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Replacement of the Causal Matrix of Earth. What does this event mean for 3D Earth and us, earthlings

The latest news from the last two weeks.

The preparations started on March 13-14.

Directly and indirectly, there were many preps for the replacement of the temporary Causal Matrix of Earth with a new and permanent one scheduled for March 21-23. It became possible after the crushing defeat of Darks in the karmic Duel of the Worlds.

Why is this replacement so important? And what it will change in the life of each of us?

Today we know that our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is one of the three main macromolecules (the other two are RNA and proteins) that stores, transmits from generation to generation and implements programs for the development and functioning of our organism, its individual organs and systems, at the cell level.

DNA, RNA And Protein Synthesis

Physical DNA has a copy on our causal body, which accumulates the energy of our thoughts and feelings and, in accordance with them, corrects our life. This double is called wave or causal DNA. Naturally, it does not contain any “acid”, but is the basis of the main energy shell, through which the Absolutes’ and Source’s Light enters us (or hardly seeps due to our growing karma).

Causal DNA is a mechanism that ensures the fulfillment of our mission on 3D Earth, which the Higher Self set us before the incarnation. It programs a Matrix that contains basic information about us: who we will be in this life, a man or a woman, what will be the colour of our hair, eyes and whole appearance, data on the organism's inner structure, genetics, etc.

If karma processing is needed, causal DNA is programmed to activate certain diseases immediately after birth, or upon reaching a certain age. Their trigger may be some events, for example, a significant excess of the karma level of the current incarnation.

3D Earth has a similar mechanism. Its Causal Matrix, which is anchored in the core of the Logos, runs the latter’s manifestation body, i.e. our planet. All its vital activity: atmosphere, climate, winds, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and all other natural processes.

Logos' DNA

By analogy with human DNA, all “genetic” information is downloaded into the terrestrial Causal Matrix – planetary constants, elements, their formulas and norms of materialization, the structure of the Logos core and the planetary crystal lattice, etc. It runs Time flow, the course of evolution, and synchronization with the energies of other planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies of the Local Universe and the entire Greater Cosmos.

For millennia, this mechanism has been controlled by Black Archons with the help of Calladion, the Chief Programmer of the Matrix, who passed over to their side. Only in 2023, after thousands of operations on the physical and Subtle Plane of Earth and the Local Universe, Co-Creators, friendly space races, and Lightwarriors ended this. And if there are no new Darks’ surprises, at the coming vernal equinox, our planet will get a new, permanent Matrix.

In March, Co-Creators tested it twice. During the first essay, through Gaia’s aspect, they introduced a Matrix into the Monads of several Lightwarriors. In the second, they set it in the field of 3D Earth via the City of Light that the ground team built on the Subtle Plan of one of the European mountain lakes. As expected, at these points, the conductivity and velocity of high-frequency streams, entering the planet through the Sun from the Galactic Center, have sharply speeded up.

The full activation of the new Causal Matrix on a global scale will certainly dramatically increase the overall vibrational background and overburden everyone who is having a hard time enduring the freqs’ whipsaws of recent weeks. Adaptation to new vibes can be accompanied by numerous unpleasant symptoms that have already begun to manifest themselves in the genetic, cellular and general state of our body and well-being.

How exactly?

Frequencies Whipsaws

1. Constant feeling of fatigue or exinanition, which can be observed even with light physical exertion. Our body loses density, becomes thinner, and continues to transform intensively.

2. Persistent drowsiness and the desire to sleep longer or more often than usual. There are unusually vivid and eventful dreams or waking up at night between 2 and 4 o’clock. This is a reaction to the restructuring of our physical organs and Subtle Bodies. When we need a break during these processes, we wake up.

3. High fever, runny nose, sneezing from morning to evening, for days and months, migraines, profuse sweat, pain in bones and joints as with flu or pneumonia. Antibiotics don’t help. Thus our body changes the “heating” system, cellular slags are burned, and remnants of the past are removed from our physical and Subtle Bodies.

4. Continuous ringing in the ears and dizziness. Feeling disoriented, losing the sense of place. It’s a reaction to a higher frequency background and periodic untightening or lifting of the Veil between 3D and 4D/5D.

