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Removing The Dark Legacy

After the Armageddon of April 21, 2021, the Galactic Committee accelerated its program to transform the Earth.

While Operation Stellar Network is weighty, it served as an important distraction that helped divert Dark Forces’ attention away from Galacom’s main activities last weeks.

One of them is the removal of the secret government of the Archons from Earth.

Time Keepers

The other is building a new timeline, a complete purification of the current Time Programs. All distortions introduced by the Archons were folded and removed from them. Then the new soft was loaded and unfolded.

At Galacom’s behest, the Time Keepers are rebuilding and aligning it, tuning constructively, removing the dark legacy of parasitic forces.

The work is carried out in all eras, splicing the Spaces-Times on an entirely new basis.

Now, with the help of quantum impulses all negativity accumulated in earthlings during all incarnations in the past, including the way of life, starting from the first embodiment on the Earth, is purged. Therefore, inconsistencies of Time may appear in this life.

Work is being done with humanity on a systemic level from Pleroma to 3D Earth. All descendants of the 14D body, consciousness, Intelligence are reorganized so that they, cleansed of harmful and destructive impurities, have free access to all channels of movement in Time and Space.

The collective Logos, created by the Light Forces’ ground team and supported by the Pleroma Highest Hierarchy, has become a powerful conduit and operational channel. Representatives of the Galactic Committee are actively using it to assist Earth.

Galacom continues to work actively in other important areas.


As in the construction of pyramids, “star” fortresses, and spaceships, first, a Hologram of a new five-dimensional reality is built on the Subtle Plane. Later it will be gradually filled (materialized) with physical matter.

The completion of the Hologram is taking place before our eyes. It is being done 24/7 on all levels simultaneously.

Dozens of quantum energies that the Galactic Committee sends to Earth serve as a building material.

Working together, the clots of high-frequency energy coming from the center of the Local Universe squeeze out by their powerful vibrations the force fields of the three-dimensional Archon Matrix, finally destroying it.

Galacom creates a new 5D Earth Hologram in the 6th dimension, using the energies of 2D, 3D, and 4D.

Earth’s 5D Hologram

This energy is collected by accumulators installed under the surface. Then, applying ultrasonic pulses, it is directed into the 6D in the form of compacted plasma.

There, on the Subtle Plane, the necessary blocks of the 5D Hologram are constructed from this plasma. It is created in the form of a multidimensional fractal.

It will be our home in the new vibrational orbit of the 5D, where the Earth is now being carefully moved. According to info on June 14th, 2021 at 07: 09 AM CET, the planet successfully passed the third filter and entered the fourth subspace in 5D’s orb.

An important correction should be made here and apologize for the inaccuracy. Although several civilizations are involved in the planet relocation op, the transport itself is performed by the traueleventator which is part of the 25D Argorians’ squadron.

In the Greater Cosmos, this space race is engaged in rescue operations.

About two hundred of its representatives are incarnated on Earth as Lightworkers.

Part of the transformation is accomplished by field synthesis. Using the planet’s anomalous zones and energy blocks, 3D matter atoms are split into particles and beamed into the upper atmosphere.

There, the beget is made on a new basis using GRASIMO’s violet energy.

It synthesizes plasma for the 5D Hologram, neutralizes side effects, and removes impurities of three-dimensional energies and matter.


Through the 5D Hologram, Galacom maintains the stable functioning of the Earth’s core, preparing it for the mode required in the new vibrational orbit.

The energy blocks of the planet are being transformed, accumulating, and transmitting the energy of development on a higher level.

Communication channels are processed to increase energy flows. New Portals are being opened through magnetic fields all over the globe. They are under the full control of the Higher Light Hierarchy.

Through the opening of the ozone layer are removed, or rather – burnt out clots of negativity which in huge quantities continues to emit humanity.

Earth’s Core

By energy platforms in magnetic fields and powerful ultrasonic pulses, the astral is purged, depriving the Dark entities of their main shelter.

Using these platforms, the Galactic Committee is removing the anomalies that are created on the Subtle Plane by the hadron colliders in Switzerland, the United States, Italy, China, and Russia.

This is a matter of particular concern to Galacom since earthlings are completely unaware of the extremely dangerous consequences of these installations.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. It once led to the death of a giant planet and turned it into our Sun.

It was in the center of the Milky Way. On this planet, the first earthlings in physical bodies appeared.

They had to get involved in liberating the Local Universe from the Archons invading it. All conditions were created for the earthlings to do so.

But events took a different scenario. The Dark Forces managed to send their agents to the planet. They began to turn the population on one side of the planet against those living on the other.

The Archons’ efforts led both sides to the arms race in preparation for war. The Darkies provoked it in every way possible, providing military technology of enormous destructive power.

