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Our bodies. One of the last experiments ended on January 4, 2022. What was it?

Earth has reached a new level of change. There is a sense of radical transforming in the air.

On the Subtle Plane, new energies demolish all Earthly ossified structures. The frameworks in which we lived, and which we had been building for a comfortable existence, seemed to us to reliably ensure stability, daily routine, relationships of a certain type with certain roles, lifestyle, habits, traditions, and rituals come apart.

Social constructs looked the same immovable: home-work-home; education – work-family – children – a serene old age; hobbies-interests- pursuits, etc. And now all that, deep inside, is shaken, collapsing, removed from the Earthly plane as depleted power.

Any stagnant, condensed energy and everything created by it no longer corresponds to the radiation and properties of the new 4D/5D space.

Therefore, we will face serious challenges in 2022. It will be necessary to break up, let go of what we are so used to, which gave us the illusion of stability and comfort.

We will have to adapt to the rapid and abrupt change of events in our lives, learn to trust our hearts. If we resist this process, it will be tougher for us because the pressure will increase from all sides.

We can no longer maintain a relationship where the roles were once and forever established and satisfied all participants. Deep-rooted habits will be loosened.

Even at home, where the way of life suits each family member, its normal course will be disrupted by unforeseen events, unexpected behavior, and new emotions.

Old unlived, not released feelings and states will break out to leave. And further onward and upward.

There will be no peace heavens anywhere because all idle energy must be withdrawn and is already being actively removed from Earth. Gaia has to outwind, and Co-Creators don’t let her on the plane with excess baggage.

Previously, the planetary space was cleaned as a whole. In 2022, the purge will affect each of us individually.

It is better to voluntarily part with what is doomed than to try to keep it, resist and complicate our life.

It is worth devoting our time to mastering surfing by energies, events, situations, emotions. To adapt to what will manifest itself, and not hold on with all the remaining strength and nerves to the old habits, feelings, thoughts, actions, attitudes, and way of life.

Be Ready For Surfing

Yes, we feel comfortable with solid ground under our feet. We are not used to standing on a board that rushes over steep waves. But it is this skill that is a property of a person of a new time, a new dimension.

Movement, making turnarounds, balancing, maneuvering, responsibility for our stability, acceptance and letting go, the adaptability to the new, lightness of feelings … We no longer need to stay in our old silos all the time. That is what we have to master today.

If we learn to part with what we no longer need, new energies will enter more freely and fill us and our space.

Having got rid of the rubble of the old in our life, we will feel newly born and will be able to begin adapting to life on 4D/5D Earth.

It could unwittingly detach us from external events in the world and society. And this is the best option for everyone, helping to focus on our lives. And what is happening around us are just a background and a reflection of our individual and planetary clean-up.

Maintaining inner balance, peace, attention to ourselves, mastering new abilities and opportunities – that’s what will help transform us, others, and Earth.

In 2022, all three-dimensional systems, and structures will break down. The frames and scaffolding will be dismantled piece by piece, freeing us.

They kept us energetically immobile.

We built them ourselves, squeezing ourselves into relationships, situations, states, adjusting the rules of our life, habits, traditions, etc.

All this rested on low vibrations of distorted concepts, meanings, ideas about us and the world.

These frameworks obscured the true world, separated us from each other.

Now we will finally have to face the intrinsic reality. In the energies of the ascending Earth, it will not be easy, especially for those who ignored the changes earlier and do not accept them now.

To Intrinsic Reality

But it will no longer be possible to take any notice of the new energies and information because now their powerful flows hit everyone.

The high frequencies of the Transition to the fourth dimension are now coming at us from all sides:

– From Gaia (increased Schumann frequencies);

– From Helios;

– From the Central Sun of the Galaxy;

– From Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs of Pleroma;

– From Ascended Masters, with whom we communicate in one way or another;

– From highly developed family members who are often cosmic Souls and sent here for a mission, etc.

Unfortunately, even for those of us who consciously transform, these frequencies do not always adapt seamlessly in our physical bodies. We have to endure a purge that causes varying degrees of pain, depending on the contamination of our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

But it’ll have to do. Everyone who will stay on Earth during the Transition must adapt to higher energies. Resistance is useless.

We all live by the law of communicating vessels. In addition to Earth, space, and Mentors, our energy is exchanged through our families, work colleagues, friends, and through the territories of residence.

Energy Exchange

There may be different frequency participants in the same social group. Some work on themselves and take high vibrations into their bodies, others lag, and thirds do not want to change anything in their lives at all.

Many resist the Higher Consciousness, block it in themselves, or reject it. This is unusual for them. As a result, their bodies begin to conflict and get sick.

Until recently, it was “fashionable” to blame high-frequency people for all the troubles. From close interaction with them, some could begin energy cleansing, expressed as chills, hot flashes, wandering pains, allergic reactions. Sometimes loose stools or women have copious periods. And also “cold” symptoms, such as cough, runny nose, and fever.

Of course, purification may not always occur. Some people do not respond to high frequencies at all.