Between 3D And 4D/5D

5. Chest and heart pain, arrhythmia. They are caused by the tuning of the heart chakra to new energies. In many people this energy center of Love and compassion is blocked or in a nascent state. Its activation is accompanied by bouts of longing, depression and unwillingness to live.

6. Gastrointestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea. Intense spasms of different muscle groups, tremor, tingling in the arms or legs, and loss of muscle mass and strength is caused by changes in the circulation system. Parts of the body vibrate in 3D, releasing previously blocked energies, while we pulsate in a higher dimension.

8. Breathing difficulties, the feeling of lack of air is a reaction to the transforming of the atomic-molecular and chemical composition and increasing frequencies found in the atmosphere.

9. Weakening of the immune system, problems of the lymphatic system. Some previous illnesses return in a more acute, but rapidly passing form. Speech difficulty, it’s hard to find the right words and combine them into phrases. Constant hunger, need for sugar. Sometimes we want to eat, but can’t. This is how the roots of ailments that have been preserved at other information levels of our body come out.

10. Oblivisence. Not only have some details fallen out of our memory but also whole periods of life. It indicates a short stay in the border zone or in two dimensions simultaneously, and memory is blocked at these moments.

11. Loss of identity. We are trying to return to our past, but it is no longer possible. The old is gone forever. Sometimes we catch ourselves feeling that we don’t know who it is, looking at ourselves in the mirror.

12. Oversensitivity to the environment. Crowds, noise, cars, supermarkets, social events, TV, and even loud voices – all this we can barely stand. We easily fall into depression or, conversely, easily become stressed and hyper-excited. It’s how our psyche adapts to new, higher and more powerful vibrations.

13. We don’t want to do anything. This is not laziness or depression, but a reboot of our bio-computer. Don’t force yourself. Our body knows what it needs at such moments – rest and relaxation.

14. The sudden disappearance of some friends and acquaintances from our lives, changing habits, work, place of residence, areas of interest… We are rising spiritually, and everything that has gone no longer corresponds to our vibrations. Our plans suddenly alter, and we start to go in a completely different direction. Our Soul knows more than we do and tries to balance the inner energy of aspirations. It’s important to listen and trust our hearts.

15. Acute rejection of the outside world, and awareness of its absolute inconsistency with our needs, emotions, and endeavours. This is how we get rid mentally and emotionally of the 3D energies that were inside us. Don’t be afraid and don’t prevent their exit, but try to transform them so that they do not harm others.

Instead of lower vibrational depression, dissatisfaction, distrust, antipathy, cynicism, and constant irritability, we must fill the freed-up place with other, high-frequency, and opposite-sign feelings and thoughts. Only in this way, we could adapt to the new Earth’s Causal Matrix and the transformation that it will accelerate.

On 21 March 2023 at 00:15 PM CET via the Single Hierarchical Channel, the latest update on the new Earth’s Causal Matrix set in came.

As planned, the installation started on the night of March 19-20 simultaneously on 3D, 4D and 5D Earth, which are in a single eon. Technically, it was entering the Matrix into three Logos at once, followed by their activation by a Pleromic pulse through an access code.


On the four- and five-dimensional planets, the Matrix activation was successful. But on our planet, during the final synchronization, problems began. Through the opening of the Equinox Portal, especially powerful quantum flows from the Galactic Center poured into the 3D Earth through our Sun. A giant black hole formed on it, from which a huge coronal mass ejection occurred, which dealt a severe blow to the terrestrial geomagnetic field.

A hard-hitting magnetic storm has begun on Earth. In both hemispheres, it was accompanied by bright Polar Light. The energy shock led to a sharp jump in seismicity. One earthquake reached magnitude (M) of 6.8; two – of M5+; 34 – of M4+; 109 – of M3+; 423 – of M2+; and 706 were below of M2,0. In Anchor Point, Alaska, the strength of the quake was of M5.4. The hearth was located at a depth of 65.4 km.

Quake's Epicenter In Alaska

The activity of 26 volcanoes in 15 countries boosted. One of the strongest occurred on the island of Java, where the eruption of Mount Merapi began. A column of smoke was thrown out of its crater to a height of 1.3 km, lava flows flowed down the slopes. The danger of an eruption has been raised to the second of five levels.