Hadron Collider

Among them was the collider technology. It was introduced under the plausible pretext of obtaining a source of eternal energy and a tool for creating an artificial Universe.

When the colliders were perfected and the acceleration of particles in it was equal to the speed of light, the installations began to explode one after another due to the matter and antimatter juncture.

This caused the detonation of a gigantic stockpile of other weapons accumulated on the planet – nuclear, thermonuclear, etc.

To survive, part of the population went deeper under surface, closer to the center of the planet. Some moved to the satellite that is now our Moon. Many died.

All attempts to stop the chain reaction failed. It continued to escalate, and soon the planet erupted like a new thermonuclear Sun, destroying all life.

Later, the Sun was moved to the periphery of our Galaxy, and a new planet, Earth, was created to continue humanity.

Atlantis Death

The lessons were not learned. In late Atlantis, history repeated. The Co-Creators had to destroy the Fourth Race to save the planet.

Such an end to the current Fifth Race the Galactic Committee and friendly civilizations, of course, will not allow. Therefore, they carefully control the work of the colliders, interfering with and blocking dangerous experiments in every possible way.


5D Hologram is intensely saturated with new plasma. It will change first the plant world and then the animals for the continuation of life in a five-dimensional environment.

Plasma radiates from the Earth’s core. By controlling the clots of 3D energy with vibrations, Galacom changes the plasma. As a compressed sphere, it is transported through the Portals from 4D to 6D, condensing in the course.

Vibrations are monitored by the 25D Argorian squadron and the Lunar base under Siriusians’ control.

The 5D life-support system created by the staggering development of plasma continues to accumulate the necessary energy.



At this point in the 5D transition, the Galactic Committee, and friendly races are not focusing on radical human transformation but on transforming the flora, fauna, and the mineral world which are easier to change than humans.

The Nature transformation is carried out through pyramid control panels and the connection of energy platforms in a new life support system. Its structures are formed using the dark blue energy GRICADO.

DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis

The rearrangement of the gene structure in the Nature worlds is done by the energy impulses on DNA and RNA.

The double helix of DNA is the most important molecule for living things and plants. It determines inheritance, protein-coding, and contains instructions for the development and reproduction of the entire organism and each cell individually.

Single-helix RNA is the carrier of encoded information from the nucleus to the cell. Thanks to RNA, the basic structures of the cell that make it alive are created. Long non-coding RNA also controls the work of the cell’s genetic apparatus. RNA is involved in protein synthesis and encodes protein structure, including in plants – their roots, young shoots, and buds.

Over 60% of all genes are under the “jurisdiction” of RNA. It is microRNAs that guide the development of whole organs and the organism as a whole, starting some processes and stopping others according to the corresponding biological clock.

The compression of force fields selects the most promising species that can exist in a five-dimensional environment. The energetic influence on DNA and RNA expands their consciousness.


Although Galacom has postponed for the future the direct, more active transformation of humans, the indirect influence on us is ongoing. The goal is to adapt each of us to live in a new energy environment.

This is done periodically, every 3-5 days, sometimes longer, weakening the Earth’s magnetic field which increases the inflow of high-frequency 5D energies. Either by strengthening the field, and we again immerse in 3D energies.

At the same time, Galacom ships continue to saturate our space with energies such as:

The pink-red with blue sparks GREMO (Love Energy) stimulates reproducibility, and influences the formation of new life programs;

The white-blue BLISCORI develops mental abilities and contains the full range of energies necessary for this;

The yellow SFARGO cleanses the planet of outdated Intelligence and helps people adapt to the new high-frequency environment.

The bright blue FARMS leads humanity to new programs of intellectual and Spiritual development;

The dark gray FAMIGO affects magnetic fields and selects earthlings by the level of consciousness.

The change in consciousness will go on gradually. The brain unit will turn on and start emitting the new radiant energy of l-gamma particles of high Intelligence into the surrounding space. This will completely change the way people feel and see the world around them.

In the present Cosmic Morning and the approaching Cosmic Day, we can survive and live only in their high-frequency 5D Hologram. The Earth is already entering this vibrational orbit.

The 5D energies cannot burn us, but they are higher in frequency than most people emit – from 0.5 to 3.5 Hz.

Periodic weakening are aimed to encourage us to feel and think positively, to return to Love and selfless help. The frequencies of such emotions and thoughts are closest to 5D – from 50 to 1000 Hz.

The low and ultra-low standing Schumann waves between the surface and the ionosphere and the ultra-high frequencies of mobile quantum fluxes coming to Earth from the center of the Galaxy are different things in origin and behavior.

The behavior of Schumann waves is more dependent on the Sun and atmospheric phenomena.

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