Re-activation of the entire Pyramid system on our planet

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To accelerate the uplifting 3D Earth to a new energy level of 5D, ground teams have been instructed to re-activate the entire pyramid system on our planet. Not just the semi-working ones, but the mothballed ones.

The above-mentioned LFs group is assigned to the Egyptian pyramids which they have already worked with (see – Disclosure News, Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1, August 31, and Part 2, September 1, 2020).

How does the pyramid system work? Why is it only now possible to fully activate them?

The necessary conditions were created by the exit from the Cosmic Night, the beginning of a New Galactic Year, admittance of the Earth and its Logos to the Galactic Committee, and a huge work of Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Karma Lords, and LFs’ teams. It has been and continues to be covered in great detail by DNI.

As for the pyramids, they are the terrestrial part of a gigantic, deep-space energy system. The Co-Creators and Light Forces are now reconstructing it, removing everything the Archons built on all levels. The upgraded infrastructure is being supplemented with new units for receiving and broadcasting high-frequency 4D/5D/6D energy waves to Earth.

The Dark Forces are desperate to save their 3D power grid. Now and then they sabotage and hack into the new 5D power frame. But this is the agony of the doomed. Sabotage is thwarted, the damage is quickly repaired, and the perpetrators are wipeout.

What place do pyramids have in this system?

The Earth energy’s supply is the Galactic Ray emitted by the Source through the center of the Milky Way. It consists of two dispersed different-frequency particle streams. They are directed to the inner reactor of the Earth’s Core (Crystal), merge, and generate energy. In parallel, a hot thermonuclear reaction is going on in its outer layer.

Galactic Ray

The Core needs additional combinations of Subtle Stellar energies to react. It is like a normal burning Earth furnace that needs not only fuel but also air access.

The air is the energy of the Stars, delivered to the Planetary Core through the Pyramids. It is mixed into an energy cocktail by the Shambhala Crystal – the carburetor – and delivered to the Earth Crystal.

This process of additional stellar recharge is called turbo boost. The turbo-boost energy spent by the Core is restructured in the Shambhala Crystal and is taken back to the Stars through the pyramids.

The Earth Crystal is similar in structure to the human heart. It consists of two pairs of oppositely charged chambers – “ventricles”. Due to it, the Crystal has the property of a magnet.

It magnetizes the small crystals in the pyramids and through them attracts Star-space energy to the Earth. When it is necessary to give it back, the crystals turn over and change their stellar vector. It is how the cosmic energy is pushed out or pulled in.

The Galactic Ray is attracted in the same way. The Earth is built on the principle of a quadruple parabolic antenna. The points North, South, West, East play the role of a collector of energy, which is transmitted to the Earth Crystal. The equator is a parabolic disk of the antenna for the North and the South, and the zero-Greenwich meridian – for the West and the East.

Earth As Parabolic Antenna

The Galactic Ray is neutral and is not a focused stream of energy. It spreads in space dispersed. The quadruple parabolic antenna of the Earth plays the role of a collector-catcher of the Galactic Ray by analogy with the work of the Earth’s satellite antenna.

The function of the synchronizer is performed by the Earth’s Sun and the Moon. The Sun modulates the frequency of the Ray and broadcasts it to the Solar System. The Moon acts as a fine filter.

The basic alimentation of the planet by the Galactic Ray occurs four times a year at the moments of the Equinoxes and Solstices. Like humans, the Earth takes food for a short period, and then digests it and uses the attracted energy to support its life activity.

The spent energy is withdrawn through the South Pole and is diverted by a reversible circuit back to the Center of the Galaxy.

The Rays are cyclic and are emitted from the Milky Way Center by pulses. The Galactic pulse beats irregularly. Like humans, it increases in activity and slows down at rest. With the onset of the Great Quantum Transition, the pulse rate becomes very rapid.

Pyramids on the Earth are multifunctional. They are a mechanism of control of the planet’s Core, maintenance of its cosmic coordinates, Spiritual breathing of Gaia, and management of bio-matter. In some cases, pyramids act as Portals of Space and Time.

