of all the tests. No one likes it in the beginning and few people pass it. This stage is not in the middle, it is everywhere and always.

As soon as we tell ourselves or those around us that we have achieved, understood, or realized something, space (the Matrix) begins to trial us in various ways.

It is very unpleasant, we have to roll back and start a lot of things from the beginning, reconsider all over again. Some give up, some move on. Everyone decides for himself, with his free will and freedom of choice.

Hint: The crucial point here is that "Life is a JOURNEY, not a Destination"

8. Acceptance

The next stage is complete acceptance.

We begin to accept everything as it is and become grateful for everything that happens to us.

If before we were impatiently waiting for what we wanted, now we calmly accept everything that happens, without torturing ourselves with expectations, and without tormenting ourselves with disappointment.

9. Awareness

This is where the flash happens – the flash of consciousness. A realization comes that the Source is just there and we can feel It.

By this stage, we have learned well enough to see the sacred meaning of what is happening, and know that we are ready for this revelation. A flash of consciousness occurs and a conscious aspiration is born.

It is noteworthy that we are not looking for any knowledge, esoteric secrets, or secret techniques, but for the Essence itself, the Spirit of the Source because by this point we have truly realized all Its Importance and Power.

This stage is very intense energetically. Our Spiritual body begins to grow faster than before. It absorbs the Spiritual substance, filling our consciousness with the power of the Spirit. There is a gradual awakening and our memory is activated.

10. Consecration

As we fill ourselves with the power of the Spirit, we become ready for the major encounter of our lives.

It may happen on its own, or with the help of the Teacher but this moment cannot be confused with anything else.

It is an encounter with self and the Source, a notion of depth, emptiness, greatness, and the absence of self as a unit of something where I am not.

Our consciousness meets the One and enters a state of Highest Bliss. It receives a huge energy impulse of Love and begins to radiate this Love to the Source and the whole world.

This powerful impulse of Spiritual energy remains in our consciousness forever. Part of it brings us knowingness immediately, the rest is revealed gradually after this stage.

After such a Consecration, we begin to receive information directly from the Source. It may be perceived as knowledge or sounds of the Higher Spheres or as the Akashic Chronicles, or as prophetic dreams…

But the main thing is that we become receptive to information from Above. We find answers to questions within ourselves, not outside. To learn something, all we have to do is get on the right wave, send a request, and get an answer.

11. Unity

At this stage, there is unity with everything – the Space, Higher Light Hierarchy, Co-Creators, the Source, the surrounding world, people. We feel great joy from this perfection and at the same time pain from others’ failure to understand it.

Our aspirations become service to people, the evolution of their consciousness, and the infinite extension of Love to the world around us.