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Restructuring of the Solar System and New Galaxy for 5D Earth

Gaia And Greater Space

Galactic Committee, 25D Siriusians, 23D Arcturians, Pleiadians, and other friendly races continue dozens of other ops in near-Earth space and on Earth. They go on non-stop 24/7.

Preparations are making to move the planet to a new vibrational orbit – first to the transiting 4D, and then to the main 5D where Earth was before the takeover by the Black Archons.

The fierce wars that accompanied their invasion and the use of the most destructive space weapons pushed the Earth into 3D space.

Not only Earth was affected, but all the other planets in the Solar System were knocked off their previous vibrational orbits. It helped the Black Archons to establish a new control over them.

Now Galacom, along with the Siriusians and other Light races, is fixing this situation.

A single eon of 3D, 4D, and 5D is creating on Earth. The dividing walls between them of black RIR energy are gradually thinning. After complete fusion, the eon will have three-layered energy with free access for people to each level.

The Galactic Committee will also put the other planets of the Solar System into new vibrational orbits.

Mercury 1D will be lifted into a vibrational 2D orbit which is currently occupied by Venus. The freed space near the Sun will be occupied by another one-dimensional planet.

Venus will be moved into a 3D orbit to continue its transformation, discussed below.

Earth as a single 3D/4D/5D eon will be moved to a vibrational 4D orbit. It is currently occupied by Mars.

This planet will be lifted by Galacom into orbit 5D, where the Asteroid Belt is currently situated. This is the remnant of the planet destroyed by the Black Archons during the penultimate war for control of the Solar System.

The Belt is a borderline between the worlds below and above 5D. It is by its dimensions, not by mass, that the planets are placed one after the other. The dimensionality of space is determined by the distance between the Intelligence l-gamma particles.

Beyond the Asteroid Belt is a space of 6-dimensional worlds, inaccessible to the view of 3D humanity. This 6D space forms the 5D Matrix and at the same time is the 5D Matrix.

The main five-dimensional globe of the Earth is not in our Solar System but the third inner sphere of the Super Universe described below.

There, Higher Light Hierarchy already selected a Galaxy with the poetic name “Space of Love”, where all the conditions for further planet’s evolution exist.

Space Of Love

Returning to the former vibrational orbit of the 5D will give a powerful acceleration to all operations of Galacom and friendly races.

One of the most important is the plasma op partially discussed in Part 11 of this series.

The cosmic purpose of Earth and humanity is to form the Intelligence plasma. This is what the planet and all civilizations on it were created for. Human plasma is the prototype of human consciousness.

Processing of Intelligence plasma takes place on the Sun which has its closed system. It is the transshipment point of this plasma, its processing and forming unit. Hence was born the pagan notion of the Sun God – Ra.

Sun can provide life only for four dimensions, no more. The rest must have nourishment from the underlying worlds of development and depends on the Spiritual growth of people who are in physical bodies.

Solar System carries all the diversity of life forms. But the multiplicity of spiritual-plasma energy forms of life is not yet the basis for determining the energy capacity of a star.

Its energy capacity is determined ONLY by the degree of Spiritual development of Intelligence plasma. And the degree of development is formed by the evolution of the plasma brought from the cosmos into the plant, animal, and biological bodies of people, the degree of their spiritual growth or degradation.

This mechanism was destroyed by the Archons while they were in power on Earth. The balance was ruined, asynchrony of the planet’s core, the main plasma generator, occurred.

Plasma flow to the surface constantly increased the population growth. Many Souls with low vibration frequencies tried to reincarnate. Quantity replaced quality.

Soul’s Plasma

The outflow of high-frequency Intelligence plasma to the Sun was constantly decreasing, approaching a critical point, threatening the existence of the star.

Archons and their Dark Hierarchy broke the balance of the energy outflow, linking it only to themselves and their eons. That’s how the parasites got the vital energy they needed.

Destruction of Anti-Pleroma on April 21, 2021, the decapitation of the entire Black Hierarchy, and other Galacom operations created favorable conditions for the restoration of the original plasma production and circulation mechanism on Earth and in the Solar System.

Siriusians regulate plasma flows through citadels – pyramids and special stelae.