All together the pyramids of the Earth represent a single cosmic-energy system.

There are a total of 144,000 pyramids of various sizes on the planet. The main ones are grouped in 12 places on all continents. They are connected by energy channels between themselves and with the Earth’s Core.

The 12 major pyramid groups, in turn, regulate 12 more small groups. Together they influence all 144,000 pyramids of the planet. Each of the 144 major groups synchronizes the work of another 1000 pyramids.

The 144,000 pyramids act as a Spiritual and energetic channel for the 144,000 born in Pleroma or the Electus (Revelation of John the Evangelist). They were once brought to Earth by Sanat Kumara, and they form the backbone, the critical mass necessary for Quantum Transition.

Thus, each of the 144,000 Higher Pleromic Light Beings on Earth has its pyramid.

Each pyramid group is one of the twelve basic chakras of the Earth. Also, the 12 pyramid groups correspond to the 12 Constellations of the zodiac, the 12 spiral DNA molecule (regulates the opening of the spirals), the 12 months of the year, the 12 Biblical tribes of Israel, the 12 Apostles, the duodecimal system of numbers.

Constellations cannot directly control their corresponding pyramids because they are not always within direct space visibility. Therefore the Repeater Stars are used.

Each group of Pyramids has a specific cosmic energy’s influence on the surrounding space.

The 12 main groups of the Earth’s pyramids are subdivided into two parts: reflecting (transmitting) and recapturing (receiving). The six groups are reflecting, the six – are recapturing.

A unique feature of pyramids is that they are adaptive, i.e., they adjust to specific conditions. If it is necessary to receive energy, they will capture it; if it is necessary to give it away, they will readjust and give it back. It happens that pyramids work to receive energy during the day, and at night they work to give energy away.

Recently, the Light Forces’ ground team built and activated the Vega-Uranus-Earth channel, which began to bring the new Spiritual energy of the Sixth Race (new children born after 2019) to Earth through one of the pyramid groups.

Obstacles in the way of Source’s new quantum energies to the Earth are blocked not only by many non-working pyramids but also by human consciousness.

The pure space Spiritual energy, in contact with the low-frequency vibrations of human consciousness, causes mutual annihilation or rejection. It manifests itself on the physical plane in the form of natural disasters. So don’t be surprised: catastrophes are often a consequence of our negative thinking.

Thinking, speaking, and acting purely, Spiritually, in the Light of Love and Truth is important not only for us but also to help Gaia, during the most difficult period of the Great Quantum Transition for all of us.

As noted above, the twelve Apostles mean the twelve pyramidal complexes and pyramidal energies of the Earth. The thirteenth (or the first) should be considered Jesus Christ.

The thirteenth (or first) group of pyramids, the Piloting, are Tibetan and their main pyramid is Mount Kailas. It is also the central (and the largest) pyramid of the Earth. Its height is comparable with the planet’s radius.

The shape of the pyramids creates the effect of energy self-sufficiency. They were built of stone blocks with the addition of copper oxide and other elements, which endowed their finishes with conductive properties.

The added elements play the role of a reflector, shielding the inside of the pyramids. As a result, they do not let the accumulated radiation out of use.

Inside the pyramids, their shape concentrates a magnetic field that intensifies as moved toward the top.

The Galactic Ray, passing through the pyramid, acquires different frequencies of vibrations, depending on the level inside it. Near the top, it is maximal, as the space shrinking to the top increases the pressure and presses the field.

At a certain moment, an eruption occurs. By the action of the pyramidal shape, energy shoots outward.

When descending to the base of the pyramid, space, on the contrary, increases, and the intensity of the magnetic field (hence the frequency) reduces by decreasing the pressure of space.

The pyramids are the rudders for the Time machine – its flows and contours.

On the planet, the pyramids are divided into Lemurian and Atlantean. The pyramids of Island Easter are the oldest. After the destruction of Lemuria, they plunged to the bottom. Seawater interferes with the passage of energy, as it defocuses and dissolves through refraction in the aquatic environment.

