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The Adjusters. What exactly happened on December 21-22, 2021?

On the Subtle Plane, by clairvoyance are seen the iridescent phantoms (a type of elementals), about two meters tall, anthropomorphic in shape, and blurred to their feet (the lower limbs as such are absent).

They are everywhere on the planet and in great numbers, about one for each earthling. Some are well manifested, others are indistinct. These are the Adjusters.

They serve the Earth’s 5D crystal grid and fix the new space. Their vibrational frequency is much higher than that of humans.

In addition, Adjusters serve as guides/Portals (each awakening person has his/her own) to the 4D/5D. Translated into computer language, it’s an equivalent of a training program for mastering a new operating system.

What is their functionality in more detail?

Adjusters capture, tune and anchor new vibrations on Earth, upgrade the 5D framework and channels of quantum energy circulation carrying evolutionary programs and codes. In the new crystal lattice, they align power and add higher frequencies to it.

They have always been on Earth but in a different format, on a smaller scale.

Now, in the active phase of the Transition, they are focused on the fast-paced activation of planetary new codes.

So far, the Adjusters are busier with space than with people. Their job is like tending a garden. When the flowering season arrives, one has to take care of the seeds and the soil in which they will grow.

The same is the new human environment.

Adjusters align the space around us; remove pressures and uncomfortable energies, over and above what is already present in us, and we must work through ourselves.

The Adjusters’ radiation is closer to solar-gold. But they work with the entire spectrum of power (green, yellow, purple, etc.). In each case, individual work is done at the request of the particular Soul.

New Space
How does this happen?

Adjusters enter our Subtle fields, tune into them and try to anchor in a rainbow palette of 5D energies from which we can then take something for ourselves.

If we want to get the energies of joy, tranquility, and balance, they preset us into that spectrum. If we are mired in hatred, passions, and fears, and don’t want to do anything, much less change in our lives, they leave us alone.

Adjusters never do anything by force. On the one hand, they maintain neutrality, but on the other, they wrap us in an insulating force cloud so that we don’t harm or poison the environment with our toxicity. So they reduce the impact of our negativity.

A person emitting positive thoughts and feelings can energize hundreds of people. In the same way, anyone can cause panic in an entire area on the Subtle Plane with their fear.

State structures are not happy for the Adjusters. But they don’t care about the State either because they are aimed at completely different tasks.

Do Adjusters protect the people they work with?

Everything depends on a person’s Higher Self, the Soul’s objectives, Guardian Angels, and other factors. Everything is very individual.

Whoever needs drama to grow will get it. Those who don’t need it will evolve quietly.

If we are immersed in our passions, but our Soul’s task is to participate in the Transition, we will be helped to change and rise on the next level.

For those of us who have heads in the clouds, oblivious to the need to change our 3D thoughts and emotions, Adjusters will help bring us down to earth, encouraging us to return to our inner work.

To Rise us on the Next Level

Adjusters see our world as a gamut of colors and sounds – it’s how they perceive physical bodies and objects. We appear to them as energetic beings that help to survive in new frequencies if we aspire to do so.

On the same principle, they work on our genetics. If a person is not ready for change, and his Soul has not made such a request, Adjusters do not touch the DNA.

How do the vibrations and color of our aura change when we interact with Adjusters?

To saturate it, they use quantum energies of mostly pink, blue, gold, and violet hues. Adjusters remove clouding from the field of the Soul, making its luminosity brighter, deeper, and pure. A person becomes more comfortable, and the feeling of security increases.

Pink energies bring softness, love, tenderness, and trust. The Soul no longer closes but opens wide and shows its best qualities, getting rid of programs of suffering, fears, fury, including at the level of DNA.

Blue is the base color in many Souls, it is simply amplified. This is the energy of self-knowledge and influencing space by spreading information about oneself and the world.

Golden energy is a protective one. It encourages us to pay more attention to our internal processes than to external circumstances.

Purple is associated with wisdom, strength, maturity, awareness, and integrity. This energy gives the Soul magical power and strength to shape space, the ability to influence it.

Ice-white (transparent-crystalline) energy connects our DNA to the cosmic.

Emerald energy helps in healing, working with nature, its plants, animals, and even microbes. It helps to remove karma of kin, heal Souls.

Red energy is the foundation of everything: force fields, the Matrix, matter, new highly evolved formations, and life. It regulates the tension of the outer shell of the planet, makes the mutual exchange of energies in the splitting of cell cores, compacts plasma with new consciousness and Intelligence. That plasma rebuilds human gene structures.

