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Noosphere & Isosphere

You may have already read about this topic somewhere. In all civilizations on Earth, people have always known and interacted with both Spheres to varying degrees. In our epoch, another surge of interest in them arose about a hundred years ago. And today, many scientists, philosophers, artists, and writers in different countries are constantly turning to this topic.

This article expands our knowingness about The Structure of the Universe and the evolutionary meaning behind each construct. Of course, this is a topic that may not be interesting to everyone, but I share this information because, as a rule, it is not important to "learn" (mentally) from content that is not a finite or permanent notion. As we read, we must observe the energetic interplay in the inner evolutionary process of each of us... and allow only that part of the information to enter the energetic potential that assists you to raise your vibrations.

As we begin to understand more deeply how the multidimensional platform works, it will become more clear to us that what we normally view in 3D reality has a completely different perspective from other dimensions and different Subtle levels, and then we begin to understand that all "truth" is relative concept because it depends on which level of existence we observe.

Most of the information shared on my blog is very different from the alternative mainstream information on the internet because I use the perspectives and terminology of Lightworkers and Co-Creators and beings from various civilizations from different dimensions in our Universe...where we really belong and where we all here on Earth we began to access them, or at least some of us who cleared their energy field enough to access the higher dimensions.

What is the Noosphere?

This is the collective Intelligence of Earth. On the Subtle Plane, it looks like a multi-level field – from the core of the planet and all its energy bodies, including the Anupadic one (Beyond the Buddhic plane are the next three higher planes called the Atmic, Anupadic, and the Adi). This field is continuously created, replenished, and deeply intertwined with all consciousness, from minerals, plants, and living beings, including Earth, which is also a sapient entity.

The Noosphere is designed and aimed at the formation, development, and monitoring of the planet’s Intelligence and its civilizations.

Such structures have always existed in the Greater Cosmos. Long before the birth of Earth and all Five Races on it, the Noosphere, as a mechanism, was tested countless times in different Star systems and Galaxies.

In Different Galaxies

The Noosphere is applied in three space programs. The first is the development of the Local Universe, the second – of Life, and the third – of Intelligence’s Evolution. Earth was connected simultaneously to all three.

The program of the Universe is standard, strict, and rigid. The program of Life is multivariate. The third, from the beginning, is tuned to a planet, which is specially created for the Evolution of Intelligence. And this process starts from the formation of the Noosphere.

On Earth, three programs were activated in stages. The first one was the program of the Universe, then, – of Life and the creation of a biocenosis. And only after that, Co-Creators initiated the Evolution of Intelligence under the guidance of Curators, our parent space races.

Again, before the formation of physical Earth, on its place in space, was a Matrix in the form of a Noosphere, loaded with the software of Primary Information, Energy and Time, and activation codes. Then, a material planet was born from these components, as Noosphere’s continuation.

During evolution, Earth was transformed many times, from the First to the Fifth Race, and is now moving towards the Sixth and Seventh, which Co-Creators decided to combine into one. That is, the initially introduced Noosphere’s data were constantly changed, depending on the level of Intelligence of the existing civilization, and its successes or failures, because the Noosphere is a self-developing and self-adjusting system.

Our Noosphere was built by THREE groups of higher cosmic beings from different dimensions.

The FIRST belongs to various intergalactic civilizations of deep space, for which such a project is not the only one. They are the main developers of Noosphere’s software for the subsequent materialization of the planet as a physical body.

The SECOND is responsible for storing data about civilizations, living and developing on the planet. These are also the Galactic races of deep space.

The THIRD is Teachers who run energy and information flows.

In the beginning, Earth was born as an Absolute idea, and then, fulfilled by Architects, Designers, and Engineers from seven space races.

What are the tasks of our Noosphere? The main one is to generate Intelligence energy which is used to build various structures in the Local Universe and Galaxies.

The second is to transform incoming energies to our planet and monitor and direct their most optimal interrelations and interactions that do not overwhelm each other in one sphere.

The third is the transformation and genesis of new life-forms since the Noosphere and humans can create not only their own kind, but also other entities, applying gained knowledge and available info-energies.