Eruption Of Mount Merapi

But the main overstrain began on a Subtle Plane. On the eve and with the beginning of the equinox, several events focused in a short time segment: the ingression of the Sun into Aries, the New Moon in the same sign, and the transition of Pluto into Aquarius. Moreover, the New Moon forms a sextile with Pluto and a quadrature with Mars, which also changes its sign and goes into cardinal Cancer.

The combination of the powerful energy of these stelliums and other factors caused such an avalanche whipsaw on the entire situation on the planet that the 3D Earth’s Logos was technically not ready to accept a new Causal Matrix in such extreme conditions. A few minutes before the equinox, Co-Creators and Gaia stopped the download, as it became obvious that the Logos couldn’t withstand the clutch.


When Co-Creators tried to upload the software of the new Causal Matrix into the field of our three-dimensional planet through the Logos’ manifestation body in 3D, their attempt came across such a dense concentrate of our fierce hatred, anger and aggression that the operation had to be urgently stopped.

Otherwise, our incompatibility with the new program would simply kill us on the spot.

Now, everything is concentrated on 3D, the lowest manifestation body of a single Earth’s Logos. The most important thing is that the new Causal Matrix, as an operating system, has been successfully installed and activated in the 4D and especially in the 5D body, where the new terrestrial fractal is forming.

The new, permanent Matrix is only connected, but not powered in 3D, because our three-dimensional computer’s setting has temporarily got stuck due to incompatibility with the old, still functioning OS. But the sysadmins are already geared up to the soft update and continue the entire hardware cleansing.

What’s next? Co-Creators have begun the accelerated prep of the three-dimensional planet and its Logos for the downloading of an updated full-format version. All participants of the operation, including the ground team of Lightwarriors, received specific tasks.

On March 24, 2023, at 05:01 AM CET, additional details were received about the activation of a new and permanent Earth’s Causal Matrix instead of a temporary one.

The full Matrix activation in 4D and 5D occurred the day before, on March 23 at 09:23 PM CET, and now, both parts are functioning in full-format working mode as a single operating system (OS).

Currently, this OS is connected to 3D Earth, but not activated. The main reason was unforeseen events on the night of March 19-20. To launch the Matrix, Co-Creators used two gates on a Subtle Plane. One was located in the City of Light above one of the European mountain lakes. The other was a cosmic Portal that opened during the equinox. It thwarted the entire operation.

The quantum flows, which poured through it to the planet, were so powerful that squeezed out a huge amount of accumulated negative energy from 3D Earth and earthlings. The might of ejected chaos and destructive substances simply blocked the Matrix activation on a three-dimensional planet. Our continuously exuding anger, hatred, aggression, intolerance and other toxicity have paralyzed here and now all attempts of the Earthly Logos to sync and anchor the harmonious and creative Matrix software.

Here are a disclosure of its structure and some details that came from the ground team’s work during and after the unsuccessful launch of the new planetary OS.

The novel Causal Matrix is a Multidimensional sphere consisting of several layers with its own software codes, designed for concrete dimension. On a Subtle Plane, the outer 6D shell looks like a network with hexagonal cells, inside which different apps are embedded. They will begin to launch as the necessary tasks are solved. It is in this space that a new Terrestrial fractal is formed, which gradually materializes in 5D.

Below are layers with five-, four- and three-sided cells, which also have their own programs loaded into crystals. Each contains new parameters, constants and data from the upgraded Periodic Table of the Elements. (Note: In one of the "I Am Multidimensional" sessions get clear, that some of us are "technology" and were activated to introduce new chemical elements on the planet through our DNA and the other Earthy elementals.)

The next coat is formed as a stepped structure without software batches, and the lowest one consists of flat plates superimposed by a stack, but keeping the free space between them. Both layers are designed for 2D and 1D. Their transformation is now being run by the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. Having returned to the Higher Light Hierarchy, he is now actively destroying his legacy in all eons and planets, including Earth.

The ground team chose one of the European mountain lakes as the place of its participation in the op. Their decision was not accidental. Through the City of Light, which the group built over its water area on a Subtle Plane, Co-Creators uploaded a new Causal Matrix to the Water Reference State Matrices in the lake field. It was a reliable way to transport and guarantee the Causal Matrix preservation in pristine condition.

The ground team started loading and activating the Matrix on March 19 at 04:00 PM CET and continued all night. Having settled down on the shore of the lake, Lightwarriors put its parts into their Monads. Then, they synchronized and combined the fragments in the group’s collective Logos, and grounded in the planet’s core.