The citadel’s energy block is turned on to gain plasma energy, preparing the planet for the transition to the 5D.

In the future, human life on the planet will continue in energy forms, gradually freeing itself from the protein shell.

It is not yet possible. Therefore, some of the plasma is now being redirected to Venus, where preparations are being made to receive the first settlers.

Thus continues the great transformation of Gaia which generously shares its plasma, its energies. By giving birth to new worlds, this speck of the Greater Cosmos contributes its small particle to the new Local Universe’s Matrix.

People living on this planet rarely think about the question: What do they live for? And how does the world around them work? They are immersed in everyday worries, in the tinsel of existence. But consciousness and will are already creating new worlds.

For example, people think that at night they do nothing but sleep. It is just the opposite. It is at night that a person’s Subtle Bodies begin their real work.

They receive information that flows from the planet and gives all that they could acquire during the day. This exchange of info structures is invariable and constant. It is the meaning of human life and the meaning of the planet’s existence.

Man is the organ for the planet that produces the planet’s Intelligence. Its consciousness is gravity.

Earth science mistakenly believes that gravity is the force of attraction. It is not. Gravity is the measure of a planet’s awareness of its place, its state, its Intelligence. It is a place under the sun, a dimension of its matter, a stage of development among other sister planets.

Gaia’s intelligence is growing. Possessing memory, she will not allow the rebirth under new conditions of the current civilization, negative and hostile for the planet and man himself.

The intelligence of the Earth, its high energy value does not allow any life form, any of its manifestations, to stop in its development.

On Earth, the buzzer, an ultrasonic flux, set up by Siriusians, continues to work. Changing its frequency periodically, they make one by one a selection of already ready plasma.

Ultrasonic Flux

Further, the purified and prepared plasma of humans, animals, and plants is moved to Venus. There it will become the basis for the further development of new intelligent beings. The planet will be monitored by a civilization from the constellation Canis Major.

On Venus are already working steles – receivers of plasma from the Earth. Its first streams have already flowed through the energy channels created by Siriusians’ transport ships.

It didn’t make sense to use the ships themselves for such short space distances. It was easier for the Siriusians’ squadron to create channels connected to the stelae, the citadels. They absorb the plasma, control it in its initial development and deliver it to the desired point.

Such a citadel has the appearance of a black, brightly glittering stele. When an energy stream touches it, it begins to pulsate and emit received plasma, directing it to the planet’s blocks capable of materializing it, creating the bodies of humanoid beings adapted to the conditions of this planet.

So far, Venus can only provide survivability for a 2D world. For humans, at the very least, are needed 3D conditions. To do it, the planet’s field structure will be changed, moving it to a new, 3D vibrational orbit.

Galacom assigns Venus the task of raising the new three-dimensional population of the Solar System. Solaris system will be introduced, combining 1D, 2D, and 3D, facilitating the cultivation of Intelligence.

Bringing plasma of flora and fauna to Venus will give the increased potential for human plasma development, thereby raising the development status of the planet. After many millennia, this plasma will materialize and begin to develop as it once began to manifest and develop on Earth.

By today, a great many thousands of Earth people’s Souls have been placed on Venus, from both the common people and the elite.

New 3D Venus

In the future, it is planned to move Earth to another Galaxy, where the planet will have a new Sun. They are already selected.

Like the other six Super Universes, ours also consists of many energy spheres with different programs. Once, at the dawn of its existence, the Earth was in the zone of the farthest, outer shell.

This is the space where the development of energy plasma, which is in the stage of the formation of primordial matter, begins. In this zone, there are also clusters, Galaxies, a lot of free energy, suitable for the construction of life

Here begins the primordial process of nucleation of any cosmic matter which subsequently passes into the space of the second and then the third sphere, closer to the center of the Super Universe’s rotation.

After the Earth was formed as a planet, Siriusians moved it from the outer first to the second sphere, the present Milky Way. It was the zone of the Black Anti-Pleroma and the Dark eons.

Their recent destruction made it easier for the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy to move Earth to the next, higher stage of evolution – now, in the zone of the third sphere of the Super Universe.

This is a serious moment of transformation and change. It is a moment of collection of Intelligence plasma for further development and unripe plasma for redistribution to other worlds, and planets.