The 5D vibrations are already actively affecting our DNA. Our physical body is having a hard time adjusting to it. The subconscious mind automatically turns on the energies of anger and rage in response.

If we have learned to manage these emotions, they act as a fiery sweep of anything that is outdated and prevents new energies from sprouting in us.

The notion that anger is always a bad thing greatly inhibits the process. With the acceleration of the Transition, our Higher Self has intensified the processing of all our values. It occurs at the cellular level as well, where unique energy crystallizes in the smallest manifestations. The body and psyche instinctively react to this with emotions.

Adjusters help those who are fully aware of the responsibility of their behavior in a new space and a changing environment gain new abilities.

Not only in Earth orbit but also on the Subtle Plane of the surface Adjusters help create new Light Cities, emitting 5D vibrations, saturating Nature and the surrounding space with them. It helps people absorb 4D/5D energies faster.

Here the intention is almost instantly realized if it is aligned with the individual program of the Spirit. Such spots become places of mass pilgrimage.

New energies are increasingly affecting all areas of society. More and more people consciously and unconsciously unstuck themselves from the System and its global scenarios. The cleansing of old bindings to programs, morality, and ideology, imposed by the authorities, is intensifying.

The energy flows in the monetary egregore have weakened considerably. The war of financial capital against industrial capital has effectively bankrupted all States that are now beaten to death by an epidemic and disruption of all economic chains and connections.

In the end, the usurers, the main architects, and builders of the world debt pyramid brought to Earth from the Rigel system (Beta of Constellation Orion) lost as well. They can no longer keep the world economy viable by dragging new victims into this parasitic trap and sucking everything out of them.

Rigel and Orion

Where greed reigns, energy does not flow. Ideas and clients don’t come, capitals and partners outflow. There is no inspiration and no desire to cooperate.

The sense of chaos “at the top” is becoming increasingly acute.

The glamour and official optimism of the business and financial MSM can no longer hide the System’s lack of a viable agenda and the means to implement it at the national and planetary level.

The flux of new energies destroys the old Matrix downloads and in their place uploads new files for our continued growth on a different, humanitarian basis.

Biorobots and clones are leaving the Earth plane, especially the young ones. Their self-destruct codes have been activated. The new energy currents do not feed these entities; they simply stream around, creating a lethal environment for them.

Purification of consciousness, Matrix, transfer to higher vibrations, activation of dormant DNA helices and their wave completion, change of blood structure, and polarization of cells continues.

There are countless worlds and civilizations in the Greater Cosmos. Some are evolving. Others prefer not to develop but to parasitize on others’ lives, experiences, resources, and energy. This is what happened to Earth when it was invaded by the Dark civilizations.

They broke Earth’s security code and changed the entire planetary system. Following them, through the Portals of chaos and destruction, new waves of parasites poured in from all over the Galaxy. In the course of space wars, Earth was thrown off from 5D into a three-dimensional world, a perfect serpentarium for low-frequency entities.

Now their time and power are over. Being hypersensitive to energies, they are keenly aware of the changes taking place. Frequencies began to increase dramatically after 2012, marking the approaching end of the 3D vibes and the Darkies’ stay on Earth.

During the Transitional stage, the Gaia and human self-healing are activated. As in illness: to get better, one has to go through a crisis, high fever, chills, etc.


That is why, Adjusters with stronger and brighter energy are coming to the planet to help us flash forward, and build a new 4D/5D reality together.

It is always much harder to get out of the low frequencies. We remember well all our failures and disappointments. How long have we been carrying negative emotions within us? What has changed in our perception? It all depends on the readiness of the many and each of us individually for the Transition.

In the Universe, everything is One, and at the same time, everyone manifests in it independently with his/her consciousness. It is important whether we can develop and, as a representative of planet Earth, supplement the cosmic experience with our knowledge and achievements that friendly civilizations expect from us.

This is important for anyone who is on a “mission trip” on Earth. We should not think that just by incarnating here we will leave our experience behind, writing it down in the Akashic Records. No, it will leave with our Crystal. Only a copy will remain here on the Earth’s hard disk.

This is done so that our knowledge is not lost so that in the case of our coming back (if we will want to return), we can use it to the fullest extent when it will be necessary. Then we’d need to adapt our frequencies to the 4D/5D energies that are now anchored on Earth. And not everyone could withstand them.

Co-Creators along with the Adjusters are regulating the flows not only from the Center of the Galaxy but also from the Earth’s Crystal. They have already reprogrammed it. Transformation now occurs both from below and from above in the unified Torus of the planet.

Earth is swaying ever more violently under the fierce opposition to change. Those who are losing power and life are trying their best to prolong them, constantly provoking emissions of negativity.