The primary goals of the Noosphere:

– To develop the Intelligence of the planet and all civilizations on it;

– To serve as an experimental platform, on which new approaches and ideas of the Absolute are being tried;

– To serve Monadic Streams (Families) according to certain patterns, to form such structures of the Soul that helps it to remain intact and be seeded in other space worlds.

– To anchor and root energy information on the planet as a carrier of Intelligence, and transfer it to the new Universe, so as not to start it from scratch.

To Anchor And Root

The Noosphere covers Earth in the form of a 4D orb and consists of layers. In it, there are certain clusters and accumulation places. Most of them are grouped at the North Pole, over Antarctica and the Northern Hemisphere.

The structure of the Noosphere is not geographically tied to specific places on the surface, but constantly in motion. At the same time, there are points of its attraction: flexible – egregores, and more rigid – control centers of security and cleaning systems, rotating around the poles.

The outer layer of the Noosphere is protective, and consists of a filtering system. Between it and the surface, within the biosphere, there are also a number of filters, internal.

On the Subtle Plane, the Noosphere has the same structure as Earth and man, their physical and energy bodies. Its dimensionality is also fractional, and varies, starting from the core, by frequency levels. In space, it has no frames and boundaries. It is not a closed system.

Earth's Subtle Bodies

In other dimensions, the Noosphere is manifested as a background from which one can open its databases and study information, or, as in a video player, view a holography of events, etc. The background is replenished not online, but with a delay, that is, it contains the past, what has already happened. What does it give?

Firstly, the freedom to move from one dimension to another to transfer energy, information, and accumulated experience. Secondly, to exchange them, activate personalities or egregore structures.

In the era of duality, this served as an additional catalyst for evolution. The polarity of the content created a constant confrontation of positive and negative, forcing one to make a choice and develop further in the chosen direction. We create our timeline ourselves.

On the Subtle Plane, the Noosphere looks like a rainbow. Some layers are filled with streams of energies of different densities and colors. Others are static. The whole structure is permeated with a huge network of channels through which we can move and go into deep space.

Like a rainbow, Noosphere has seven layers. Sometimes each is divided into two: energy and information sub-level. Getting into them, we can see them as a whole, or separately, depending on our inner vision and the structure in which we are.

Similar To Rainbow

The FIRST LAYER, closest to the surface, contains the energies of all people, animals, and plants on Earth. It’s a living power, filled with information, and has many intertwined channels of interchange, forming the info-field of Earth.

In this layer, there are no information stores. It intensively circulates, interacts, and interpenetrates, forming and helping, for example, our intuition. If we need something, we consciously or unconsciously tune into this layer, create an image of a question or request, and in response to our energy message we receive an answer, information, contact with people or an event.

The SECOND LAYER built as a mesh, and consists of active incarnation cells of people and all living things on the planet, as well as databases of air, water, mountain and other systems of Earth.

THE THIRD LAYER is the information store system of Teachers and control over Earth. This level has many vertical conduits, in which Light and Love flows actively circulate. Some come from the Source, the Absolute, the Pleroma and the Greater Cosmos, others – from the SECOND LAYER, where the incarnation cells with accumulated vital power are located. Plus, it is replenished by living people during prayers and meditations. If we are pure, empathize, compassionate, sincerely love and selflessly help, this energy enters the THIRD LAYER.

Teachers use it to increase our power, when we are in trouble, difficulties or illnesses and ask for help, Light, Kindness, Faith and Love. And we always receive them generously in return.

THE FOURTH LAYER is the filled by cells, in which the Keepers are placed. They are not active, but remain open, and are intended for the Souls of Higher Entities, awaiting embodiment.


The Keepers also control egregores, and run information exchange and interconnections with outer Space, from where new Souls are constantly coming to incarnate on Earth with their individual and collective programs.

Variants of incarnations are different: single or in pairs (twins). One Soul can reside simultaneously in two bodies or several Souls in one (not possessors).

At the same time, the openness of Souls in this layer makes it accessible to negative entities, which are looking for potential victims. It never happens by force, as every Soul here is reliably protected. But if by free will and choice freedom, it is ready to become a Soul, for example, of Draco or Reptiloid, no one can oppose it.