All these purges can and should be bored patiently. And even more, do not blame our relatives or Curators. They just provide us with a very important adaptive service, clean us all the time in small doses, don’t allow toxic energies to stagnate and settle in us, destroy blocks and accumulations of negative programs. They periodically align and balance us, open us up to the perception of new quantum flows.

Sometimes, it gives us temporary physical or emotional unpleasantness. However, such manifestations are a good sign. This means that we are replacing the old 3D codes with new, four- and five-dimensional ones. It is much worse for us if this substitution does not occur.

New 4D /5D codes are loaded first into our subconscious, and then undergo adaptation in the four lower bodies – physical, etheric, astral, and mental. This is necessary to create and maintain a higher potential in our bodies.

That is how occurs a gradual removal and displacement of old energies, and their replacement with new ones. We are transformed by our own Soul’s higher aspects. Structured energy from our Higher Self enters its lower levels and adapts the bodies for the Transition to the fourth and fifth dimensions. For someone, the replacement is easy, for someone it is harder. We are all different.

Faced with high frequencies, at the level of consciousness, we may not be ready for what unfolds on the Earth’s Subtle Plane during the Transition.

Many are not ready for the new thinking as a person of the Sixth Race.

On a subconscious level, it even scares them or even pulls them in the opposite direction.

And they won’t let any codes into themselves, no matter how hard trying it.

In the same way, it blocks the transformation of their physical bodies at the atomic-molecular level from a carbon to a liquid silicon base that is necessary for survival in the new 4D energies.

In the future, for life in 5D and higher dimensions, the silicon base will be replaced by plasma, and then etheric or other Subtle energy, since only so and in no other way we can live in higher dimensions.

It was in the Subtle Bodies that all three waves of earthlings (about 2 billion Souls) passed into 4D in the second half of 2021. But Co-Creators are constantly conducting various experiments to transform our physical body in such a way that we can preserve it during the Transition to the fourth dimension.

One of the last experiments ended on January 4, 2022. What was it?

The instrument, the means of our Transition to 4D is our body in its multidimensional unity. The main segments involved in the Transition are the causal, etheric, and physical levels. Our Monadic body has only an indirect relation to it because this is not its level.

But the most important in a direct Transition is still our physical body. That is understandable: it is the densest, roughest of the entire structure of our Monad’s manifestation bodies, and, therefore, the most inert and resistant to change.

There is one more important nuance. Under the terms of Co-Creators’ experiment, conducted for eons of time on 3D Earth, all the Souls are incarnating here not in THEIR body, not in its original form.

Embodying on the 3D plane, Souls and phantoms get a surrogate physical corpus made of Archons’ 3D matter. That is, there is no substance of its Monad in the received body.

There is also no Monad’s Intelligence in it – the direct presence of the Higher Self. The consciousness of the physical body (the “Lower Self”) de facto exists as a separate, independent Mind-Intellect. We very often call our body, just a "vessel".

Control of the evolution, communication, and contacts between our physical body and our Higher Self are carried out in most cases through intermediaries: Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Mentors, Karma Lords, extraterrestrial civilizations, etc.

This is neither good nor bad, these are the experiment terms, and our Souls were not forcibly stuffed here. Each knew perfectly well what they were doing. They were interested in the valuable experience, its acquisition in the conditions of the evolution of the Spirit Grain, of Soul’s aspect in this format, in someone else’s surrogate body that has its consciousness.

There is no such thing in the fourth dimension; there are other game conditions. Our corpus in 4D will be made of Monad’s substance in the format of a single manifestation body and 4D Earth’s matter.

Such symbiosis is the most effective, as there is no surrogate. Now, in 3D, our physical corpus is of 100% surrogate, the Subtle Body – of 60%, Causal Body – of 50%.

Co-Creators consider the de-surrogatization of the human physical body as one of the priorities for those transitioning to 4D. This process began with the pioneers a long time ago.

In terms of complexity, this process is far superior to the DNA revamp. Even for the smallest Monadic crystallization, a very high percentage of the transfiguration of the body, DNA, genome, biochemistry, chakral system, Subtle Bodies, etc. is required. It’s a Crown Of Transformation.

Monadic Crystallization

On January 4, 2022, some Transition Vanguard’s members were tested for the active crystallization of their Monads and replacement by its essence the surrogate matter of 3D bodies.

The active phase lasted about 22 hours without a break. The process was supervised by Co-Creators and men’s Higher Selves. All the while, the latter was in a borderline state between realities, in semi-oblivion.

At some point, in the morning, they felt that either their Monads entered the bodies, or the physical bodies plunged into the Monads.

For several hours in a row, the “vanguardists” experienced extreme heat, which was replaced by severe chills. The bodies became wet with sweat which stood out for several hours without stopping. During the night, the bed linen was changed several times because it was thoroughly soaked. The body temperature at the same time remained 35.4 degrees.

On the evening of January 4, 2022, the experiment terminated. The subjects felt completely zeroed out, exhausted, the absence of any programs and evolutionary tasks, or life goals. Only the basic instincts of maintaining the physical body have been preserved.