Don’t take the bait! Be calm and balanced. Then with the help of Adjusters, it will be easier for us to endure any shocks.

Gaia is indifferent to those who stay or go, aware that this is her lesson as well. She has a high level of consciousness, realizing that she too is evolving, operating with a huge layer of Spirit Sparks living on her. And everyone needs to find their place.

The process of filtering out the departing to different spaces and dimensions of the Universe has been started. Then on Earth, there will be a complete merging into a new 5D space, one for all, with new options added and augmented.

Merging in 5D

The choice is now given to everyone to remove all extraneous, distortions, involvements, attachments, judgments, and to manifest the best aspirations and workings of the Soul.

But part of the space is still the battlefield of the Light and Dark Forces. At the moment, the former has the upper hand.

Many underground Reptiloids and Drakos’ bases are destroyed. Their inhabitants were given a deadline of 40 days to leave the planet. It ended on December 21, 2021. By this day, every one who returned to men’s bodies their original Souls had left. It was a prerequisite for the possessors.

Those who refused or can’t do it are blacklisted for elimination in their human shell. Soon, we will see a lot of "cadaveri eccellenti" from the elite world of politics, finance, and business.

For the time being, the “particularly prominent” have been given a reprieve for the gradual transfer of power and affairs. But they, too, will have to leave human bodies through its death, and depart from Earth – further, for the judgment of the Creator.

Deliverance from the Darkis adds luminosity to Earth and humanity, which have ended the phase of duality and confrontation to continue evolution through cooperation and mutual assistance.

This makes it easier for Adjusters to accomplish their tasks. With green energies, they transform the biosphere, the animal, and the plant world. Blue energies restore the Subtle Bodies of the planet. Silver ones build new space and run the Time. Blue energies create a five-dimensional crystalline fractal in space, a new abode of the Earth.

Earth Shining

There’s a lot of work ahead, and it doesn’t always go according to plan.

On December 26, 2021, at 02:16 PM CET, the Galactic Committee reported new details about the Transition to 4D that occurred on the Solstice.

It was the next and very important stage in the construction of a single Earth’s eon, unifying the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions.

After the new synchronization, the formation of a single field of Earth’s 3D/4D/5D Logos began. In particular, an attempt was made to create an energy-informational axis of the planet from 2D to 5D.

It was built but didn’t last long in a stable state. An unforeseen situation occurred. From the deepest depths of 3D Earth, the wave of negativity came out again. It was strong and unexpected.

In the format of a single field, it created a serious threat of spreading higher, into the Earth’s 4D and 5D structures. Therefore, the newly formed axis had to be urgently deactivated; it was literally “broken”. Now it is necessary to work on the mistakes and repeat the attempt.

There were also problems with the men’s Transition to 4D. On December 25, 2021, Melchizedek and Guan Yin informed more on it.

Technically, on 21 December 2021, a great many people were moved into the fourth dimension. Indeed, a lot of them. But as it turned out, a significant part of them had residual Causal karma, albeit virtual. This meant that they had not fully worked it off, had not passed all the lessons here, and had not received in full the experience planned by their Higher Selves.

It was assumed that this was not critical and that the residual karma would be annihilated as insignificant in 4D’s high vibrations. However, it emerged that the Transition Team in charge of the process had not even bothered to consult with Karma Lords on the matter.

This caused a malfunction in the incarnation segment of the 4D Earth’ Logos. As a result, some transferred were urgently got back from there, being “ejected” by the Logos as self-preservation. An automatic program kicked in.

Q. Are the meditations that were organized by Cobra are beneficial? Because there are many different opinions: one says that it’s beneficial, while others say that the energy might be stolen and so on. How does it work?

A. Both are right. But Co-Creators have successfully fixed the issue during the course separating the participants and isolating their energies from one another on the Subtle Plane.

In addition to Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs, many other entities help the formation of the 5D space and its energy flows on Earth.

What are the results of the Portal 21.12.21 work during the December Solstice? How did they look on the Subtle Plane for the Light Warriors ground teams who were constantly watching them with clairvoyance?

According to the summation of the first days of this Transition stage, we can already say with full confidence it entered its new active, culminating phase!

When our Transition would be described in the future, it will accentuate the period 12/21/2012-12/21/2021. In these nine years, a very important prep was made for the active phase of the Great Quantum Transition.

What is the essence and meaning of the word Great in this case? It means the radical transformation, change, transition to a new qualitative and vibrational state. These are the key terms. They affect both: Man and 3D Earth.

Our existential structures (bodies of manifestation, ranging from the Monad to the physical corpus) are undergoing a pivotal transformation. In parallel, our planet is being drastically transformed.