City of Light

It was at this stage and in this space that the failure occurred. If 4D and 5D were absolutely pure and easily assimilated the new Causal Matrix, then, 3D was so overflowing with anomalies and negativity that the Earthly Logos could not complete the activation. Co-Creators were forced to urgently intervene and stop the process to avoid irreparable destructive consequences. The other obstacle was that the Gaia’s Absoluteverse from the 13D Pleroma only reaches 3D, and not goes further to 2D and 1D. The former Black Co-Creator is now engaged in this problem-solving.

The good news is that a plan has already been developed to prepare the planetary Logos for the new Causal Matrix activation on 3D Earth. It consists of two stages. At first, the most difficult task is set – to change the sacred-geometric configuration of the Earth’s Crystal. Instead of its 57-faceted form, again give it a spherical shape, capable of fully receiving and holding Absolutes’ Light.

57-faceted Crystal

Then, it did not last long and soon self-disintegrated into the same stellar polyhedron. The main reason was the unavailability of the Earth’s grid, which, on the one hand, is a mirror image of its Crystal, and on the other hand, supports it with its shape and vibrations.

Now, it is planned to make a temporary supporting artificial manifestation body for the planetary Logos in the form of an orb (Absolute Crystal) and put it on the Logos. A sort of fixing corset for 3D Earth. The Hathors civilization in the 7D of Venus agreed to help. They have the technology to create a so-called audio Merkaba, which can take any desired form of matter with the help of sound impacts.

The second part of the action plan is related to the choice of a place on 3D Earth, where Co-Creators and Lightwarriors could build a Portal to activate the new Causal Matrix and launch it at full capacity. Such a place has already been found and it has already begun to be prepared. It should be energetically clean, neutral, with Power Placesf, as far away from military operations as possible, and which will suit the Hathors and Gaia for various reasons.

The continuation of this operation takes place in difficult conditions. Launched at full power in 4D and 5D, the Matrix enhanced the energy whipsaw on the planet. All processes accelerated with great force.

The bearable level of vibrations will be exceeded several times due to the opening of new Portals for high-frequency Light waves and pulses from the Greater Cosmos. Consciousness rises even higher, but at the same time, it becomes more and more difficult for bodies to adapt.

Light Waves

The general trend is moving towards the completion of many social and political processes, old ideas, attitudes and stereotypes. A number of transformation processes that have not yet entered into force will soon open. This is the next stage of the body morphing on Subtle levels. If appropriate conditions are required for the physical corpus’ slow cleansing of cells, then, for a new perception, consciousness settings are necessary for living the moment here and now, where all vectors of further Transition to 4D and 5D converge.

Backslidings will painfully return us to three-dimensionality. But with the persistence of the Transition, further transformation will be easier. It will form additional mechanisms of protection, regeneration and purification in our bodies. It will be much easier for us to raise our vibrations. Such is the peculiarity of the current moment.

On March 23, 2023, another very important event took place. During the equinox, Gaia’s Multiverse was extended from 3D (Terra) via 13D (Pleroma) to 14D (Absolutes’ Realm).

Two days earlier, Lighthwarriors working on Earth sensed that their Absolutized Monads started to merge with Gaia and the dipole Absolute, and felt how aspects of the latter two unite into a single whole. Physically, the ground team endured this process hard. Everyone’s temperature jumped sharply, and they had to cool their body in all possible ways.

Finally, on 23.03.2023 at 23:23 local time, they saw how in 14D, as a result of the inter-Monadic synthesis of Gaia and the Absolutes, a new powerful energy formation emerged. This was the core of Absoluterra’s Logos. Each involved in this op, Preroma’s Hierarchs and Lightwarriors, received a copy of “newborn” for preservation in their Monads.

Now, they are preparing for a series of works with Absoluterra. The closest will be tuning in to and integrating it into Gaia’s Absolutevers. Meantime, the “neonate” exists on its own.

To Absoluterra

What does this event mean for 3D Earth and us, earthlings?

For those, who actively raise their vibrations to enter 4D and 5D, it’s another huge gift. In addition to the thousands of high-frequency streams that bombard our planet every second from the Greater Cosmos, and help us to accelerate unsticking from the energies and reality of 3D, in the channel of our interaction with the Absolutes, the last barrier is removed.