The Atlanteans erected an additional pyramidal complex on the east coast of Australia, backing up the Polynesian pyramids. They coincide in number, physical characteristics and are connected by direct energy channels.

The pyramids’ location is based on the cellular scheme. The surface of the planet is divided into areas. Each is controlled by a certain pyramid or group. The edge coverage plots overlap each other, providing stable energy spanning the entire Earth’s surface.

The beginning of unblocking of all 144000 pyramids has already led to the colossal growth of quantum waves coming to the Earth. The energy field of the planet is intensified and, as a consequence, the energy of all bio-objects, first of all, the humans, is increased, though many bear it very hard.

Pyramids cyclically change their connectivity and energy exchange with a particular Star. The control Stars are divided into two groups in the Northern and Southern Earth and Celestial Hemispheres. Six groups of pyramids are in the Northern Hemisphere, six are in the Southern. Thus the energy balance is maintained.

The influence of the Stars on the pyramids is as follows.

Pyramid group has a certain grip angle or capturing area. It is 60 degrees, which excludes dead zones. The multiplicity and remoteness of pyramids from each other technically provide such coverage.

Each group of pyramids works with a corresponding range of vibrations. The transfer of the Star relay during the day occurs automatically as a result of the daily rotation of the Earth around its axis.

A Star passing through the sky in the capitation zone of the pyramids energetically influences them. When the donor Star leaves the zone of this group, another ascending Star starts an energy exchange with it. Switching of pyramids to different Stars occurs automatically, like roaming in cellular communication.

Star interacts with only one group of pyramids at a time, the Sun – with all simultaneously. Through them, it absorbs and transforms the low-frequency spent energy of the Earth and humanity.

Every pyramid group has its Central Pyramid. Working with it is equal to working with all the Pyramids of the group.

Located in different parts of the Milky Way, the 144,000 cosmic bodies, mostly Stars, together are forming in space a giant Crystal. It runs the Earth’s Core.

Of them, 72000 interact with the Crystal of the planet through the pyramids of the Northern Hemisphere, the other 72000 – through the pyramids of the Southern’. Thus, each pyramid of the planet corresponds to one of 144000 controlling cosmic objects.

The sustenance of the planet is identical to the human body. It, too, feeds on Subtle and coarse foods.

Rough is the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets of the Solar System, as well as the waste products of human activity.

Earth Core

Subtle high-frequency energy from space enters the Earth Heart through its alveoli, the pyramids, and nasopharynx, the North Pole, which forms the Earth’s nasal-pulmonary system. The spent energy is expelled through the South Pole.

Distribution of energy occurs through veins – the system of torsional communication cables of the Earth. The pyramids can also be called the pores of the planetary body. Together with the Power Places and the Sacred Places, they form an acupuncture energy framework. Influence on these points allows corrective influence on the whole planet.

The pyramids are located on the surface in belts. There are seven in total: Lunar, Planetary, Solar, Zodiacal, Precessional, Stellar, and Galactic. Each pyramidal belt corresponds to a certain color, note, Constellation, and planet.

The planetary belt consists of 12 planets of the Solar System – the Planetary Portal.

The Sunbelt is the orbit of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun – the Solar Portal.

Zodiac-ecliptic belt – the 12 constellations – the annual movement of the Sun in the celestial sphere – The Zodiac Portal.

The Precession belt is represented by the Constellations of the precession circle, which define the North Star of the Earth – the Precession Portal. It consists of 12 Constellations: 6 in the Northern Hemisphere (the North Star) and 6 in the Southern (the South Pole).

The Star belt is represented by 64 Constellations – the Star Portal.

The Galactic Belt and Portal correspond to the Central Point of the Galaxy.

The pyramid scheme is similar to the human chakra system. All cosmic belts are also present and reflected in the structure of our chakras.

To be more precise, there are not 12, but 13 groups of pyramids (12+1) on the Earth. The 13th group on Easter Island was destroyed as a result of the cataclysm and partially lost its functionality.

