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The energies of Spirit, Soul, and Matter combine on Earth to reset and begin anew.

It was an absolute honor for us that you joined us in activating the portal on 22-02-2022. Today, many truths become apparent and methods of accelerating growth and ascension flow into our lives. What people used to consider achievements will no longer have the same importance. Priorities and aspirations of men acquire greater spirituality, getting rid of concentration only on the material.

The released strong vibrations during our online transmission accelerated the completion of the reset of the value system, the final parting with the past, and the laying of the foundation and framework of positive Aquarius programs. We have opened our hearts to our Divine creational inner force.

The task of each of us in this important Transition period is to seek Light within ourselves, purify our lives and Souls, listen to the Heart (intuition), strive for creation, and feel our destiny.

Today, the energies of Spirit, Soul, and Matter combine on Earth to reset and begin anew. Spirit is becoming stronger than Matter. And this is an integral part of the changes that are taking place in the world. So far, it seems like a Utopia, but it will be so.

As expected, the powerful bombardment of the Earth with incandescent plasma from the Sun on February 15-16 was continued. On the physical plane, on 02/22/2022, well-known events took place in Ukraine, the consequences of which are now spreading across the planet like circles on water.

But it’s is only the farthest and faintest echo of the main giant battle that has now unfolded on the Subtle Plane between Light and Dark.

Today, at all levels, Darks are in deep and hopeless defense, trying to hide from the blows of fiery knives. Having lost a significant part of their infrastructure in space, they can no longer use cosmic energy with the same efficiency.

Co-Creators have completely taken the initiative into their hands. Skillfully running the powerful vibrations of the stelliums, the Light Forces suppress the resistance of Darks and simultaneously saturate the Earth and humanity with the energy of change.

Spirit Energy

In continuation of the topic, two messages are placed below: of Siriusians from their Lunar Tracking Station in 23D, and Argorians whose space fleet is transporting 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in Gerios Galaxy.

“FEBRUARY 20, 2022, AT 09:49 AM CET:

Attention, this is the Lunar Tracking Station. Earth has entered the zone of increased frequencies; the tension of the atmosphere is increasing…

Spatial converter installations are working. Ultrasound waves carry programs of purification and restoration of quantum structures of the intercellular space.

Molecular bonds are changing. DNA and RNA rearrange human bodies, the throughput of each cell of the streams from Gerios Galaxy increases.

It is advisable to keep the purity of thoughts. Understand that you are in transformational spheres, and everything that radiates hits you.

To ease your condition, stay in a relaxed-accepting mode, maintain inner peace of mind. Understanding the ongoing quantum processes will accelerate the transformation and expand consciousness, and Ascension programs are easier to adapt.

People’s consciousness does not change so quickly, so the Higher Intelligence does a tremendous job with each person.

The unique transformative processes of Ascension have been launched. Human civilization goes through its stages of clean-up and transformation.


We need to carry it out in a gentle mode as much as possible. THEREFORE, THERE WILL BE NO WORLD WARS; everything will be suppressed at the information level.

We do not need shocks and outbursts of negative emotions; the space is too tense with incoming energies. Constant work is being done to remove low-frequency energies from Earth.

Everything that happens to civilization depends entirely on your awareness. Those who can stabilize the energy within themselves directly affect the surrounding space around them.

Unfortunately, the impact of high-freqs in low-vibration individuals causes a conflict of energies. It causes aggression and stress, the psyche becomes unstable.

Be attentive to the events taking place. Earth is changing; cataclysms are intensifying, it is necessary to leave dangerous places of residence. We constantly warn about this.

Learn to think big, expand your consciousness. The new quantum flows of Transition will help you master a new range of energies that have never been on the planet before.

Co-Creators help your spiritual development. You will change and unlock your Divine potential.

The transformation of the planet takes place in an accelerated mode, where it is possible. The ongoing work is constantly analyzed and corrected by a group of specialists. With our joint efforts and your help, Earth will ascend in a soft mode.”


You are now going through an important stage of cleansing and separation by frequency characteristics. Changes are taking place both inside you and around you. The world has changed and dictates its new programs.

What you observe around you can be very different from media information. Lying, whipping up fear and panic is their specialty, and it’s up to you to play in this performance or not.

Manipulation of people’s consciousness will not help what should collapse and disappear forever. According to our observations, a sufficient number of conscious people have already appeared.

2022 is the year of spiritual awakening which means that everything built on lies will be destroyed, and a lot of people will find out what the servants of Darkness are afraid of. The desire to start wars and pit people against each other is their only attempt to get the energy to prolong their days on the planet.

But Co-Creators have other plans which means that the Darks will not get what they want. We will not allow it and will extinguish everything at the root. To curb appetites, it is enough to have a couple of cataclysms at their strategic facilities or to disassemble into pieces the weapons, dangerous for Earth.

Do they think they can do something against the Higher Intelligence? Don’t they take on too much? Therefore, we ask you not to panic and not to feed your parasites with your energy.

We have something to do with you; there is a lot of work. The construction of a New World is underway; the Ascension programs are continued. There will be many events that need to be calmly experienced, with faith in Co-Creators, and they will take care of the earthlings. There is no need to worry about this. Which needs to be saved will be saved. Each Soul is on special care and under the protection of Divine forces.”

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