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The activation of the new Earth Logos has begun. Let us unite and offer our Love to Gaia

Updated: May 15, 2023

New information has come from Co-creators and human souls/Lightworkers on the Earth who can tune to their high vibrations to receive the intel.

Better than reportingly, the next stage kicked off. On 05/05 at 05:05, through Portal 05/05, the new Earth’s Logos activation kicked off. After it was matured in the space crystal incubator Co-Creators took the newborn out of it and handed it over to Gaia.



Co-Creators placed the aspect in a special Crystal, which for some time will serve as an Incubator, the Multirole Universal Womb of Life. It turns out that in the Local Universe, there is such a practice and a well-developed technology for growing the embryos of planetary Logos.

Co-Creators put one or another aspect of the Supreme Being in a special crystal bioreactor for embryo cultivation to a needed maturity. Like from an egg to a fish. Special conditions, soft and codes are laid for formatting the future planetary, stellar, Galactic or other Logos.


The main fundamental prep of new planetary Logos is carried out by Co-Creators according to a single standard scheme of formatting the Primary Aspects of Maternal (Donor) Monads or Logos. It resembles the production of typical objects with similar initial parameters.

For example, all houses have foundations, floors, and windows. All cars have four wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel. All people have a common set of internal organs, etc. But then, changes are made to the details: the different shapes of facades, windows, and colours. Different brands of cars, their tinge, interior trim, and equipment. And people are all different too – no two are the same…

Similar is for Logos. In a crystal incubator, they are born according to a single format and loaded with a package of basic programs that ensure their vital activity and functionality. Then, Co-Creators return them to the Maternal Intelligence Form, which, in turn, sets into them its unique batch: the operating system, software, codes, reference constants of reality, the Akashic Records’ archive, and much more.

In our case, the Causal Matrix of the new planetary Logos does not yet exist as such. It’s only created and formatted in its core by the preset package of common programs. As of yet, it’s a blank sheet, a bare frame, without system information and not a new full-format version.

Full (Flower) Moon

On May 5, at the peak of the Lunar Eclipse, Gaia activates a new planetary Logo. The whole day is under its influence. The conjoined Full Moon (also known as Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month) also is very strong and special because occurs in Scorpio’s powerful transformation and renewal energies, coincides with the Lunar Eclipse and the closing of the Eclipse Corridor, as well as the culmination of the Aquarids star shower, which will last until the middle of the month.

How can we participate in this?

At the specified time, tune in and synchronize with Gaia, to send Her the Light and Love of our Heart, to accept and feel Her Maternal Activation Impulse, to set for the new Earth’s Logos, and also send our Love to the newborn. Lightwarriors participate in this in the Temple of Light on one of the Southern European sacred mountains.

We will keep a close watch on events.

Guided Meditation - Unite to Assist the Earth

Together, we form a circle holding hands around the Earth, while streaming unconditional love, unity, and peace. As we fill up and open our hearts, we pour our love into the heart of Mother Earth so that we can give back to her, as she gives so much to us.

One on One Personal Session

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