THE FIFTH LAYER connects the energy of the Local Universe and Earth, its field. Through this “floor” the planet is loaded with programs and codes to generate a single, integral energy that goes to the needs of the Greater Cosmos. This process is also controlled by special Keepers, who compose streams according to certain parameters.

The SIXTH LAYER serves as a hub and a navigation node. From it, we, in energy bodies, can go into deep space through a dense system of transport channels.

THE SEVENTH LAYER is protective. At the same time, through it, Co-Creators control all other layers for the life support of the Noosphere and Earth.


In addition to the constructive Noosphere, there is another area in near-Earth space – the Isosphere. It performs the same functions, but for other, negative forces, which created it, and are still present on Earth. This is another manifestation of duality, as an experiment, as a catalyst for the development of Earthly civilization.

Two Systems

In some respects, two systems are similar. Both were created simultaneously and are parts of a single field of energy and information, in which they are combined, but exist in parallel. Both Spheres closely monitor each other and actively interact.

Both Spheres are densely populated. There are a lot of existence modes, their manifestations and frequency. In general, it is an energy-informational habitat, an environment in all its diversity.

Both Spheres, together, help a man to develop harmoniously, not in confrontation with self, but taking any experience in life as a valuable lesson, as a continuous study on the evolutionary path back to the Source.

There are also differences. The Noosphere operates according to strict, established regulations. The Isosphere is a field of experiments on the energies, structures and inhabitants of the Noosphere and Earth: how to get different results from the same substances and conditions.

The Isosphere does not copy the Noosphere, but is an independent version of the development of Earth and Intelligence, in accordance with completely different, only its program.

The Isosphere is not intertwined with the Noosphere, but repeats the structure of the latter, filling it with its content, a specific reflection of a single field of energy and information.

Both have different configurations and structures. The Noosphere wraps around Earth, repeating its shape. The Isosphere looks like a cloud with elongated gradations in the form of separately existing formations and has more sub-layers. Each serves only their “clientele”.

On the Subtle Plane, the Noosphere resembles an inverted tree with its roots up, which turn into a trunk descending to Earth. The Isosphere is like a trunk, turning into a crown, resting on the surface of the planet.


The Noosphere is filled with high vibrations, and the Isosphere with low vibes.

The Noosphere is rigidly framed, stable, and static. The Isosphere is more amorphous and mobile, both inside and outside, constantly changing and adapting to the situation. It also has exits to the planets of our Solar System and to other dimensions.

The Noosphere is a repository. Isosphere is a search engine that continuously scans the former, tries and searches for new forms, new opportunities, new information, and its transforming.

The Noosphere is radiation and movement TO the Earth’s core. Isosphere – radiation, and movement FROM the core of the planet.

Both Spheres are a mechanism for the development of Intelligence, but they work in different ways. The Noosphere helps the Soul to move toward the Light. The Isosphere is focused on provoking the Soul with negativity to reveal its true essence in incarnation.

For every Noosphere’s action, the Isosphere responds by counteraction. As LIVE, in reverse order turns out EVIL. Overcoming these obstacles, we upgrade faster. But those of us, who avoid inner work and do not reach a certain level, are negatively affected by the Isosphere. So we are sifted and distributed over 16 timelines in accordance with our frequencies.

The Isosphere is created only on those planets, which are intended for the development of Intelligence. Initially, before the formation of a physical planet, the Isosphere is present not as a program, but as an algorithm, and can be activated if necessary. This is decided by the planet’s Curators.


On January 5th, 2023, at 11:26 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet and Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D reported that, on this day, the connection of Earth to a new information field with programs and codes 5D kicked off. They warned that it will be a lengthy process and may cause an adverse reaction. The new info-field, superimposed on the remnants of the old one, will produce energy vortexes not only in the planet’s space, but also in the minds of people.

The entire Noosphere is now being strengthened and expanded by energy and magnetic fields. Similar processes occur in human bodies. Distortions in perception can lead to extreme situations. Argorians and Siriusians urge to quietly and without much emotion perceive what is happening, which is under full control.

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