Out of the Samsara Wheel

What prevents us from getting out of the Samsara Wheel?

According to the Electromagnetic Wave Scale, all waves known to science are decomposed into frequencies. Light is the visible part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum.

This is the site of the natural planetary complex: the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms.

If we decompose the light into rainbow colors, then our light space is seven-dimensional in its frequencies (although some say that light splits into 10 frequencies). But let’s stay with the classics.

Light has at least 7 frequencies (and 7 human chakras). Dense matter functions at the three lowest frequencies, and Subtle matter functions at the three upper frequencies.

4D level is transitional between the physical and Subtle Planes. It is equally loyal to both low and high frequencies.

The first three levels of the light spectrum manifest the beings of the dense physical world: the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms.

Human realm, according to Source’s plan, should occupy an intermediate space between the visible dense and invisible Subtle spectrum of light. That is, no lower than the 4th dimension.

Not Lower!

Higher is possible. It is at this frequency that the alchemy of visible and invisible light begins. A man from invisible light can create visible objects, to materialize them.

How does the alchemy of Spirit and matter take place?

Energies of the seven densities (through the seven chakras) are present in the human body simultaneously. It is a universal electromagnetic complex.

The lower three layers of this complex work on centripetal forces, magnetic, egoistic forces. Attraction, to take in, inward. Condense, compress. Left-handed spin. With a minus sign.

The highest three layers are centrifugal, altruistic forces. Disperse, give, decompress, and expand. Right side spin. With a plus sign.

And the middle chakra (heart, love, abode of Source) connects these oppositely rotating forces into a single space, creating a powerful generator of Light.

Each of us is one independent nuclear power plant. Our heart is the assembly point of this station. Its main pillar.

Unity of the magnetic and electric fields gives all (!) of us such power from the Source that we cannot even imagine it now due to our fall.

When we unseal our hearts, we wonder what omnipotent powers we have. We can perform miracles.

But having fallen to the level of 3D because of our selfishness, malice, and hatred, and delusions of power over the world, we have dug a grave for ourselves.

First, we have lost much of the ability of Spirit alchemy, of materialization. Second, after a certain time, we naturally fell under the control of parasitic civilizations, representatives of the Dark forces.

Dark beings, by their rejection of Light, cannot create material worlds themselves from the invisible spectrum. They live only at the level of the third dimension, the animal.

So they have imposed their way of life on us through a system of illusion (the 3D Matrix). Namely: existence according to the laws of the animal world, in the food chain, in competition, the survival of the fittest.

Although we have lost our basic power, we have not lost the Divine property of materializing objects at all.

So we independently, with our own hands began to reproduce for ourselves the living space according to the patterns imposed by parasitic non-human civilizations. We are caught in the Wheel of Samsara.

The system of Darkness is such that we cannot find our way out of the 3D Matrix traps.

Remember what the wise men said. Even the best 100 saints can’t out-compete one little demon.

The Archon’s Matrix is a program, Artificial Intelligence. For each of our logical arguments, it will put up its ten counterarguments at once. We can’t beat it.

It uses concentrated impact dense energy. It plays on its field. The field of the aggressive animal kingdoms. And constantly changes the rules. It is a master of false constructions.

We have only one way out of this trap, out of this nightmare situation: to leave the space of animal matter.

We can restore our seven-dimensionality, our Divinity. To begin with, through the heart, raise our frequencies to the 4D level (Love, Joy). How to do this DNI told in the previous parts of this post.

And through the high vibration field, energies from our Higher Self level will flow into us. Frequencies of invisible Light, frequencies of Spirit, and Source.

We will restore our electromagnetic nature, and turn on our luminosity and the luminosity of the space around us. It is not an allegory, many people see this Light around them with their eyes.

The system of Darkness itself cannot be in our radiation. 3D MATRIX CANNOT WITHSTAND IT. The high frequency is dominant, dissolving the low frequencies.

By restoring our untouchability and freedom, we will regain our right to create Light worlds.

In February, the separation of the etheric mental fields in a partially updated 3D Matrix and a new temporal 4D Matrix as transit in 5D continued in the Earth’s vibrational space.

Following this division, further events are formed for each 3D and 4D person within the planet’s Great Quantum Transition into 5D.

Many of us are aware of and feel the new vibrational currents, trying to capture and interact with them. But the specifics of the awakening in 3D and the vibes asset of our Subtle Bodies, as well as the level of consciousness and the spiritual experience allow us only to lift our heads above the observed picture of the world.

We try to breathe in new vibrational energies. But after a while, when we feel a little bit of change in our lives, we fall back into the old destructive programs of the 3D Matrix. We try to zero them.

3D Matrix codes directly manifest themselves in the form of resentment, irritation, anger, aggression, malice, sadness, pity, fears… In these programs, the experience of being in the Matrix for people with 3rd-dimensional consciousness continues to escalate.

In those who are really in the high vibrations of the 4D and are moving to a new, qualitative level of interaction with the 4D Matrix the negative emotions and other destructive feelings are eliminated.