Pyramid groups do not work in the Bermuda Triangle and England. They do, but as individual pyramids, not chakral complexes.

In the area of Bermuda is the submerged capital of Atlantis, where fragments of pyramidal structures are preserved. Of the remaining ones, there are the Sun Temple and the Crystal of Atlantis, a one-piece Pyramid of enormous size, made of glass and ceramics.

It is the cause of the anomalies occurring in the waters. The Atlantis Extragalactic Access Portal is currently activated there.

Being a single complex, the Earth’s pyramids act on the principle of mutual compensation. Depending on the cosmic energy’s needs of the Core, there may be an amplitude variation of the intensity of their work. So, one group can work at 10% of power, and the other – at 100%. Thus, the dosage of quantum energy coming to the Earth is provided.

Like the Galactic Ray, it spreads dispersedly. To attract this energy from space, transform and focus it on the Earth’s Core, the pyramids, like the planet itself, are built as differently vectored parabolic antennas.

The base area acts as an antenna disk. The four corners of the base are magnetic repeaters. The pyramid’s edges are the energy facets. The tops are accumulators and transmitters of energy to the Earth’s Crystal.

From the Earth’s Core, a magnetic impulse is emitted to the middle crystal of the pyramid.

From it is divided into four sub-pulses which magnetize four magnetic repeaters.

As a result, an alternating magnetic field is formed.

It seizes hold of cosmic energy from the pyramid’s catchment area.

The incoming energy is transmitted to the magnetic repeater.

And it directs it to the top of the pyramid. When it works for the reception, the energy first arrives at its base and then rises upwards along with its facets.

On the upper Crystal of the pyramid the energy is collected in a bundle and the focused kind goes to the Earth’s Core. At the same time, there is an additional gathering of cosmic energy through four magnetic repeaters of pyramids which are, in their turn, tops of four 4D pyramids on the Subtle Plane.

Magnetic repeaters are directed to four sides of the world and are connected with four Megapyramids of the Earth. Thus, the repeaters simultaneously receive or give two different kinds of energy: one – through the top of a physical pyramid, one – through four points: North, South, West, East. The output of the spent energy into space occurs under the opposite scheme.

The work of the respiratory organs of the planet is built according to the scheme of double inhalation. When the pyramids of the Northern Hemisphere work for the reception, the whole pyramidal group becomes receptive, i.e. inhales.

This process continues during the daylight hours. Then, at sunset, the energy flow weakens and stops. At night the pyramids exhale, i.e. give away the used energy and become reflecting – receding.

If the inhalation occurs directly through the Stars controlling the Earth’s Core, the exhaled dirty energy passes first through the Sun Crystal and returns in the cleansed form to the donor Star. At this time the other 6 groups of Pyramids function in the reverse order.

The level of energy exchange is regulated by the central brain center, the Shambhala Crystal (the Chintamani Stone), and the local centers, the Pyramid Crystals, which are in each of them.

Shambhala Crystal (The Chintamani Stone)

The Shambhala Crystal is located beneath Mount Kailas at a depth equal to the height of the mountain – that is, about a thousand times less than the radius of the Earth. It is a piece of the planet Sirius A.

Crystals of the pyramids are connected to the Shambhala Crystal by torsion cables. They are polycrystals of spherical shape and resemble a Rubik’s cube.

An important feature of the pyramids is the turn angle. It is a special position (direction) of the Crystal in the space regulating the level of energy exchange. It acts by analogy to devices for information exchange between ships at sea by regulating the position of searchlight shutters.

When the turn angle is zero, the pyramid is 100% receiving energy. When it changes by 45, 90, 120, and 180 degrees, the pyramid becomes transmitting. The mode change during the day is automatic.

This is only one respiratory pyramidal cycle, the diurnal cycle. There are smaller cycles of the turn angle. There are also larger cycles: seasonal, semi-annual, annual, 12-year, epochal (2160 years), Zodiacal (hundreds of thousands of years), and Cosmic (millions of years).