The off-scale vibrations continued, and the dizziness intensified. The men could not even get out of bed. Everyone was experiencing an unusual state, a new sense of themselves, of their feelings. It was as if a part of personality had become alien, as though it consisted of an odd substance…

At this stage, the experiment succeeded. Now Co-Creators are carefully studying the first results and plan to conduct new tests to find out what is more needed for preserving our physical body while in Transition to 4D, and how it should be changed for this.

This is a 4D stage and we are all in it now. It continues in parallel with the increase in size and volume of our Monad.

Many of us feel the symptoms of this transformation from 3D to 4D/5D. How do they manifest and what are the differences?

The 3D Man: Low Vibrations Prevail

Many people have a three-dimensional system of views and beliefs. Such a person denies his/her multidimensionality as well as the multi-D space. When encountering opposing info, he/she protests and actively conflicts with the opponent.

The 3d person can’t control thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Anything that displeases causes irritation, resentment, envy, indignation, anger, rejection, rudeness, aggression, fear, criticism, and blaming others for his failures. Categorically does not accept other people’s opinions.

Such a person does not believe in self-knowledge and the possibility of self-healing, in self-development and evolution. He/she does not consider it necessary to increase vibrations, as does not believe in the energy field of man and space.

The 3D character is very selfish. Everything that unites, considers uninteresting, untrue, provocative, a catch. Such qualities as love, friendship, creation are associated with weakness. The main paradigms are competition, survival, personal gain.

His/her body requires dense, heavy food, with low vibrations. Often is subject to emotional swings, suffering, and frequent illness. Thoughts are negative and joyless.

Constantly is in the victimized position. An adherent of fatalism, apocalypticism: “We’re all going to die anyway”.

The 4D Man: Medium and High Vibrations Prevail

The 4D person thinks independently, does not agree with the three-dimensional system of views. But is patient with the other opinion. Defends, but does not impose his/her beliefs.

Loves meditate. Does not consider it necessary, even foolish, to concentrate on what destroys or weakens.

Controls thoughts and emotions, and thereby control own matter. Qualities: self-development, healing of self and others, structuring of space. Lives consciously. Loves people and life.

Loving Life, Living Large

The 4D person recognizes his/her Divine individuality, and the Higher Self. Responsible for self, so does not subordinate to the desires and whims of others. Does not play by others’ rules, is guided by common sense and creation.

A lot of secret things become clear to him/her. Understands the way things are, reads information from space. Chooses the work, hobbies, and friends by his/her heart.

Such a person has access to high frequencies of unity and selfless Love. They feel unity with the universal field of consciousness, with the Source.

Light Energy

Through them begins to see the Subtle Planes. Has empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance.

Remains calm and maintains a high vibration to help self and others. Ready to save others from anything that is coming, and keeps an open mind.

The 5D Man: High and Highest Frequencies Prevail

The 5D man is always positive, harmonious, and calm. The karmic body is zeroed out. Dreams and work for humanity’s brotherhood rebirth.

Consciously develops other bodies, which were little demanded before: the Time Body, the Radiant Body.

The role of Subtle matter at this stage increases and becomes central. It represents an energy-informational field in which all dimensions are merged. Endeavors are based on serving others and the Source. They give life-giving energy.

Has the capability of telekinesis, teleportation, materialization, stopping of Time, using of Light energy. Can create the 5D (fluid) body, change its form, rejuvenate it, and make it perfect.

These qualities in small manifestations can appear in a person in the middle and last stages of four-dimensionality.

What are the signs that indicate that vibrational we are already in 4D?

We eat only natural products and no longer want meat.

We sleep 3 to 4 hours a night and get a good rest.

We love to do Spiritual practices. Many of us devote 2-3 hours a day to it.

We have distanced ourselves from our former milieu. We are interested in our present life and Spiritual development.

We do not accept the current elite, their mass media, puppets and clones, the System. We know their tricks but they will not work.

We serve others, not ourselves.

We do not get sick with seasonal acute respiratory infections, colds, and viral diseases.

We don’t experience depressions and fears. We are prepared for the final phase and not lose hope.

We are impartial and not offended.

We attract everything new. We discover talents in creativity: writing articles, books for the development of others, composing music, making movies, and putting on plays. Our Mind, Soul, and Spirit are in constant service.

We are in direct contact with the Co-Creators, the Higher Light Hierarchs, World Mother Sophia, the Ascended Masters, Lightwarriors, the Pleiadeans, and other space races. We are closely following their messages and activity.

We realize that everything shows up in our lives to teach us something. Nothing is random.

We learn other lessons from liars and deceivers as they parade among us in control and darkness. We learn from these actions, we are enough and cannot be fooled and controlled.

We love life. Love is a constant state of our Soul.

After the Great Earth Quantum Transition, the Co-Creators plan to make our planet a new backup Galactic Time Accumulator – a kind of Galactic Resuscitation.

Such a thing did not exist and was not planned even in those distant times when the Earth was a perfect Divine Creation – the Altar of Source in our Local Universe.

It will be the first time that the possibility of man’s perfection as an Ideal Creation will be proven. But not to demonstrate an advantage over Source, which is impossible in principle, but to show It that Its creations are worthy of It and It can be proud of them, setting an example of Great Cooperation.


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