What exactly happened on December 21-22, 2021?

A huge amount of things. These are hundreds of different parameters. It is impossible to completely cover them from the Earth’s surface at all. We don’t even know about many of them.

From what is already available to us, it applies to: new quantum flows from the Source through Galactic core and our Sun; the movement of Earth to a new, 5D vibrational orbit; purification from the negativity of the Subtle Plane, its astral and etheric layers; the crystal lattice of the planet and its core; plasma and matter; magnetic field, atmosphere, and tectonics; DNA and RNA, atoms and molecules transformation, etc.

New Quantum Waves

Big changes have affected people. Not all of us, but only those who are ready for 4D. A new mass wave has moved into the Earth’s field of the fourth dimension.

Another group of those who, thanks to inner work, raised their vibrations to 4D and became evolutionarily poised for, were transferred to the technical field of the fourth dimension and completely taken over by the 4D Earth’s Logos.

Technically, it consisted in removing the incarnation Crystal (Personal Logos Matrix) of a particular person from the Causal Matrix of 3D Gaia and transferring it to the Causal Matrix of 4D Earth. For the present.

But the significance of that action is enormous. The majority of us are already in the fourth dimension. From now on, all our evolutionary traffic, all energy and information exchange, and everything else goes only through the 4D Earth’s Logos!

For example, a picture of reality (a holographic Matrix of the surrounding world) is transmitted to us through it. So far, it exactly matches the 3D reality. But it won’t be for long, only for a while, during a Transition period.

What sensations our body and consciousness experienced on December 21-22, 2021, is a separate story. All the symptoms that we are already familiar with have sharply worsened.

  • Pressure on the head and, accordingly, on the entire skull (our crystal is growing) nasal sinuses, jaw, teeth, gums.

Our Stress
  • Burning in the throat, in the mouth, itching. Allergic rhinitis. Dryness.

  • While eating, sometimes there is a feeling as if a piece is stuck in the throat and it is difficult to breathe.

  • Choking spells.

  • The feeling of a speck in the eyes, vision is periodically clouded. Constant buzzing in the ears.

  • The difficulty of focusing attention on something. Absent-mindedness. Pressure in the center of the chest.

  • Sometimes, before going to bed, a wave rolls up from the bottom, as if the Soul can leave us. And we think that this is what death looks like.

  • When we get out of the elevator, we feel groggy for some more time. It seems to us that the floor is falling through, or collapsing at an angle.

We are down by wild fatigue from these symptoms, from this strange life, from complete disorientation.

The sense that we are in two worlds simultaneously, and they are tearing us apart.

But on the other hand, we all feel that something incredible and inexplicable is about to happen. We can’t put this perception into words yet, but we know it for sure.

And this “just about” seems to last forever… And we lose touch with it again. Then we return to it anew.

We are like soldiers who have spent their whole lives in the trenches. We were told that the war is over, and now we are cautiously getting out of our dug-in position and learning to trust the space around us. We are told: “Don’t be afraid!” But we are still scared…

December 21, 2021, is just another milestone in our transformation. And there will be many more such stages into a new, fourth dimension.

Through the Portal on 21.12.21, Co-Creators established a criterion, the level of minimal transforming of our body, Subtle fields, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, necessary for entering the 4D field.

A softcopy of our transition state was tested. By it, we are gauged of how much we are transformed. This encapsulated file was developed by Co-Creators and loaded into us as a separate Crystal of Light. It contains a program of the minimum necessary transformation, as well as the energy for that.

This is a comprehensive program. It includes changes in genetics, brain, chakral system, blood biochemistry, internal organ structure, vibes frequency, and much more.

To 4D

Co-Creators pumped the transients with high-vibration energies, downloaded and activated new information packages. It explains our severe stress, starting from December 12, 2021.

The condition of Lightwarriors is even harder since they participate in supporting Earth in its Transition, that is, they carry an additional vibrational and energy load. The members of the ground team, for example, just couldn’t get out of bed for almost a week, so everything went off-scale…

These are the first results of Portal 21.12.21. work. There are new stages ahead, overloads, slowdowns, and breakthroughs. Let’s not cling to the deadlines and dates that the soothsayers promise us.

Let’s just know that this wonderful, incredible and inexplicable is already happening right now, before our eyes. And we are all actively involved in it.

What’s next?

All plans remain in effect. By March 23, 2022, all procedures for transferring the next mass wave to 4D must be completed.

Those who have residual karma will now begin to be completely cleansed in an accelerated manner. As for 3D Earth and us, the transformation will continue at the same pace and scale.


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