For those, who still refuse to awaken, do not want to see or hear anything, and enjoy the habitual low-vibes’ toxic swamp, very difficult days are coming. Yes, for humane reasons, they will live to the end of their days in individual capsule spheres. But for them, the energy whipsaw would be much harsher.


The main reason is that the physical body isn’t made of our Monad’s substance. Just like 3D Earth doesn’t consist of Gaia’s matter. Initially, Gray civilizations created this planet and its population ONLY FOR THEMSELVES under the guidance of Yaltabaoth and the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, on its farthest outskirts.

They turned Terra into a giant mine, where all the most valuable things were extracted in gigantic quantities by the hands of millions of slaves. The reminders of that are mutations of our atomic-molecular and genetic structure, as well as numerous canyons and vast territories, where were removed layers of soil from tens to hundreds of meters thick (in present-day Asia, Australia and North America).

Eastern Utah, United States

On physical and Subtle Planes, Pleroma’s and Higher Light Hierarchs together with their ground team constantly clear Earth and earthlings of negative legacy, replacing the alien Grey and Black matter of bodies (ours and of the planet) with the original Multidimensional Light substance. This is going on now 24/7, and very actively, as Argorians, Siriusians, Pleiadians, Arcturians and other sources report in their daily updates. (Notes: That is why I have found it important to activate as many soul brothers and sisters as possible through their multidimensional portals, firstly to become aware of who they really are and secondly to open a clear channel for their enhancements so that they can be at their full potential with ease and grace. See I Am Multidimensional Session)

Activation of the Absoluterra and the new Earth’s Causal Matrix will accelerate the transformation even more. Starting from April, throughout May and June, the stabilization of the 4D high-frequency ethereal field will be completed and, according to forecasts, will fully saturate the planet’s space by the end of 2023.

4D Saturating

Those who emit stable vibrations from 4.0D to 4.8D will live normally and feel good, synchronously increasing and aligning their frequencies with the transitional four-dimensional Matrix. The division of external and internal is purely conditional; in fact, all quantum waves flow into and interact in the 4D person, or rather in his Subtle Bodies and in the neurons of the field brain.

Division Is Conditional

Co-Creators actively help those who help themselves to exit from 3D. But low-frequency Souls will no longer incarnate on our planet. As of March 26, 2023, three timelines (out of 16) are permanently closed. Friendly cosmic races evacuate tens of billions of such Souls from the Earth’s etheric and astral fields and settle them in other Galaxies on planets with similar vibrations.

There is still a lot of work to remove anomalies and cleanse from the Grays and Darks’ negativity. Today, they survive mainly thanks to our vital power, which we consciously and unconsciously allow to be pumped out of us. Their entire System, from our inner to global scale (politics, economics, finance, information, culture, etc.), works as a single mighty pump.

They are classic vampires who cannot generate energy on their own, are disconnected from cosmic currents and are forced to syphon it out of victims. The System feeds them with our vital energy, and forces us to think, feel and act so that its live stream remains of the necessary toxic quality and volume, and never runs out. Moreover, everything is done in full compliance with our free will and choice freedom.

Planetary stelliums’ radiations also toughen whipsaw. Their frequencies, from the lowest to the highest, as such are neutral. But their impact depends on our vibrations, as live receivers, accumulators and emitters, i.e. in what personal range we think, feel and live (the same applies to the use of crystals and artifacts). Whatever energies prevail in our natal chart or the general conscious and unconscious tuning, we can ANY TIME change them.

By contrast, the stelliums’ energies have a stronger impact on large masses due to the scale effect. In combination with other quantum flows it is a fairly potent tool for influencing events and people with the help of high and low cosmic frequencies, forming and running the collective consciousness in needed direction and state. During harmonious and tense aspects of planets and constellations, the Light Forces use energies’ whipsaws for positive purposes, and the Darks – for negative ones.

And finally, last-hour news. 27 March at 11:43 AM CET, the Absoluterra was activated and successfully integrated into the updated Gaia’s Multiverse 3D-14D.

Our thoughts belong to whom?

With the opening of 4D/5D space, compassion wakes up in us; the ability to feel the world and everyone around us is much deeper and more subtly than it was before. At the same time, the capacity to run our reality, clairvoyance and clairaudience, contact with higher aspects and memory of past incarnations are activated.