For example, a common and widely held 3D Matrix program is resentment. On the ethereal plane, during a resentment spurt, there are a sharp surge and disturbance in our etheric, astral and mental bodies.

Resentment deep within the soul is a pathway to illness. It constantly provokes and creates anew the situations that have not been passed. Having accumulated a high volume in the emotional body, they begin to manifest themselves first in a change in a person’s character, then in the chronic illnesses, cancer, and premature death.

It is not for nothing that they say that cancer is a non-forgiven resentment.

Resentment is a soft code that attracts other destructive 3D programs, for example, the rancor.

Hidden and non-forgiven resentments, vindictiveness, literally eat their owner from within. It causes diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory and digestive organs leads to stroke, neurasthenia, hysteria, psychopathy, and other disorders.

Repeated outbursts of low vibrations in resentment, envy, greed, automatically form in our consciousness and emotional body a stream of negative thoughts, then actions, then habits, then character, and finally our destiny.

Capture New Vibes

This is how we create a noose for ourselves. Honestly seeing our countless low feelings and actions is a sign of recovery of our soul and a way to become aware of them and release us from the negative loop.

Everyone needs to understand that there is no group entering 4D. Spiritual development is a strictly personal process and in-depth work on our soul.

We must realize that if something displeases us, brings us into a negative state with bursts of emotions of low vibration, if we are often upset and irritated, resent our friends and relatives, criticize the shortcomings of others, envy the success of others, get angry, grumble, blame someone for our failures, fear and condemn everything, then this is the first sign that we need to raise our vibration.

All these and many other destructive emotions and moods need to be replaced with creative feelings. It is the only way we can zero out, work off the low-vibrational old 3D Matrix codes and fill up with new 4th dimension codes that give us unique states – Creation, Love, and Development.

The piling of resentment, envy, dependence on material things, covetousness, and so on only suck us deeper into the quagmire of the 3D Matrix low vibrations.

A man of the 4th dimension of consciousness is free from them. He is helped by keeping the high energy fields during tracking his attention, his reaction to negative and low vibration situations.

Many of us who are developing selves at high 3D vibrations, practicing various meditative and spiritual practices, may often, due to a lack of understanding, be in a fictional inner conflict with other people who are higher in vibes and level of consciousness.

Emotions Spirals

A person, while in the 4th dimension, shuts down old 3D codes often painfully breaking with people who trigger hurtful situations.

A high level of awareness helps us evade karmic, conflict-ridden relationships and avoid engaging in mutual emotional energy exchanges with 3D toxic people while maintaining a narrow circle of communication-based on our vibrations and interests.

Many people in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, during the nullification of a relationship, turn to virtual communication on the Internet. More often, – in the form of short conversations over the phone, Skype, or through text messages on a social network with a video sequence.

Such interaction excludes energy exchange on the material plane, but on the astral-mental plane it lasts, and the energies can be siphoned off through it. A high-vibration donor’s bio-field weakens dramatically at once.

Man, like a battery, in the ethereal energy fields has a daily vibes volume loaded into him, which he uses up during any communication through the World-Wide Web. The majority does not restore and replenish their vibrational energy fields, for example, by meditation or prayer practices.

For us, zeroing and replacing old 3D Matrix codes with 4D ones with regular spiritual work, help activate our chakra system. By raising vibrations to 4D, we can easily load up with new 4th dimensional codes. By unpacking them, we will unlock new events in our lives and script for participating in them.

Due to the 4D man’s vibes mismatch, the 3D space resists his transformation. It prevents him from raising the frequencies of his bio-field.

The 3D Matrix is trying in every way to bring everyone back from 4D. But our Matrix codes are already being updated, thanks to the proximity of the highly vibrational 4D ether fields.

Some of us, having physically felt the symptoms of transition or being in the 4D Matrix, think that they have finally crossed over into the new world. Or they are sure that will still have time to pop into the new Matrix.

Unfortunately, for many, it will be an illusion. The downward vibratory etheric flow only lightly touched their tops, scanning the content of the Soul, revealing the inconsistency of the Subtle Bodies’ vibes in such people.

These people are automatically cut off from the new vibrational space, no matter how good they are. But they will begin to experience the symptoms of the new 4D space more often, even without their vibes and awareness accepting them.

Our main task is to preserve our Soul and simply survive in the harsh renewed conditions of the 3rd dimension.

As of mid-February 2021, 28% of earthlings have entered the 4D Matrix. Half of them are led by handlers from the parasitic alien races that inhabit 4D.

The other half is cared for by Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Karma Lords, Ascended Masters, implementing the plan of both Absolutes of our Local Universe for the Great Quantum Transition. They help humanity to rise to a new level of evolution.

Those who are led by the Light Forces in the 4D Matrix, the Co-Creators try to keep in the high vibrations necessary for successful curatorship from above.

Among the 28% who have passed into the 4D Matrix, only a small number have partially kept consciousness and memory of past experiences, thanks to spiritual practice, the conscious development of the soul.

What does it mean, with the preservation of memory-consciousness?

It means that the memory of the experience in the destructive 3D Matrix will be preserved, but not completely. They will be cleared by 35% so that the past would not be very disturbing and would not affect further evolution.