During the Cosmic cycle, the pyramids are retuning in different parts of the Earth, following the changes in the Earth’s Core and cosmos. The pyramids were always built in those places where torsional cables to the Earth Crystal are and where their location is most favorable due to natural reasons.

The restoration and activation of all 144,000 pyramids that the Galactic Committee, the Co-Creators, and the Light Fosses have begun will be an important step in the transition of the planet and earthlings to the new 5D.

On February 17, 2021, new details about the planned operation of the Galactic Committee and the Light Forces ground team in Egypt became known.

Pyramids Of Teotihuacan (Mexico) And On Mars

An important part of the operation is the reactivation of the entire Intragalactic Stellar-Planetary Merkaba, the Earthly part of which was built in Egypt.

Merkaba is made up of two infrastructures. One consisted of a planetary cluster that included Earth, Venus, and Mars. All three then had 3D life. The other was formed by the stars of the three Constellations – Orion-Sirius, Leo, and Ursa Major.

On Earth, Venus, Mars identical pyramidal complexes were built. They were linked with each other by a unified network. Similar complexes were erected on certain stars of the mentioned Constellations.

Then both clusters, planetary and stellar, were combined and synchronized at the level of Logos. Thus, a unique Merkaba was created in the Milky Way, which was powerful accumulator and retransmitter of Source’s Energy. The lower part of the Merkaba rested on the Earth, in the Giza pyramidal complex.

That all changed with the coming of Cosmic Night and another war in the Local Universe between the Dark and Light races. It has spread to the Solar System (see On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News, October 18, 2020).

Peaked in 150,000 BC, the war led to the death of Lutetia, the largest of the 12 satellites of the planet Phaeton, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter. Some sources refer to Lutetia as Lucifer or even Phaeton.

The Black fleets of the Archons destroyed Lutetia. Its fragments were artificially sent to bombard Mars and Venus. As a result of the terrible strikes, planetary catastrophes occurred on them.

Mars’ atmosphere was ripped off. Venus lost its satellites and was thrown out of orbit closer to the Sun. 3D life on it burned up.

The Earth was also struck. But our planet was saved by deflecting the asteroid – a large fragment of Lutetia – from a direct hit. It came tangentially. Therefore there was no global catastrophe, only the axis of the Earth’s rotation has fallen by 23.5 degrees.

Invaded the Earth, the Black and Gray civilizations seized power in Ancient Egypt. They began to use the complex of pyramids in Giza to their advantage.

The Co-Creators blocked the Merkaba in its Earth part but continued to use the Egyptian pyramids to run the planet’s core. During the Great Quantum Transition, their importance increased.

The task of the LFs’ ground team is not only to reactivate and transform Merkaba for new functions. The Causal embryos of Venus and Mars’ Logos are now nurtured in the team members’ Subtle bodies to revive these planets and life on them.

Co-Creators send sound and energy pulses to Earth through the pyramids. The color-sound processing of the planet splits the 3D energy and disables the Archons’ Matrix, which comes to its end.

The planet is moving by the Co-Creators along the continuum to a new timeline, transforming the entire energy system with vibrations coming through the pyramids. This is how the Light Forces purify the Earth and restore the channels of communication with the Galactic system that were destroyed or damaged by the Archons.

The pyramids serve as consoles by which the Higher Light Hierarchs control the planet and its core. Through the Earth’s crust and pyramids’ linking channels, the core makes changes in the Hologram, fills the grid, ley lines and Power Places with 5D energy, and concentrates new plasma formations.

Using the pyramids, Co-Creators transmit the energy of the plant world’s intelligent plasma to the soil and the cells of protein organisms.

At the same time with the help of pyramids the energy of ultrasonic and infrasonic streams in the atmosphere is corrected, expanding the consciousness of mankind and introducing new programs into it.

In people, such changes manifest themselves as either a full perception of the new or on the contrary, as a categorical rejection of the coming information flow.

In especially stubborn, it can cause insanity. Or such distortions in the energy structure of their body that will lead to serious diseases, and the immune system destruction.

Pyramid’s’ Ultrasonic And Infrasonic Streams

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