Elevated Vibes and Impulses

We used to think that all our thoughts belong only to us. That’s not so. Our brain is a receiver-transmitter and continuously reads the consciousness and feelings of other people from a common Subtle Plane. If we are attuned to dark thoughts or problems, they will constantly come to our minds. The Power Pyramid effectively use it, deliberately hammering us down by them 24/7, throwing up more and more through TV, the Internet, mass media and other channels. The System does not tolerate thinking people, so it will in every way lambaste them under the pretext that they are wrong, went not the right way, etc.

When our Soul wakes up and consciousness expands, they became hungry for other thoughts. We intuitively want something bigger, and cleaner, and feel the attention of Co-Creators and Guardians. But the System constantly sets information traps, sucking us into apathy, chagrin, disappointment, depression, etc., and keeps us in the lower vibrational spectrum, on which the entire 3D reality exists. Instead of emanations of love and joy, we are FORCED to live in fear, anger and despair.

These states do not always coincide with our true desires and settings. Our consciousness is a sieve. Pebbles are constantly sifted through it, and each one is a thought or an emotion. The larger the mesh of the sieve, the fewer pebbles will get stuck in it. Smaller stones are minor household problems, and larger ones are serious troubles. If we cling to every cobblestone, our sieve will fill up quickly, and we simply will not stand the weight of the accumulated problems.

Allow your sieve to expand the cells, and pass through it all the troubles, bad moods and problems. Many of them are beyond our control, we cannot change them, and they rarely concern us personally. This doesn’t mean that we must not sympathize with those who suffer, but to saddle ourselves with all the ills of the world is also not worth it.

Get in Over the Head

Today, irreversible processes have acquired global dimensions. There is a sharp jump in vibrations, which the sleeping consciousness perceives painfully. Depression, loss of old friends, work, health problems, change of tastes and desires, etc. occur more frequently.

To middlebrow, this is not normal, but from the point of view of the cosmic consciousness that we are, this process from the very first was supposed in our program of incarnation here on Earth. Therefore, we do not need to be afraid, transitional periods are always perceived with stress. This is comparable to sobering up. In the beginning, it can be very bad for both body and Soul, but then they recover and return to normal when all the toxins leave our body.

For many, such states are the test or the processing task, and can be very painful, because we rarely realize and remember that our habitat and especially people close to us are our frequency copies (like attracts like). If we honestly answer ourselves hard-nosed questions (why exactly is this lesson being taught to me? where do I allow slack and attach too much importance? what does the Universe want to tell me through this event and a specific person?), we begin to understand our lessons and the signals constantly given to us. In this case, the study is painless, because acceptance and awareness of mistakes mean a successful test, getting rid of the hooks of karma and the System.

The above is unlikely to happen again in the future if we maintain internal balance, remove negative thoughts, and freely pass them through our sieve. The System intentionally loads and sucks brains and other toxic stuff into us to keep under its iron heel, turning everyone into a little downtrodden and obedient man. It feeds at his expense, so such a person will be bullied on the pretext that he is wrong, went not the right way, etc. The System doesn’t tolerate people who think.

We resonate only with the vibes that we emit ourselves, and our life always moves us toward our strongest thoughts and emotions. If there is aggression inside, we will always be attacked. If we have an inner desire to fight, we will get rivals. If we have a constant sense of guilt, life will find a way to punish us. If we have a grudge inside, we will get reasons to be offended even more. Until we change, we will attract the same circumstances and people.

When we focus on what is happening in the outside world, we program ourselves to despair, because the information, by which the System is feeding us, is cooked up in such a way, that we never get out of this state. Staying in it, we do not make logical decisions, but only emotional ones. And the System continues to milk us for its survival so that we react only in this way.

Trying to bury us as deep as possible, the System doesn’t know that we are seeds and, by germinating, we hasten its end. Therefore, do not fall for its tricks; do not save it with your emotions and thoughts. Go your own way, continue to explore the world and expand your horizons. It is for this purpose that we came here, to this 3D planet.

Help others in self-awareness if they asked for assistance. When we are perceived as “not like everyone else”, it is not out of whack. We are no longer who we were before, and it is difficult for even our loved ones to accept us when we begin to think with an expanded consciousness and heart, rather than with generally accepted patterns. This incompatibility is also normal. Sooner or later, each will go through this and, perhaps, it also will be painful for them. All in its proper time.