How will the transition technically take place? Exactly in the same way as it was during the move from the first sphere to the second.

For this purpose, a 25 Siriusians’ space fleet will create a special field around the Earth in the form of a giant string bag.

String Bag

Then, their most powerful traueleventator, whose energy systems are as powerful as those of many Galaxies, will join the operation.

This is the main reason why such ships do not go inside the Milky Way, remaining outside it. Only small modules work inside.

Traueleventator – a ship capable of moving planets and other celestial bodies, as well as finished plasma, without changing their physical state, from one space or dimension to another.

After creating the energy string bag, the trauleventator will stand in front of the Earth on the course of travel. Then, it will slowly move to the third inner sphere of the Super Universe, dragging the energy network with our planet in it.

It is how our Gaia will get a new home, an exciting perspective on evolution, hers, and humanity.

On October 10, 2010, the cycle of development of the Fifth Race on Earth, the Information Gathering Race, ended. Next came a period of global change, the era of the Sixth Race.

2011 was the year when the Siriusians’ communication center started to radiate Earth by huge waves of red energy. This energy is the foundation of everything – energy fields, the Matrix, matter, new highly evolved life forms. It creates the tension of the outer shell of the planet, producing an interchange of energies in the splitting of cell nuclei, compacting plasma with a new consciousness and Intelligence plasma, providing life for the planet.

2012 was the year of the huge release of finished plasma and the acceleration of the Great Quantum Transition.

2013 – Program of gradual change in climate and nature was launched.

2014 – Earth’s transition of the Earth to new development programs.

2015 – New space in the upper layers of the atmosphere was created, where a new 5D Hologram, new time-spin programs, and thought-forms of new matter are formed. This space serves as the planet’s third radiation belt, protecting the Earth from invasion by large celestial bodies.

2016 – Temporal programs’ renewal of the planet and life on it was terminated.

2017 – Thermal transformations began to change all atomic and molecular processes.

2018 – Formation of new energy fields.

2019 – Programs for splitting atoms of 3D matter started. Unconverted to 5D matter is split and removed from the planet.

2020 – Development of a new 3D/4D planet.

2021 – New Galactic Year, accelerating Earth’s transition from 3D to 5D.

This chronology explains why the Mayan calendar was not extended beyond 2012. They simply did not know the new programs, and could not have known.

But now they, being in the 4th dimension of our planet, very carefully and with great benevolence continue to observe the development of events on it.

5D Earth has been moved to another Galaxy, and earthlings’ Souls who have reached this level are already heading there.

It is a world where the creation by thought is instantaneous.

5D Earth Hologram

3D on Venus will be only on the Subtle Plane which is now actively saturated with the plasma of plants, animals, and people. Their materialization on the physical plane is a very long process.

There is life on Venus on the Subtle Plane in 6D and 8D.

Sanat Kumara, previously resided on Venus, who terminated his mission on Earth in 1956 and handed it over to the Buddha, who is still there in 8D.

Codes of 3D in the New Universe will be without duality, instead, they will be only on the Light basis.

Isn’t it possible for these Souls to incarnate on other 3D planets in the interim instead of waiting such a long time for Venus to be ready for them?

This is already being done. But the transformation of Venus into 3D with a new civilization is part of the overall restructuring of the Solar System along with the Local Universe.

These Souls that have been placed on Venus are they 3D or 4/5D as well?

Could these 5D Souls then live on the Subtle plane of Venus until they can materialize?

In the Greater Cosmos there are a huge number of 5D planets with more comfortable conditions for the further development of 5D Souls than 2D or 3D Venus.

3D Venus is created for those who have been delayed in their evolution on 4D/5D Earth for one reason or another. Due to high vibrations on 5D Earth, they simply won’t be able to survive.

On 3D Venus, they will have enough time to grow to 4D and 5D and then move higher.

Each dimension is a densely populated space, with its own civilizations in different physical and energetic forms, living on different “floors”.

For example, in our seventh Super Universe, the youngest in age, these dimensions are one hundred. In others, an infinite number.

For the inhabitants of the lower 3D level, everything above can be perceived as Gods.

But the Creator is only one – the Source. All the others only help It know Itself and themselves based on Love and help, and not subordination and submission.

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