Play it cool and don’t listen who say that something is wrong with you. And even more so, stay away from medicines. Chemistry will work against us in any case, and the body may stop physically accepting it. In nutrition, it is important to stick to the body. It is much smarter than us and will demand what corpus needs. No sense in sudden transitions to a new self, it’s better to move slowly, but constantly.

For many millennia, the System has honed the skill of influence to the limit and acts very sophisticated. Often we cannot distinguish which thoughts are ours and which are embedded by MSM or read by our subconscious from a common and extremely dirty info field. In addition to perpetual offers to take a loan, buy, patriotic slogans and bubblegum music, thought forms about suicide, murders, etc. pop up in heads every now and then.

Of course, not all thought forms filling the space are negative or destructive, but there are many cases when empaths heard such clear voice commands when they were:

– Driving: “what a lovely tree ahead, what about driving into it now” or “look, there’s a girl walking with a stroller, don’t want to knock it down?”;

– In the subway: “a good station to throw self under the train” or “what a crush in the stuffy car, it’s time to get out of this country”;

– At the airport at passport control: “I’m tired of crowding here with these IDs, better to put a chip in my arm, it’s more convenient”;

– In the supermarket, where a huge number of batches are scattered in the mental field creating an artificial feeling of hunger, alluring smells, desires and temptations.

To distinguish between “mine/not mine”, it is important to monitor and listen to our feelings and thoughts that cause strange emotions in us. If they are not comfortable and suspicious, it often means that it is not our thoughts, although, of course, much depends on the receiver’s settings (mind). This applies to everything, which contradicts our principles or decisions.

The high-frequency transformation of the space around us is constantly going on, then, slowing down, then, speeding up, and alternating with pauses. The specifics of our perception are such that too slow processes we take as stagnation, and too fast – a sharp jump. This also creates internal discomfort.

It goes Non-Stop

Thoughts are easily distinguished from each other by the quality of vibrations and by the reaction of our Subtle Bodies – physical, etheric (storage of vital forces), astral (emotions and desires) and mental (thoughts, ideas and dreams). If we feel that something is contracting inside us, up to the spasms of some muscle group, it means that our consciousness does not accept some thought or other vibration, and resists it.

The body is a single automatically configurable structure. Any external influence, directly and indirectly, affects our dense and Subtle Bodies. And if we trust their reaction to a particular thought or desire more, and learn to notice and reckon with them, then we can find that the physical corpus is beginning to conduct higher frequencies of the Subtle Plane better and better, which is often called the wisdom of the body.

The simplest physical reaction to external vibration is compression or relaxation of some muscle group. Everything works very simply if we understand the basic principle: not only perception but also physiology are controlled by our Subtle Bodies and Soul.

When we don’t go through a lesson, sooner or later it comes back in a tougher version, and exactly when we have absolutely no time and no strength, and it’s inconvenient to deal with it right now. But it comes back in this form precisely so that we finally pay attention to this lesson, understand and learn it. To make us realize it faster, our Higher Self and the Guardians sharpen and strengthen our perception, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They are teachers, and their task is to reach us in all possible and impossible ways to remind us what for we came here.

It happens that we feel a vague worry, and it is unpleasant to us, but we can’t get rid of it. Here it is necessary to understand whether it is ours or not, especially if it is intrusive, and we’re getting more and more excited with each passing moment. As a result, we can bring ourselves to a hysterical state, just from nothing.

Usually, such things cling to WHAT IS INSIDE US, and we ourselves hype up. This is another way to draw our attention to our weak points or flaws so that we eliminate them. If we monitor and control our actions, thoughts, and emotions, and learn to stop inner dialogue, then, everything will become much simpler and clearer. It requires our readiness, the desire to master this, faith in our strength, and perseverance.

It’s always difficult at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. This is the only way we can get on the right path of comprehension and transforming ourselves, and through this – the space around us. If we believe that we can change, then, we will change. And when our inner world changes, the outer one follows.

Therefore, we don’t have to wait for The Event but create it ourselves. When it seems that everything in our life is collapsing, it’s better to think about what to build on the freed-up place. The Creator always gives us not what we want, but what we need. Accordingly, it does not make sense to constantly lament: “Why?” It is worth to wonder: “For what purpose?”

For What Purpose?

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